Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Best of the busts: April 2017

At the risk of sounding like a broken record: Your feedback is very important to me. I appreciate every email and every comment that you send me, and I regularly look at the ratings of my posts to see whether you liked it or not.

That's why I encourage you to make use of the 5 star ratings feature that allows you to rate a story on a scale of 1 star (awful) to 5 stars (excellent). It only takes a minute.

Now let's have a look at last month's posts. If you haven't read every single one of them you might want to check out one of the top picks...

The three top rated stories of April 2017:

average rating: 4.67/5 (18 votes)
average rating: 4.42/5 (19 votes)
average rating: 4.29/5 (21 votes)

The three top rated "Video links" posts of April 2017:
Sack taps and dick slaps: 4.73 (11 votes)
Boys just wanna have fun (26): 4.60 (10 votes)
Easter Eggs: 4.38 (8 votes)

Honorable mention (for posts that don't fall into either category):
Brush up your German! Neues Story-Blog auf Deutsch: 4.89/5 (9 votes)

My personal pick:
I really enjoyed writing Man v.s nature (part 1) (your rating: 3.74/5 (34 votes)) with my friend OMBStories. It's always great to try something new, and we certainly did with this weird, wild tale about a bunch of college studs on a camping trip. :-))

And what's your personal pick?
As I said, I always try to make my readers happy. Let me know what you liked about last month's stories, and I'll try and give you more of the same! What's your favorite story of April 2017? And what did you like about it?

Just leave a comment or send me an email (

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Charn said...

thank you again for the back to nature series :) I love all your stories but when things take a "silly" casual bend is the hottest

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Charn! Part 2 of "Man vs. nature" is coming later this month... :-))

Jimmy said...


Your body of work is astounding! That creative mind of yours spills such deliciously wicked tales of ballbusting blunders. I'm looking forward to yet another month of fun stories!



Alex said...

Thank you, Jimmy! Your feedback means a lot to me! :-))

Anonymous said...

Once again, I'm asking for more mutual ballbusting fights (like your old "One on One" series) where both guys squeeze and smash each other's cocks and nuts in a truly give-and-take fight, maybe cumming together in the end. Unfortunately many stories are instead one-sided smash fights...
Anyway, thanks for the blog.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Who would you like to seein the next "One on one" story? I promise I'll make it a give-and-take fight. :-))

Anonymous said...

Well, Logan and his dad would be good but that's part of another series...
Any other dad/son duo would be hot, otherwise I'd like a couple of skinny guys whose grips and punches are surprisingly stronger than they look.
Too often the fighters are muscular, athletic or "super-fit", I'd like the opposite once in a while. Skinny guys can have strong hands and smash each other's balls in the same way. LOL Thanks.

PS Sorry but I don't remember the names of the recurring guys, maybe there are already some who fit that description.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I think Leo and Sammy fit the bill. I'll see what I can do.... :-))