Friday, January 30, 2015

Man in the middle (Joey meets David and Parker)

Special thanks to our reader Joey for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who reads this post at work and tries to hide his erection!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

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Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: David and Parker (click for pictures)

“Oh, come on, tell me about him”, Joey chuckled. The handsome 21 year old ran his hand through his brown hair and looked at his friend with an expectant expression on his face. He was lean and muscular, with a diver’s body and a nice tan.

Parker shook his head. “I can’t. He wouldn’t approve.”

Joey let out a laugh. “He wouldn’t approve?!”

Parker smiled. “I mean it. He isn’t, you know, gay.”

Joey raised his eyebrows. “You mean he isn’t out.”

Parker sighed. “I mean it as I say it. He isn’t gay.” He knew that it sounded absurd.

“Okay”, Joey said with an amused grin. “He isn’t gay. But he’s your boyfriend. Yep. Sounds totally not gay to me.”

“Oh, shut up”, Parker playfully slapped his friend’s shoulder. “He’s not my boyfriend. And he isn’t gay.”

They were sitting on the couch in Parker’s apartment.

“What?!” Joey laughed. “He fucks you!”

“Just shut up”, Parker grinned. “I guess I shouldn’t have told you.”

Joey smiled at Parker. “Best friends talk about the guys they fuck.”

Parker sighed and ran his hand through his dyed red hair.

“Is he good in bed?” Joey asked.

Parker stared at him. “Joey!”

“It’s a legitimate question”, Joey chuckled.

Parker sighed. “If I answer it will you shut the fuck up?”

Joey grinned. “Alright.”

Parker’s face broke into a huge smile. “He’s awesome! He’s a ballet dancer so he has a lot of stamina and he power-fucks me like---“

“He’s a ballet dancer?!” Joey burst out laughing. “And he’s not gay. Yeah, sure.”

Parker rolled his eyes. “Joey---“

“Is he better than me?” Joey interrupted him with a cheeky grin.

Parker looked at him. “Of course he is.” He stuck out his tongue. “You aren’t that good…”

“Liar!” Joey laughed. “I never heard you complain when I banged your tight little ass. You were to busy moaning and begging for more!”

Parker chuckled. “Maybe so – he’s still better than you.”

Joey grinned. “I’d really like to meet that guy, you know. See what he’s like.”

“That’s never going to happen”, Parker laughed.

Joey shrugged. “Maybe I can challenge him to a fucking contest.” He winked at Parker. “I bet you’d love that.”

“Never going to happen”, Parker grinned.

Joey sighed. “You used to love threesomes. Since when have you become such a prude?!”

Parker chuckled. “I’m not a prude. You should see the things we do together…”

“I’d love to, actually”, Joey grinned.

“Never going to happen”, Parker shrugged.

“I bet if I whipped out my cock you’d bend over in a second”, Joey grinned.

Parker let out a laugh. “Those times are over, buddy.”

Joey chuckled and unzipped his jeans, pulling out his big, hard dick. “Come on”, he grinned. “You know you want it.”

Parker rolled his eyes. “Put that thing away. I mean it.”

Joey grinned. “You know you want it.”

Parker laughed. “No, actually, I don’t.”

“I bet you’re hard as a rock right now”, Joey grinned, jerking his fat dick while glancing at Parker.

“I’m not”, Parker chuckled.

“I know you”, Joey grinned and reached between Parker’s thighs, grabbing the big bulge in his tight jeans.

“Okay, maybe I am hard”, Parker laughed, trying to pry away Joey’s fingers. “But---“

Joey squeezed hard, making Parker yelp in pain.

“Joey!” Parker laughed. “Come on! I---“

“What the fuck?!” came a voice from the door behind them.

Parker’s eyes widened in shock as he turned his head to see David.

The tall black-haired dancer was wearing black pants, a smart black shirt and dress shoes. He stared at the two guys on the couch.

“Looks like I do get to meet him after all”, Joey grinned and playfully tapped Parker’s bulge, connecting with the two big orbs that were compressed by Parker’s tight jeans below his hard dick.

Parker let out a yelp and doubled over, grimacing in pain.

“What the fuck?!” David repeated in a toneless voice.

Joey chuckled and got up from the couch. He didn’t bother to put his hard cock back into his pants, letting it stick out of his zipper when he approached David, extending his hand.

“Hi, nice to meet you”, he grinned. “I’m Joey.”

David stared at him.

