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Apprentice of agony: Egos, emos and low blows (written by Daniel)

This is another awesome story written by our reader Daniel (who has created the title card as well). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Special thanks to our reader Chad S who came up with the idea for this story. The character of Oscar is inspired by this guy.

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Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Parker and Simon (click for pictures)

“What the hell happened to you?”

As Gareth spoke, he watched as Simon and Parker walked towards him. Parker’s face was pale, and he was grimacing as his hands rubbed the tight bulge in his green jeans. A moment ago, Parker and Simon had walked across the room, Parker quite confident that he’d get the phone number of a hunky guy with a buzzcut if he had Simon as a wingman. Watching their return, it was obvious it hadn’t gone as Parker planned.

“Apparently, straight bodybuilders don’t like guys flirting with them.” Simon grinned. “Who knew?”

“Didn’t you realise he was straight?” Gareth chuckled.

“Course I did.” Parker grinned despite the pain he was in. “Figured it out just before his fist hit my balls.”

Gareth grinned. The three men were at the house party Parker had mentioned two weeks before. They’d been there for just under an hour and Parker had been trying to pick up guys since they’d arrived, being rejected every time. All three men were enjoying themselves and, as Parker never seemed bothered by being turned down, Gareth and Simon were enjoying watching his romantic failures.

“D’you want me get you something to drink?” Gareth offered. As Parker nodded, he stood up and grimaced, his balls being crushed by the tight jeans he wore.

After patting the gymnast on the shoulder and kissing his boyfriend on the cheek, Gareth walked towards the kitchen where the drinks were coming from. His eyes settled on the table of drinks, ignoring the small group of people crowded around a phone in the corner of the room. He picked up two red cups of beer for Parker and Simon, scanning the drinks table for anything soft he could drink.

As he muttered under his breath about the lack of soft drinks, the small huddle in the corner laughed loudly. From the corner of his eye, Gareth saw there was three emo looking guys, all wearing black skinny jeans and with long hair that covered their eyes. They were all looking at a phone, watching a video they obviously found hysterical. The redhead looked back to the table, wondering if anyone would mind if he stole the carton of apple juice that would probably be used as a chaser.

“A-Ah, my nuts.”

Gareth frowned, immediately recognising the moan of pain as Will’s voice. He placed the drinks back on the table and turned around, seeing that he was still only sharing the room with the three emo teens. Curiously, he walked forward and glanced at the video on the phone.

They were watching a video of Will and Michael having their nuts busted by Kev. From what Gareth saw, Kev had just finished trashing Michaels balls and was just getting started on Wills. They were all naked and there didn’t seem to be any role play, just straight up nut shots and squeezing. Not entirely sure how to react, Gareth spoke up.

“Are you seriously watching porn at a party?”

The three teenagers all turned to look at him. One was of average height, had dyed blue hair and three nose piercings. One was short and had long black hair that covered his right eye. The middle one, who seemed to be the leader of the groups, had dyed red hair, a pierced lip and ears a cocky grin on his face.

“You think this crap’s porn?” The leader laughed. “It’s just a load of naked idiots getting punched in the balls and pretending it hurts more than it actually does. Hardly anything to get hard over.”

Gareth immediately felt defensive, even though he had nothing to do with the video they were watching. He could easily have mentioned that he was involved with the company and boast about their success, or give the emo kid a lesson on why people, himself included, found the videos hot. But he decided that it would be more entertaining if he pretended to not know anything about the situation and instead act naïve.

“If you think it’s stupid, why’re you watching it?” He questioned.

“Because its fucking funny, dude.” The leader laughed again. “All you need to do if blur out all the dicks and put some stupid sound effects in the background, upload it to YouTube and it’ll go viral. It’s basically comedy anyway.” The teen then grinned, winking at Gareth. “Keep it quiet, though. I might do that.”

“You don’t think the people who make the actual videos might get annoyed if you do that?” Gareth said, resisting an eye roll.

