Monday, May 8, 2017

My life as a nutcracker - part 12: The main event (written by David Walker)

This is the final part of a wonderful, epic story written by our reader David Walker. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Vince and I were pretty sure we’d get stripped early in the sex fight.  I don’t know why Corey and Scott didn’t agree to a naked sex match.  I guess it’s real manly to pull down a fag’s Speedo.  Or maybe Corey was having size issues.  Beats me.

We were definitely noticed as we walked to the ring.  It made me feel a little cocky.  I mean, why not?  It was our first time as tag team partners, although we were known individually.  Vince better than I, which was as it should be.  I think the Speedos got everyone’s approval.  We walked around the side of the ring to our corner.  Both of us got some pretty nice ass fondles.

Vince wanted to start.  Our matching blue Speedos were really neat.  The crotch pocket nestled the balls and cock really well.  Blue on me wasn’t all that much.  Blue on my ginger friend and tag team partner looked like instant hard-on hot. Needless to say…

Charlie announced us as Corey and Scott approached the ring.  I liked the sound of us:  Vince and the Nut Cracker.  Almost like a band.  Corey and Scott were in swim trunks.  I guess it was better than the gym shorts they wore last week.  They hopped up onto their corner as Charlie introduced them.  It looked like Corey would start, but after the intro and seeing Vince in the ring, he said something to Scott, and Scott ducked between the ropes and got into the ring.

“I’m savin’ myself up for you, faggot,” Corey shouted across the ring.  Generally, people didn’t like it and booed accordingly.  Vince stayed in our corner.  “Come on out, faggot face.”  I supposed that was meant for Vince, but it could have been for me, too.  Didn’t matter…it was booed louder than the first.  Scott paced during the attempted trash talk.

It was a no rules sex match, which they insisted on.  We had no objection.  I assumed there’d be a lot of ball torture, what with last week and all.  No ref except to count the pin.  Vince and I talked about it a couple times, about how to approach it.  We both figured Scott would be the easier one to take care of and that Corey wanted to show off, play Mr. Butch Guy, Mr. Straight Is Great.  No big deal, except that I was afraid they’d take their hate for me out on Vince.

Charlie cued the bell and Vince and Scott cautiously approached center ring.  They locked up pretty quickly and Vince did one of his favorite starting moves:  He grabbed an arm and spun behind Scott and turned it into a good, strong hammer lock.  Vince knew how to work it.  Vince expected that Scott would try to elbow him in his side, which he tried, but Vince stepped aside from the elbow and grabbed the other arm and hammer locked that one, too.  Scott let out a yelp.  This was not a submission hold by any stretch of the imagination, and submissions and tap outs didn’t count, anyway.  It was nice to see this potential stud grimace with each shove of his arms.  Vince pulled up on both arms again, let go, and landed a good, solid fist between Scott’s shoulder blades.  Scott bent over because of the blow to his back and to try to stretch his arms.

Just that quickly, Vince pounced, wrapped an arm around Scott’s neck, sprang up, and landed with Scott’s head smashed against the canvas.  Vince remained seated with a tight head lock, squeezing Scott’s temples.  Corey looked a little pissed off and yelled at Scott to “stand the fuck up.”  Easier said than done, but Scott tried.  He got a forearm across his skull for his trouble.  Vince maintained the headlock as he stood up.  He grabbed an arm, spun Scott around, and sent him flying into a neutral corner.  Corey was getting more pissed off by the second.  Good.  You make mistakes when you’re mad.  We could use that to our advantage.

Vince threw a couple of loud chops across Scott’s chest.  It looked like Scott hadn’t expected that much force behind the chops.

“Let’s go,” Corey shouted.  “Get with it!”

Vince made sure Scott didn’t.  He landed a couple fists into Scott’s midsection, easily bent Scott over on his shoulders, turned around, and fell back…Scott on his back and Vince’s head landing on Scott’s gut.

“Fuckin’ cool,” I thought.

Vince was up again and kicked Scott’s right leg.  Vince quickly looked at me.  This was the leg to be worked on.  I got the telepathy as Vince kicked him again.  Vince grabbed both legs, spread them, but only for a knee drop on the right leg.  Scott hadn’t even tried to smack Vince’s balls, and we would wait until then.  Vince stood up, smashed Scott’s forehead with a fist, and dragged Scott to the center.  This wasn’t football and Scott was clearly out of his element.  I knew he wrestled in high school, but so did Vince, and this wasn’t high school wrestling.

“Get the fuck up!” Corey screamed.  “He’s just a fag.  Smash him!”  Corey was not scoring points with the guys around the ring.  I knew that Seth, Jackson, and CJ were around somewhere, but I didn’t see them and I didn’t look for them.  I liked watching Vince trash Scott.  Vince grabbed an arm, bent down, lifted Scott above his shoulders, lifted him higher, and threw him down to the mat.  Scott quickly arched his back in pain.  Vince kicked Scott’s leg again and stood back.

