Friday, January 23, 2015

From stud to dud: KA-BOOM!

Very special thanks to Chadfan! We co-wrote this story and had a great time exchanging emails and tossing ideas back and forth. This story is a bit different from the rest of my work, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Previously on “From stud to dud”:

Title credit: I read the phrase "From stud to dud" first in pooiu's 2010 f/m story Busting League: Day 1. Check out his excellent story blog Busted Spuds.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum. And maybe a little more brutality than usual.

Rocco heard a noise. It started as a low grunt or a growl, but within seconds it turned into loud yelling and screaming.

The big, muscular 31 year old man scratched his hairy chest and sighed. He groaned and slowly got up. Like usual he was working naked in his garage. He didn’t like the constraints of clothing when he was working.

His long, limp, floppy dick was wrapped in bandages, and his big, low-hanging balls were swollen and bruised. Rocco chuckled, remembering how funny his huge, fat balls had looked being compressed in the vise. Funny.

Rocco was proud of his balls. They were big and meaty and strong. Nothing in the world could destroy them. Well. The vise had probably been close.

Rocco chuckled again. Funny.

Unfortunately, something had happened to his dick, too. Before the incident, it had been hard all the time. All the time. Now it was limp and flabby and wrapped in bandages.

Rocco was so damn horny. He couldn’t wait for the bandages to come off at the party tonight. Finally. He was so looking forward to jerking off again. He grinned. Oh yeah, he was going to blow a big, fat load right after the party!

The yelling and screaming grew louder and louder.

Oh, right, he wanted to have a look what was going on.

He stepped outside and saw his Rottweiler chomping away at a man’s crotch. Again.

Rocco sighed. “Captain Crunch!” he yelled, making his way over to the man. When he got closer, he recognized his friend Chad. He chuckled. This wasn’t the first time that Captain Crunch sunk his teeth into Chad’s manhood. Apparently, Chad’s testicles made for tasty dog food.

He grabbed Captain Crunch by the collar and pulled him off.

Chad curled up in a ball, groaning and moaning.

“Hey”, Rocco grinned, towering over him, his limp, bandaged dick swinging from side to side. “How are you doing?”

Chad let out an agonized grunt. “Fine, thanks”, he whispered.

“You wanna come to my unwrapping party?” Rocco smiled.

Chad looked up at him, his face contorted in pain.


A couple of hours later, Rocco’s unwrapping party was about to start.

Chad was sitting on the couch, an ice-pack on his crotch.

Captain Crunch was watching him from his blanket in the corner, making Chad shift uncomfortably.

Rocco was standing in the middle of the room, bare naked, a look of childish glee and eager anticipation on his face. He couldn’t wait to finally unwrap his dick. Finally. Finally!

His friend Shawn, the tattoo artist, was standing next to him, wearing a dirty white tank top and a pair of way too tight jeans that accentuated the two big, round orbs that were his nuts. He had already finished a six pack of beer, and he looked more than a little drunk. He looked almost as excited as Rocco. He ran his hand through his short red hair and winked at Rocco.

Between Rocco and Shawn was the Wheel of Fortune, a simple construction with random numbers between 1 and 100 in black and red.

“Bucky!” Shawn yelled. “Come on, let’s start!”

Bucky toddled out of the kitchen, a lit joint hanging from his mouth, a big grin on his handsome face. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of baggy grey long johns. He looked like he hadn’t shaven in a week or two, and his brown hair was ruffled and stood on ends. He reached inside his underwear and scratched his pubes. “I’m here”, he said with a sleepy grin.

“Okay, let’s get this party started!” Shawn shouted.

Rocco and Bucky cheered and clapped their hands.

“Today we’re gonna celebrate the unwrapping of Rocco’s monster cock”, Shawn grinned, “and---“

He was interrupted by jubilant cheers and applause from Rocco.

“You can’t wait, huh?” Shawn chuckled.

Rocco grimaced and tugged at his bandaged dick. “Fucking right.”

Bucky and Shawn chuckled.

“Alright, before the big moment”, Shawn grinned, “we’re gonna play a little game.”

