Monday, November 7, 2016

Love, pain and sibling rivalry (written by Jacob)

This great story was written by Jacob, a long-time reader of this blog. I hope you'll like his work as much as I do!

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuallity.

Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

Michael glanced down at his watch before walking into the bar. It was 8:20 and his date wasn’t supposed to arrive for another 10 minutes. He preferred to be early whenever he went out with someone.

The blond gymnast was incredibly good looking. He knew that and obviously he got a lot of interest on dating apps. Tinder, Grindr, hornet. All the usual ones. It was handy for when he was horny but this guy was different.

They started speaking and Michael found his sarcasm and dry sense of humour refreshing. He was cute. Had short brown hair, big full lips, pale skin with some freckles dotted along his face. All of that was nice but what made his looks stand out was his stunningly bright blue eyes. Jacob was only 18, British and a little on the short side only being 5 foot 8. Even still something about him intrigued Michael. He was smart, studying law and witty. Michael and Jacob got on incredibly well and when Jacob asked him out on a date Michael was genuinely overjoyed.

Michael was the one that suggested the bar where they were meeting. They were lax when it came to checking ID Jacob could enjoy some drinks too.

Michael stepped into the bar and headed over to grab a drink. Before he got a chance to say his order he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to find Jacob standing there.

“Hey, I got here slightly early so already ordered you a drink,” with that Jacob handed him a vodka and coke, exactly the same as what he held in his other hand.

“Haha a man after my own heart. Early to dates, sarcastic no hates the rest of the world,” Michael said then had a sip of his drink, “oh and drinks vodka too.”

With that they continued drinking late into the night, flirting back and forth with Michael putting a hand on Jacob’s thigh then pulling him in closer so his head rested against the gymnast’s perfect chest. His tanned well muscled arm wrapped round him.

It got to around midnight when Jacob said he better head off soon. Michael leant forward and whispered in his ear, “or you could just come close to mine.”

Jacob smiled as his answer and with that they took a drunken walk back to Michael and Will’s apartment. Once there Michael led Jacob through to his arm, laid him down on the ed and leant in to kiss him. Long deep kisses full of passion. They stayed like that for a few minutes, the tall stunning gymnast pressing against the short cute boy’s sim body. Their hands were exploring each other till Michael broke the kiss.

“I’m just gonna go tell Will not to disturb us the I’ll be back.”

With that he got up off the bed and walked out the door having to adjust his rock hard dick that was clearly visible in his tight jeans. Jacob just sat back admiring Michael’s hot ass as he walked out the room. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was and started fondling his own solid cock through his jeans.

Michael stepped out and moved to the living room finding Will on the sofa in a pair of loose fitting gym shorts. Identical twins, their bodies were exact  copies but their personalities were polar opposites.

“Hey Will. Jut letting you know I’ve brought my date back so try not to disturb us, OK.”

Will turned to face Michael, “haha ok Mikey. Another one night stand then?” Will then noticed the obvious bulge in Michael’s jeans, “damn looks like he was doing a good job of impressing you Mikey.”

“Actually I think it may be more than a one time thing, what better way to start off something than really hot sex. Oh and don't call me Mikey,” with that Michael turned on his heel rolling his eyes at the same time.

“Oh Mikey. Sorry about this, I just can’t help myself,” with that Will’s hand shot forward, the back of his hand sinking into Michael’s big package.

“You bastard!!!”

“Sorry Mikey it just looked too inviting,” Will we now stood over his brother laughing as Michael sank down to the floor whimpering, his hand buried between his legs.

Jacob heard what sounded like whimpering coming from outside the door and decided to see what was happening. He walked out to find what must have been Will standing over Michael. He looked like he was trying to press his foot into Michael’s nuts.

“Come on Mikey, up you get. I’ve not completely ruined your chances of sex tonight.”

With that Jacob’s jaw dropped. That cute boyish look he seemed to have the majority of the time disappeared, replaced by a scowl that could scare the biggest and bravest of men. All that was racing through his mind was how fucking dare he. How dare he a) hurt someone he liked this much and b) try and ruin their chances of sex.

He decided he had to stop this. So he slowly crept up behind Will. Michael looked up and locked eyes with Jaco, smiled at him for a second then went back to focusing on protecting his nuts from brothers probing foot.

Jacob now right behind Will tapped him on the shoulder. Will turned round and without a seconds notice Jacob brought his knee right up between Will’s legs. The flimsy fabric of his gym shorts offered little to no protection for his precious balls. He sank to the ground with a strangled yelp and a dull thud. On his way down he heard Jacob say, “I’d really rather you not delay the guy I’m dating.”

With that he offered a hand to Michael helping him up and giving him a big kiss on the lips.