“Get him!  Kick his fuckin’ balls!” Corey demanded.  It didn’t look like that was gonna happen.  Vince looked at me, walked over to our corner, and we tagged.

“Right leg,” Vince reminded me.

“Among other things,” I smiled back at him.

Scott realized that Vince wasn’t around.  He tried to get up and hobble toward his corner to tag Corey.  He didn’t make it.  He dragged his right leg.  I jumped up and landed a knee on it.  That flattened Scott out.  I dragged Scott to center ring, hopped on his back, grabbed his chin with both hands, and leaned back.  I knew how much this could hurt.  God knows Vince put it on me often enough.  It didn’t choke him, didn’t interfere with his breathing, it just hurt like fuck.  Suddenly, so did my head.  I was stupid enough to have my back to that corner and Corey came into the ring, ran, jumped, and drove his feet into my head.  I don’t know what it felt like to Scott to have his head jerked to the side, but it threw me off Scott and onto the canvas and pretty much dazed me.  Corey kicked me in the stomach and walked back to his corner.

Scott was on his knees, pretty much doggy style.  I could see fucking him.  He was certainly built solidly, good ass, nice pecs.  Probably a reasonably good cock.  I couldn’t remember if I’d even seen it last week.  Scott crawled over to his corner and tagged Corey.  I’d managed to back up to our corner and Vince whispered “Good move” as we tagged and changed sides of the ropes.

“Hey!” Corey bellowed.  “Where’s the faggot running to?  Fuckin’ cocksucker!”

It’s not working, Corey, I thought.  It doesn’t mean shit to me, Vince couldn’t care less, Scott looks kinda embarrassed, the crowd doesn’t like it, and you’re pretty much proving what an asshole you are.

Vince took advantage of Corey being distracted and landed a powerful straight ahead fist into Corey’s gut.  You could hear it in the next county.  You could also hear his scream.  He doubled over.  Vince linked his hands and, still standing in front of him, brought them smashing onto his neck.  Corey was on his knees.

“Vince, move!” I yelled, but too late.  Corey grabbed Vince’s briefs, pulled them down, and gave him a punch to his nuts.  Vince landed a hard fist to Corey’s head, which sent him sprawling to the mat.  Vince grabbed his briefs and threw them toward me.  I caught them.  Jackson was right there to take them.  I knew I couldn’t break my concentration on the match, but fuck, it was good to see him.

Corey broke the balls rule.  Time for ball busting to join the arsenal.  Vince stood slightly away from Corey.  His hard-on was raging and very impressive with the red pubes behind it.  Vince wanted Corey to see that his low blow didn’t do shit.  Vince pulled him up, spun him around, and hurled him into the ropes.  Corey couldn’t stop himself.  He was catapulted off the ropes.  Vince shot him a fistful of mean right in Corey’s balls.  Corey screamed again, maybe a little higher pitched.  He fell to the canvas, doubled over on the mat, clutching his swim trunks.  Vince kicked him in the ribs.  Nothing, probably because his arm unintentionally blocked the kick.  Vince crooked his elbow and landed it square on Corey’s back.  Corey took one hand away from his sac to steady himself.  That cleared the ribs and Vince kicked him again, harder.  It rolled Corey onto his back.  Vince walked to his feet, grabbed his trunks, and ripped them down his legs.  The crowd howled.

Vince rolled Corey over and spread his legs, but only to pull Corey into a solid crab position.  He leaned back.  Corey was wonderfully in pain.  I saw Scott coming out to try to break the hold, so I got into the ring, too, and charged Scott.  Scott looked like he hadn’t expected that.  He was lined up to the corner post, so I lowered my shoulder to about his belly height and ran him into the turnbuckles.  His arms were over the middle rope.  I pulled down his trunks.  He was hard, so I took a couple whacks at his meat.  He seemed stunned, like it was this unexpected thing.

I threw his trunks out into the audience.  Loud cheers.  “You don’t want me touchin’ your cock?” I asked him.  “Where the fuck do you think you are?”  I grabbed his head and threw it into the turnbuckle.  I did it again.  Just to make the point, I landed a fist in his balls.  On purpose it wasn’t a hard punch, but the reaction was like I’d hit them with an anvil.  Satisfied that I’d done a little damage, I started to walk back to our corner.

Vince was punching Corey a lot.  Shit.  I hadn’t done anything to Scott’s right leg.  He was pretty much of a mess.  He wanted to get down.  He wanted to clutch his balls.  He probably wanted to get out of the ring.  He couldn’t move.  He looked panicked as I walked toward him.  I picked up his right leg.  I could hear him whimper.  I hung it over the bottom rope and kicked it.  Kicked the rope, actually, because that gave it a more solid base than a bare foot.  I did it again, then lifted his arms off the rope, delivered a fist to his gut, and watched him collapse.

