Friday, January 9, 2015

Let's play Roshambo! (Paul and Ross meet Kev)

Special thanks to our reader Paul for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one following this blog with his partner and looking forward to a hot, steamy BB session afterwards!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Kev (click for pictures)

“What do you say?” Paul asked with a smile. The handsome guy with the sandy blond hair looked at Kev expectantly. He was of average built, not overly muscular, neither fat nor skinny. He had a bit of a geeky look, but he didn’t seem to be intimidated at all by a jock like Kev.

Paul was standing next to his brown-haired friend Ross, a tall, slim, muscular guy with a swimmer’s body. Like Paul, he emitted a subtle geeky vibe even though he looked like a very sporty guy. He had his hands in the pockets of his jeans and smiled at Kev.

Kev shrugged. The 20 year old jock was as tall as Ross, wearing sweat pants and a tank top. He ran his hand through his brown hair and grinned. “Sure. No problem”, he chuckled, adjusting the fat package in his pants. “As long as I don’t have to participate…”

“Awesome, I told you he’d do it”, Paul laughed and playfully slapped the prominent bulge in Ross’ pants.

Ross let out a surprised gasp and doubled over in pain, pulling his hands out of his pocket to grab his aching testicles. “I told you not to do that”, Ross groaned, cringing in pain.

Paul laughed. “But I do it all the time!”

“Exactly!” Ross grunted, rubbing his package.

Kev chuckled. “Looks like you’re ready to start.”

“Ready when you are”, Paul said with a cheeky grin before smacking Kev’s nuts hard with the back of his hand and bursting out laughing.

Kev’s eyebrows rose and he let out a pitiful moan, folding at the waist and cupping his crotch just like Ross. “Fuck”, he croaked in a toneless voice. “I told you I’m not participating… My nuts are still sore from yesterday…” He turned to Ross and groaned, “Your friend can be a pain in the ass, huh?”

Ross nodded emphatically. “You bet. He nut-slaps people all the time.”

“Oh, come on”, Paul laughed. “It’s all in good fun…”

“Yeah, sure”, Ross mumbled.

Paul balled his fist and smiled at Ross.

“Don’t you dare punch my nuts”, Ross said quickly.

Paul turned to Kev who shook his head violently. “No way, buddy.”

Paul looked almost disappointed. “Alright, let’s start”, he said. He spread his legs and turned to Ross. “Wanna start?”

Kev held up his hand. “One moment. Let’s go over the rules first, alright?”

Paul shrugged. “Sure. You’re the expert. That’s why we asked you to be the ref.” He smiled at Kev.

“Okay”, Kev said, watching Paul closely and guarding his crotch with his hands.

Paul chuckled.

“First of all, thanks for inviting me to be the ref. Apparently you have some sort of bet you want to settle, and in my honest opinion, the sport of Roshambo is the perfect way to do that”, Kev said. “I’ve refereed tons of matches in my capacity as chairman of the Ballbusting Olmpics, and you can trust me to make sure that everybody plays by the rules.” He made a pregnant pause, smiling at Paul and Ross who looked at him expectantly. “And these are the rules: You go back and forth kicking each other in the gonads as hard as you can. The game ends when someone gives up and/or loses one or both of his testicles. That’s it, basically.” He raised his eyebrows. “You both got two of them?”

Paul and Ross nodded.

Kev nodded. “Good. We’ll check again after the game.” He smiled at the two friends. “Any questions?”

When none came, Kev ordered Paul and Ross to stand opposite each other, their legs spread.

“Usually, we flip a coin to see who gets the first shot”, Kev said, looking at Paul. “You sure you want to concede your right to a coin toss?”

Paul grinned, tapping his bulge with a proud grin. “I got balls of steel.”

Kev chuckled. “You do? Trust me when I say that I’ve heard a lot of guys say that. Some of them have learned that even steel can break…”

Paul laughed. “Yeah?” He quickly got down on one knee and smacked Kev’s nuts hard with the back of his hand.