“Please, they’ll probably want me to keep going.” The leader cackled. “Nobody’s gonna jerk off to something like this, the only way they’ll make money is if people buy the videos to laugh at. I’ll be giving them free publicity, really. They’ll be thanking me for making their weird little site actually profitable. It might actually let them make something better than the crap they’re doing now. Or even enough to get a girl involved.”

Gareth’s jaw clenched slightly.

He had a lot to say to the cocky teen. He could inform him of the high levels of the success the website maintained and the loyal fanbase accumulated. He could talk about the budget they had to work with and how they didn’t need some kid advertising them. He could even explain that gay porn didn’t tend to have women in it much.

Before he said all of this, the door to the kitchen opened. Simon and Parker walked in, Parker apparently recovered from the punch to the balls, and looked towards Gareth. Evidentially, they were bored of waiting for their drinks. Simon frowned at his boyfriend’s obvious annoyance.

“You okay, Ginger?” He asked, Gareth calming slightly at the question.

“Yeah, we were just talking about some weird porn these guys found.” Gareth smiled. “It’s about naked guys hitting each other in the nuts. Weird, huh?”

The leader of the teens showed Simon the video on the phone just as Kev delivered a nasty looking punch to Will’s bare balls. The gymnast fell to the floor with a loud groan of pain, the camera focusing on his excruciated face as he rolled around on the floor. Simon grimaced in sympathy, having been on the receiving end of Kev’s nasty punches more often than he would like. The leader caught the wince from the blonde and grinned.

“You know it’s not real, right?” He laughed. “The acting’s terrible.”

“I don’t think they’re acting.” Parker spoke up. “You ever been kicked in the balls, hurts like hell.”

“Guys exaggerate how much it hurts all the time. A punch is a punch, it’ll hurt the same amount no matter where it hits you.” The emo smirked. “That guy could punch me in the balls if he wanted. I’d just brush it off and get on with it, not make myself an asshole like that guy."

As the emo pocketed his phone, Gareth, Simon and Parker all shared a glance. They didn’t know if this guy was just incredibly cocky or hadn’t been kicked in the balls since they’d dropped. Either way, the three men felt he needed to be taken down a peg.

“Prove it.” Gareth smiled, the emo frowning in confusion. “If you’re balls are so strong, prove it. Everything the guy’s doing on the video, let me do it to you.”

“What?” The emo laughed. “No.”

“We can make a bet out of it. You pick any cup on that table and I’ll throw a Ping-Pong ball into it on my first try.” Gareth grinned confidently. “If I manage to do that, me and my friends get to trash your balls and have a little fun with you, record it and send it to that website to see if they’ll publish it. If you win, you and your friends get to do whatever you want to do to me and send the video to them to publish.”

“Why the fuck would I do that?” The teen chuckled.

“Well, there’s no downside for you, is there.” Simon smiled. “If you win, obviously nothing goes wrong for you. And if you lose, who cares. If your balls are as strong as you say then you’ll hardly react to whatever we do and the people from the website won’t bother with it, it’ll be too boring.”

“And Gareth’s balls are weak as hell.” Parker grinned. “So, if you win, they’ll definitely put the video online.”

“And if they do, you have my blessing to use it for your YouTube series.” Gareth smiled, offering a hand. “What d’you say. Have the balls?”

The leader of the teens looked to be in thought. He looked at the extended hand, the table of beer cups and at his two friends. A grin formed on his face as took Gareth’s hand.

“Course I do. You’ve got a deal.”

Gareth was grinning as he walked into an empty room, Simon and Parker following him. The redhead had won the bet against the emo teen, who had revealed his name as Oscar, and was looking forward to taking the cocky boy down a peg. Oscar, it seemed, was less pleased with the result of their wager.

“Come on, sooner it starts, sooner it’s over.” Gareth smirked, looking over his shoulder.

The teen and his two friends walked into room, Oscar glaring at the cheery face of the director. The six men were all in what would be a dining room, however had not been furnished. The room had been locked, but after Parker explained what had happened to the host of the party, who was also his friend, they’d been given some time in here to make their videos. The host had also agreed that Oscar could be a prick when he wanted to be.

“I can’t believe you’re actually gonna do this.” Oscar muttered, scowling.