“Whooo! Wheel of Furtune!” Rocco cheered.

Shawn chuckled. “Yeah, that’s right. We’re going to raise money for your stripper fund.” He pointed to Bucky who waved at him with a handful of 100-dollar bills.

Rocco face lit up. “Awesome!”

“You’ll get up to a thousand bucks”, Shawn explained, making Rocco’s face break into a happy smile, “if you can master the challenge that is…”

Bucky slapped his hands on the armrest of the couch in a makeshift drum roll.

“The Wheel of Nutkicks”, Shawn shouted.

Rocco burst out laughing. “The Wheel of Nutkicks? Oh man, you guys are crazy…”

Shawn and Bucky joined in Rocco’s laughter.

Chad stared at them. “Hey, guys, wait a minute. Are you shitting me? How the fuck is Rocco gonna enjoy the strippers if you turn those big fucking balls of his into nut butter?"

Rocco looked at Chad, a thoughtful expression on his face. Then he turned to Shawn. “He’s right!” he said with a look of utter indignation on his face. “How the fuck am I gonna enjoy the strippers if you turn those big fucking balls of mine into nut butter?” He put his hands on his hips and looked at Shawn expectantly.

“Dickhead”, Shawn glared at Chad before turning to Rocco. “You really think a couple of kicks will hurt your big, tough nuts? I mean, think about it: We kicked them before, and they were effectively fried by the shock collar yesterday – and they are still here, big and beautiful as ever. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Rocco thought for a moment. Then he turned to Chad. “He’s right!” he said with a look of utter pride on his face. “Think about it: They kicked them before, and they were effectively fried by the shock collar yesterday – and they are still here, big and beautiful as ever. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Chad rolled his eyes. “Well, you could lose them for good!”

Shawn glared at him again.

Rocco was silent for a moment before turning to Shawn. “He’s right!” he said with an angry frown. “I could lose them for good!”

Shawn ground his teeth. “But you’re not gonna”, he said as calmly as possible. “You got balls of steel! They’re indestructible! Not even the vise could harm them.”

Rocco thought about that. He turned to Chad. “He’s right!” he said with a triumphant grin. “I got balls of steel! They’re indestructible! Not even---“

“Goddamn”, Chad interrupted him, leaning back on the couch. “Do what you gotta do…”

Shawn looked at Chad with a wry smile. “Thanks, dickhead.”

Chad crossed his arms, grimacing when the icepack on his crotch moved.

Shawn turned to Rocco. “So – you ready? Those nuts are gonna earn you a thousand bucks!”

Rocco leisurely fondled his balls and grinned. “These nuts are gonna earn me a thousand bucks”, he chuckled. “Awesome…”

Shawn and Bucky grinned.

Chad rolled his eyes.

“In round one”, Shawn continued, “you spin the wheel and it determines the number of kicks. If you manage to take them you’ll get one hundred dollars for your stripper fund. If you think you can’t take it and give up I get to choose a party favor for round two.” He grabbed a brown paper bag from the couch and held it up. “It’s from the party store.”

Rocco chuckled. “A party favor, huh? What is it?”

Shawn grinned. “You’ll see in round two…”

Rocco laughed. “Okay.”

“You ready for the Wheel of Nutkicks?” Shawn asked with a huge grin.

“Yeah”, Rocco said.

“I can’t hear you!” Shawn shouted.

“Yeah!” Rocco yelled.



“Still can’t hear you!”

“Fuck yeah! Kick my fucking nuts!” Rocco roared.

“That’s my man”, Shawn grinned and patted Rocco’s muscular shoulders. “Alright, let’s go. Spin the wheel, big guy!”

Rocco gave the wheel a forceful spin and it went for almost a full minute until it settled on a 5.

“Okay, you think you can take five kicks and stay standing to get your first hundred bucks – or do you give up and let me pick a party favor?” Shawn grinned. “What’s it gonna be, big guy?”

Rocco spread his legs and grinned. He grabbed his bandaged dick and lifted it up and out of the way, giving Shawn unobstructed access to the massive pair of meaty balls that dangled low between his thighs.