On my way back to our corner (like that mattered anymore), Vince called me and told me to put my arm like he had his, kinda under Corey’s armpit.  He nodded to the ground.  We both fell at the same time and smashed Corey’s face into the mat.

“Other way,” Vince said.  We pulled Corey up on his feet, hooked an arm under each pit, and this time fell so he landed on his back.  His legs flew up with the impact, then hit the mat.

“Why don’t you take your Speedo off?” Vince asked.  “Join the crowd.  The fun’s just starting.”  I took off my brief and my cock sprang to attention to a modicum of applause.  Vince held his hand out, we tagged, I put the Speedo over his hand, and he walked to the corner.  Jackson was there to get it.

This was not going the way I’d hoped.  Yes, I figured we’d win, but I’d hoped for more action, more physicality, more opportunities to crack some nuts.  Scott had managed to get out of the ring, holding his balls and watching.  Corey was coming around and struggled back to the doggy position.

“You know that’s an invitation to most faggots,” I told him.  “Makes your ass totally vulnerable.”  I stepped around and slapped an ass cheek.  “See?”

That was it.  I wanted to humiliate this fucker the way he humiliated me for years.  He wanted the fight.  I wanted to use the opportunity.  He had some head hair that I could grab, so I pulled him up.  He shoved a fist into my balls.

“You didn’t learn anything from our last date?” I asked.  He looked like his anger would be back any second.  Good.  I grabbed his head and pulled him up full standing.  “You may have had me in school, but you’re gonna be my bitch tonight.”

With that, I smacked my hands over his ears.  It tends to wake you up.

“You fuckin’ shit,” he muttered and it looked like he was getting steady on his feet.  He landed a couple good blows to my midsection and his strength was coming back.  The body blows made me stagger back a bit.  He grabbed me by the throat and ran me backwards into his corner.  He didn’t release the choke.

“Hook his arms!” he commanded.  I felt my arms being held tightly together.  He finally released the choke hold.  He gave me some solid chops across my pecs.  He grabbed my head and threw it back against the turnbuckle.  I felt a knee drive into my back.  He sank a more powerful fist into my balls.

“I’m still good,” I thought.  I felt the rush the pain created more than the pain itself.  The punching got me a little groggy, but I definitely saw Vince running toward us.  He jumped and landed a two-footed back smash.  I could feel Scott easing up on his grip.  I snapped my arms away from, turned around, sank a fist into his jaw.  I turned and grabbed Corey by his balls, both hands, squeezed them, and didn’t let go.

“Motherfucker!  You motherfuckin cocksucker!” he screamed.  “Let go!  Let go, goddamit.”

“Say ‘please’,” I growled and meant it.  I was going to own this fucker.

“Fuck you!”

“You’re gonna make this take longer than it needs to.  Say ‘let go, please’.”

He whispered it, which was good enough for now.  I released his precious sac and was about to fist them when I felt two arms wrap around my arms and pull me back.  Scott was back, trying to get me off Corey.

“About fuckin’ time, asshole,” Corey thanked Scott.  I had two bound arms, but my legs were still free.  Corey’s fists were ready to land punches.  I swung up and landed a foot square on Corey’s balls.  I felt a release of my arms.  Vince attacked Scott from behind and was now going full-on crazy on him.  He punched, he smashed, he kicked Scott’s knees from behind, which sent him to the mat.  He kicked the right leg.  Hard.  He fell on it with his knee twice.  He looked at me.  I knew that meant to grab hold of his other leg.  We drew him toward us a bit.  He did have a nice cock.  Good balls, too.  A little red, maybe, but they looked nice.  Vince and I agreed that I would premiere the nut cracker on Corey’s balls, so Vince just stomped his foot on those once-juicy orbs and then ground his foot over them.

Corey got behind me, on his knees, and landed a perfect upper cut between my legs and into my nads.  It landed.  I felt it.  I kinda liked it.  I still didn’t have to sacrifice a hand to cup them, so I turned.  Corey had actually thought ahead and when I faced him, he sent a fist into my guts.  Oh, fuck.  The surprise knocked the wind out of me.