“Like you wouldn’t do the same if you won.” Parker laughed, patting him on the shoulder.

The teen didn’t reply, looking away from the gymnast with a small scowl. Parker smiled widely and walked to the windows, closing the curtains as Simon switched on the lights and closed the door. Gareth pulled his phone out and placed it on an unused bookshelf, propping it up so that the majority of the room was in picture, but the emo’s friends wouldn’t be filmed.

When the room was prepared, Gareth started to film the room with Oscar in the middle of shot. The emo had his arms crossed and was glaring at Gareth, who laughed.

“Clothes off, please.” He smiled.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Oscar growled. “Fine.”

Oscar angrily removed his shirt, pulling it over his head and tossing it to the side with force. His torso was slim, arms slightly muscles and a six pack barely visible. Just above the waistband of his jeans was a toxic symbol tattoo. With the same annoyance, he removed his jeans and threw them to the side, revealing slender legs and tight pink boxers.

“This okay?” Oscar grunted.

“Perfect.” Gareth smile.

The redhead walked towards Oscar, placing his hands on the teens shoulders. With a false smile, he quickly raised his knee upwards and slammed it into the large bulge between the teen’s legs. A satisfying crunch filled the room as Gareth stepped back.

Oscar’s eyes widened. His jaw dropped as his body crumpled in on itself. As he fell to the floor, an agonised howl split apart his lips and made every other man in the room wince. The teen rolled around on the floor, the camera picking up the actions as he tried to deal with the intense levels of pain from his balls. His breathing was ragged and pained already and the winning team had barely started.

This was going to be fun.

Gareth crouched down in front of Oscar and pried his hands away from his balls. With a seemingly pleasant smile, he grabbed the bulging nuts with his right hand and began to squeeze them. Oscar’s eyes clenched shut, the pain evident on his face as a stream of cussing came from his lips.

“You’re a good actor.” Gareth grinned, squeezing the meaty plumbs with more strength. “Because this obviously isn’t hurting you.”

As the redhead worked the emo’s balls over, Oscar tried to pull Gareth’s hands away. This only encouraged the director to apply more pressure to the cocky kid’s balls, almost laughing at the pitiful attempts of overpowering him.

Whimpers, grunts and groans filled the room as Gareth viciously worked over Oscar’s balls. The pain was sharp, intense and hellish. The emo’s jaw was slack, and eyes clenched shut in a desperate attempt to quell the pain. It obviously didn’t help

When his bicep started to strain, Gareth released the balls from their torment. He didn’t give Oscar a moment to recover though, delivering a backhanded slap to the bulging boxers as he stood up. The teen squealed, curling up into a ball and rolling around the floor in pain. Simon picked the up phone recording the show, zooming in on the teenager’s agony.

“Come on, stand up.” Gareth demanded. “I don’t wanna have to drag you up. And if you make me do that, I won’t use your arms.”

It took a moment for Oscar to realise what he meant, but the teen stood up the moment he did. Gareth motioned for him to remove his hands from their protective posture, the emo doing as he was told with a miserable expression. He even moved his legs apart without having to be told, which made Gareth grin.

With the smallest of run ups, Gareth raised his foot and slammed the toes of his shoe into Oscar’s balls. The bulge in his boxers flew upwards slightly before falling back into place. There was a moment of silence before Oscar reacted, a high-pitched sound leaving his lips as his face crunched up in pain.

The slender man fell to the floor again. His forehead rested against the carpet, ass raised in the air as he grabbed his balls. Gentle whimpers left his lips.

Gareth didn’t show him mercy. He stood behind the man, seeing that one of his large balls had slipped out of his grasp and was hanging in the pink underwear, begging to be kicked. With a grin on his face, he quickly slammed his foot into the man’s nuts with vicious force.

“My balls.” Oscar whimpered, lurching forward slightly.

“Damn, you should join a drama troupe. Hard to fake pain like that.” Gareth chuckled. “Unless, you’re not faking it. But you said this wouldn’t hurt that much. You wouldn’t lie to me, would you?