Kev let out an anguished yelp and sank to his knees, doubling over in pain. “Fuck!” he whimpered. “Stop it, man! I mean it: Don’t slap my nuts! It’s not cool!”

Paul grinned. “Sorry”, he said, not looking sorry at all.

Paul and Ross waited patiently until Kev had recovered enough to stand up, albeit doubled over and groaning in pain.

“Alright, let’s start”, Kev croaked.

Paul stood opposite Ross and spread his legs wide apart. “Bring it on, buddy.”

Ross brought his leg back and kicked Paul in the nuts hard. His foot slammed into Paul’s groin, flattening his bulge and making him groan in pain.

Paul coughed, rubbing his crotch. “Not bad, buddy”, he groaned with a weak grin.

Ross watched him with a skeptical expression on his face. Within seconds, Paul was ready to retaliate.

Paul’s foot sailed in between Ross’ legs, his instep connecting with the big bulge in his pants. It wasn’t a particularly hard kick, but he couldn’t have aimed better, catching both of Ross’ balls dead-on.

Ross let out a miserable wail, threw his head back and sank to his knees, clutching his crotch and rocking back and forth. “You fucking bastard”, he grunted, grimacing in pain. “You fucking bastard! Oh fuck, my nuts! My nuts!”

Kev watched him with a surprised expression on his face. “Wow”, he said. “That’s quite a reaction to a pretty lame kick.”

Paul grinned. “His balls are weak. That’s his problem. They are pretty big but they are weak as glass.”

Kev laughed. “Well, this is going to be an easy win for you, then.”

Paul grimaced. “I don’t know. He makes up for his weak balls with very strong kicks. He’s excellent at sports. You should see him play football.” Paul watched his buddy for a moment before adding with an almost worried tone in his voice, “He’s a pretty good kicker, you know.”

“I see”, Kev said, scratching his head.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ross got up, his face contorted in pain and anger. “My turn. Spread ‘em.”

Paul did as he was told, and Ross delivered a mean, hard, merciless kick to Paul’s nuts that lifted him off the ground and made him wail in pain.

Kev let out a laugh. “That looked like it hurt. Good one.”

Ross shrugged.

Again, Paul recovered fairly quickly.

Ross spread his legs and looked at Paul with a mixture of fear and anger in his eyes.

Paul grinned. “Wanna give up, pal?”

“Fuck you”, Ross grunted. “Just kick them, you bastard.”

Paul shrugged and sent his foot sailing in between Ross’s thighs. His instep collided perfectly with Ross’s big balls, hitting both of his balls dead on. Again, it wasn’t a very hard hit, but the aim was perfect.

Ross’ eyes bulged and he screamed from the top of his lungs, collapsing on the ground, rolling around, clutching his balls, his legs kicking wildly. “You fucking idiot!” he yelled. “Fucking son of a bitch! My fucking nuts! My nuts! My fucking nuts!”

Kev chuckled. “You’re good friends, huh?”

Paul laughed. “He gets like that sometimes. He doesn’t like getting his nuts hurt.”

Kev let out a laugh. “Well, who does?”

They watched Paul writhe in pain while he was screaming obscenities and howling in pain.

Paul glanced at Kev and a mischievous expression appeared on his face. Out of nowhere, he sent his foot smashing into the big bulge in Kev’s pants, flattening it and making Kev cry out in pain.

Paul burst out laughing.

“What the fuck?!” Kev yelled, clutching his gonads and sinking to the ground. “I told you not to hit my fucking balls!”

“Sorry, man”, Paul chuckled. “I just thought, you know, well--- I’m really sorry.”

“I told you not to hit my fucking balls!” Kev repeated, getting up and clutching his bulge, groaning in pain.

“I know”, Paul grinned. “I’m sorry.”