“How about we have some extra fun and teach my brother not to mess with our sex life,” Michael said as he traced his hand down Jacob’s back, stroking down until he grabbed a firm hold of his bubble butt.

“Babe I think that sounds like a great idea,” Jacob said kissing him once more.

With that they both turned no looked at Will.

“Oh shit. Guys ok, I’m sorry. I was just having a bit of fun please don't do thi…..” Will cut off mid sentence as he looked at the scolding expression on both of their faces. Absolutely identical, on both the short brown haired pale boy and the tall tanned guy, “oh fuck, ok, this isn’t gonna be fun.”

“Right babe, I say he’s your brother, you take first shots,” Jacob said with a wink.

“Hehe, thanks hot stuff,” with a slap on his ass Michael moved towards Will, “come on bro, my turn now. Hey baby, do me a favour and hold my brother’s arms back.”

Jacob chuckled and went behind Will. He grabbed his arms and pulled them behind him, Will tried to fight and although normally could've broken out of Jacob’s hold, the shorter guy still wasn't weak by any means and Will was still recovering from the shock to his groin. He sat Will upright and Michael spread his legs into a wide V. Will went to move his legs back together.

“Ha bro, here’s your choice. Either I can kick you in the nuts or I can stamp on them.”

Will's eyes went wide and he took a few second then spread his legs back out into a V. Michael while grinning then took a few steps back, Will on the other hand was closing his eyes, grimacing.

It was a funny sight, the two identical gymnasts, one with a huge smile on his face the other an awful grimace. What made it an even more amusing sight was the fact that anyone who knew the twins knew it was rare to see Michael looking more amused at something than Will.

Michael with some distance between them now had a running start to deliver his first blow. His foot slammed straight into Will's package, sinking in and with Will being sat down it made his nuts slam straight into his pelvis. Will instantly ended up screaming and going to sink forward but Jacob held his arms steady so his head just flopped down as he finished screaming and just started groaning instead.

Michael chuckled and moved back to go in for another kick. He ran forward slamming his foot into Will’s package then followed it up with one more. Both kicks left Will screaming and his hips bucking upwards. Both Michael and Jacob were there laughing their asses off as Will was moaning. Jacob let go of Will’s arms letting him sink down and curl up into a ball, his hands buried between his crotch. Jacob jumped up and hurried over to Michael.

He pulled him forward by the waistband of his tight jeans, pressing their bodies up against each other then he moved one hand round behind Michael, grabbing his butt while his other hand traced up Michael’s back grabbing the back of his head and pulling him down into a long kiss.

“What do you see we inspect some of the damage,” Michael whispered into Jacob’s ear.

With that they both turned back to Will, this time Michael pulled Will up holding his arms behind his back as Jacob was on his knees facing Will’s crotch.

“So just to clarify, so by identical twins, you two are exactly the same, like, all over,” Jacob said, looking up at Michael with a wink.

“Haha yep, although something tells me Will's nuts may be pretty swollen right now,” Michael responded with a chuckle.
Jacob licking his lips slid his hands up Will’s legs till his hands were resting on the waistband of his shorts. Will just hung limp, Michael obviously being the main reason he was standing

“I mean if you're down there on your knees you may as well kiss it better,” Will managed to force out, his voice coming out raspy along but ending in a chuckle.

“Ha hmm not sure if I'll kiss it better, but we’ll see what happens if you impress me,” Jacob winked looking up into Will’s face.

Michael quickly interjected, “um try not to make me too jealous.”

Jacob chuckled and just smiled sweetly up at Michael, “don’t you worry babe. You're definitely gonna get treated well.”

With that comment Jacob turned his attention back to Will hooking his hand into the waistband of the flimsy gym shorts. Slowly he slid them down Will’s well muscled legs. The minute the shorts went down past his dick, they fell to the floor, obviously the huge package was what was holding them up. The minute Jacob saw Will’s package completely uncovered his jaw dropped and he simply looked up at Will then to Michael then back to Will once more.


“Impressed?” Will chuckled shaking his hips slightly making his dick swing back and forth.

Jacob jumped up and gave Michael another kiss, grabbed Will by his dick and started slowly stroking along the length of it, then using his other hand to take Michael’s hand and pulling him round from behind Will.

“I’m gonna drain your brother then we’re gonna fuck,” Jacob said while leading Michael by the hand, so that he now stood directly behind him. Able to see everything that Jacob was doing or was going to do to his brother while being able to feel his body.

It was an incredible sight, two tall perfect identical clones, one fully clothed behind the smaller boy, the other naked in front of him, his dick being stroked in the surprisingly large hands of the small brown haired cute guy.

