Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Video links: Sack taps and dick slaps (2)

The best dick slaps are those that come out of nowhere. One moment you're making a silly joke or you're talking to your friends about something more or less important - and the next minute you're lying on the ground, cupping your precious nuts because your buddies have decided that your babymakers needed some extra attention...

Here are some of my favorite surprise sack taps.

Let's start with a wonderful clip full of irony. See, the victim-to-be is explaining to us what cock-blocking is - and his buddy decides to do some cock-blocking of a different kind. I'm pretty sure the poor guy's cock is blocked for at least a couple of days... (The slap is a little off camera but you can hear the sound of the impact, and it's a solid hit...)

Here's with a solid, mean tap to the lovesack to a guy in a store. He's caught completely off-guard and his buddy gets him really good...

The next video is called Me and my brother in a ball tapping war, and I just love the playful dialogue that's all over the clip: "I don't want kids!" - "Are we done with the nut tappin'?!" - "My left one is still aching up in my belly..."

And there's a hilarious exchange between one of the guys and their dad who pops in unexpectedly.
- Dad (off camera): "You know what? Your momma would love to have grandchildren, okay?"
- Son (in pain): "You better go and adopt them sons-of-bitches!"


These guys are recording a song which involves a lot of screaming, apparently. One of them decides to help his buddy hit the high notes with a surprise smack to the goolies. That's what friends are for!

Finally, here's a young man who calls himself "The Sack King". Making sure that his male subjects don't procreate seems to be pretty high on the king's priority list... The clip's description says his reign of testicular terror resulted in a high school suspension. Was it worth it? Judge for yourselves.

Long live the King!

Reader's pick:

An anonymous reader sent us this wonderful clip. Here's the video's description: "Nick thinks hes getting his photo taken, well..i guess thats not the case."

Nope. That's not the case, and Nick gets a wonderful smack in the goolies that makes him instantly drop to the ground. I love his facial expression right after the hit. He kinda just freezes before his lips curl and he moans, and then he drops out of the frame, groaning in pain. Poor Nick!

What's your favorite video of guys suprising their friends with a nice sack tap? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!

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