“Parker and I used to live together for a while. I’m sure he has told you about me”, Joey said with a smile. “Oh, but don’t believe everything he told you about me. I swear I have no idea how the Bengay got in his underwear when he went for that job interview, or who wrote ‘Cum slut’ on his forehead with permanent marker after his 19th birthday party, or who uploaded that picture of his dick to---“

David interrupted Joey by lifting his knee and nonchalantly ramming it into Joey’s balls, catching both of Joey’s balls dead-on and making him let out a dry cough.

“As I said, nice to meet you”, Joey croaked, doubling over and clutching his crotch.

David ignored him and looked at Parker. “What the fuck?!”

Parker smiled weakly. “Oh come on, don’t be mad. He’s just being an asshole. He played all kinds of pranks on me while we were living together. Sometimes it can get a little rough but he’s a nice guy.”

David glared at Parker. “What kind of game are you playing? One day you give me the keys to your place, and the next day you fuck around with this douchebag?”

Joey lifted his hands. “Hey, don’t call me a---“

David rolled his eyes, turned around and hit Joey in the balls with a hard, precise kick. “Shut up, douchebag.”

Joey let out a miserable moan and doubled over again, grabbing his aching gonads. “Parker told me you’re a dancer”, he said in a strained voice. “You got a strong leg, man.”

Parker couldn’t help but chuckle.

“You told him about me?!” David glared at him.

Parker opened his mouth.

“Just that you’re a ballet dancer”, Joey said, grimacing and rubbing his balls. His dick was still hard, sticking out from his pants and pointing at the ceiling. A cheeky grin appeared on his face as he turned to Parker. “I didn’t know you had a soft spot for swishy guys. Always thought you were into manly men like---”

“Listen, douchebag”, David said calmly, grabbing Joey’s balls firmly with his right hand and squeezing hard. “I don’t know what you’re up to but I don’t like you.”

Joey let out a groan. “Gee, I didn’t notice. Thanks for letting me know.“

“You think you’re funny?” David said slowly, kneading and twisting Joey’s balls.

Joey let out a whimper.

David’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Joey, squeezing his nuts hard and watching him squirm and grimace in pain.

Parker bit his lower lip and massaged the growing bulge in his jeans.

“You fuck this clown?” David said, addressing Parker while looking Joey deep in the eyes.

“Huh?” Parker blinked.

“Usually it’s me who does the fucking”, Joey whispered, grimacing in pain. “Parker loves my dick in his--- Urggh!”

David squeezed Joey’s nuts hard, making him cough and groan.

“Parker! Come here!” David said with an icy smile.

Parker chuckled and got up from the couch.

“Hold his arms”, David ordered him.

Parker did as he was told, standing behind Joey, his hard dick pressing against his ass through the fabric of his jeans.

“Now”, David said, slowly getting down on his knees. “Let’s see.” He pulled down Joey’s pants, exposing his big balls and making his erection swing from side to side.

Joey was breathing heavily. “Yeah, take it into your mouth, dancer boy”, he whispered. He turned his head to look at Parker. “See? Your boyfriend is into threesomes after all…”

Parker chuckled.

“This is so fucking hot”, Joey whispered.

David slowly looked up, a mean grin on his face.

“So fucking hot”, Joey repeated breathlessly. “Come on, take it into your mouth.”

Parker’s and David’s eyes met.

“This is only the beginning, douchebag”, David grinned before punching Joey’s nuts with a hard, merciless uppercut that connected perfectly with both of Joey’s dangling balls.

Joey let out a hoarse wail and started struggling but Parker managed to hold him steady as David punched Joey’s big, naked balls again and again, making Joey scream in agony.

“This isn’t what you had in mind, huh?” David chuckled, powering another hard punch into Joey’s defenseless testicles. “Well, it looks like you’re enjoying it nevertheless”, he added with a glance at Joey’s rock-hard dick.

Joey let out a wail, bucking his hips.

David grabbed Joey’s nuts with his left hand and pulled them down in their sack before aiming a series of hard, merciless punches at his trapped testicles that made Joey scream from the top of his lungs.

Joey’s dick started leaking precum, its tip glistening with the sticky fluid.

David got up and looked at Joey.

Joey’s face was a mask of pain.

David got closer until their noses almost touched, looking Joey straight in the eyes.

David brought up his knee, crunching Joey’s nuts and making him whimper in pain. Then he looked at Parker. “Let’s get him naked.”

“What?!” Joey groaned.

Parker chuckled. “What are you up to?”

David grinned. “You’ll see.”

Joy struggled and protested, but a couple of seconds later he was stark naked and doubled over in pain. His tanned body was glistening with sweat as he crouched on the ground.

David turned to Parker. “Now you strip.”