Vince was on Scott, kind of erotically sliding around on Scott’s body.  Scott didn’t seem to mind.  Good.  Vince is in control of that.  Corey grabbed my arm and threw me against the ropes.  I bounced off them and fell from a flying drop kick to my chest.  No question:  I was down.  Where was Vince?  Corey grabbed an arm and pulled me up really rough and threw me into the ropes again.  I stopped myself by hooking an arm over the top rope and heard a thud as Corey fell flat on his back.  He was going to kick me again and committed to it before he realized I wasn’t running toward him.  I landed a good elbow smash on his forehead.  He did a little spasm.  As I got up, I noticed that Vince had Scott in the good old schoolboy pin…knees on Scott’s shoulders and smacking Scott’s face with that luscious cock.  I started to pull Corey up when I heard Vince yell out in pain.  Scott had managed to get Vince’s cock in his mouth and was doing god knows what, probably biting him.  Vince smashed Scott’s face, then reached back and pulled Scott’s cock balls hard toward him.  The biting stopped and Scott howled.  Vince got his legs off Scott’s shoulders, grabbed them with hands, with one leg powered his body into the air, and landed an incredibly hard knee right on target.  Scott pushed Vince off just by the power of his body doubling up.

Unfortunately, Vince’s plight and escape distracted me.  Corey was up and got his chance to do what he’d hoped for…demolish me.  Again, he threw me into a corner.  He drove a knee up into my balls.  The pain had become noticeable.  He did it again.  A roundhouse fist landed on my jaw.  I tried to remember what I should do now.  Before I could, he landed a couple of hard punches to my pecs.  He leaned in and bit a nipple hard and let go.  I tried to land punches on his head, but I couldn’t get them strong enough.  He reached back and launched a fist that pounded that nip with his knuckles.  It hurt like fuck.  Oddly, it also felt good, like something I’d ask Jackson to do.

“Shit head, get the fuck over here!” Corey commanded.  Scott had landed a punch on Vince’s jaw that sent him spinning.  Scott grabbed Vince’s head and punched him again, caught him before he fell, and threw Vince’s head into the turnbuckle three times…fast.  Vince collapsed to the floor.  Scott kicked him in the balls, then came over to help Corey.

“Grab his hands,” Corey commanded.  They did this one before.  I was trying to get back to a clear head, but that wasn’t working.  They swung me like a hammock and threw me out of the ring.  I landed on the floor mat on my back.  Fuck!  I tried to get up, but I felt a bunch of kicks to my side, my head, my nuts. Corey grabbed me by the neck, stood me upright, grabbed my head, and slammed it against the edge of the apron.  He scraped my head along the edge of the apron and pounded my head on the edge of the apron again, spun me around, and hit me on that spot with a couple of knuckle punches.  I wondered if I was bleeding.

Scott grabbed my legs and lifted them to the apron.  Corey was already standing on the apron.  They grabbed my arms and legs again, but instead of throwing me into the ring, they kind of flipped me and landed me on the top rope, balls first.  I kept feeling like I was being jabbed because they took turns kicking the top rope.  They bounced me on it until I fell into the ring.  Again they grabbed my hands and feet, this time putting me under the bottom rope.  Scott got one foot on the rope and Corey put both his feet so the rope was directly over my nuts and started bouncing.

“Corner!” Corey yelled.  They pulled me somewhere.  When they stopped, I could see the top rope and the corner post in front of me.

“Pull!” Corey commanded and I felt myself being dragged.  Fast.  My naked balls hit the metal corner post.  “Again!”  The pain hit every cell of my body.  I wondered if I could move.  They did that for me.  One of them grabbed my arm and I fell back to the floor.

“OK.  This shit’s gotta stop,” I said.  “These fuckers are not gonna get the best of me again.”

I started to get up on my hands and knees and felt a kick to my ribs.  Fuck you.  I grabbed onto the edge of the apron and pulled myself up.  My head got slammed onto the apron edge.  Fuck you.  I got one leg on the apron and felt a punch to my nuts.  I felt it.  Good.  Fuck you.  I crawled under the bottom rope into the ring and felt hands on my feet.  Fuck you.  As my cock skidded across the mat, I managed to grab hold of the rope.  Fuck you.  I kicked hard and heard confusion in the front rows as Corey and Scott fell backwards into them.  Fuck you.  I am not done with you fuckwads yet.  Nowhere near.  Fuck you.

I got back into the ring and used the ropes to stand up.  I looked around the ring for Vince.  He was getting up off the floor in a corner.  I limped over to him.  I thought maybe he might not recognize me and take a swing at me.  I told him it was all right, that he should take his time.  I helped him to his feet.  It was gonna be game time soon.

He looked up at me and smiled.  “You really want that fucker’s ass, don’t you?”

“In a sling and in traction.”

I saw them re-enter the ring from different corners.  Well, that was sneaky.

“You ready?”

“I’ll take care of Scott,” Vince said.

“Let’s do this,” I said quietly.

I think we both knew their first move would be a kick.  And it was.  But the kicks didn’t land.  We’d suckered them by standing in front of them, watching what they were trying to do, and then dodging the payoff.  Scott was down.  Vince could handle him.

