Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fun and games: Ace of spades

Special thanks to Lucas. This story is for you!

Featured in this story: Zach, Kev and Sammy (click for pictures)

“Ace of spades. What a lame name for a card game”, Zach chuckled.

“It’s the challenges that make it interesting”, Sammy grinned. “I’ve brought a couple of things with me. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun.”

Kev rubbed his hands. “Alright, let’s go. How does it work?”

The three guys were sitting on the ground in a circle.

20 year old Kev was wearing jeans and a white tank top that showed off his muscular arms. He ran his hand tough his brown hair and looked at Sammy expectantly.

Sammy was sitting on his knees. At 18, the cute, freckled redhead was the youngest of the group, wearing jeans and a t-shirt just like Zach.

Zach was on Sammy’s left. The handsome stud with the blond hair was as old as Kev. He was sitting with his legs spread wide apart, probably due to the enormous size of his genitals. He sported a truly massive dick and huge pair of low-hanging balls that got him into trouble on a regular basis…

“It goes like this”, Sammy said with a grin. “Before each round we determine a task. Then we draw cards. The guy with the lowest card has to perform the task.”

Zach rolled his eyes, leaned back and yawned. “Boring”, he sighed.

“Let him finish”, Kev chuckled, throwing a playful slap at the big bulge between Zach’s thighs.

Zach let out a yelp as Kev’s knuckles connected with his nuts, causing Kev and Sammy to burst out laughing.

“The ace of spades ends the game”, Sammy continued, grinning at Zach who was groaning and massaging his package. “When someone draws the ace of spades, it’s over.”

“Boring”, Zach croaked, grimacing in pain.

“What happens to the one who drew the ace of spades?” Kev asked.

“Good question, sir”, Sammy said with a grin. “That’d be the loser, and the other guys can have fun with him for the rest of the night.”

Kev let out a laugh.

Zach had a skeptical expression on his face. “Who comes up with a shitty game like that?” he mumbled.

“I saw it in a porn movie”, Sammy shrugged. “It looked fun.”

“I bet it is”, Kev chuckled, slapping his hands on his thighs. “Come on, let’s start!” He looked at Zach who was leaning back, resting on his elbows. “Come on, don’t be a party pooper. This is going to be fun!” He raised his fist and sent it crashing down on Zach’s nuts, flattening the prominent bulge in his jeans and making him cry out in pain.

“Fuck, my nuts!” Zach groaned, doubling over.

Kev burst out laughing.

Suddenly, Sammy reached over and slapped Kev’s sack with the back of his hand, shutting him up immediately.

“Got you”, Sammy chuckled.

“Yeah, you got me good”, Kev moaned. “Come on, let’s start the game before we’re all sterile…”

Sammy let out a laugh. “Alright. Well, first we have to determine a task for the first round.” He looked at Zach and Kev expectantly while he was shuffling a deck of cards. When he saw that both Zach and Kev were preoccupied with the pain in their balls, he sighed and said, “Alright, let’s speed this up a bit. What about this: The loser has to kiss the guy on his left.”

Zach grimaced and groaned. “I don’t know.”

“You a bad kisser, Zach?” Kev chuckled. “Okay, let’s do it. But there’s got to be some tongue action.”

Zach raised his arms in protest.

Before he had a chance to voice his objection, Kev smacked his balls with the back of his hand.

Zach coughed and doubled over, clutching his groin.

Sammy laughed and placed the deck of cards face-down in the middle between the three guys.

“Two against one. You’re overruled, Zach”, Kev said cheerfully before taking the top card from the deck. “Draw a card, buddy.”

Zach and Sammy drew their cards.

Simultaneously, they turned them face-up.

Sammy had drawn the seven of clubs, Zach’s card was the Jack of hearts, and Kev was stuck with the lowest card, the six of hearts.

Kev chuckled and shook his head. “Damn.” He looked to the player on his left, Zach. “Alright, buddy, looks like we’re gonna have to make out…”

Without further ado, Kev leaned over, grabbed Zach’s head and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on his lips.

