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From stud to dud: zzzZZZzzz!

Very special thanks to Chadfan! We co-wrote this story and had a great time exchanging emails and tossing ideas back and forth. This story is a bit different from the rest of my work, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Previously on “From stud to dud”:

Meet the characters (incl. pictures)

Title credit: I read the phrase "From stud to dud" first in pooiu's 2010 f/m story Busting League: Day 1. Check out his excellent story blog Busted Spuds.

“He’s still sleeping”, Shawn said casually, his eyes fixed on the TV screen. The 31 year old redhead was sitting right in front of it surrounded by empty beer cans that were scattered on the floor. He was naked except for a pair of white briefs that looked like he hadn’t changed them in a while. His fingers were manically working the remote control, killing zombies.

“Yes!” Shawn grunted as he landed a nasty, bloody kill by shooting a particularly bulky looking zombie right in the nuts. He chuckled when a slow motion repeat of the kill showed the zombies testicles exploding, blood and gore splattering all over the screen. One unrecognizable chunk of zombie manhood landed right in the middle of the screen with a dull, wet splat before slowly sliding down, leaving a gory trail of blood. “Bucky, look at this!”

Bucky’s head peeked out of the kitchen. His eyes were sleepy, and he ran his hand through his ruffled brown hair while taking a hit from his joint. “Yeah?” Bucky said, holding his breath before exhaling slowly.

Shawn pressed a button and replayed the slow motion. “Cool, huh?”

“Yeah, dude, cool”, Bucky grinned and disappeared in the kitchen again.

Shawn resumed playing, biting his lips as he tried to land another nutshot. His eyes fixed on the screen, he took a sip from his beer can and threw the empty can into a corner of the room.

He was leaning against the couch, squatting between the spread legs of his friend Rocco.

Rocco was stark naked, his head leaning against the backrest, his eyes closed. His muscular body was covered in hair. Between his legs sat a can of cold beer.

Working the remote control with one hand, Shawn reached between Rocco’s legs and grabbed the can. He opened it with a loud fizzing sound and drank.

A second later, Bucky came out of the kitchen, a new can of beer in his hand. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of baggy, dirty, grayish-white long-johns. He carefully placed it between Rocco’s legs and turned to go into the kitchen again.

Rocco let out a sleepy groan, causing Bucky to stop and look at him.

“What’s up, dude?” Bucky said with a cautious smile.

“The big guy’s up!” Shawn grinned, shooting another zombie right in the nuts that graphically exploded and splattered all over the screen. “Yeah! Take that, dickhead! No little zombie kids for you!”

Bucky looked at Rocco. “How are you?”

Rocco looked up at him, a blank expression on his face. “Fine, thanks.” He yawned and stretched his limbs. He noticed the beer between his thighs, grabbed it, opened it and brought it to his mouth. When he noticed Bucky staring at his crotch, Rocco looked down at his junk.

His balls were bloated and swollen and badly bruised. Below his big bush of black pubic hair, the whole length of his fat, thick dick was wrapped in white bandages.

Rocco put the beer away and looked up at Bucky. “What’s this?” He grabbed his junk and inhaled sharply, grimacing in pain. “Fuck! What is this?!”

Bucky winced. “You had a little accident, remember?”

Shawn let out a chuckle while he was hunting down more zombies, testicles flying left and right as he fired his way through an otherwise deserted street.

“An accident?” Rocco looked at his immensely swollen balls and his fat, limp, bandaged dick, a confused expression on his face.

“You crushed your nuts in a vise, dickhead”, Shawn said while emasculating a group of five zombie brothers. “Yeah!”

Rocco thought for a moment. “Oh, yeah”, he chuckled. “That was wicked.”

Shawn burst out laughing. “Yeah, it was. It looked like you were trying to turn those studly eggs into a nice, tasty omelet…”

Rocco laughed. “Fuck, yeah, now I remember!”

Bucky was nodding his head slowly, the lit joint between his lips.

Rocco looked at his junk again. He tentatively grabbed his enormous balls, cupping them in his hands. “They seem okay”, he mumbled. “They feel a bit funny.”