Michael placed his hands on Jacob's hips, his hands trying along his his waistline, drifting in front and dancing across Jacob’s crotch, drifting round the back and tracing and lightly groping the tight little bubble butt He leant down resting his soft lips against the curve of Jacob’s neck, kissing all around that area.

Jacob was loving it, he thought Michael was amazing, he loved having Michel wrapped up against him, love feeling Michael’s hard cock pressing against the small of his back. At the same time he love the control he had over Will right now, loved the feel of a cock in his hands. He knew a lot of cum was gonna be shooting all over the place tonight and he loved knowing that.

Will had no idea what was going on, he rarely got much fight back from Mikey but now this surprisingly cute guy was sticking up for his brother, and if he was as good in bed as he was at stroking cock then his brother was lucky. He was proud of his brother, despite the pain in his nuts, and surprised that he approved of one of his brother’s choices. Considering it's a guy.

Will’s dick was now rock hard in Jacob’s hands. Jacob had started moaning, his eyes shut, head looking upwards, lost in the pleasure of Michael’s kisses. Michael was starting to groan and whisper things into Jacob’s ear. Jacob’s other hand then shot forward wrapping around Will’s sack. Pulling down so that his nuts were pressed against the bottom of his sack.

“Hey, ow, the handjob was doing it just fine for me, you don't need to get rough.”

Jacob’s hand moved down so Will's nuts were completely in the palm of his hand and he closed his big hand around them. Crushing the big tender pieces of meat, “I’m sure it felt pretty good. But you’re gonna suffer for trying to fuck with our sex life and Im getting impatient. If you don't cum soon I’m gonna have to get your brother to fuck me while I crash your nuts.”

Jacob finished his little speech with another sharp squeeze pressing hard into Will’s nuts and making him yelp. His hand was still stroking Will’s slid big cock, with his hands pressing down and working over his meaty nuts. Precum had started to leak out of Will’s cock lubing it up, making the stroking motions feel even better for him.

“Baby I need to fuck you now,” Michael whispered into Jacob’s ear

“Don't you worry, your brother is gonna cum in a second and then you can fuck me here on the floor.”

With that Jacob's stroking became even quicker and his hand closed even tighter on Will’s nuts.

“Oh fuck.”

With those final words Will’s cock exploded shooting out what must have been gallons of cum. Shooting all over the floor and all over Jacob’s clothes. Will’s knees buckled and Jacob let go leaving him to fall backwards leaving Will huddled up in a ball, covered in cum no moaning and whimpering.

That was all Jacob had been waiting for, he turned on his heel so he was now facing Michael and started lifting his shirt off immediately, leaving his prefect chest and muscles bare. Jacob then got to kissing his way down from Michael’s lips. Along his neck and to his nipples. Flicking the perfectly hard nipples with his tongue and then making Michael gasp by biting them slightly. Next he continued his kisses down Michael’s abs, along his navel where he then reached the waistband of his jeans. Jacob tugged them down in one swift movement, revealing a pair of tight blue and white striped boxer briefs, they looked like they could barely contain Michael's massive member. Jacob tugged those down too, then started kissing and licking along Michael’s beautiful cock. He was moaning and gasping in pleasure till he felt himself reaching near the edge. The feel of Jacob’s plump lips wrapped around his cock, sliding along the shaft while using his tongue to tease the tip was driving Michael insane.

“You need to stop, I want to fuck you now.”

“Come on then,” Jacob responded.

It took Michael's seconds to strip Jacob down, the longest time spent pausing was when he couldn't help but pause to admire Jacob wearing just a dark blue PUMP jockstrap. He wasn't overly muscled but he was slim, had a bit of hair along his chest and he had a phenomenal ass that Michael thought looked even better in the jockstrap. He thought Jacob was perfect. When he tore the jockstrap off he fell in love with Jacob’s body even more. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw that the short guy had a big thick cock tucked between his thighs,similar in size to Michael’s,, with a big head that was dripping with precum.

The minute Jacob had been stripped completely he pushed Michael down so he was lay on his back where Jacob then sat no straddled him. Starting to lower his ass down onto the big cock that stood at full attention.

“Oh my fucking god you're so tight!!!” Michael screamed as the head of his dick finally went past the first barrier.

Jacob just chuckled, “yeah I kind of forget to mention that, only one other guy has actually fucked me in the ass.”

Michael looked Jacob in the eyes to see if he was lying to make himself sound better, but when he couldn't see a hint of a lie he sat up and kissed Jacob on the lips making him sink further down on his cock. With that Jacob then started to move up and down working the giant cock into his ass more and more, moaning and running his hands through his hair. His own big cock was bobbing up and down, Michael knew he could have never seen a more beautiful sight, a slim boy with a big cock and tight hole bouncing up and down on his huge cock. Jacob starting to squeeze his ass around Michael's cock making him moan even more.