“Alright”, Shawn grinned. He glanced at his dirty, heavy black leather boots and chuckled before bringing his foot up between Rocco’s legs and crunching his nuts hard.

Rocco grimaced and let out a low grunt. “That was number one”, he said with a cocky grin, trying to hide the pain in his balls.

Shawn chuckled and kicked his buddy’s nuts as hard as he could, ramming the two huge orbs into Rocco’s body.

“Number two”, Rocco grunted.

He managed to take the kicks without doubling over.

Shawn brought his leg back and powered it into Rocco’s crotch, smashing Rocco’s hefty balls with a dull thud.

“Three”, Rocco groaned.

Shawn and Bucky chuckled.

“Come on, go again, I can take it!” Rocco grinned and spread his legs wide, letting his balls dangle vulnerably between his thighs.

Shawn’s boot met Rocco’s nuts again, crunching them hard and knocking the wind out of his lungs. For the first time, Rocco’s face contorted in pain.

“Number four”, Rocco said hoarsely. He looked at his friends and grinned, “What are you waiting for? Where’s---“

He was interrupted by a hard, powerful kick that flattened his fat nuggets like pancakes.

“Number five”, Rocco whispered in a toneless voice.

“You made it!” Bucky cheered.

Shawn laughed. “Now, that’s a hundred bucks for the stripper fund!”

Bucky put a 100-dollar-bill into a big glass bowl on the ground that had a sign “Rocco’s stripper fund” on it.

“Awesome”, Rocco grimaced, massaging his balls.

“Come on, spin it again!” Shawn pointed at the wheel.

Rocco grinned weakly and spun the wheel.

It landed on a 3.

Rocco laughed, rubbing his hands. “Three kicks. That’s easy. Come on, let’s go.”

Shawn looked less than happy.

Rocco spread his legs and grinned. “Come on! Number one!”

Shawn sighed and took a step back. With a little running start, he powered his boot-clad foot into Rocco’s balls, making him grunt in pain.

“Alright”, Rocco whispered hoarsely. “Alright. Number two!”

Again, Shawn kicked Rocco’s balls as hard as he could, ramming the two tender, swollen orbs into the muscular stud’s body.

Rocco’s face contorted in pain. “Yup. Alright. I can take it. Give me number three!”

Shawn kicked Rocco’s dangling low-hangers with all the force he could muster, squashing them hard and eliciting a low, guttural groan from Rocco.

“Awesome, dude!” Bucky cheered. “That’s another hundred for the stripper fund!” He put another bill into the glass bowl.

Rocco spun the wheel again, scoring a 8.

“This isn’t as much fun as I imagined”, Shawn muttered.

Rocco grinned. “Looks like it’s my lucky day! Come on, kick me!”

Shawn shrugged listlessly. “I’m gonna get another beer.” He looked at Bucky. “You wanna do it?”

Bucky grinned. “Sure, dude.” He gave the joint to Shawn and stood in front of Rocco.

Rocco looked at Bucky’s bare feet and chuckled. “You’re not even wearing shoes”, he grinned. “You gotta go extra hard to make up for it.”

“Okay, dude”, Bucky chuckled. “You got it.”

Rocco grinned. “Alright, kick me in the nuts as hard as you---”

Bucky snap-kicked Rocco’s balls, the instep of his bare foot whiplashing his nuts upwards with a resounding thwack.

Rocco’s eyes bulged and he let out a cough.

Bucky followed up with another snap-kick, meeting Rocco’s balls on their downswing and sending them back up before kicking them again when they dropped down.

Chad watched them with a fascinated expression on his face. It was like watching someone play hacky-sack.
Bucky managed never to let Rocco’s nuts drop to the bottom of their sack, happily kicking Rocco’s bruised and battered balls, eliciting groans and grunts from Rocco.

After the eighth kick, Rocco doubled over in pain, grimacing and cupping his crotch.

“That’s another hundred”, Bucky grinned and put another bill into the bowl.

Shawn returned from the kitchen, taking a deep drag from the joint, an open can of beer in his hand.

