Monday, November 21, 2016

My painful exam (written by Martín)

Our reader Martín sent me another story. Previously, he shared with us the wonderful little story My biggest weakness. Now he has a created a hot, steamy fictional story. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

I had been looking forward for this day a whole time and with a lot of excitement. Not that doing verbal exams was my ultimate joy but this one was different.

It all had to do with the tutor. Professor Gabriel Rutherford was an authority on literature working abroad and affiliated with our university.

He was very popular among the students, partly because of his interesting way of teaching but especially because he was funny, nice and hot. Extremely hot, if you would have asked me. You could tell professor Rutherford was in his early fourties but he still had a very charming face with some boyish looks and his body seemed very athletic. You could see the outlines of his well-defined pecs through his shirt, his butt was tight and nicely round but above all there was that bulge. Rutherford always seemed to be bulging. Not just a discrete bulge, but his pants seemed to cover a huge snake. However everybody knew Rutherford had helped mother nature a bit on that with stuffing things in his tight-fitting costume trousers. Maybe he needed that to fulfill the image of the perfect, extremely sexy tutor. I didn“ t care, he was by far the hottest man I had ever seen and the best thing on my first year of university.

I was the last one left in the room, waiting to do my verbal exam. I had done a lot of preparation by letter and already knew this exam was going te be a good, maybe an excellent one. I had to say thad I had never been prepared more to an exam than today.

“Martín Rosales?“ There he was, the object of a lot of my phantasies, in a classy tight brown costume, grey shirt. Deep blue eyes, brown hair, little trimmed beard and discrete but warm smile. I followed him silently trying not to focus too much on his perfect ass, knowing it would awake my erection, it had already cost me a lot of energy to let my erection disappear during my preparation by letter.

The examen passed really well, but suddenly we were interrupted by loud knocking on the door. Next moment Maria, secretary of professor Rutherford came in. She was a voluptuous woman, despite her being 53, when she passed, a lot of young guys - wether nerds or hunks- suddenly had to cover their crotches to hide their raging erections. Her well-pronounced  curves seemed to be very popular among the male students.

“Can I speak to you professor Rutherford“, she asked.

“I’m sorry, Maria, I’m doing my last exam, can we speak later“, Rutherford responded.

Maria hesitated and blushed but then she went on “I thought we would have lunch together?“

“Oh Maria, I’m so sorry.“ Rutherford stood up and walked to his secretary, laid his hand on her shoulder. “I forgot and now I’m running out of time, we should postpone it. I hope it’s not too much of a problem for you.“

“Don’t worry professor, it isn’t“, Maria said, smiling. “I’ll make sure you won’t forget next time by doing... THIS!“

Maria grabbed Professor Rutherford by the shoulders and placed her knee right between his legs, her move was accompanied by a loud “THUD“.  Next moment the handsome professor coughed and doubled over. In this moment he lost his everlasting calm and class: “This hurts, bitch!“

Maria looked shocked. “What did you just call me?“

With a next fast move she grabbed Professor Rutherford by the balls. Or maybe it was just one ball, or just a sock, because a lot of mass in his crotch was still out of Maria’s hands.

Anyway, her grip didn’t miss its effect. Professor Rutherford clearly was in pain, he tried desperately to escape from her grip but just didn’t manage.

That moment I realised I just couldn’t let this happen, I couldn’t allow this crazy woman to destoy the manhood of the most sexy man I had ever seen. I approached and tried to pull Maria away. I should have been more careful however because the next moment Maria held grip of two crotches, she was “crotch-clawing“ me also. In contrast to me being known as a more than hung guy however it was clear it was way more easy for Maria to hold grip of my package than of the big amount inside of professor Rutherford’s pants.

Anyway the old secretary did a very impressive job of putting pressure on our balls and after several minutes we were both on our knees screaming for mercy. Finally Maria decided that her message must be clear for now and she let go and left. Not before placing one last kick however in Rutherford’s crotch, making the hunk scream from the top of his lungs.