Corey caught himself on the ropes.  I gave him a not-hard knee to the nuts.  That slowed him down.  I grabbed his head, got a lock on it, and drove his head into the mat with a smashing fall.  I looked over at Vince.  He raised his eyebrows and nodded his head.  Vince positioned Scott so his chin and hands were on the top rope.  I think Vince also scrambled his eggs, because he sure wasn’t doing much.  We each grabbed a foot, raised his body, pulled back, and let go as his head plummeted to the mat.  I looked over at Corey who was starting to pull himself up again.

“Do it,” I said to Vince.  He grabbed Scott by the shoulders and turned his body around so his head faced the center.  We each grabbed a leg and secured it on the top rope.  I put my hand on his chest as we lifted his body off the mat.  I didn’t want a leg to fall.  Perfection.  We both yanked an arm and he fell flat on his cock.  “Have fun,” I said to Vince as I returned to Corey.

That bit with Vince and Scott got me back to speed, I think.  Corey was using the ropes to stand up.  I grabbed a shoulder so his back was flat against the top rope.  I threw a couple chops that really landed.  He seemed like maybe he was beyond expressing pain except on his face.  That would do.  I threw a punch that landed square on his jaw and almost knocked him out of the ring.  I steadied him and lifted his arms over the top rope.  I rubbed my body against his as I reached down for the middle rope.  I pulled it up and tied his arms with the ropes.  He realized what I’d done when I landed some punches in his guts and he couldn’t move.  He started flailing uselessly.  I landed punches on his pecs.  I could see them getting red.  I grabbed him around the waist and rubbed my cock all over his junk.  I really pressed in, just in case it would freak him out.  I ran my tongue over one of his nipples and bit the other.  Hard.  I wanted to feel my teeth bite through it.  I let go and pounded the fuck out of it with a knuckle fist.

He got his voice back.  “You motherfuckin’ homo,” he screamed.  “Get your fuckin’ AIDS away from me!”
OK.  That’s it.  That was a line you should have never crossed, buddy boy.

I landed a couple more knuckle punches on his nipple.  I reached down and stroked his wiener.  “Are you hard?  Aren’t you enjoying this?  I thought you’d be up and ready to fuck me by now.”

Two jabs to his stomach and he looked like he was out.  Good.  I landed a good punch to his jaw.  I unhooked his arms from the ropes, since it was obvious he’d never be able to.  He dropped like a wet bag of trash.

I looked over at Vince.  He had Scott standing, albeit woozily.  Vince wiped a bit of sweat off his brow and flicked it at Scott.  This surprised Scott and he tried to wipe it off.  Vince dropped to his knees and with surgical precision delivered the finest punch to the balls of his career.  We wouldn’t have to worry about Scott for a while.  Scott fell with a thud.  We each took an arm lifted him into the corner.  As we hoped, he kinda caved into it.  Each took a leg and threw it over the middle rope.  Vince had the honor of delivering a wicked punch to Corey’s face.  I backed away and as I ran toward him, I grabbed hold of the ropes and pulled myself toward him with just enough force that it kinda hurt my knee when it met his nuts.  A little.
Corey thought he was waking up when we picked him up.  Tree of woe, here we go.  Vince flattened Corey with a solid upper punch.  I loved this guy.  It seemed like he could do anything.  Corey landed on his back, head toward center.  We each grabbed a leg and propped him upside down against the turnbuckle, then secured him by hooking the leg over the top rope on either side of the corner.  Vince got in front of him and landed some wonderfully hard and resonant fists into Corey’s guts.  Mission accomplished, Vince stood aside.

I kneeled and shouted into Corey’s face.  “Hey, you fuckin’ piece of shit.  Remember last week?  That thing you liked so much?”  Vince stroked Corey’s dick so it stayed hard.  I stood up, grabbed that dick hard, and shoved it in my mouth.  I looked at Vince, who was giving me a quizzical look, like “The Fuck?”  I sucked a couple of strokes and pulled off it.  I smashed my forehead into his nuts.

“Pleasant memories, huh?” I shouted down to him.  I stuck his dick into my mouth again and gave him a couple of fairly nice strokes.  I felt a kind of pathetic tap on my nuts.  “No?” I asked.  I nodded to Vince.  We unhooked his legs and let him fall on his head and he fell forward, his balls landing on Vince’s well-positioned foot.  We pulled him away from the corner.

I was noticing the crowd again.  It sounded like nobody liked Corey and they were happy as shit that they were seeing him be demolished.  Demolished by two fags?  Maybe, but being demolished was the main thing.  I finally saw Seth and Jackson and CJ.  CJ was beating off like a madman.  It was almost distracting, although he was cheering and laughing, pumping the air with his other hand.  I noticed that a bunch of other men were jerkin’ themselves silly while others were on their knees in front of some guys and just suckin’ away.

It was time.  I knew I couldn’t lift Corey for my signature ending, but this was a different night anyway.  I nodded my head toward Scott.

“You sure?” Vince asked.

“Nobody deserves premiering the nut cracker more than you,” I said.