“Spin the wheel”, Shawn said.

Rocco groaned and spun the wheel.


Bucky looked at Shawn and chuckled. “Wanna take over again?”

Shawn grinned with excitement. “Hell yeah!”

Rocco gulped.

Shawn watched him, a huge grin on his face. “Wow. Twenty-eight”, he chuckled. “Wanna take the kicks?”

Rocco looked at his crotch and grimaced. He looked at Chad who just shrugged his shoulders.

Twenty-eight kicks later, Rocco was in serious pain. He was doubled over, clutching his severely swollen balls and groaning in pain.

Bucky and Shawn were laughing their asses off.

Even Chad had a grin on his face.

“Another hundred for the stripper fund”, Bucky chuckled.

“Oh fuck, I earned those bucks the hard way”, Rocco muttered, his face contorted in pain.

Bucky grinned.

“Remember”, Shawn grinned. “You can always take a pass and let me choose a party favor for round two, remember?”

Rocco let out a miserable grunt and spun the wheel one more time.

It landed on the 21.

Rocco looked down at his nuts. They looked seriously swollen and red.

“Pass”, he moaned.

“You want a party favor?” Shawn grinned.

“Yup”, Rocco grunted, fondling his huge, battered balls.

Shawn winked at Bucky and reached into the brown paper bag, pulling out a small firecracker. He placed it on the table and grinned at Rocco.

Rocco stared at the firecracker. A nervous grin appeared on his face. “What’s that for?”

Shawn smiled mischievously. “Party favors are for round two…”

Rocco swallowed hard.

“Wait a minute”, Chad said, standing up from the couch. The ice pack fell to the floor, revealing Chad’s crotch that was wet and dirty with water and dog saliva. There were little holes in the denim fabric of Chad’s jeans where Captain Crunch had sunk his teeth into Chad’s big bulge. “You’re kidding, right? You’re not going to blow up his junk, right?”

Shawn turned to face Chad. “Listen, party pooper”, he barked. “Shut up and sit down or I’ll tell Captain Crunch to finish the job!” He pointed at Chad’s mangled package.

Upon hearing his name, Captain Crunch started barking.

Chad’s eyes widened. “Um, I---“

“Shut up, dickhead!” Shawn grunted and kicked Chad’s nuts hard. The steel-toed tip of his biker boot flattened the swollen bulge in Chad’s crotch, shutting him up immediately and sending him back onto the couch where he curled up, writhing and moaning, his face white as a sheet.

Rocco watched him.

“Okay, ready to spin the wheel?” Shawn grinned at him.

Rocco scratched his head, slowly turning to Shawn. “What he said about---“

Shawn scoffed. “Don’t listen to that party pooper.” He put his arms around Rocco’s shoulders. “It’s fun, right? Don’t you want to get more money for your stripper fund?”

Rocco stared at him. He already had four hundred bucks. And he could get five hundred more. Nine hundred bucks. That would buy him a lot of strippers to party with once the bandages were off his big, fat dick. “Alright”, he grinned and spun the wheel.


Rocco looked at the number on the wheel. Then he looked at Shawn. Then he looked at the number again.

Shawn grinned and wiggled the brown paper bag. “Another party favor, big guy?”

Rocco gulped. “Kick me”, he said quickly.

Shawn rubbed his hands. “As you wish, sir!” He winked at Rocco. “Spread ‘em.”

Rocco closed his eyes and did as he was told. His huge, swollen balls were dangling low in his hairy sac.

Shawn started kicking his balls as hard as he could, smashing them into his pelvis again and again and again and again.

The sound of Shawn’s biker boots connecting with the two heavy orbs in Rocco’s loose, swinging nutsack echoed through the room, accompanied by grunts and groans and moans of agony.

Rocco remained standing, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth.

Finally, Shawn stopped. “Wow, you’re awesome, big guy!” He turned to Bucky. “Right?”

“Fucking awesome, dude”, Bucky said, taking another hit from his joint. “Another hundred for the stripper fund.”