Rutherford and I looked at each other, our hands cupping our crotches. Rutherford cleared his throat. “Well, uhm, Martín. I guess this wasn’t exactly what you had in mind before you came in the exam room, I guess.”

I managed to laugh, “I guess not, professor.“ And then I let slip out: “I would have thought your balls were a lot stronger.”

Rutherford chuckled: “May I remind you dear Martín, you were there on the ground as well when Maria mishandled your young balls. I managed to stand longer so I guess that makes me have the stronger balls.“ By saying that Professor Rutheford slapped me in the balls, making me double over.

I stepped back. “Was that a challenge?“ I asked.

“Maybe it was“, Rutherford grinned before approaching me.

I blocked his attack however and all of a sudden my fighting instincts took over. I had been in this one-on-one situation before with Julian. That time it had been a humiliation for me and now my opponent was bigger, stronger, smarter, more athletic. I had learnt from my faults however and knew what to do.

When Rutherford held grip of my body and – being the stronger one – pinned me to the floor. I just sent my fist up, placing it between his thighs. Rutherford grimaced in pain but still managed to hold grip on me.

Suddenly he smiled. “Well-trained abs, boy.“

I didn’t smile back. Instead I launched my knee between his legs, my knee penetrating the soft mass, hitting target right on. This time Rutherford was in too much pain to keep his hold and moved away on his hands and knees. He left me a good view on his muscled ass, an invitation for me to kick his crotch hard from behind.

“Okay, boy, you win this first round, let’s take a break and then go on. But let’s leave this costumes, they don’t seem the perfect wrestling outfit to me“, Rutherford said, his strong hands cupping his big crotch.

Rutherford started to undress, followed by me. I sighed when he removed his shirt. I was quite proud of my well-trained body, but this forty-old man was just an Olympic hunk with well-defined muscles in all the right places.

And then he undid his pants... He was wearing tight red boxers which sported a huge bulge. Suddenly, I couldn’t control myself any longer and grabbed his bulge. To my surprise I felt an enormous testicle, next to the contours of a huge dick. So the rumors about Rutherford creating a false package were all wrong. This man was just horse hung.

For a while I was too distracted by this extra-ordinary example of man flesh and next moment Rutherford on his tun grabbed my big bulge and applied an incredible pressure on it.

I felt an enormous pain but became horny as hell also. A big erection formed in my boxers and Rutherford just didn’t let go. The pain was horrible but my sex instincts seemed to take over, sending waves of pleasure through my body also when this incredibly sexy man was just ruining my crotch. I couldn’t produce the power anymore to apply pressure on his huge balls and let go.

Rutherford produced a victorious grin and continued torturing me. With an amazing ease, he pulled me up and pressed me against the wall, just to launch a series of hard knees to my crotch. He followed by kicking my balls with an amazing force. I sunk to my knees, cupping my crown jewels, trying to protect them.

Rutherford clearly enjoyed what he saw. Inside his boxers, the snake awoke, rose to gigantic proportions and pressed to the outlines of his underwear. He rubbed his crotch and removed his boxers. A fully erected, 9.5 or maybe 10 inches long dick found its way out. An artwork, a thing of extra-ordinary beauty.

Not only concerning male pride, also concerning our battle, my professor was in full control. He grabbed my balls with one hand and pulled my dick backwards to my ass. He sent his knee to my crotch, making my now twitching penis sink deeper into my ass. An orgasm was inevitable. When Rutherford placed a last heavy kick to my balls, my dick erupted, letting out a huge load of cum which landed on Rutherford’s chest and face.

He took a step back and smiled while looking horny at my naked body.

“Well, Martín, seems like I am the winner of this fight. I also have something in mind that would be the right way to celebrate that victory“ Rutherford said by gently stroking his gigantic fucking rod.


Anonymous said...

and? Why the story is stopped?

Martín said...

@ Anonymous
Oops, I thought to leave the last part to the imagination of the readers...
So you can fill in the final part of the story like you want;-)

Anonymous said...

Not bad but could have been far better with a longer mutual ballbusting and a first to cum challenge. Maybe a part 2?

Martín said...

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I got ideas for another story with Rutherford but we' ll see.