Zach let out a muffled grunt and tried to back away, but Kev held his head in place.

“Yeah!” Sammy laughed, crawling over to the two guys to have a closer look. “Come on, where’s the  tongue? Where’s the tongue?”

Zach was keeping his lips tightly shut while Kev was trying to press his tongue into Zach’s mouth.

“Let me help you”, Sammy chuckled and grabbed the fat bulge in Zach’s jeans, squeezing hard.

Zach let out a muffled yelp which was enough of an opening for Kev to slide his tongue into Zach’s mouth.

“Yeah, that’s it!” Sammy chuckled, kneading and twisting Zach’s package. “Work it, guys!” He laughed and grabbed the big bulge in Kev’s jeans, squeezing hard. “Come on, it’s not a real kiss if you don’t spring a boner!”

Kev let go of Zach’s head and pried Sammy’s hand away from his groin. “Let go, you little fucker…”

Sammy let go of the two nutsacks.

Zach was panting heavily, his head red and heated. He spat and doubled over, cupping his crotch.

Sammy was laughing his ass off. “Awesome, guys. Come on, round two.”

“You’re really into this, huh?” Kev chuckled, massaging his massive bulging manhood.

“Well, judging from your hard-on, you’re into it, too”, Sammy grinned.

Kev laughed. “Yeah, well, what can I say… Zach is an awesome kisser...” He winked at Zach who shifted uncomfortably. “Only joking, buddy”, Kev chuckled, delivering a playful slap to Zach’s nuts.

Zach yelped in pain. “Come on, let’s move on to round two”, he croaked, cupping his nuts.

Sammy grinned. “Let’s move on to second base”, he suggested.

Zach groaned. “What are you up to, now?”

Sammy grinned. “Loser strips naked”, he grinned.

Kev clapped his hands, laughing. “Good one! But let’s up the ante: Loser strips naked – and then he strips the other two players.”

Sammy chuckled. “I like your thinking. Let’s do it.”

Zach frowned at him. “Well, I don’t. So---“

“It’s our two votes against your one vote. You’re overruled again”, Kev grinned.

Zach let out an annoyed grunt. “Alright”, he mumbled.

Each of them drew a card and showed it.

This time, Sammy came up the loser with a two of diamonds against Kev’s ten of hearts and Zach’s five of spades.

“Alright”, Sammy chuckled and stripped naked within seconds. He playfully grabbed his semi-hard dick and his nice sack of dangling balls and wiggled them.

Kev let out a wholf-whistle, making Sammy laugh out loud.

“Now get up so I can strip you”, Sammy said.

He took Kev’s clothes of first, revealing his trained, athletic body and his impressive set of genitals. His dick was almost fully hard, and his big, plump balls were dangling low in their sack.

Next up was Zach who grimaced uncomfortably while Sammy was stripping him naked. Sammy took his time, taking off Zach’s shirt and caressing his naked, muscular chest, playfully pinching his erect nipples and making Zach squirm and slap Sammy’s hands away.

“Watch it”, Zach growled.

“Wait till I get my hands on that massive schlong of yours”, Sammy said with a wink, grabbing Zach’s crotch and massaging it through the fabric of his jeans.

Zach inhaled sharply.

Sammy looked him in the eyes and slowly got down on his knees, never breaking eye-contact. “Let’s see”, he whispered in a playfully seductive voice.

Kev chuckled.

Sammy undid Zach’s belt, opened the buttons of his fly and pulled down his jeans, making him step out of them before touching the waistband of Zach’s boxer briefs that were ill-equipped to hide the massive boner that was stretching the fabric.

“Ooooh”, Sammy cooed, rubbing his cheek over the outline of Zach’s huge, meaty tool. Slowly, he pulled down Zach’s underwear, revealing the thick base of his hard dick. “There it is”, Sammy whispered before pulling Zach’s boxer briefs all the way down, freeing his dick that promptly whipped up and smacked against Sammy’s chin.

Kev burst out laughing.