Rocco’s face was beet-red and contorted in pain. His nuts felt like they had been run over by a bus. They were bloated and swollen and hurting like mad.

“Spin the wheel, buddy!” Shawn said with an eager expression on his face, adjusting his crotch.

Rocco grimaced and spun the wheel.

When it stopped, Shawn roared with laughter.

Bucky chuckled. “Fuck, dude, that’s gonna hurt!”


“That’s my favorite position”, Shawn mused

Rocco stared at the wheel. Should he take a pass and choose another party favor? A hundred bucks more or less didn’t hurt. That firecracker on the other hand…

“Kick my nuts”, Rocco mumbled.

“Can’t hear you”, Shawn grinned.

“Kick my fucking nuts!” Rocco yelled.

“Alright”, Shawn grinned and started smashing Rocco’s meaty balls with the energy of a star soccer player training for the World Cup.

His biker boot smashed into Rocco’s baby makers with unrelenting force and nut-shattering precision.

By the tenth kick, Rocco was breathing heavily

By the twentieth kick, his muscular, naked body was glistening with sweat.

By the thirtieth kick, his grunts and groans grew hoarse and throaty.

By the fortieth kick, tears started to run down Rocco’s face.

By the fiftieth kick, Rocco’s hair was dripping wet with sweat.

By the sixtieth kick, Rocco’s eyes turned glassy.

Finally, after the sixty-nine hard, sex-life-threatening kicks to Rocco’s oversized testicles, Shawn stopped, letting Rocco drop to the floor and curl up in a ball.

“Amazing, dude, just amazing!” Bucky chuckled.

“Damn”, Shawn doubled over, panting, his hands on his knees. “This is hard work… I gotta hit the gym more often…”

Rocco was lying on the ground, cupping his genitals, moaning and groaning in pain.

“Want me to take over?” Bucky asked, a stoned grin on his face.

Shawn nodded and walked into the kitchen to get another beer.

Bucky looked at Rocco. “Another hundred for the stripper fund”, he grinned and placed another 100-dollar-bill in the bowl. He pointed at the bowl and smiled at Rocco. “Six hundred dollars, dude. You’re gonna have a lot of fun at the strip club…”

Rocco rolled onto his back, clutching his groin, groaning miserably.

“Come on, dude, spin the wheel”, Bucky grinned.

Rocco slowly got up and spun the wheel.

It landed on a 12.

Bucky smiled at him. “Dude, you gonna take the kicks?”

Rocco let out a grunt. Groaning, he got up and spread his legs.

“Want me to go easy on you, dude?” Bucky asked, his eyes half-closed, a sleepy smile on his lips. He was holding his joint between the thumb and the index finger of his right hand, extending his arm to keep his balance.

“Don’t go easy, dickhead! He has to earn his bucks!” came Shawn’s drunken voice from the kitchen.

Bucky shrugged. “You heard what he said”, he mumbled with a weak grin.

Rocco groaned.

Bucky had trouble keeping his balance, so half of the dozen kicks he delivered to Rocco’s ballsack were slightly off the mark, hitting either the left or the right one of Rocco’s big, bloated balls. But even if he didn’t hit both of them every time, Bucky’s kicks were hard and powerful, lifting Rocco off his feet more than once.

After a dozen hard, testicle-shattering blows to Rocco’s manhood, the muscular stud was down on the ground again, writhing in agony, cupping his balls and kicking his legs.

“Another hundred”, Bucky mumbled and threw another bill at the glass bowl. Just like with his kicks, Bucky’s aim was off and the bill landed next to the bowl. “Damn”, Bucky muttered and bent over, stumbling and falling to the ground. He grabbed the bill, put it into the bowl and rolled onto his back, his eyes closed.

Chad was sitting on the couch, watching the scene with an annoyed expression on his face.

Shawn watched Bucky, too, laughing his ass off. He emptied his can of beer and got another one from the kitchen.

“Spin the wheel, big guy!” he said in a drunken slur when he returned. “Spin it! Spin it!”

Rocco groaned and got up. He spun the wheel.


“Holy fuck!” Chad shouted.