Parker raised his eyebrows. “But---“

“Strip!” David repeated, smacking the big bulge in Parker’s pants with the back of his hands and making him yelp in pain.

While Parker was taking off his clothes, David turned his attention to Joey again who was kneeling on the floor, his hands on the couch, trying to get up, moaning and panting.

David brought his leg back and kicked Parker’s nuts from behind, causing him to collapse on the couch and eliciting a miserable wail.

David chuckled and sat down on Joey’s back, pinning his upper body to the couch. He reached between Joey’s thighs and grabbed Joey’s hard dick and his swollen balls. He yanked them upwards and started punching them again and again, making Joey scream and shriek in pain.

Parker watched him, stroking his hard dick and licking his lips.

“Come here”, David said, pummeling Joey’s balls with his fist. “He’s close.”

“What do you want me to do?” Parker chuckled.

“You’re gonna fuck him”, David asked matter-of-factly.

Parker’s dick twitched with excitement. “But---“

“You ever fuck him?” David asked, landing blow after nut-crunching blow to Joey’s manhood while Joey was squirming underneath him, screaming into the sofa cushions.

Parker raised his eyebrows. “No, it was always him who---“

“Yeah, now you’re going to fuck him”, David said casually, driving his fist into Joey’s nuts with all the force he could muster. “And here’s the lube.”

Joey let out an anguished moan as his dick started shooting jet after jet of cum that landed on the floor.

Parker quickly got down on his knees, trying to catch Joey’s salty semen in his hands. Spurt after spurt of creamy cum sputtered out of Joey’s dick.

Joey’s orgasm wasn’t even finished when David said, “Lube his ass.”

“No!” Joey managed to croak. “You can’t---“

“Quiet, douche bag!” David said and slapped Joey’s busy balls with the palm of his hand, shutting him up and making him groan in pain.

Parker looked at David, hesitating for a second.

“What are you waiting for? Lube his ass!” David said matter-of-factly.

Parker chuckled and applied Joey’s sticky cream to his hole, slowly inserting his index finger into his ass.  He glanced at David with a smile. “Naughty boy.”

David grinned at Parker. “Me? Nah. I’m not the one fucking his best friend with his own cum.”

Parker laughed. Then he looked down and put the rest of Joey’s cum on his rock-hard dick, spreading it over his shaft. He swallowed and bit his lower lip before pressing the tip of his cock against Joey’s puckered hole.

David watched Parker’s face as Parker’s dick slowly disappeared inside Joey’s ass.

Parker was looking down, holding his breath until his dick was all the way inside.

Then he started fucking him.

Parker’s dick slid in and out of Joey’s hole, his balls slapping against Joey’s, as he buried his dick deep inside Joey’s ass before pulling almost all the way out and slamming it back in.

At first, Joey squirmed and protested, but soon his moans of pain became moans of pleasure as Parker’s cock hit his prostate harder and harder.

David watched Parker fuck his best friend, massaging his crotch.

Parker smiled at him while thrusting his dick in and out of Joey at a rapid pace. “He gives pretty good head, you know…”

David chuckled. “Does he?”

Parker grinned. “You should try it.”

David got off Joey’s back and pulled Joey’s head up by his chin. “You want to suck my cock?”

Joey let out a moan.

David knelt on the couch, opened the zipper of his black pants and pulled out his raging erection.

Joey looked at it, his eyes filled with lust.

“What are you waiting for, suck it, douchebag”, David said before shoving his dick into Joey’s mouth and grabbing his face with both of his hands.

Joey gagged when David’s dick slid down his throat.

Parker looked at David.

David looked at Parker.

The sound of Parker’s hips slamming against Joey’s ass cheeks echoed through the room.

David’s and Parker’s lips met and they kissed passionately.

Joey was moaning and panting, sucking on David’s dick while Parker’s hard cock slid in and out of his ass at a rapid pace.

“Fuck him harder”, David whispered into Parker’s mouth.

Parker responded by fucking Joey’s ass with renewed energy.

“Oh fuck, yeah, that’s it”, David moaned, his lips locked with Parker’s.

They went at it for what seemed like eternity, Parker pounding Joey’s hole, David face-fucking Joey while making out with Parker.

“Here it cums, douchebag”, David whispered suddenly. “Swallow it. All of it. Don’t let a drop get on my pants or I’ll kick your fucking nuts up into your throat.”

He closed his eyes, kissing Parker passionately while shooting his jizz deep into Joey’s throat, making him moan and whimper in pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum, too”, Parker moaned breathlessly.

David broke the kiss and got up, pulling his wet dick out of Joey’s mouth and letting him catch his breath. “Cum in his ass.”