Oscar just moaned.

Gareth nudged the teen with his foot, pushing him onto his back as he nursed his balls. He grinned and kicked the man’s hands away gently, placing his foot on the bulging boxers. With a smile, he began to press his foot down and crush his balls against the floor.

“Would you?” He asked again with the same friendly voice. Again, Oscar didn’t answer. “Fine, maybe you’ll respect my friends more.”

Parker, who had been leaning against the wall and watching the show with a grin, walked forward with a beam on his face. Simon carefully gave the phone to Gareth, so he could continue to film, walking towards the emo with a small smile. The teenager looked up at both men with pleading, worried eyes. They ignored him.

It was Parker who acted first. He quickly crouched down, bringing his fist with him. A vicious punch slammed against the bulging boxers, another loud howl accompanying the attack a moment later.

Oscar’s eyes were shot wide open, his body limp in the intense pain he was feeling. His slim chest was rising and falling quickly, sweat forming on his brow and making his dyed red fringe stick to his skin. His jaw was slack slightly, face a picture of misery at the strong punch the gymnast had gifted him.

“They’re pretty big, huh? Usually means they’re weak.” Parker smiled, giving short, sharp squeezes to the plump balls he was now holding. The gymnast looked up to Simon. “Or maybe they’re just filled with cum. You’re the expert at judging that.”

Simon nodded and licked his lips. He bent down and took hold of the large balls through the pink underwear. Oscar took a sharp intake in breath, obviously not expecting the strength that the geeky boy had.

As he inspected the teen’s large nuts, Simon squeezed and prodded the two bloated plumbs. He bit his lip, muscles flexing under his sweater as he squeezed his balls with viciousness. Oscar screeched and whimpered with every squeeze his precious, aching jewels received. Simon continued with his torturous inspection for a while longer, still holding his balls in a choke hold grip as he looked to Parker.

“Cum, definitely cum.” Simon concluded, speaking over Oscar’s moans of pain.

“Damn, any idea how long it’s been?” Parker chuckled.

“Month, maybe two.” Simon smiled.

Again, parker chuckled and nodded. He took the large balls out of Simon’s hands and began to squeeze them again, muscles flexing with the effort of crushing the cocky teen’s nuts. At the sudden change in pressure, Oscar groaned loudly as his eyes widened.

“You got a girlfriend, Oscar?” At Parker’s question, the emo nodded. “What did you do to piss her off? Or did she just get over the whole emo thing?”

“Fuck off.” Oscar whispered, tone pained and high pitched.

“Well that’s not very nice now is it?” Parker chuckled slightly. “If you were just honest, I would have sucked you off as well. Still, we’ll show mercy. No man should have that much cum churning around their balls. We’ll get it out for you.”

Oscar’s eyes showed a small amount of hope. Were his tormenters going to give his balls a break and get him off?

“We’ll just have to punish you a little big first.” Simon smiled. “Nobody likes a potty mouth.”

Simon delivered a brutal punch to the large balls. Oscars jaw fell again as a loud grunt filled the room. He moved to the side, intending to roll into a ball, but Parker grabbed both of his legs and spread them wide before the teen had the chance.

Standing up, Simon brought his foot back and sent a quick, powerful kick into Oscar’s balls. He did it again. Then again. Then again.

With each kick, a scream of pain left the emo’s lips and made the men wince. Simon’s kicks were vicious, each hitting both balls with the head of his leather shoe. Oscar’s body lurched backwards, and his face contorted after the shoe connected with his balls, his screams turning into gentle whimpers as Simon’s kicking got more intense.

Simon wasn’t done, though. He placed the sole of his shoe on the bloated balls and slowly pressed down, shifting his body weight into crushing the teen’s balls. He grinned at the reaction he got.

Oscar was panting loudly, chest heaving quickly as he dealt with the horrible pain he was in. His fists clenched beside him, whimper’s still leaving his lips. When Simon started to move his foot as if stamping out a cigarette, the whimpers turned into screaming again.