“Ouch, careful with that thing”, Sammy grinned, grabbing Zach’s fat cock by the shaft and jerking it slowly.

Zach shifted uncomfortable. His face told volumes. He enjoyed it when someone admired his mammoth dick but he wasn’t all that comfortable when said someone happened to be male.

When Sammy stuck out his tongue and gave the tip of Zach’s dick a quick lick, Zach took a step back and muttered, “Hey, that’s enough. You said nothing about a blowjob.”

Sammy chuckled and gave Zach’s fat, plump nuts a playful squeeze. “We’ll save that for later”, he grinned. “Those suckers feel like they are full to the brim and dying for release…”

Zach shifted uncomfortably.

Kev laughed. “Hey, I feel a bit left out. Let’s continue with the game. What do we do for round three?”

“What about a blowjob?” Sammy suggested, winking at Zach.

“Nah”, Zach said quickly, shaking his head.

“What about a kick in the nuts instead?” Kev suggested.

Zach let out a groan.

Sammy and Kev looked at him.

“It’s your decision, buddy”, Kev smiled. “Blowjob or nutkick?”

Zach sighed. “Nutkick.”

“Alright”, Kev said cheerfully. “Loser gets a kick in the nuts from each of the other players.”

Sammy grinned at Zach. “I think it’s your time to lose, isn’t it? I’d love to kick those big fat danglers into next week.”

Zach shifted uncomfortably.

Each of them drew a card, and Kev lost with a six of diamonds against Zach’s queen of hearts and  Sammy’s nine of spades.

Zach’s face lit up.

“Lucky bastard”, Kev chuckled and spread his legs, putting his hands behind his head. “Come on, give it your best shot.”

“You bet”, Zach grinned. He drew his leg back and sent it crashing into Kev’s manhood, smashing both of his precious jewels into his body and making him let out a throaty cough.

“Good one”, Kev whispered hoarsely, doubling over, his hands on his knees. He looked up at Sammy, grimacing in pain. “Think you can do better?”

“I’ll try”, Sammy grinned. “Spread ‘em…”

Kev did as he was told and Sammy kicked his nuts as hard as he could. The lanky redhead’s bare foot slammed into Kev’s juicy balls and flattened them into his pelvis.

Kev groaned in agony, doubling over instantly and cupping his crotch, his knees turning inward.

“Nice”, Zach grinned. “Don’t you agree, Kev?”

Kev nodded quickly. “Yep. Very nice”, he whispered in a strained voice. “You crunched them good and hard.”

Sammy laughed. “Okay, what do we do for round four?”

“No nutshots”, Kev said quickly.

Zach shrugged.

Sammy smiled brightly. “I think it’s time I showed you what I brought…” He fetched a little box and opened it.

Zach and Kev peeked inside, and Kev let out a laugh.

Sammy reached into the box and held up a shiny steel cock ring. “Loser has to put this one on. What do you say.”

Zach’s eyes widened. “No way.”

“I like it”, Kev grinned, glancing at Zach. “His winning streak has to be over soon.”

Zach shook his head violently. “No w---“

“You’re overruled”, Kev grinned. “Loser puts on the cock ring.”

They drew cards and showed them one by one.

Zach had a three of clubs and squirmed. “Fuck”, he mumbled.

Sammy’s card was a queen of clubs and grinned at Zach, glancing at his huge, rock-hard dick. “Damn, how are we going to get that thing through the ring? Do you think it’ll fit?”

Zach looked miserable. “Fuck”, he mumbled again.

When Kev revealed his card, Zach let out a sigh of relief. “Thank god”, he grinned.

Kev looked at his card, the two of spades, and shrugged. “Looks like your winning streak isn’t over with…”

Zach grinned, grabbing his fat, hard dick by the base and slapping its head against his thigh with a loud smack. “I guess I’m a lucky boy…”

Kev and Sammy laughed.

“Alright, let’s get this over with”, Kev said.

Sammy handed him the cock ring, and Kev applied it to his genitals, stuffing his big balls and his chubby dick through it before looking down at his crotch. “Suits me, doesn’t it?” he said with a cheeky grin.