Shawn turned around. “Captain Crunch, attack! Attack!” he yelled, pointing at Chad’s crotch.

Chad raised his eyebrows. “The dog left the room an hour ago”, he said calmly.

Shawn blinked, staggering back. “He did?”

Chad rolled his eyes. “Yes, he---“

“Shut up, party pooper”, Shawn barked. “Or I’ll bite off your balls.”

Chad cleared his throat, adjusting the ice pack on his crotch.

Rocco was staring at the wheel. He couldn’t possibly take eighty-nine more kicks. His nuts felt like so swollen that he was afraid they might burst through the skin of his sack any second. Eighty-nine more kicks. Impossible.

“Party favor”, he groaned.

“Yay!” Shawn cheered and reached into the brown paper bag. He pulled out another fire cracker that was slightly bigger than the first one. “Ooooooh!”

Rocco grimaced and spun the wheel one final time.

The final spin.

Rocco was curious and frightened about round two. Those firecrackers… The first one was pretty small. But the second one? That would create a nice little explosion.

Rocco remembered the day he blew up his toy soldiers in the backyard. He had used the same kind of firecrackers. Admiral Asswipe and Private Pussyhunter hadn’t looked good after the firecracker had exploded between them…

Knowing Shawn, he was up to no good with those firecrackers… But he wasn’t going to blow up Rocco’s junk. Or was he?

The final spin.

If it was a single-digit number he’d take it. He couldn’t afford another firecracker. Maybe even a number that was lower than twenty. Or lower than thirty. Maybe he could take another thirty kicks. Yeah, thirty would be okay. Or maybe forty. It would have to be a really big number for Rocco to chose another firecracker. Lower than sixty would be okay. Maybe even lower than sixty-five. Seventy? Seventy would be alright, too. Eighty? Maybe---

The wheel stopped.

Rocco couldn’t believe his eyes.


One hundred.

“Party favor”, Rocco said in a toneless voice.

Shawn burst out laughing. “Fuck yeah, big guy!”

Bucky was lying on the ground, his eyes closed, laughing silently.

Chad rolled his eyes.

Shawn reached inside the brown paper bag.

The firecracker he pulled out of the bag was big. Very big.

“Alright”, Shawn clapped his hands. “Before we start with round two, it’s time for the big moment. Get up, Bucky! We’re gonna unwrap Rocco’s monster!”

Bucky sat up, grinning sheepishly.

Rocco’s eyes lit up. Right! That was what they were here for! Finally. Finally! Finally, he’d see his wonderful, huge dick again!

“Come on, Bucky, do it!” Shawn grinned. He turned to Rocco and chuckled. “We got a little surprise for you, big guy!”

Rocco didn’t listen to him. He watched Bucky crawled over and fumble with the bandages around his huge, limp cock. He had waited for this moment for what felt like ages!

“Rocco! Rocco! Rocco!” Shawn yelled, clapping his hands.

Finally, the bandages were off.

Rocco closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. He felt Bucky’s breath on the skin of his dick. What a wonderful feeling. He was alive again! It was only a matter of time before his huge monster cock would be hard and back in action. He’d be jerking off day and night, blowing his load whenever he felt like it. He was alive!

He opened them and glanced down. The sight of his dick brought tears of joy to his eyes. It looked beautiful. The foreskin. The long, meaty shaft with the writing on it. The---

Rocco blinked.

Writing?! What writing?!

He grabbed the tip of his dick and lifted it up while turning his head and squinting at the letters.

“I told you we had a surprise for you”, Shawn grinned.

Bucky watched Rocco, waiting for his reaction. Had Shawn gone too far?

Rocco stared at the tattoo that spread from the root of his dick to the top.

“Do you like it?” Shawn grinned.

Rocco stared at the seventeen big letters that were permanently, irreversibly written on his fat, wonderful dick.

Bucky bit his lower lip, watching Rocco’s face.

“Do you like it?” Shawn repeated with a laugh.

