Monday, November 14, 2016

Video links: Bieberballs

After our epic Justin Bieber adventure 7 days of pain

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our reader Jake sent me an email: "I really liked your Justin Bieber ballbusting story. I thought you'd be interested to know he actually has some real experience with it."

So it turns out that the guys of One Direction (Exhibit A, Exhibit B) aren't the only teen pop sensations that enjoy a good nutshot. No, the Bieber is quite a ballbuster, too...

Here are a couple of links featuring Justin Bieber talking about hitting people in the nuts, and two bonus clips that give us an idea about how he reaches those high notes...

First up, here's Justin on a radio show bragging about hitting The Wanted's Siva in the nuts the other day... Notice the smile on his pretty face when he tells the story... Awwwww, so cute!

Skip to 1:00

There's a pretty funny account of what happened in a New Yorker profile about Scooter Brown called Teen Titan. The man who made Justin Bieber:
Carson Daly, the host of “The Voice,” walked by. Braun called out, “Hey, Carson!” Daly and Braun began to review a script detailing stage patter.
Bored, Bieber started a game, playfully jabbing everyone in the crotch with his fist. First, he jabbed at Braun, who, without looking up from the script, dropped his hands to block. Daly did the same. When Bieber jabbed at Siva Kaneswaran, a member of the Wanted, he connected. He called out, “Got you, bro.” Kaneswaran balled his fist but seemed unsure how to respond. “I don’t want to hurt his pretty face,” he said.
Braun said, “Just get him in the pretty balls. It’s fair game.”
“No, it’s not,” Bieber said.
Braun took a firm tone. “Justin, it is—fair game,” he said. “You hit him in the balls, fair game.”
Source: Lizzie Widdicombe: Teen Titan. The man who made Justin Bieber. The New Yorker, 09/03/2016. 
In another interview, Justin talks about "the elevator game", an exciting little game that involves Justin and his friends hitting each other in the balls whenever they are in an elevator. Sounds like fun!

Skip to 3:20

In the next video, Justin is goofing around with his little brother who's shooting at him with a nerf gun. "My hands ar up, don't shoot, don't shoot --- owwww, my gonads!" This video is actually kinda cute...

And, finally, here's Justin Bieber hitting himself in the balls doing one of his dance moves. Here's how Jake explained the clip in his email: "In this one he's sagging, so when he does his dance move his belt buckle gets smashed into his balls." That's basic physics, folks.

Very, very special thanks to Jake for sharing those clips with us!

Do you have any clips of Justin bashing balls or getting his bieberballs busted? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending an email (



Jimmy said...

Dear Alex,

That's awesome! Thank you for sharing! Love seeing Justin take some nut shots!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Jimmy!