Sammy chuckled and reached for Kev’s manhood. “Yeah, looks great on you”, he said, giving Kev’s bulging balls a playful squeeze that made Kev squirm in pain.

Zach and Sammy chuckled as Kev grimaced and cupped his genitals.

“What do we do for round five?” Sammy grinned.

“You know what would really hurt?” Zach chuckled. “Getting a punch in the nads while wearing a cock ring…”

Sammy laughed out loud. “Oh yeah, I like that.”

Kev grimaced. “What makes you so sure that I’ll lose this round?”

Zach shrugged. “Looks like I’m pretty lucky tonight.”

Kev chuckled. “You’ll get what’s coming to you soon enough…”

“Okay, so we’re set? Loser gets a punch in the nuts from the other two?” Sammy asked.

Kev and Zach nodded.

“Nice”, Sammy said.

When Kev drew a three of hearts, he rolled his eyes. “Damn.”

When Zach drew a jack of diamonds and Sammy followed up with a queen of spades, Kev inhaled deeply. “You lucky bastards!” he shook his head in disbelief before spreading his legs, letting his vulnerable testicles dangle between his thighs. “So go on and punch them!”

Sammy knelt down in front of him and punched Kev’s nuts as hard as he could. His knuckles collided with Kev’s bulging balls with a sickening splat that made Zach squirm in sympathy and Kev scream from the top of his lungs and cover his aching nuts.

Kev’s face was a mask of pain as he brought his hands behind his back and nodded at Zach. “Let’s get it over with.”

Zach chuckled and hit Kev’s balls with a nut-crunching uppercut that flattened Kev’s beefy balls like pancakes, making him let out a high-pitched wail before he collapsed on the ground.

“Fuck”, Kev whimpered, writhing on the ground in agony, cupping his crotch.

“I guess you were right: getting punched in the nads while wearing a cock ring really hurts”, Sammy dead-panned.

Zach chuckled. “Looks like it does…”

Sammy grinned and looked at Kev, pointing at the stack of cards. “Ready for round six?”

Kev let out a groan.

“You know what would really hurt”, Zach grinned. “Getting kicked in the nads while wearing a cock ring…”

Sammy let out a laugh. “Nice one! But getting kicked several times would probably hurt even more…”

Zach chuckled. “Yeah, I bet it would. Say, loser gets three kicks from the others?”

Kev moaned.

“Okay”, Sammy grinned. “That’s round six.”

Sammy and Zach drew their cards and waited patiently until Kev was able to continue playing.

Zach showed his card and grinned. Nine of hearts.

When Kev and Sammy revealed their cards, Zach paled. King of diamonds and jack of clubs.

“Well”, Sammy grinned. “Looks like your winning streak has come to an end… Spread your legs, man.”

Zach grimaced and stood with his legs spread wide apart, his huge, meaty balls dangling invitingly between his thighs.

Sammy brought his leg back and sent it crashing in between Zach’s thighs, crunching his nuts as hard as he could.

Zach’s eyes clenched shut and he let out an anguished grunt, doubling over and nursing his balls.

Sammy grinned. “I guess getting kicked in the nuts hurts even if you’re not wearing a cock ring…”

Kev chuckled.

“Come on, there are five more kicks waiting”, Sammy grinned.

Zach grimaced in pain and assumed his position again.

Sammy didn’t waste a second before kicking Zach’s oversized testicles with all the force he could muster. His aim was a little off, though.

Zach wailed in pain and sank to his knees, clutching his sore, aching nuts.

“Ouch, that was all lefty”, Kev chuckled, nursing his own battered balls in sympathy.

“But it was a good one”, Sammy said, watching Zach rock back and forth on his knees, his face contorted in pain.

“Yeah”, Kev nodded.

“I’m gonna hit them both on the next kick”, Sammy said.

Kev nodded again. “Yeah, go for it.”

A moment later, Zach was on his feet again, his face pale and sweaty, his legs trembling.