We abandoned Corey and walked over to Scott.  He was still crumpled in the corner and we pulled him
toward center.  We grabbed Scott’s legs and pulled them wide apart.  After what Scott had been through, that could have been pain enough.  He decided to team up with Corey, however, so he had this final bit of annihilation coming.  Vince was on Scott’s right, so he threw a couple punches into Scott’s leg.  Scott was probably relieved that that was all Vince was going to do.  Not quite, nice lookin’ young guy with the lovely cock and the tender balls.  Just one more thing.

The crowd sounded a little disappointed that Vince went after Scott’s leg.  This was a hold of power, spreading the legs, exposing his manhood, showing the world his dynamite cock and swollen balls.  It shouldn’t be wasted on a mere punching of some guy’s leg.

Vince stood up.  He pulled Scott’s leg up and we split him like a wishbone.  It sounded like there was curiosity with the guys, whether we’d use a shin or foot or even a head to complete the move.  We yanked his legs apart again, only harder.  Vince raised his tighter-than-fuck fist, and drove it home with incredible power.  Scott screamed and nearly sat up.  His hands covered his balls in no time.  We yanked his legs again and let them drop.

It wasn’t cheering we heard.  It was a fucking ovation.  Maybe the yelled and cheered and laughed and whooped and hollered that loud before, but I’d never heard it. Vince and I just beamed at each other.

Corey’s turn.  We walked over to Corey.  I sat on my knees beside him and poked him.

“Hey, you fuckin’ ass wipe.  I’m back.  And I brought my faggot friend with me.”  I knew Vince wouldn’t mind that.  Vince smiled, waved his hand, and said, “Hey.”  My cock was hard.  My balls were raging.

The guys started up again.  “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!”

Corey was rolling around, on the verge of waking up.  I decided to imitate Vince.  I straddled Corey’s chest, a knee holding down each arm, and swatted Corey’s face with my cock, my big, powerful cock.  “Man meat” they called it in the porn stuff.  Yeah.  It is.  He knew what I was doing and he didn’t like it.  Pity.  I thought about Kenny and how this piece of shit treated him.  Fuck.  This is for Kenny and for me.

Corey was not pleased having my cock batting at his face.  I reached behind his head and pulled it so his nose rubbed against my balls.  The crowd cheered like crazy…because of what I was doing and, I think, they knew what was going to happen to this pig shit excuse for a person.

“Don’t like it there?” I asked him as I pushed his head back to the mat.  His eyes, his face, a combination of absolute hate and total fear.  “Well, how about getting fucked?”

I stood up.  Vince grabbed one leg and I grabbed the other.  We yanked them apart.  He struggled to get free.  Not in this lifetime, shit stain.  I am about to own you.  The crowd had taken up the “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!” chant again.  I tightened my fist until it felt like steel…no skin, no knuckles, just steel.  I stared at him.

“You ain’t felt nothin’ yet.”  I looked at his face.  Confusion.  Hate.  Fear.  My bully was afraid of me, some little insignificant pissant faggot whose only purpose in life was to be his punching bag.  Kenny, me, and every kid in the world who ever had to put up with his shit:  This one’s for all of us.

I raised my fist, even used his leg as support when I jumped up, and when I fell to my knees I sent it crashing home.  I thought I’d cum.  It felt so fucking good.  My fist smashing those balls.  Exquisite.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay still for a couple seconds.”  I waited for Vince to throw himself on Scott’s chest, then I fell on Corey.

“One!  Two!  Three!”

The crowd was almost as ecstatic as Vince and me.  The ref held up our hands as Charlie announced, “Here are your winners…Vince and the Nut Cracker.”  We couldn’t help it:  We hugged, cock to cock, and kissed.  How could we not?  We were gay and we smashed the lights out of these two horror shows.  God, people were shrieking.  And cumming.  I walked over to the corner and dipped my hand in the lube bucket.  I slathered it all over my cock, which felt like it was the biggest cock in the world.

Corey was tentatively trying to find his footing.

“No, no, no, sweet pea.  This match ain’t over yet.  I won.  You’re my fuckin’ bitch.”

This hadn’t registered until now.

“So do you want to stand and hold onto the turnbuckle?  Or down on all fours doggy style?  How about flat on your back and your legs spread up in the air?”

“Not here.”  He sounded a little desperate.

“You got nothin’ to lose.  You’ve already lost it all.  You got beat by a fuckin’ faggot.  So did Scott.  Time to start fuckin’.”

“You can’t do this,” he said kinda panicking.

“This is part of what you wanted, except you thought you’d wind up humiliating me.  Winner take all, remember?  That was the agreement.”

“You’re takin’ this too far.”

“You’re not getting’ outta this one, sunshine.  Take a look over there at your friend.”

Vince had lifted Scott to his knees and was about to grab his head by the jaws.  Vince truly enjoyed a good skull fucking.

