Monday, May 29, 2017

Rutherford's balls on the tennis court (written by Martín)

Here's the second new story written by our reader Martín (author of My biggest weakness and My painful exam in case you missed those) about the painful adventures of hunky Professor Rutherford. If you haven't read last week's story check it out here. I hope you’ll enjoy this story as much as I did!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Gabriel Rutherford looked up when he heard someone entering the locker room. He had sunk in his daydreams but realized that he was in England again, preparing himself for a tennis match.

A young man approached him, it was a tall, athletic black guy, beautiful ebony skin, filmstar looks.

“Hello sir, I’m Leroy Williams, your opponent today”, he said politely and shyly.
Rutherford smiled and shook hands with his hunky opponent. “Hey there, Leroy, I hope you’re prepared well, although being an old man I’ll give everything I have.”

“Wow, that must be a lot”, Leroy stuttered, looking at Rutherford’s amazing body and clearly noticing the huge bulge in his tight red boxer shorts.

After realizing what he said and where he was looking at, he stuttered even more. “Oh, uh, this sounds wrong, I mean, uh, of course you look great, I mean better than 99% of 20-year old guys, but, uh…“

“Hey, Leroy, don’t mind, I’ll take your remark as a compliment”, the professor said.

He put on his sport clothing and gave Leroy a playful slap against his well-defined chest. “Let’s play, stud!”

Soon however it became obvious that Leroy was no match for the talented professor.

Although the black guy being fast, strong and athletic and so bringing back many balls in the game, Rutherford was just technically superior and showed his opponent all corners of the court.

He had won the first set easily with 6-1 and already leaded in the second with 3-0; 40-0.

Rutherford delivered a fast serve which was brought back by Leroy with a lot of effort.

Rutherford sent with a hard forehand the ball to the other corner of the court.

Leroy sprinted all he could, reached out and could just place his racket against the ball to bring it back over the net.

Rutherford, who had seen his opponent falling when reaching out for the ball, placed a careless dropshot, knowing he had already made the point.

There, however, he underestimated the athletic qualities of Leroy.

The black guy stood up and placed an amazing sprint.

He reached the dropshot and hit with all power he had; straight forward.

Rutherford was only at one meter before him, not paying much attention to what happened.

With a loud thud, next moment he got hit hard by the tennis ball, right in his big crotch. His expression fixed for a second, next his jaw dropped, he dropped his racket, grabbed his balls, fell to the ground and curled up in a ball.

Leroy had barely seen what happened but now saw the handsome professor sunk to the ground, clearly in pain. He approached and asked concerned if Rutherford was more or less ok.

Rutherford grimaced. “Damn, that was a very well placed shot.”

With the help of Leroy he stood up and rubbed his balls. “Let’s go on - but please, Leroy, be a bit more kind to my manhood, it’s quite vulnerable.”

Leroy laughed and excused himself.

The match went on but soon it became clear that Rutherford suffered a lot from the hit.

Suddenly he hit a lot of double faults, was a lot slower and Leroy came back in the match.

At 5-4, Rutherford still in the lead, it was up to Leroy to serve. Suddenly, Rutherford got himself together, bit trough the pain and delivered hard ground strokes again, which made him gain 3 match points.

Leroy was in stress but decided not to give away the match that easily.

He made a strong service, the ball hit the line, gained a bit more speed, and changed slightly of direction.

Rutherford had misjudged it and instead of the ball landing into his racket it hit his vulnerable balls again.

Too much for the hung professor.

He went down and stayed there for minutes, not able to get up. He refused however to quit and challenged Leroy to go on, his face beet red.

Next points however were won easily by the black man because Rutherford clearly wasn’t able to move. As a matter of fact, second set suddenly went to Leroy.

Also the first games of the third and deciding set were for Leroy, who took the lead with 2-0. Rutherford however regained some of his strength and came back in the match.

It was there that Leroy, a dedicated, shy but very kind-hearted young man, discovered a mean side of himself.

He knew that Rutherford clearly was the better tennis player but of course he had noticed the weak spot of the hunky professor.

A very prominent target, bulging obscenely in his tennis shorts.

At 4-4, Leroy placed a dropshot which he knew was able for Rutherford to reach.

Which he had hoped for, happened.

At his turn, Rutherford placed a drop.

Leroy stormed to the net with all speed.

It seemed however he couldn’t stop in time so he jumped into the net, his knee in front. Of course at the other side of the net was Rutherford, who was hit hard by the knee of Leroy right between his legs.

He fell down, Leroy on top of him, his knee still planted between his legs.

Slowly, Leroy stood up, leaving the professor in a lot of pain again.

Rutherford continued the match at half of his powers. Somewhere however he managed to keep up with Leroy, bringing the score to 6-6. When he got hit again in his balls after a hard volley of Leroy he approached the black guy, his hand caressing his abused manhood. “I’m just sorry Leroy, but I’m not gonna continue this match this way.”

“How do you mean, this way”, Leroy responded.

Rutherford grinned. “Maybe we can find it out in the locker rooms, let’s wrestle for the win. Oh come on man, don’t pretend you haven’t found my weak spot yet.” He smiled with a look at his big bulge.

Leroy laughed sheepishly and followed the professor to the locker rooms. He couldn’t help but had to look at the amazing bubble butt of the professor. Leroy had a girlfriend but somehow was turned on by the A class pornstar body of his opponent. He had to concentrate very hard to avoid a boner inside his tennis shorts.

Once in the locker room the two men silently undresssed to their boxer shorts. Rutherford of course could show of an enormous bulge inside his red boxers but also Leroy seemed to be very endowed as told the impressive bulge in his tight light blue boxers.

After circling around each other and checking each other out Rutherford suddenly launched a hard kick at Leroy’s balls. The black guy was clearly surprised but didn’t show any pain reaction.

Rutherford looked at him in disbelief.

He delivered an even harder kick.

Still no reaction, now Leroy started smiling.

Rutherford shook off all his inhibitions and grabbed inside Leroy’s boxers, grabbing his big bulge and squeezing with all force.

Finally Leroy grimaced a little but not more than that.

He decided it was his turn, grabbed Rutherford by the balls and applied a slowly growing pressure. Sure enough it became clear that the black guy with seemingly big balls of steel got the upper hand.

Rutherford realized he had found his master and couldn’t help being very turned on by the situation, despite the horrible pain in his balls.

His very big dick rose to its full length, letting Leroy escape a look of admiration.

It didn’t make him shift however attention of his target.

He continued squeezing the big balls of his victim but now combining it with stroking the shaft of his magnificent 10 inch dick.

They both knew an orgasm was inevitable, which turned Leroy on, proving the mighty erection he showed.

What they couldn’t predict was the power of Rutherford orgasm.

The hung professor came after a final hard squeeze of Leroy with an amazing force.

Jet after jet came out of his king size dick and landed in the locker room, in Leroy’s face, on his chest.

Leroy, covered all over in cum, gave Rutherford’s drained balls one final squeeze, making the hunk scream out in pain.

“Let’s call it a draw then”, he said.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see more of Leroy. What would it to break those balls of steel?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I have forwarded it to Martín. :-))

Martín said...

@Anonymous: very interesting question, I'll keep that in mind:-)
Thanks for the comment!