After a few more moments of crushing the teen’s balls against the carpet, Simon removed his foot from the other man’s crotch and delivered a particularly nasty kick. Oscar howled, hands going to protect his balls as Parker released his legs. As the teen rolled up into a ball, Parker and Simon grinned at each other.

“If we’re gonna make him cum, he doesn’t really need the boxers, does he?” Parker smiled, Simon humming in agreement.

Before Oscar could realise what they had said, Parker grabbed the waistband of the tight pink boxers and pulled them down, tossing them to the sider where the rest of Oscar’s clothes were. Now naked, a long, fat, semi erect flopped out and rested on his thighs. The teens balls were big, bloated and red, baring the imprint of Simon’s shoe on the top.

Oscar blushed slightly when he realised he was naked and being filmed.

“You two wanna hold him up for me?” Parker smiled. “Show his girlfriend what she’s missing.”

Simon and Gareth smiled. The director placed the phone back on the bookshelf and joined Simon, hauling the man up. They held him still, both men taking one of Oscar’s arms to hold him upright in front of Parker. The nude man tried to struggle, but gave up after realising it was useless and stood there was a grimace, waiting for whatever torment Parker had planned for him.

A kick was first, the toe of Parker’s sneakers slamming against both balls with vicious accuracy. The two bloated plumbs flew upwards, Oscar’s cock bouncing as they fell back into place.

Oscar groaned loudly, torso falling forward slightly as his arms were still restrained by the two men holding him. He howled again, face a picture of misery as he looked to his bloated balls

Parker delivered three more kicks to the teens aching balls, giving him a break between each to catch his breath. After the final kick, the teen was panting manically, covered in sweat and his balls were bloated and red. When Parker looked at the man, his eyes settled on one thing in particular.

Standing proudly between Oscar’s legs was a long, hard erection. Upon realising this, Oscar blushed.

The gymnast walked forward to Oscar and gently took the throbbing member a long stroke, the cock jumping slightly at the sudden attention. Parker chuckled and released it, not wanting Oscar to cum yet. He looked up to the blushing teenager, grinning at him with sadism in his eyes. He waited for the man to meet his eyes before speaking again.

“You wanna cum?” He chuckled.

When Oscar didn’t reply, Parker wrapped his hand around the emo’s balls. He pulled them down gently, bringing them to the bottom of the sac and separating them from the needy dick still quivering for attention. When Oscar still didn’t react, Parker punched the bulging balls with vicious strength.

“Do you wanna cum?” Parker asked again.

“Yes.” Oscar croaked, eyes glazed over at the pain radiating from his balls.

“There, that wasn’t too hard now was it.” Parker chuckled.

The gymnast sent another harsh punch to the large balls, Oscar groaning and whimpering as he tried to break free from Simon and Gareth’s grasp. When he couldn’t, he hung in the men’s grasp limply and looked up at Parker, who released the grip on the teen’s balls.

Slowly, the gymnast got onto his knees before the throbbing erection. Simon and Gareth shared a glance, confused about the sudden kindness that Parker was showing, but when the gymnast grinned up at them, they decided to let him do whatever he wanted. By the look of the grin, it wasn’t going to end well for poor Oscar.

Parker leant forward, taking the cock in his hand and slowly bringing his face closer to the hard member. With a grin, he licked the underside of the hard dick, smirking when a strained groan of pleasure left Oscar’s lips.

Without warning, he plunged his lips down the throbbing member. His throat bulged slightly when he took the member down to the root, his nose resting against a sharp bristle of trimmed pubic hair. After hearing a loud groan of pleasure, Parker began to bob his head up and down the throbbing member, licking at the head whenever he got the opportunity.

As Parker continued the blow job, Oscar began to moan loudly. With the amount of cum in his balls and time since his last sexual experience, even a sloppy blow job would get him to cum quickly, let alone the expert blow job Parker was giving him. The man’s eyes fluttered shut, chest rising and falling slower as he got closer to orgasm.

Just as the teen was on the edge, Parker removed his head from the man’s dick and created a makeshift cock ring with his fingers. Oscar’s eyes shot open at the last of release, looking at Parker in desperation.