“Not to me.  You’re not gonna do that to me.”

“You’re right.  As I said, you’re gonna get fucked.  The only question is how.  I guess that’s my choice, too.”

“You can’t do this to me.”

I smacked him across the face.  “Shut up, bitch!  I own you!  You lost your shit tonight, and you lost it to me.  The fuckin’ faggot.  So let’s fuck!”

“I can’t…I can’t do this.”

“That’s what they all say at first.”

“You’re not gonna do this…”

I slapped him again, much harder.  “You are my bitch, you stupid piece of shit.  You wanted this fight, I won, Vince won, and now it’s time for the loser, and that’d be you in so many fuckin’ ways, to get fucked by the fuckin’ faggot.”

He started to protest again.  I punched his fuckin’ face.

“I own you!  We fought for your ass and it’s mine.”  I tried to think which position would hurt most, what with his balls and all.

The crowd started a “Suck it!  Suck it!  Suck it!” in time with Vince’s thrusts.  Scott was gaggin’ up a storm and Vince wasn’t getting off on it.  A new mouth to deep throat.

“See that?  You’re buddy’s owning up to his part of the bargain, and he’s gettin’ off easy.”

“Then let me suck your dick.”

“This is a cock, bitch.  What you have is a dick, but this, this is a cock!  And you’re not gonna taste it.  Not until you lose the next fight.  Now, your back on the canvas.”

“This…you…I don’t want this.”

“Well that’s just tough shit, isn’t it?”  He wasn’t moving, so I gave him a full force punch to the gut.  He fell to the canvas.  “Now, bitch…on your back and spread ’em.”

The guys enjoyed watching Vince face fuck this dude with the spit-covered mouth.  Why not?  Scott was kinda cute.  Besides, aside from gagging, Scott didn’t seem to put up a struggle.  I wanted Vince to have this spotlight all to himself.  It wasn’t long before Vince pulled his cock out of Scott’s mouth and gave him the best facial east of the Rockies.  Amidst the cheering, Scott took hold of Vince’s cock and shoved it in his mouth again.  Whoa.  Cute young guy wanted to taste that cum.  I wondered if we’d just helped a brother out of the closet.

Corey started to struggle.  I smacked him hard across the face.  “Your turn, bitch.  My bitch.  That has a nice ring to it.  Former big shot Corey is now my fuckin’ bitch.”

I lifted his legs to my shoulders.  I positioned my cock at his ass hole.  He felt it and started trying to get up.  I got really angry at him and gave him a powerful fist to his jaw.  That caught the crowd’s attention.

“Fuck him!  Fuck him!  Fuck him!”  They seemed to have a chant for every occasion.

“So who’s the faggot now?” I asked and plunged my well-lubricated cock up his virgin ass as hard and as fast as I could.  I don’t think he screamed that hard all night.  He started trying to get away from my cock.

“I will knock you out.”  I made a fist and was ready to use it.  I think he sensed that.  His legs over my shoulders, his hands trying to grab onto the mat, and the steady rhythm began.  Is this what Seth meant when he said I had a tight ass?  ’Cause this was the tightest ass I’d ever fucked.  But that kinda made it better.  I felt it starting to happen.  My balls may have been sore, but they sure as fuck weren’t empty.  I pumped harder, faster, and the chant picked up.  His face had contorted into beautiful pain as I squeezed his tender balls.  And squeezed.  Tighter.

I was hate-fucking this shit hole and lovin’ it.  Harder.  I pounded his ass harder.  Years of getting punched, called names, being beat up by this fag basher.  And now I was on top.  He had to take it.  In a way, that’s what was welling up in my balls.  Punishment.  Revenge.  Humiliation.  He wasn’t in enough pain.  I punched him in his balls.  I felt his ass hole tighten around my cock.  This whole thing…so fuckin’ wonderful.

I fucked him faster.  The crowd followed the rhythm.  Faster, harder.  And then I knew.  I pulled my cock as fast as I could, knowing the pain he’d feel from that, but I didn’t want him to miss one drop of my jizz.  He could feel all the fuckin’ humiliation he wanted.  He would also wear my cum.  God, it felt good.  The spray of cum all over his hateful body.  One more ball punch.  Fuck him.

Can you get cum drunk?  I mean from churning it out, not drinking it.  I stood up.  I shook my cock over his body, so he’d get every drop.  I guess I was feeling generous.  I probably should have offered to help him up, but fuck that.  What did he ever do to me that was nice?  I considered spitting on him.  “How was that, bitch?  The Nut Cracker’s Bitch.  Wow.”

Charlie walked over to me and shook my hand.  “Good work, son.  He’ll never touch you again.”