Sammy took a couple of steps back and, with a running start, smashed his foot into Zach’s dangling plums, flattening them like pancakes and eliciting a shrill, tortured squeal from Zach’s mouth.

Zach collapsed on the ground, groaning and moaning and writhing in agony.

Sammy looked at Kev with a proud smile.

“Good work”, Kev chuckled. “Now it’s my turn.”

“I tenderized them for you”, Sammy grinned. “Now you finish him.”

Kev let out a laugh.

It took a while for Zach to get up. His face was a mask of pain when he stood in front of Kev, clutching his goods.

Kev smiled at him. “Let go of your balls, Zach, or I can’t kick them.”

Zach let out a miserable moan but he complied and put his hands behind his back, revealing the extralarge eggs in his sack.

“Eww”, Kev grimaced in mock-sympathy when he saw the two red, swollen orbs. “Looks painful.”

Zach opened his mouth to say something, but he was interrupted by a mean, hard kick to his nuggets that lifted him off the ground, squashing his tender nuts into his pelvis.

When he landed on the ground, he was met with a second kick that smashed his dangling bits hard and made him jump up again, screaming from the top of his lungs.

Kev followed up with a devastating third kick that connected perfectly with both of Zach’s testicles, squishing them flat and making Zach gag and retch as he collapsed on the ground, squirming and spasming, making all kinds of funny noises.

“Awesome!” Sammy burst out laughing. “You really turned his nuts into peanut butter!”

Kev grinned, shrugging humbly. “You do what you can, right?”

Sammy chuckled.

Five minutes later, Zach had sufficiently recovered. His big, bulging ballsack was red and swollen, and he fondled his nuts with a pained expression on his face.

“So what do we do for round seven?” Sammy asked.

“What do you say, Zach, some more kicks?” Kev grinned.

“No fucking way”, Zach mumbled, grimacing in pain.

“What about this?” Sammy asked, reaching into his box of goodies and producing a very impressive chastity device.

“Wow”, Kev chuckled. “Look at that!

„It’s the Master Series Deluxe Chastity Cage”, Sammy said with a grin, “complete with a ball restraint, an anal plug and a urethral sound.”

“Holy shit”, Kev laughed. “That doesn’t look fun at all…”

“What do you say, loser get locked in it?” Sammy suggested.

Kev grimaced. “I don’t know. What do you think, Zach.”

Zach groaned. “No way.”

Kev chuckled. “Well, but I’d sure love to see how this thing works…” He glanced at Zach’s massive equipment. “Do you think it’s big enough to accommodate your needs?”

Zach scoffed. “There’s no need to find out…”

Kev looked at Sammy and grinned. “Let’s do it.”

“Alright”, Sammy said. “It’s decided. Loser gets locked in the cage.”

The guys drew their cards and revealed them one by one.

Sammy had an eight of diamonds, and Kev had a two of hearts.

When Zach revealed his card, his face lit up. “Ace of clubs!” he yelled. “Thank god!” He looked at Sammy and grinned. “Can I apply it to Kev? I’d love to shove that sound down his cock!”

Sammy and Kev looked at him, grinning with amusement.

“You do realize that the ace is the lowest card, right?” Kev chuckled.

“What?!” Zach stared at him. “But – I thought it was the highest!” He looked at Sammy, a desperate expression on his face.

Sammy shook his head with a smile. “Nope. Lowest.”

“But---“ Zach looked down at his crotch, his eyes wide in terror. “No! No!”

“Sorry, buddy”, Kev said and reached for the chastity device. “Looks like we’ll find out if it’s big enough for you…”

It turned out that locking Zach into the chastity device was no small feat. Even if his nuts hadn’t been as swollen as they were, it would have been difficult to apply the ball restraint. But Sammy and Kev worked together and finally managed to arrest his balls.