“See, here’s the thing.” Parker smirked, acting as if he hadn’t just been sucking the teen off. “You didn’t win the bet, did you. Gareth did. And he hasn’t had much fun with you yet. And here I am, sucking you off, even though you lost. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?”

When Oscar didn’t reply, Parker slapped his balls. The teen screeched loudly.

“Come on kid, you should know I like being answered. Is it fair?”

“No.” Oscar whimpered.

“Exactly.” Parker beamed. “So, I think it should be Gareth getting head, don’t you? So, why don’t you put that mouth of yours to work on Gareth’s member and then you’ll get your blow job.”

Oscar looked conflicted. He really needed to cum and it seemed agreeing to this deal was the only way he could. Sucking someone off wouldn’t be that bad, right?


Parker walked to where Gareth was standing, taking over the duty of holding Oscar. Gareth unbuckled his belt and fly, pulling his hardening cock out of his boxers as Simon and Parker brought Oscar to his knees. The teenager blushed when Gareth walked in front of him, eyeing the large cock with slight nervousness.

Before giving Oscar the chance to open his mouth, Gareth shot his foot out and delivered a nasty kick to the man’s ball. Oscar’s mouth shot open with a groan of pain. Gareth quickly stepped forward, sliding his cock into the emo’s mouth and groaning at the heat around his dick.

Gareth began to thrust his dick in and out of the man’s mouth, moaning loudly in pleasure. His eyes widened when he felt something cold sliding along the bottom of his cock, a small tongue piercing. That willed the director on, his thrust’s getting faster. He gently took hold of Oscar’s head, keeping it steady as his thrusting became more aggressive and fast. His head fell backwards as he felt himself getting closer to orgasm.

“A-Ah.” Gareth moaned slightly, looking towards Oscar. “You better swallow.”

At the last word, Gareth’s cock erupted inside of d Oscars mouth. Multiple spurts of cum left the quivering member, slamming against the emo’s tongue and cheeks. Gareth continued to thrust in and out of the man’s mouth until his orgasm subsided, grinning slightly when he noticed the straight boy swallowing down the cum. When he removed his cock from Oscar’s mouth, the emo grimaced at the taste.

“That was really good.” Gareth sighed, satisfied. “Kinda feel selfish for not sharing. You need to try this out.”

Simon and Parker both chuckled, Parker motioning for Simon to go first. The blonde grinned and walked in front of the teenager, who groaned when Gareth grabbed his arm and kept him on his knees. Knowing that the blonde would get his mouth open by force, Oscar allowed his jaw to drop while Simon revealed his dick to the room.

He was smoother and more fluid with his thrusts. The blonde’s eyes softened with pleasure as his throbbing cock glided up and down the pierced tongue, creating a heavenly sensation. As he got closer to orgasm, his thrusting became faster and less elegant.

When he came, his eyes fluttered shut and a torrent of cum left his dick. Oscar’s eyes were wide as he tried to deal with the huge amount of cum spurted into his mouth, small streams slipping out from his lips.

Oscar wasn’t given the chance to recover, almost immediately after Simon left his mouth, Parker entered it.

“Oh hell yeah.” Parker groaned, running his hands through the emo’s hair. “Fuck you’re good.”

He began to pull at Oscar’s hair, dragging him down the length of his cock and holding him there. The emo choked slightly, struggling for breath as he was forcibly sucking the gymnast’s long, thick dick. At the vibrations of the coughing, Parker groaned and began to thrust his cock in and out of Oscar’s mouth with speed.

“That’s it, yeah.” Parker groaned as he came.

Again, Oscars mouth was filled with cum.

Again, he struggled to keep it all in his mouth.

Parker removed his dick from the emo’s mouth and grinned. The teenager was a mess. He was naked, dick hard, his balls were bloated and red, trails of cum were splattered over his face and falling from his lips as he tried to swallow it all. He was red, from both exhaustion and embarrassment.

“You still looking for a blow job, kid?” Parker chuckled.

“Course I fucking do.” Oscar whispered, glaring. “You think I sucked you off because I wanted to.”