Rocco cleared his throat. “I--- I--- I love it! Fucking A! It looks totally badass!” He looked down at his cock and read aloud. “LUCKY PIMP – HUGE DICK!” He laughed. “Fucking A!”

Bucky sighed with relief and joined in Rocco’s laughter.

“Imagine how it’ll look when your cock is hard – it’ll be big bold letters, like on a billboard!” Shawn laughed.

“Thank you so much!” Rocco said, pulling Shawn close in a bearhug. “Fucking A!”

He turned around and looked at Chad. “It’s awesome, right?” He pointed at his limp, floppy dick. “Totally badass, right?”

Chad smiled weakly.

“Oh, and that’s probably the reason why I couldn’t get hard, right?” Rocco turned to Bucky.

Bucky blinked. “I don’t know, dude.”

“You’re a doctor”, Rocco said, “you know those things…”

“He’s a vet”, Chad mumbled.

“Maybe it is”, Bucky said slowly.

He looked at Rocco. The big, naked, muscular stud looked at him, his eyes begging him for an affirmation. In Bucky’s dazed, stoned brain there was an image whenever he looked at Rocco’s dick. An elephant’s floppy, limp trunk. It was weird. He didn’t believe that the tattoo was the cause for Rocco’s erectile dysfunction. Something about that elephant image made Bucky think that there was more to it. But he couldn’t tell Rocco that. Not today. Not now. Bucky cleared his throat. “I mean, you know, maybe it is”, he repeated. “It probably is, dude, it probably is. You’ll probably be back to your old hard self within a couple of days…”

“Yes!” Rocco clenched his fist. “Yes! Everything will be alright now!”

“Fuck yeah, big guy!” Shawn shouted. “You’ll be fucking girls left and right, man!” He put his hand on Rocco’s shoulder. “But first we gotta do round two…”

Rocco looked at him.

Shawn grinned and pointed at the firecrackers on the table. “Party favors!” he grinned.

Chad shifted uncomfortably on the sofa.

“Not a word, party pooper!” Shawn barked.

Chad blinked.

“For round two, we get rid of the nutshots”, Shawn said with a grin.

Rocco smiled. “Nice.”

Shawn chuckled. “And the Wheel of Nutkicks turns into…”

Like at the beginning of the party, Bucky slapped his hands on the armrest of the couch in a makeshift drum roll.

“The Ring of Fire!” Shawn shouted.

Rocco laughed out loud.

Bucky grinned and walked into the kitchen, returning with an old, rusty fire extinguisher.

Chad grimaced.

“Here’s how it goes”, Shawn said, unable to hide his excitement. “We stick a firecracker in your dick, and---“

“You can’t be serious”, Chad said, shifting on the couch.

“Shut up!” Shawn yelled at him before turning to Rocco again. “We stick a firecracker in your dick and light it. The fuse gives you twenty seconds. You spin the wheel. We don’t look at the numbers anymore, we look at the colors. If it lands on black, Bucky will extinguish the fire.”

Bucky grinned and held up the fire extinguisher.

“But if it lands on red”, Shawn grinned at Rocco. There was a dramatic pause. “BOOM.”

Rocco looked at Shawn.

“It’s a game of chance”, Shawn said with a grin. “Fifty-fity.”

“That’s crazy”, Chad said. “Rocco, you can’t---“

“Shut up!” Shawn yelled. “If you don’t like the game feel free to leave! Nobody’s stopping you!”

Chad got up from the couch, holding the ice pack tightly against his groin. He looked at Shawn who glared back at him. He looked at Rocco who was too distracted by Shawn’s idea to even notice him. He looked at Bucky who had his usual stoner grin on his face.

“That’s crazy”, Chad mumbled and limped out of the room, pressing the icepack against his junk.

Rocco cleared his throat. “It sounds a bit dangerous, you know?”

Shawn scoffed. He pulled another firecracker from the paper bag, a small one like the first one that waited for Rocco. He lit it and counted to twenty.


Rocco chuckled. A tiny little bang.

Shawn looked at Rocco. “What do you say?”

Rocco grinned. His big, fat dick could take a tiny, little bang like that. “You’re crazy”, he chuckled.