The butt plug was easier than they had thought, though. Sammy spread Zach’s hole and Kev shoved the big metal ball into it. Zach didn’t look too happy having his ass stuffed to capacity, but his eyes were fixed on the gruesome looking sounding device and his mind seemed occupied with the prospect of having it shoved down his dick…

It took a lot of effort until Sammy and Kev had pushed it all the way down Zach’s dick, and Zach’s squirming and protesting certainly didn’t help. A couple of hard slaps to Zach’s balls helped, though, and finally, Zach was firmly locked in the Master Series Deluxe Chastity Cage.

His fat dick looked ridiculous, pressing against the cage. It looked as if someone had tried to fit a king size salami into a bizarre egg cup. Zach’s meaty shaft was bulging against its constraints and it looked seriously uncomfortable.

Judging from the look on Zach’s face, it was just as uncomfortable as it looked.

Kev and Sammy watched their handiwork, grinning.

“Perfect”, Kev laughed and high-fived Sammy.

“Ready for round eight?” Sammy grinned at Zach.

Zach looked miserable, tugging at the solid metal cage around his dick with a desperate sigh.

“What are we gonna do next?” Sammy asked.

“You know what would really hurt?” Kev said with a mean grin, glancing at Zach. “Getting punched in the nads while wearing a chastity device.”

“Ohhh”, Sammy cringed, chuckling. “Awesome idea…”

“Loser gets punched in the nuts twice by the other two?” Kev grinned.

“I guess my vote doesn’t count”, Zach mumbled.

“Actually, it doesn’t”, Sammy said cheerfully. “We’ll do it.”

They drew their cards and revealed them one by one.

Sammy’s card was a four of diamonds, and Kev got a seven of spades.

When Zach revealed his card, he let out a frustrated howl. Two of clubs.

“Yes!” Kev and Sammy yelled in unison.

Zach looked like he was about to puke.

“Come on, don’t be a pussy, spread your legs”, Kev grinned, patting Zach’s shoulder.

Reluctantly, Zach got up and stood with his legs wide apart.

“It’s all about the right technique”, Kev explained to Sammy, grabbing Zach’s caged dong. “With the cock cage in the way you have to hit those fat suckers from below. That way they’ll slam into the cage and you have a nice additional source of pain.”

“Sounds good”, Sammy said. “Want to go first?”

“Sure”, Kev said and knelt in front of Zach. “Do it just like this.” He balled his fist and threw a mean uppercut at Zach’s dangling babymakers, smashing them hard and eliciting a high-pitched wail.

“See?” Kev chuckled. “Try it!”

Sammy nodded and took Kev’s position, kneeling in front of Zach.

“Hit them as hard as you can”, Kev said.

Sammy focused on his target and hit it hard, flattening Zach’s juicy gonads and making him yell in pain.

“Not bad”, Kev said. “Not bad, but we can do better. Look at this.” He changed positions with Sammy and rammed his fist into Zach’s precious jewels, all but turning them into diamond dust. Zach’s eyes filled with tears as he let out an agonized howl that made Sammy cringe in sympathy.

“You seen it?” Kev said, chuckling.

Sammy nodded and got into position.

“Try it”, Kev said.

Sammy bit his lower lip. Then he punched Zach’s nuts with all the force he could muster. His bony knuckles dug into the soft flesh of Zach’s trapped testicles, squashing them upwards and into the hard metal cock cage.

Zach’s reaction was delayed by a split second. His eyes widened and rolled back into his head, his mouth opened in a silent scream before an ear-piercing wail escaped his lips that sounded like a buffalo trying out for the “International School of Yodeling”.

Kev and Sammy watched Zach collapse on the ground, kicking his legs, screaming in agony.

“That was awesome”, Kev laughed. “He’ll be feeling that one for weeks!”

Sammy chuckled and looked at Zach who was rolling around in pain. “Oh yeah…”

They watched him for a couple of minutes.

Finally, they sat down in a circle again. Zach was sitting on his knees, grimacing in pain and shifting uncomfortably.

His balls looked bruised, battered and badly swollen, and his locked dick didn’t look any better. On top of that, the butt plug made it impossible for him to sit properly. He felt it whenever he made a move.