Kev looked at him. “You’re going to be really sorry, my friend”, he growled before lunging at Paul and throwing him to the ground. He brought his knee in between Paul’s thighs and crunched his nuts hard.

Paul let out a cough. “Stop it, man, I told you I’m sorry.”

“You gotta teach him a lesson”, Ross croaked, sitting up, grimacing in pain.

“Oh, shut up, weakballs”, Paul grunted.

Kev brought his knee in between Paul’s thighs again, eliciting an anguished yelp.

“He’s starting to feel it”, Kev muttered. “Looks like we’re getting somewhere…” He followed up with another knee that made Paul groan in pain.

Kev looked at Ross. “Come on, help me!”

Ross got up, rubbing his sore nuts. He thought for a moment, then he took off his t-shirt, revealing his muscular chest. He started ripping it apart.

“What are you doing?” Kev yelled, kneeing Paul’s nuts again and again while holding his shoulders down to the ground. “I told you to help me.”

Ross glared at Kev. “Don’t boss me around, okay? I am helping you.” He tied one of the shreds of fabric to Paul’s wrists, tying the other end to a pipe on the wall.

A couple of minutes later, Paul was tied to the wall in a spread eagle position, sitting on his ass, his legs spread wide apart, his arms stretched up, his mouth filled with the final piece of fabric from the t-shirt.

“Good thinking”, Kev chuckled.

“Yeah, he had it coming”, Ross glared at Paul. “Always hitting people in the nuts.” He raised his voice and shouted at Paul, “That’s not fucking cool, man!”

Paul looked at his friend with terror in his eyes. The playful, mocking happy-go-lucky guy had turned into a frightened, struggling, horrified victim.

“Not fucking cool!” Ross yelled, breathing heavily, his face beet red with anger. He brought his leg back and kicked Paul’s nuts with all the force he could muster. His foot crashed into the bulging package between Paul’s thighs, flattening it and eliciting a muffled scream from Paul.

Kev cringed in sympathy. “Ouch.”

“Don’t pity him”, Ross grunted. “He deserves it!” With that, he sent another hard, nut-crunching kick between Paul’s legs, making him cough and retch while he was struggling against his restraints.

Kev grimaced.

Ross lifted his foot and stomped down hard on Paul’s nuts, crushing them under his foot and grinding them into the hard floor. Again and again, Ross’ foot stomped down on Paul’s nuts, making him scream into the gag, his eyes clenched shut, his face a mask of pain.

“Come on”, Ross looked at Kev. “Kick him.”

Kev grimaced. “I don’t---“

“He hit you in the nuts”, Ross interrupted him. “You warned him. Come on, do it, he deserves it!”

Kev looked at Ross. That guy seemed to be seriously angry. It probably wasn’t the best idea not to do what he wanted. In addition to that he was right: Paul did deserve it.

Kev brought his leg back and kicked Paul’s nuts. The tip of his foot crashed into Paul’s package, making him let out a muffled yelp.

“Kick him harder!” Ross shouted. “Come on, make him pay!”

Kev kicked Paul’s nuts again, harder this time, and followed up with a nut-crunching third kick that elicited a miserable wail from Paul’s mouth.

“You can go harder than that”, Ross yelled. “He thinks he has balls of steel, remember? Come on, break his nuts!”

Kev brought his let back and kicked Paul’s nuts as hard as he could, making him retch and gag and struggle against his restraints.

“I’ll show you how it’s done”, Ross said, stood between his buddy’s spread legs and turned around so that his back was facing Paul. Then he brought his foot back, driving his heel into Paul’s precious package.

Paul let out a miserable, muffled yell that turned into a high-pitched wail when Paul brought his heel down on Paul’s nuts again and again as if he was trying to smash Paul’s nuts into paste.

Ross turned around and delivered a hard front kick into Paul’s balls, driving the tip of his foot into Paul’s genitals, flattening his bulge and making Paul scream in agony.