“Lumpy”, Bucky nodded. “Yeah, I noticed that too, dude.”

“After you passed out on that vise, Bucky and I gave a little first aid”, Shawn explained, staring at the screen where he obliterated another zombie’s chances of fathering children with a barrage of shots. “Take that, cocksucker!” He let out a jubilant roar as the zombie’s balls hit the screen with a dull thud.

“We took you into the practice and I had a little look”, Bucky said. His veterinarian’s practice was right next door, between Shawn’s tattoo parlor and Rocco’s garage.

“Thanks”, Rocco said, his attention focusing on his wrapped dick. He took the tip of the limp, bandaged tube and lifted his dick. “What about this?”

Bucky grimaced. “You---“

“Your monster looked pretty bad, too, you know”, Shawn interrupted him. “We had to wrap it up. You’ll have to keep the bandages on for a couple of days.”

Rocco chuckled. “You think they’ll stay in place?”

Bucky looked at him. “What do you mean?”

Rocco laughed. “You know me, as soon as the monster wakes up it’ll burst through the gauze. It’ll be like a horror movie!”

Shawn burst out laughing. “Oh yeah! Watch out! The mummy returns!”

Rocco and Bucky joined in Shawn’s laughter.

“Mother, hide your daughters! The monster is back!” Rocco yelled, eliciting another round of laughter from his buddies.

“Whoa! No, no, no!” Bucky imitated a frightened girl, shaking his hands, his eyes fixed on Rocco’s crotch, walking backwards and shouting, “No! Have mercy! No! Don’t fuck me with your monster cock!”

Rocco and Shawn were roaring with laughter.

Bucky feigned tripping and fell to his knees, his face flat on the ground, his ass sticking up in the air and facing his buddies. With an exaggerated, girlish shriek, Bucky pulled down his underwear, exposing his naked ass and one of his fat, plump balls that was wedged between his thighs. “No! No! Don’t stick your monster cock into my ass!”

Shawn slapped his knees with laughter while Rocco was laughing so hard that his junk was wiggling back and forth, causing him to grimace in pain while he was laughing his ass off.

Bucky grabbed his cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing his puckered asshole. “Oh, no”, he said in a deep voice while working his cheeks so that it looked like his hole was talking. “Oh, no, don’t fuck me! Please, don’t fuck me!”

Shawn was laughing like a maniac. He quickly got up and walked over to Bucky.

“Oh, no”, Bucky’s asshole said. “Another monster is coming! Oh, no! I hope it isn’t as big as---”

Shawn chuckled and brought his leg back, sending it crashing into Bucky’s trapped nut, driving it into his body, squashing it hard and making Bucky yelp in pain.

He fell to the side and curled up in a ball, groaning and moaning, which reenergized his buddies’ laughter as they watched him squirm and writhe on the floor.

“Ouch, dude”, Bucky said after a while, getting up and rubbing his bare balls. He bent over, pulling his long johns up with one hand. With the other hand he picked up the joint that had fallen down during his little performance. “You cracked my nuts”, he said with a wonky grin. “Careful, dude, I have plans for tonight…”

Shawn grinned. “Oh, damn, did I just ruin your jerk-off session?” He laughed at his own joke.

Rocco smiled. “I can’t wait till I can jerk off again.” He glanced lovingly at his limp, bandaged dong like a kid looking forward to unwrapping a birthday gift.

Bucky lit up the joint and inhaled deeply. “Dude”, he said in a strained voice. “Don’t worry about your hard-on breaking the bandages. If you bone up they’ll just stretch. I use them on cats and dogs all the time…”

Rocco nodded, breathing heavily and holding his belly. “Okay, great.” He got up and grimaced, walking bowlegged towards the door. “See you later, I’m gonna lie down a bit.”

Bucky nodded slowly. “Take a bag of ice with you.”

Rocco nodded and disappeared into the kitchen.

Shawn grinned at Bucky. “I can’t wait to see his face when the bandages come off…” before turning to the TV screen again and gorily relieving another zombie of his testicles, turning them into a bloody pulp. “Bamm! Right in the nuts! Yeah!”

