Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Poll results: Story archive

Last month I asked you whether you used the story archive of this blog. Almost 200 votes were counted, and here are the results:

Yes, regularly.   45%
Yes, sometimes.   38%
Only when I'm looking for a particular story.   12%
There's a story archive?   5% 10/193
No, I don't.   0%

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the results. It's great to know that 95% of you enjoy going back and reading older stories!

Not a single vote was counted for "No, I don't", which is pretty amazing.

For those 5% of you who haven't heard about the story archive yet: There are two ways that you can browse my older stories:

There's the Blog Archive in the right column of this blog where you can go back in time. This archive is only available in the web version of this blog, not in the mobile version. If you're reading this on your phone and want to see the chronological blog archive just go down to the bottom of this page and choose "View web version".

And then there's the A-Z Archive which I maintain manually. You find it right below the head graphic of this blog in both the mobile version and the web version. It's not updated automatically, and sometimes I fall behind so it might not be up to speed all the time. But I try to update it every week, so it's pretty accurate.

Oh, and there's a third way: If you're using the web version you can browse through the stories by clicking on one of the Labels. There's a list of all the labels at the bottom of the left column of this blog (web version only).

Well, that's it. Pretty cool, huh? :-))

Thanks to everybody who voted in the poll!

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