Parker let out a deep moan.

David walked behind Parker. His legs were spread apart, his balls bumping into Joey’s with every thrust. Perfect position. A mean grin appeared on David’s face.

“I’m cumming”, Parker moaned. “Fuck, I’m---“

Just as Parker’s balls started pulling up and contracting, David launched a hard kick between his legs, crunching both Parker’s and Joey’s nuts, the tip of his foot connecting with Joey’s testicles and his shin ramming Parker’s busy balls into his body and flattening them like pancakes. Parker’s dick was shoved deep into Joey at the same time, as it unloaded a giant load of sperm inside Joey’s body.

Parker and Joey let out simultaneous howls.

David brought his leg back and kicked their balls once again as hard as he could.

Parker and Joey yodeled in pain, creating a bizarre, dissonant duet of agony.

“This is the last time you guys had sex with each other”, David said calmly. “Do you hear me?”

Parker was screaming from the top of his lungs as his body was filled with a strange mixture of pain and pleasure. His balls were on fire while his dick was shooting spurt after spurt of cream deep inside Joey’s hole.

Joey’s eyes were clenched shut, his face a mask of pain.

“Do you hear me?” David repeated, louder this time. He kicked the two nutsacks again, smashing them hard and eliciting another round of screams.

“Alright”, Parker yelled, his face contorted in agony as his ruined orgasm came to an end.

“Good”, David said.

Parker pulled his spent, dripping dick out of Joey’s hole and collapsed on the ground, panting heavily.

David looked at Joey’s gaping hole and casually stroked his dick. Even though he had just blown his load down Joey’s throat he was ready for action again.

He stepped behind Joey, lowered his body and shoved his dick inside him, making him gasp in surprise as his hole was filled to capacity again.

David grabbed Joey’s shoulders and started fucking Joey with hard, powerful thrusts.

Joey’s moans got louder and louder as David powerfucked his hole, ramming his hard dick in and out of his ass.

Joey was whimpering, repeating the same words again and again like a mantra. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!”

David continued fucking him, his eyes locking with Parker who was grimacing in pain.

Finally, David pulled his dick out and started jerking it, aiming it at Joey’s back without breaking eye-contact with Parker.

Wordlessly, David shot his load onto Joey’s back, coating his tanned skin with his creamy white jizz before wiping his hands on Joey’s ass cheeks, stuffing his dick back into his pants and pulling up the zipper.

David looked down at Joey.

Joey was literally covered in cum. It ran down his back and his sides, and out of his sore hole.

David straightened his shirt and turned to go when he noticed a stain on his black pants.

He exhaled deeply. “What have I told you about staining my paints?”

Joey turned his head, a vacant stare on his face.

David pointed between Joey’s legs where a puddle of cum had formed.

“You came again and your fucking jizz hit my pants”, David said slowly.

Joey blinked. He looked down between his thighs. David was right. He had cum again while David had fucked him. “I’m--- I’m sorry?”

David looked at him, an icy smile on his face. Then he drew his leg back and kicked Joey’s balls so hard that he was lifted off the ground.

Joey’s eyes rolled back into his head and his body went limp as he collapsed on the ground.

Parker grimaced in sympathy.

David looked at him.

Parker blinked.

“I love you”, David said flatly before turning on his heels and walking out of the apartment.

The door slammed shut and Parker stared at it for a couple of moments.

Then he heard Joey groan.

Parker turned to his friend who looked at him, grimacing in pain.

“So how did you like your threesome?” Parker grinned.

Joey groaned and curled up in a ball.

They were silent for a while.

“You are right”, Joey said finally.

Parker raised his eyebrows and looked at him.

“He fucks better than me”, Joey said with a weak grin.

Parker chuckled. “His name is David, by the way. And he’s my boyfriend.”


Anonymous said...

great story Alex. I'm not usually into gay sex but throw in some ballbusting and it can be quiet appealing! I Like how You're building on the Parker/David relationship. I'm not sure how long it'll last though, will David finally get bored with Parker and go back to girls or maybe he's already seeing someone else behind Parker's back? In any case they make a beautiful couple for now! All the best. Reg

Alex said...

Thank you, Reg! I'm glad you enjoyed the story despite the sex... :-))

We'll see how the relationship between Parker and David develops. Frankly, I'm a little curious myself...

Anonymous said...

Don't think I expected David to actually say the l-word! It's weird, but they make a compelling couple, so I do hope they stay together. And who knows? Maybe Parker will help David become less of a spoilt brat. - Ibi

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Ibi! I'm sure we'll learn more about David and Parker in the future... ;-)