Bucky looked at him and chuckled before shuffling off towards his room.


A few hours later, Bucky woke up naked in his bed. The room was dark. He squinted to adjust his eyes to the darkness.

There was almost no furniture in the room. No wardrobe, no table, no chair. Just a large, comfy mattress on the floor, and a clouded mirror on the ceiling above it. His clothes were spread all over the room. The windows were draped with heavy, blackish-brown sheets.

In the corner by the window was the one place in Bucky’s room that looked tidy and neat. That’s where he kept his bongs and all the other fun stuff.

The 30 year old guy ran his hand through his ruffled hair and rubbed his eyes, yawning. He looked down and grinned when he saw his rock-hard dick pointing straight at the ceiling. Maybe his tool wasn’t as huge as Rocco’s – but he knew what to do with it, and most people enjoyed themselves very much when scruffy slacker Bucky worked his magic.

Speaking of magic… Bucky pawed the bed. Where had they gone? He licked his lips and chuckled, remembering the two busty blond strippers. They were patients. Well, they were owners of patients. Toya had a Poodle, and Candy had a Labrador. Like many strippers who worked in the strip club down the road, they couldn’t afford one of the VIP vets downtown. Luckily, Bucky’s business model didn’t necessarily include money. So he was the go-to-guy for most of “Wet’nWild Emporium”’s employees. He was nearby, he was fast, and paying him usually was a lot of fun for everyone involved…

Bucky chuckled. Yeah, Toya’s Poodle and Candy’s Labrador were two of his most favorite patients…

Looking up, Bucky looked at his reflection in the mirror. The nice, hard dick wasn’t the only thing that people liked about his body. Most didn’t expect what was hiding under Bucky’s grubby, scruffy clothes, and most were surprised when they saw him naked. Bucky was in a pretty good shape, and his body was surprisingly muscular and firm.

Not that he did much for it. He didn’t like working out. He wasn’t that kind of person. The only work-out he got was when he collected the payment from his pet patients’ owners… But apparently that was enough to keep his hairy chest, his eight pack abs, his legs and his arms and his ass in shape.

Bucky looked at himself in the mirror. He liked what he saw. He locked his fingers behind his head and smiled. There was body hair all over him, on his chest and under his armpits, on his arms and legs. Bucky’s eyes followed the treasure trail that led from his belly button to the big, unkempt bush of pubic hair to his hard dick. He stroked his cock leisurely a couple of times before sighing and rolling to the side.

He liked the feeling of his erection poking into the mattress. When he rolled off the bed onto the hard floor, the feeling wasn’t quite as good. He grimaced when his hard cock was flattened by the weight of his body.

Where was his underwear?

He looked around, lying on his belly.

His eyes fell onto the half-smoked joint in the ashtray.

Bucky grinned and grabbed the spliff and the lighter that was lying next to it. Rolling onto his back again, he lit the joint and inhaled deeply, closing his eyes, a huge grin on his face.

He felt his stomach rumbling and slowly got up. He searched around for a while until he found a pair of whitish-grey long johns that looked acceptable. There were a couple of burn holes, but other than that it looked fine.

Bucky put them on and left his room, his erection leading the way. He walked downstairs, his eyes half-closed, his hard dick poking through the fabric of his underwear.

When he entered the kitchen he saw Shawn sitting on one of the two bar stools, leaning against the counter, a can of beer in one hand, a tattoo magazine in the other.

“What’s up, dude”, Bucky said.

Shawn nodded at him and took a sip from his beer.

Bucky looked at him.

Shawn’s short red hair was oily and rumpled, and he looked like he hadn’t shaven in a week. He was wearing a dirty white tank top and a pair of way too-tight jeans.

Bucky scratched his junk in his baggy long johns, wondering why on earth anyone would wear those kind of jeans. It looked like Shawn’s junk was suffocating. Bucky could clearly see the outline of his manhood, like a pair of pool balls stuffed into his jeans.