Shawn laughed. “So you’ll do it?”

“Fuck yeah!” Rocco grinned.

“That’s the spirit, big guy!” Shawn cheered and clapped his hands. “Put your cock on the table!”

Rocco chuckled. He put his fat, limp sausage on the table with a loud slap.

Shawn took the smallest of the three firecrackers and stuffed it into Rocco’s dick.

Rocco looked down. It looked funny, peaking out of his cock like that, with the fuse and all.

Bucky stood on the other end of the table, the fire extinguisher in attack position.

“Alright, here we go!” Shawn grinned, his face beaming with excitement. He lit the fuse and looked at Rocco. “Spin the wheel.”

Rocco did.

Ten seconds passed until the wheel stopped.

The fuse was half burnt down.


Bucky activated the fire extinguisher and sprayed Rocco’s dick with white powder. The fuse was out.

Bucky looked at Rocco and grinned. “Lucky pimp”, he chuckled.

“Huge dick”, Rocco laughed.

Shawn looked a little disappointed. He just shrugged and said, “Okay, the next one.”

He took the second firecracker that was considerably bigger than the first one. He had to really jam it into Rocco’s dick, making Rocco wince and squirm.

“Number two, here we go”, Shawn announced, lighting the fuse.

Rocco spun the wheel, a little harder than the first time.

Twelve seconds passed.

The wheel stopped.


Bucky put the fuse out with the fire extinguisher. He gave his buddy the thumbs up and chuckled.

Shawn frowned at Rocco. “Lucky bastard”, he mumbled.

He took the third firecracker that looked like a small stick of dynamite. It was way bigger than the second one, let alone the first one.

Shawn tried to stuff it into Rocco’s cock. “Fuck”, he mumbled when the damn thing slipped off for the third time, causing Rocco to let out a yelp.

“Let me do it”, Rocco grinned.

Shawn shrugged and handed Rocco the firecracker.

Rocco bit his lower lip. Slowly he slid the long, thick red tube into his dick, pushing it deeper and deeper inside until it was completely buried inside, with just the fuse sticking out. “There you go”, he grinned. He looked down at his dick. With the explosive stuffing it looked as if it was hard. Rocco chuckled. Just the way he liked it…

“Number three”, Shawn said. “Let’s see if the third time is the charm…” He lit the fuse.

Rocco spun the wheel. He made sure not to go to hard this time around. No need to make things more suspenseful than necessary…

After eight seconds the wheel stood still.

Rocco looked at the wheel and laughed.


“Looks like it’s my lucky day!” Rocco grinned.

Shawn let out a disappointed grunt. What a bore.

Bucky activated the fire extinguisher.


He pulled the trigger again.


He shook the damn thing.


He pulled the trigger again and again and again.


Bucky looked at Rocco.

Rocco looked down at his dick.

The fuse disappeared into his shaft.

The three guys opened their mouth in unison. “Oooooohhhh shiii---“


Chad was sitting in the driver’s seat of his car.

Holy fuck, those guys were weird. At first the nut-kicking. Well, okay, that had been fun. But the firecrackers? Holy fuck.

Chad’s jeans were hanging around his ankles and he was jerking his cock like never before.

He had noticed it during the party. Little Chad was acting up again, the unreliable little bastard! He hadn’t been with a woman in weeks. He had certainly tried – but every time he had the chance to fuck, Little Chad would shrivel like a shrimp.

And now, here he was! Big and proud and beautiful.

Chad jerked his dick. Those guys. The nut-kicking. The firecrackers. Rocco’s huge, limp dick, so close to being blown apart. He closed his eyes and threw his head back, imagining the explosion.

Chad’s eyes opened just as his dick erupted with the first thick, creamy spurt of cum that splattered against the windshield. Jet after jet of creamy stud sauce spurted out of his dick, coating the glass in milky goo.

Then he heard the noise.



Toothpick said...

I'm starting to not like Shawn. Hope he gets his nuts handed to him.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Tucker! Shawn can be a bit of a pain in the ass... I'm sure you'll get what you wish for... :-))