Seth and CJ were waiting for me as I climbed down from the ring.  Seth gave the strongest, hardest near-suffocating hug ever and a kiss that could have melted the snow off Mt. Everest.  I figured I wasn’t going to lose my hard-on anytime soon.  CJ fell to his knees and bowed.  “Oh, great nut cracker.  I am in awe.  I am not worthy.”

“Would you just…get up?  Crazy fucker,” I laughed.

I looked around for Jackson.

“He went to the locker room with Vince.  He has your Speedo.”

Didn’t Vince watch me hate fuck that fuckin’ sonuvabitch.

“Yeah.  Didn’t you hear him join in the chant?”

“I guess I wasn’t paying attention,” I said.

“He helped the other dude over to the corner and Jackson grabbed him and they helped him back to the locker room.

Fuckin’ Vince.  Gracious, well-mannered, as close to a gentleman as you could ask for just as soon as the fight is over.  Then again, Scott was just another opponent.  Vince didn’t hate Scott.  The same could not be said for me and Corey.

The three of us walked toward the locker room.  Guys were slapping me on my back, which kinda hurt.  They grabbed my cock and jerked it, which I kinda liked.  A couple guys even gave me their beer.  I drank a mouthful, thanked them, and gave it back.  I looked ahead and could see Jackson and Vince talking with Scott.  He held an ice bag to his balls.  Where else can you make friends after beating each other to a pulp?

This blond young guy ran in front of me.  He hugged me.  Kissed me.  “You were fucking awesome!”  Kenny?  What the fuck was Kenny doing here?  “I’m so proud of you.  God, you were so magnificent up there.  Such a fucking brute.  Oh, my god…it’s so good to see you.”  He hugged me again.  I hugged him, too, but I was still kinda beyond surprised.  And it kinda hurt.  “I was screaming at the top of my lungs.  And you wore your Speedo…for about a minute.”

It was fuckin’ Kenny!  I held him so tight we could hardly breathe.  I kissed him deep, hard, lovingly, and still just a bit confused.

Seth said, “We thought you’d like to see Kenny after you beat the fuck out of Corey.”

“It was so fucking awesome!” Kenny shouted.  “Seth and Jackson told me they wanted me to see you tonight, as if I hadn’t thought about it.  You had me scared, there, a couple of times.  I mean, they really ganged up on you.  But I knew you and Vince would win.”  We hugged again.  Kenny!  This was too fuckin’ much.  And so much for my hard-on going away for, like, ever.

Jackson, Vince, and Scott came out of the locker room.  Jackson gave Kenny a big hug.  “You made it!  I really wanted you to be here tonight.  What do you think of our boy?”

“I can’t even,” Kenny said, happily shaking his head.

Jackson introduced Scott.  “I asked him over on Saturday.  Maybe we can all have a get together.”

“You’re developing quite a stable of wrestlers,” Seth observed.

“Maybe, maybe not.  It just sounds like Scott could use a new place to sit for a while.”

Vince and Scott were still naked.  Now that I felt I didn’t have to hate him anymore, I kind of liked Scott’s look.  He had a genuine smile, nice eyes, solid build.  And frankly, Vince and Scott looked kinda cute together, maybe even hot.

CJ chimed in, “Speaking of eating, why don’t we all go out and get some burgers or pizza or something?  You guys hit the showers and…yeah, I guess, you’ll have to put some clothes on.  Kenny, you gonna join us?”

I looked at him and smiled.  I couldn’t believe it.  He saw me…us…demolish the man we both hated most.  And what if we’d have lost?  Or went stupid and lost on Vince?  Or if I got beat to smithereens?  What then?  Would he even want to see me after the fight?  But fuck.  We didn’t lose.  Even better, we won.  Big time.


“You guys are good together,” Scott said, lathering soap over his bruised body.  “Corey told me you’d be easy.  I probably should have quit when we ambushed you.  God.  I’m so fuckin’ sorry about that.”

“Don’t be,” I said, sometimes looking him in the eye.  “It was good.  I got my head on straight for tonight.”  I stuck out my hand.  “OK?  All’s forgiven.”

Scott grabbed my hand and shook it…gratefully?  I don’t know how else to describe it.

“Scott and I have already talked things through,” Vince said, washing soap off his body.

“I can’t believe how fucking wrong I was about you guys.  About all of you.  Corey’s even more of a sleaze ball than I thought.”

“Yeah, well fuck you, too,” Corey said, inching his way into the showers.  “I can’t believe how much fuckin’ time I’ve wasted on you.”

“And now you’ll have all that time to yourself,” Vince said.

“The Nut Cracker’s bitch,” I chuckled as the three of us walked out.  “You sure can clear out a room.”

“It’s a gift,” Scott said.

OK, I thought.  He’s in.


Anonymous said...

Damn, hot match! Best part was stroking that dude off when he was locked in the tree of woe!

David Walker said...

Thanks. Believe me, the whole match was a lot of fun to write.