Bucky took a hit from his joint, grinned, shook his head and headed for the fridge. He opened the door and looked inside.

“Where’s Rocco?” Bucky mumbled.

“Still asleep”, Shawn answered in a drunken slur before taking another gulp from his beer.

Bucky nodded slowly, staring into the refrigerator. “You know, I was thinking, dude.”

Shawn chuckled. “Really?”

“You know, maybe we should tell him what happened”, Bucky continued, closing his eyes and feeling the cold of the fridge on his naked chest. “You know, dude, I mean, like, everything.”

Shawn shrugged. “Don’t you think it should be a surprise for him?”

Bucky let out an indistinct noise, leaning his head back and trying to keep his balance by holding on to the fridge door.

Shawn put the magazine on the counter and rubbed his eyes. “I mean, I put so much effort into it… Don’t you think he’ll like his surprise?”

Bucky let out another noise. “Maybe you’re right”, he mumbled. “Hey, dude, is it cold in here?”

Shawn chuckled. “Close the door, dickhead.”

Bucky opened his eyes. His face broke into a stupid grin as he closed the door of the refrigerator. He took another hit from his joint and turned around, his erection creating a tent in his underwear.

Shawn looked down at it and chuckled. “So you had a great time with those strippers?”

Bucky grinned. “Awesome, dude. Awesome.”

Shawn swallowed and shifted on the stool.

Bucky couldn’t help but think of a juggler when he saw Shawn’s balls move in his jeans.

“So?” Shawn asked, looking at Bucky expectantly.

Bucky shrugged. “Awesome, you know, dude. Just awesome.”

Shawn leaned forward, his eyes filled with alcohol and testosterone. “Come on, dickhead, give us some juicy details…”

Bucky chuckled. “Yeah, there was a lot of juice…”

Shawn adjusted his crotch.

Bucky noticed a little bulge form above the two big pool balls. It was smaller, like a little brother to the two bigger orbs.

“Come on, man, what did you do together?” Shawn asked, his voice brimming with excitement.

Bucky grinned. “Remember the thing I told you about.” He winked at Shawn.

Shawn’s eyes grew wide. “No way, man! You--- You’re shitting me, right?”

Bucky shrugged. “Let’s just say that it was just as awesome as I thought it would be.”

“Oh, man”, Shawn grabbed his crotch, massaging his junk. “Oh, fuck. You lucky son of a dick!”

Bucky turned around and opened the fridge again.

“I can’t believe it!” Shawn shifted on the bar stool, rubbing his groin. “Oh, man… Tell me all about it!”

“The fridge is empty”, Bucky said. “Except for a can of beer.”

Shawn nodded.

Bucky turned to him. “You having beer for breakfast?”

“Breakfast?” Shawn looked at his watch and chuckled.

He looked at Bucky.

Bucky looked at him.

They both looked at the last can of beer in the fridge.

They were both thinking the same thing.

Shawn jumped up, knocking the bar stool over, and lunged at the fridge at the same moment as Bucky reached for the beer.

Bucky’s fingers were touching the cold can when Shawn tackled him, throwing him to the ground.

The can toppled over and rolled out of the refrigerator, landing on the floor with a loud clank.

Shawn was lying on Bucky, pressing him down with his body weight and pinning his hands to the ground above his head.

“I touched it, dude!” Bucky burst out laughing. “It’s mine!”

“But I bought it!” Shawn chuckled. “So it’s mine.”

Bucky let out a laugh. “Well, technically Rocco bought it, so---“

Shawn slammed his knee in between Bucky’s thighs, connecting perfectly with Bucky’s loose, low-hanging balls in his baggy underwear, and ramming them into his body.

Bucky’s eyes bulged and he let out a groan. “Dude, you got me good…” he grunted while laughing.

Shawn turned his head and looked at the can that was lying on the ground by the door to the living room.

Bucky followed his gaze, grimacing in pain.

“No way, dude”, Bucky mumbled before raising his knee and sending it crashing into the left one of the two big bulges in Shawn’s painfully tight jeans.