“You’ve still got bite.” Gareth chuckled. “Glad you didn’t use it when we had our dicks in your mouth.”

“Sometimes using your teeth makes it more interesting.” Simon commented.

“We can still use them.” Parker smirked. “We promised him a blow job, didn’t say who’d give it to him. He’s a skinny little thing, I think I can work with that.”

Oscar watched with fear in his eyes as Parkee walked towards him. Without warning, Parker’s fist shot forward and slammed into Oscar’s already aching and sensitive balls. The emo crumbled curling into a ball on the floor again. Parker grinned and took hold of the teenager, moving his position with quickness.

Without realising it, Oscar was being held by Gareth and Simon. He’d be contorted into a position where he was on his back, his hips raised high in the air and legs somehow either side of his head. His eyes were wide as he saw his throbbing cock inches away from his mouth.

Suddenly, his hips were pushed forward. A hand gabbed his balls and started to squeeze. His mouth shot open in pain and his cock was pushed inside.

The emo could do nothing as Parker forced him to suck his own dick, the gymnast squeezing his balls and making him cry out in pain. The pleasure he felt from the blow job was immediately replaced with pain whenever Parker squeezed or slammed his balls.

But with the intense work on his balls and the contact with his dick, which hadn’t happened in months, it wasn’t long before he felt an orgasm coming up. He clenched his fists, trying not to cum in his own mouth.

It was too much, though. He couldn’t hold it back.

Spurt after spurt after spurt of cum flew from his cock, filling his mouth almost immediately.

But parker wasn’t satisfied with that, though. He continued to squeeze the emo’s balls and pump his cock in and out of his own mouth. He smirked, pulling his dick out of his mouth just before he came.

Cum spurted all over the emo’s face, covering his pale skin and landing in his hair.

The emo fell backwards, resting limply on the floor when Gareth and Simon let him go. Now, he was a complete mess. Covered in his own cum, bloated balls covered by a limp, drizzling dick, chest rising up and down in post orgasm exhaustion. Beneath the cum, he was red with embarrassment and tiredness. Gareth picked up the camera and filmed the sight, chuckling. After doing this for a short while, he ended the recording.

“I think you’ve been through enough today.” Gareth chuckled. “So, you still think the people on the video were acting.”

“No, they weren’t.” Oscar croaked, wincing when some of his cum fell into his mouth.

“So, being hit in the balls does hurt then?” Gareth chuckled.

“Yeah, hurts like hell.” The teen whispered.

“So, you won’t be making any videos about it then?”

“No, I won’t.”

“Good.” Gareth smiled. “But you should still visit the site every now and again. If you watch some of the more recent things they’ve done, you might see some familiar faces.” He chuckled, patting Oscar on the shoulder. “Anyway, we’ll let you recover. Have a nice night.”

The three men walked towards the door, all smirking. Parker and Simon left, Parker mentioning something about finally getting a drink, but Gareth hung back slightly. He looked to the other emo with blue hair and spoke to him with a smile.

“Half an hour with an ice pack and it’ll be like it never happened.” At Gareth’s words, the blue haired teen nodded. Gareth then looked to Oscar with a smile, who was groaning while still on the floor. “Since you were so nice to suck us off, I’ll be nice and cut the video down so nobody sees past the part we take your boxers off.”

“Wait.” Oscar groaned, looking up slightly with hope in his cum covered eyes. “Really?”

“Sure, unless I forget. And I do plan to get drunk, so there’s a high chance of that happening.” Gareth chuckled. “Guess we’ll just have to see. Have a nice night.”

Gareth left the room, leaving Oscar to collapse on the floor again with a groan in his cum covered state. After a moment, he whispered his defeat.



Chad S said...

Love it! Big thanks to Daniel for writing this story, and to Alex for making it possible!

Anonymous said...

I’m glad you liked it. Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

Parkee. Will there be anymore parts?

Anonymous said...

There might be more in the series, but not a direct sequel for this one. But right now I don’t have the time to write much, and I haven’t got any ideas for what to write next. Still, never say never :-)

Thanks. Daniel