Ross’ face was contorted in blind rage as he kicked and stomped Paul’s balls with all the force he could muster.

Paul’s face was beet-red and his sandy blond hair was wet with sweat. His eyes were wide open in agony and terror as Ross wreaked havoc on his manhood.

“Hey, man, I think he’s had enough”, Kev mumbled, putting his hand on Ross’ shoulder.

“Shut up!” Ross grunted, sending his hand back into Kev’s crotch, making him let out a yelp and stumble backwards.

Ross continued kicking and stomping poor Paul’s hapless balls until finally Paul’s eyes rolled back into his head and his body went limp.

Ross watched him, breathing heavily. He brought his foot in between Paul’s legs one final time, crushing his nuts with a dull thud. “Now he’s had enough”, Ross mumbled.

Kev looked at Paul, rubbing his groin and grimacing in pain. “He’s out cold”, he said hoarsely. “We better take the gag out of his mouth.”

Ross blinked. “You’re right”, he said slowly and pulled the rag out of Paul’s mouth. Then he untied his wrists and ankles.

Paul opened his eyes and curled up in a ball, groaning in pain.

Ross turned to Kev, a sheepish grin on his face. “Do you think I went overboard?”

“Well”, Kev looked at Paul with a grimace. “Maybe a little.”

Paul looked up at Kev. “Did I win?”

Kev stared at him for a second, then he broke out laughing. “Does it feel as if you won?”

Paul let out a guttural groan.

“I think the game went a little out of hand”, Kev chuckled. “We don’t have a winner…”

A hint of a grin appeared on Paul’s pain-contorted face. “Alright, Ross, looks like we have to do another round”, he looked at his buddy. “You up for a game of Roshambo?”


Anonymous said...

Awesome story! Cheers Alex.

I almost want to get revenge on Ross for this now....

I kind of get away with it in real life which is fairly satisfying, but the only time I did piss him off enough to get me, he kicked me a bunch of times and I ended up flooring him with one punch.

Really enjoying reading all the encounters with the boys - I hope this is an ongoing thing :)

Now I just need to find a real life Phil to teach me how to kick harder....



Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Paul! I really enjoyed writing your story! :-))

Anonymous said...

Alex and Paul: awesome story! I love the weak-balled, hard Kicking Ross character too!
Just one tell Kev to grow some balls and stop being such a pussy! His nuts should be as tough as Paul's by now. I wonder who could handle the most kicks from Ross without puking!
Reg (p.s. will send you my story idea soon)

Alex said...

Thank you, Reg! I'll tell Kev - but you might want to start wearing a cup for protection since Kev doesn't like being called a pussy... :-))

P.S.: I'm looking forward to your idea!

Carter said...

Good story. Sorry I haven't been around. Little guy needed a vacation ~ I may have been a bit too roughh with him : (

Alex said...

Good to see you again, Carter! I hope the little guy is okay and up for action again... :-))

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I love the idea of testing out and out who has the toughest balls between Kev and I.

I'm not sure I'd like all the different ways you'd have to test it. I could certainly take kicks & punches (or any other impact style attack) pretty well. Not sure if I'd handle Ross squeezing or standing on my balls very well though.

I'd be pretty keen to see how such a contest would turn out (if you're willing Alex?).


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Paul! That's an fun idea and I'll think about it. But I'm pretty busy right now and there are a lot of stories that I'll have to finish first, so I can't promise anything...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it.

It's great that you're writing so many stories and letting others get involved in them.

I don't think I'd have even thought of this had I not seen Reg's comment. Thanks even for just thinking about it :)


Alex said...

Thank you, Paul! :-))

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love this story, and that sequel idea is great. I'm now going to be imagining Ross smashing my balls to pieces for a few months until my story with Leo comes out. And seeing whether Kev or Paul can stand up to his kicks would be shit hot too!! I hope you do get the chance to write that some day. Martin

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I haven't decided whether to write the sequel, yet. We'll see... :-))