“Round nine”, Sammy said.

“Why don’t we do something nice now?” Kev suggested.

“What do you have in mind?” Sammy asked.

“I don’t know”, Kev shrugged. “Something humiliating but not too painful.”

Sammy shrugged. “What about a blowjob?”

“Loser sucks the player to his right?” Kev nodded. “Yeah, why not.” He looked to his left and chuckled. “I hope you lose, Zach. Can’t wait to see your lips wrapped around my dick…”

Zach looked nervous, shifting uncomfortably and playing with the cage that his huge cock was locked in.

They drew their cards.

Zach let out a relieved sigh when he looked at his card, the king of hearts. Kev had a ten of diamonds, and Sammy’s card was an eight of spades.

Sammy didn’t seem too upset about losing. He looked at Zach and grinned. “Looks like we have to free your cock for a moment…”

Zach smiled. “Finally.”

Kev let out a laugh. “Hey, you’ve been locked up for what – five minutes?”

“Feels longer”, Zach mumbled.

“Don’t worry”, Sammy grinned. “I’ll give you a quick blowjob and then we’ll lock you up again…”

Zach let out a desperate sigh.

Sammy unlocked the chastity cage and slowly pulled the sound out of Zach’s dick, making him inhale sharply.

Zach’s cock was chubby and sweaty.

Sammy looked at it with hungry eyes, licking his lips. He lifted the fat cock by the tip and ran his tongue up and down Zach’s shaft.

Zach was rock-hard within seconds.

Sammy grinned and opened his mouth as far as he could before taking the head of Zach’s dick into his mouth and sucking on it as if he was licking a lollipop.

Zach closed his eyes, letting out a deep moan.

Sammy ran his tongue over the pulsing head. Then he looked up and winked at Zach before he dug his teeth into the sensitive skin of Zach’s shaft, nibbling at it like a dog playing with a particularly juicy bone.

Zach yelped in pain and surprise.

“Ouch”, Kev chuckled. “That’s not a blowjob, it’s a bitejob…”

Sammy let out a laugh. He jerked Zach’s heavy, meaty cock with both of his hands while happily sucking on its tip.

“How does it taste?” Kev inquired with a grin.

“Awesome”, Sammy mumbled. He jerked Zach’s dick quickly, making Zach moan and groan in pleasure.

“Do you think you can fit it all down your throat?” Kev grinned.

“It’s worth a try”, Sammy said before sliding Zach’s heavy cock further and further down his throat, his eyes bulging when it tickled his nostrils.

“Wow”, Kev laughed, clapping his hands when Sammy’s chin touched Zach’s balls.

“Oh fuck”, Zach whispered, panting heavily. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

Quickly, Sammy pulled back, letting Zach’s fat member slip out of his mouth.

“Oh no, you are not”, he said with a cheeky grin, drool running out of his mouth. He grabbed Zach’s big, fat, swollen balls that were restrained by the chastity device, one in each hand, squeezed as hard as he could while twisting them in opposite directions.

Zach’s eyes crossed and he let out a throaty cough.

“Ooooooh”, Kev cringed in sympathy, cupping his own nuts.

Zach was breathing heavily.

Sammy continued twisting and squeezing his nuts, yanking them back and forth and up and sideways, effectively ruining poor Zach’s orgasm and stopping him from cumming.

With a mean grin, Sammy took the cock cage started shoving the sound back into Zach’s cock.

“What are you doing?” Zach stared at him, his eyes wide in terror.

“Locking you up again”, Sammy said cheerfully.

“You can’t do that!” Zach protested.

“Oh, sure I can”, Sammy chuckled, nodding in satisfaction when the sound was all the way down Zach’s cock.

Zach turned to Kev, a desperate expression on his face. “He can’t do that!”

“Sure he can”, Kev chuckled.

“But he was to give me a blowjob!” Zach whispered while Sammy tried his best to shove Zach’s fat dick back into the chastity cage.

“I did”, Sammy shrugged, his thumbs digging into the soft flesh of Zach’s cock in order to fit it into the far-too-small cage.