Shawn let out an almost girlish shriek and rolled to the side, cupping his manhood with both of his hands.

Bucky got on all fours and crawled towards the can.

Shawn saw what he was up to. “Dickhead”, he chuckled through his pain. He got up, his face contorted in agony, limping after Bucky.

Just when Bucky’s hand was within reach of the can, he was lifted off the ground by a powerful kick between his legs. Shawn’s boot clad foot collided with Bucky’s low-hanging nutsack, driving them into his body and making Bucky let out an agonized grunt.

The can was pushed away and rolled into the living room.

“Yeah!” Shawn yelled and straddled Bucky to climb over him and get through the door.

Just when his legs had passed Bucky’s shoulders, Bucky brought his head up in a swift, hard motion. The back of Bucky’s head caught both of Shawn’s huge balls dead-on, flattening them in his tight jeans.

Shawn froze. His eyes widened and his cheeks puffed. There was a brief moment of silence before he let out an ear-piercing wail that sounded like someone had filled his lungs with helium.

“I love that sound, dude”, Bucky let out a laugh and brought his head back once more, crunching Shawn’s big, tightly compressed balls once again.

Shawn let out an ear-shattering shriek, his lips trembling as he reached for his crotch and cupped the two big lumps in his jeans.

Bucky quickly crawled forward, causing Shawn to stagger and fall down on his ass.

The beer can had rolled under the couch, and Bucky got down flat on his belly, reaching for the can.

Due to all the fighting and the crawling, Bucky’s long johns had slipped down his legs, exposing his hairy ass.

Shawn watched him, massaging his balls, grimacing in pain.

“Got it, dude!” Bucky yelled when he had grasped the can.

Shawn’s face spread into a grin.  He limped towards his buddy, sat down on his back, facing his ass, and reached between his legs from behind.

Bucky let out a surprised gasp when he felt Shawn’s fingers wrap around his still hard dick and his sensitive balls.

“Now what do we have here?” Shawn grinned before yanking Bucky’s junk up between his ass cheeks.

“Noooo!” Bucky moaned, chuckling.

Shawn looked down at Bucky’s junk. Two fat, plump balls and a hard dick. He balled his fist. “Whose beer is it?”

“Mine”, Bucky laughed.

“Wrong answer, dickhead”, Shawn punched his buddy’s bare balls hard, making Bucky grunt in pain. “Whose beer is it?” Shawn repeated with a laugh.

“Mine, dude”, Bucky croaked.

Shawn sighed in mock-sympathy. “Sorry, wrong answer again…” He threw two more punches at Bucky’s hapless testicles, making him let out an agonized groan. “I’ll ask you one more time, dickhead”, Shawn grinned. “Whose beer is it?”

Bucky chuckled. “Fuck you, dude!”

Shawn shrugged. “Well, if that’s your final answer…” He slammed down his fist again and again and again and again, pummeling Bucky’s balls as hard as he could.

Bucky laughed and grunted and groaned in pain as Shawn whaled his balls, chuckling when he watched the color of Bucky’s hairy jewels turn from pale pink to angry red.

“Yours!” Bucky finally yelled. “It’s yours, dude!”

Shawn grinned and slammed his fist into Bucky’s red and swollen balls as hard as he could one final time. “You’re right, dickhead!” he chuckled when Bucky let out a pained roar.

He lifted his ass off of Bucky’s back and threw himself onto the couch.

Bucky let out a groan and lifted his arm between Shawn’s thighs, holding up the beer can.

Shawn grinned and grabbed the can. “Thank you, buddy.” He spread his thighs and watched Bucky’s head appear.

Bucky’s face was red and heated, and contorted in pain. He was panting heavily, staring at Shawn’s crotch.

Shawn winked at him and opened the can. The beer foamed up and Shawn quickly pulled it to his lips and took a big gulp before burping loudly.

Bucky pulled himself up and collapsed on the couch, next to Shawn, his long johns hanging around his ankles.

“Dude, you really smashed my nuts”, Bucky mumbled, absentmindedly fondling his nuts.