At that point Will had finally found enough energy to try to stagger his way out of the room to avoid seeing his brother ridden by the cute brown haired guy. He must admit silently he was impressed by everything he saw, and the way he was making Michael moan he couldn't help but get slightly jealous, even if Will himself wasn't gay. The minute Will staggered to his feet however Jacob’s hand darted forward and wrapped around his balls. With one sharp tug Will was brought back down to the floor.

“Now then, you tried to ruin our night, I want to rub in your face how amazing our sex actually is while you're just left with a pair of sore nuts.”

With that Jacob carried on squeezing as Michael’s breathing started to quicken and his own hands had started to stroke Jacob's cock. Will’s dick was now hard again and all three of them were now breathing fast and moaning, Michael and Jacob both in pleasure, Will in pain. A minute later Will released his second load that was squeezed out of him, covering his chest once more, a second later Michael sat up, kissed Jacob and moved his hands to his hips, pushing down while moving his hips up in one long movement, unloading his cum deep inside Jacob’s ass as Jacob’s own cock sprayed all over his and Michael’s bodies.

Once all three of them had finished unloading their cum Jacob let go of Will’s now very sore nuts and broke the kiss with Michael.

“That was amazing,” Michael said as he brought his cum covered cock out of Jacob’s now filled asshole, “I want you to fuck me.”


“If you can?”

“Of course,” Jacob responded at which point Michael picked him up by his waist and carried him through to his room.

Once he put him down on his feet he went to turn round into doggy position until Jacob stopped him, “don’t be ridiculous.”

He then turned Michael back round and gently pushed him so he was on his back, “ I want to be able to see you, admire you, kiss you and stroke you as I fuck you. Not some cheap fuck.”

With that he wiped some of his cum up off of Michael's chest and coated his cock with it and slid into Michael’s ass. They both locked lips in a passionate kiss as Jacob started to fuck his ass, slow and deep at first.

Will sat there, naked, nuts sore and  covered in his own cum, left with the image of his brother being ridden by a short cute guy.

He looked so cute and innocent to begin with, now he knew there was no way is brother wouldn't be protected now. Or be bored by the sounds of things, considering he could hear loud moans and shouts coming from Michael’s room.

“At least they’re having fun I suppose,” in and odd way Will was proud of his brother.

Parker the cute gymnast, friends with both of the twins walked along the apartment hallway. It had been a while since him and the twins had hung out. Although it was late he knew once they opened the door and saw the cute flamboyant redhead, hair dyed so red he could never be lost in a crowd, holding a bottle of vodka they'd happily let him in. After knocking a few times and not getting an answer but still hearing noises from inside he decided to try the door. It was still open and once he walked in all he could hear were moans coming from one of the rooms. He walked through to the living room, thinking that Will must have brought a girl back, but once he saw Will lying on the floor naked and covered in cum he couldn't help but burst out laughing.

“Fucking hell, you telling me that's Michael making those noises.”

Will looked up and saw his friend and couldn't help but groan, “fuuuuck I suppose you've seen me like this before but still talk about embarrassing. And yeah they've already fucked once. Here,” Will gestured to the spot next to him.

“Damn, you pissed them off then”

“Yep, word of advice, don't fuck with people Jacob cares about,” Will chuckled.

With a final moan and shout that must have been the end of Jacob and Michel’s second bout of fucking they soon walked out, Jacob wearing just a sheet round his waist that he didn’t realise was see through in light and Michael in just a pair of black boxer briefs, and saw Parker.

“Hey Parker, meet Jacob. The guy I'm dating,” Michael said looking at Jacob as he introduced him to Parker with a smile on his face.

Parker’s mouth dropped as light was cast on the sheet, showing Jacob’s still semi cock, “well hello there.”

Jacob saw Parker’s reaction the looked down, “great, well hey Parker. Nice to meet you” Jacob then dropped the sheet, “may as well get undressed Parker, you've seen me naked, Will's naked, Michael will be when I rip off this sexy boxers. So best to just join in of course.”

Jacob winked and Parker quickly stripped as Michael dropped his boxers with a chuckle.

“Who doesn't like naked drinking,” Parker said, “oh and Michael, glad you've found a decent guy who obviously makes you happy. Most I’ve seen you smile, in… well forever.”

With that Parker poured them all a drink and joined them. Will managing to struggle onto the sofa, Jacob sat on his left wrapped up with Michael as they all decided to drink and joke the rest of the night away.


Anonymous said...

Hell fucking yes Jacob!! The story was sexy, like, reading it made me wanna cum instantly. The sex made it even better this time, which isn't always the case, so bravo.

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks Nik, I'm glad you liked it, can definitely say I was scared most people wouldn't but that's a good response so far.

Thanks, Jacob.