Zach let out an anguished yell. “But---“

“No but. We never said anything about letting you cum”, Sammy said casually, roughly manhandling trouble with Zach’s big, fat cock.

Zach screamed in agony. “But---“

“He’s right, Zach”, Kev chuckled. “We never said anything about letting you cum…”

Finally, Sammy had managed to lock the monster up. “Done”, he said, wiping his forehead. “Damn, I hope we don’t have to do this again…”

Zach looked down at his crotch and let out a frustrated whimper. “But---“

“Just get over it”, Kev said with a laugh. “It’s not like you’ll have to wear that thing for eternity.”

“Unless I happen to lose the key”, Sammy said, looking at Kev with a conspiratorial grin.

“Sure, things like that have been known to happen”, Kev chuckled, winking at Sammy.

“Or, say, the key gets damaged so it won’t fit anymore”, Sammy added, placing the key on the ground in front of Kev.

“Damn, that would be bad luck”, Kev nodded, looking around until his eyes fell on Sammy’s box. He reached inside and produced a hammer. “You mean like this, right?” He sent the hammer smashing down on the key, making Zach scream in protest.

Sammy and Kev looked down at the key.

“Looks like it could still work”, Sammy said.

Kev nodded. Then he brought the hammer down hard more than a dozen times until the key was an almost unrecognizable piece of metal.

“No!” Zach gasped, kneeling down to pick up the key. “No!”

Kev and Sammy burst out laughing.

“What have you done?!” Zach whispered.

“Don’t worry, Zach, we’re just fucking with you”, Kev chuckled. “We’ll use the spare key when we’re finished with the game…”

Zach let out a sigh of relief.

Kev turned to Sammy and muttered under his breath. “You have a spare key, right?”

Sammy raised his eyebrows. “Umm. I think I do. I’d have to search my apartment…”

Kev grimaced. “Ouch.”

“Okay, come on, guys”, Zach said. “Let’s continue. I want to get out of this thing!”

“Alright”, Sammy said. “Round ten. What are we gonna do?”

Zach thought for a moment. Then a grin appeared on his face. “Loser gets ten kicks in the nuts from the other two.”

Kev and Sammy stared at him, raising their eyebrows.

“You sure?” Sammy said slowly.

Zach nodded. “I got a feeling that my losing streak is ending now. Right now. And I can’t wait to kick you in the nuts!”

“You really sure?” Kev asked.

“Absolutely”, Zach said. “Let’s do this.”

“Alright”, Sammy shrugged.

The three guys drew their cards and revealed them one by one.

Sammy had a five of clubs.

Kev had a five of hearts.

They looked at Zach expectantly.

Ace of spades.

Zach stared at his card in disbelief. “Oh no”, he whispered in a toneless voice.

Sammy and Kev burst out laughing, high-fiving each other and cheering wildly.

“Oh no”, Zach repeated.

“Oh yes!” Kev yelled, clapping his hands.

“This is awesome!” Sammy chuckled. “First we’re gonna give him the ten kicks.”

“Let’s make it twenty”, Kev chimed in. “For the fun of it.”

“Alright”, Sammy said. “Then we try out the big black dildo that I brought.”

“This one?” Kev asked, pulling it out of the box. “Or this one?” He held up another slightly smaller but equally impressive dildo.

“What about both?” Sammy grinned.

Kev laughed. “Great idea! Oh, and what about these anal beads?”

“Sure. There has to be a ball parachute in there somewhere.”

“Here it is! Wait, is this a paddle?”

“Let me have a look. I know I brought a stun gun.”

“And here’s a pair of pliers.”

“It’s going to be a long night!”

Zach was still staring at the ace of spades. “Oh no.”


Carter said...

I feel really bad for Zach. I hope he gets revenge somehow. That was really mean of the guys to make him do something he was really uncomfortable with

Alex said...

Thanks for you feedback, Carter!

Yeah, the guys were mean - poor Zach got it pretty good in this one...