Shawn took another gulp and laughed. “Yeah, dickhead.”

Shawn closed his eyes, leaned his head against the backrest and lifted his hand, offering the beer to his buddy.

Bucky chuckled and took a sip from the can.

He glanced at Shawn and watched his chest lift and sink evenly.

Bucky took another gulp of beer and grinned. His eyes fell on a half-smoked joint that was lying on the floor. He lit it and inhaled deeply before slowly letting the smoke out of his mouth. He put the beer can down, let out a sigh and leaned his head against Shawn’s shoulder, taking another hit.

Shawn mumbled something unintelligible. His eyes were closed and he started snoring almost inaudibly. Shawn’s hand wandered from the couch to Bucky’s thigh.

Bucky took another deep drag and put the finished joint into the half-empty can of beer. He closed his eyes, a big smile on his face.

Shawn’s hand wandered from Bucky’s thigh to his junk, gently cupping Bucky’s naked goods with his big hand.

Bucky grinned and cuddled up to Shawn, his eyes half-closed. He looked down at Shawn’s crotch and giggled.

Those two bulges sure looked funny in Shawn’s jeans. Like two hills. Two big, round hills. Bucky closed his eyes and ran his fingers over the landscape of Shawn’s junk. Two big, round hills. Two big, soft, round hills. Ohhh. There was a third hill.

Bucky giggled, his eyes closed. Another hill. A smaller one. A bit harder than the other two. He circled the tip of the small, hard hill with his finger.

“You gotta let your hills breathe, dude”, he mumbled. “You gotta let them breathe.” He fumbled with the top button of Shawn’s jeans. He managed to open it and slipped two fingers into Shawn’s jeans.

He felt Shawn’s erection with his fingertips. What a funny little cock.

“You got a funny little cock”, Bucky mumbled under his breath before falling asleep.


Up in his room, Rocco couldn’t sleep. He had woken up from laughter coming from downstairs. Now he couldn’t fall asleep again. He was staring at the ceiling.

Usually he had a sure-fire way to fall asleep. He just jerked his huge, hard dick a couple of times until he drenched his sheets with his sticky semen. After he had shot his load, usually, it took a minute or two at the most until he was sound asleep.

But with his dick all wrapped up, that wasn’t possible. Apart from that, his monster seemed to have no trouble sleeping at all. Quite the opposite, Rocco didn’t remember not having an erection for such a long time. Well, apparently the huge, fat tool needed a little time out. Sure, why not.

Rocco sighed. He felt restless and uneasy and awkward and uncomfortable. He felt horny. And there was nothing he could do about it.


Anonymous said...

So who would you say is smaller? Shawn or Carter?

Alex said...

I'm pretty sure that Shawn has one of the shortest cocks in the universe, so even Carter's little dick is probably longer - but I guess Carter's is thinner than Shawn's. So let's call it a draw and say that they are both embarrassingly small... :-))

Anonymous said...

Nice story guys !

And Alex could you please remind me you email address.
I have a wicked story idea of my own involving some of your characters. Would be great to work with you on it if you like it.
A few clues :
1. it involves David, Ben, Danny, Zach and Parker
2. Manhoods get compared, tempers flare, humiliation for some
3. A ball-pain endurance competition with surprising outcome (some cheating)

TAFKAR (the artist formerly known as Reg)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Reg! My email address is Your idea sounds pretty hot - can't wait to learn more! :-)

Carter said...
That game reminds me of this. Warning, it's a little brutal.
For one less brutal
Toward the end about 45 seconds in

Alex said...

Thank you for sharing these links, Carter! They are awesome - and the first one looks pretty similar to the game Shawn is playing... :-))

BBcrusher said...

Great story is gets better and better, can't wait what Rocco have his cock and balls ;-) Also other dude come in the story. Love hard bust even popped big ones and guy are cool about popping balls. Hey guys, "Let's hear the Pop again"

Thank you for great story share,

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, BBCrusher! There will more (and harder) action in the next episodes... :-))

Carter said...

Never played it myself but it looks fun.
Hope they make a sequel someday.