Monday, February 26, 2018

Come and join the Ballbusting Club!

Do you remember my favorite gym? Of course you do! I’m sure you agree with me that the Indestructible Nuts Gym was one of the greatest video sites ever. Run by Knave, the multi-talented artist behind and creator of myriads of superhot femdom cartoons and drawings, the IDN Gym was the place for fun and playful f/m ballbusting until it closed down a couple of years ago.

Now, Knave has started a brand-new video site: Ballbusting Club – and I am so excited!

Good, hard kicks in the clip Warmups #1 (11 minutes)
Ballbusting Club is your chance to watch those aweseome IDN Gym clips again, and that’s not all: It’s a collection of every video Knave has shot, including a glorious series of videos called Training Knave, as well as Socks Tease which will make every lover of fuzzy socks and ballbusting bone up immediately (and if you’re not a fan of fuzzy socks yet you will be after watching the videos… :-))

I can’t tell you how much I love Ballbusting Club. There are more than 80 videos online right now, and more are coming every week.

Gratuitous nudity in the clip Teasing Bust #1 (13 minutes)
In Knave’s own words:
Are you tired of fake Dommes barking orders, beating balls and generally dominating without any real interest or sense of fun? Us too! Ballbusting Club is about fun, joy laughter and of course Ball Busting! You know, kicking, trampling, squeezing and generally having a good time busting nuts! So if you want to see girls who really enjoy busting balls, having a great time in a relaxed atmosphere, look no further than the Ballbusting Club!
I know most of you are into m/m ballbusting. But let a proud gay man assure you: This is f/m ballbusting at its very best. It’s hot and fun and absolutely awesome! (And of course it doesn’t hurt that Knave is SMOKING HOT in that sexy hipster kind of way…)

Close-up carnage in the clip Dice Game #1 (12 minutes)
Get yourself a good dose of “fun, wholesome Femdom” and join the Ballbusting Club now! If you're not convinced yet - there are a couple of preview clips on the start page...

Full disclosure: I don’t profit from the site’s sales in any way. I’m just a huge fan, and I want it to be around for a very long time! :-)) 

Checking for damage in the clip Step Class #3 (5 minutes)
P.S.: Knave is looking for a studio (yoga, dance or gym) in the Milwaukee area to shoot some new clips for his wonderful Ballbusting Club. So if you know a place to rent that’s not too expensive let me know by sending him an email (

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

You should ask him to do some m/m videos , maybe he will listen to you. Im sure we would all appreciate it

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I‘ll see what I can do... :-))

Anonymous said...

Ahaha, it feels good to know that I'm not the only one who finds him oddly attractive.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! You‘re definitely not alone, and I don‘t think it‘s odd at all! He is HOT:-))