Thursday, February 14, 2013

My new favourite gym: Indestructible nuts (f/m clip site)

There's a fantastic new f/m clip site online: Indestructible Nuts - and, quite frankly, it's awesome.

It has been created by the multi-talented Knave of BBToons fame who has produced tons of super-hot f/m cartoons and drawings. Now he has started a new site that breaks new ground in ballbusting entertainment. The premise is simple: the Indestructible Nuts Gym is a place where beautiful girls come to bust balls, and guys go to get their nuts crunched. In their own words:

Our trainers believe in one very simple, fundamental truth above all (most) others: It is fun to kick guys in the balls.
As for the boys of IDN Gym, well our friendly trainers are here to ensure that you can take whatever testicular abuse a girl may want to dish out, without disappointing her. After all, if she enjoys it (which she does) you should endeavor to give her as much enjoyment as you can, which means tolerating as much grievous injury as your groin can physically stand.
Our dedicated trainers will use kicks, punches, stomps, trampling, kneeing, slapping and squeezing all to achieve the desired effect. Laughter is common in the gym, as are moans, sobs and the occasional popping noise. It's all in a day's work for our enthusiastic staff!
The set-up is as hilarious as it is hot, and the clips are great: Most of them star poor trainee Eegan, a fun-loving hipster guy with a hot package that gets abused again and again by the hot girls...
Eegan is about to get his balls bashed.
The kicks  and hits are hard and right on target, and we get to see most of them in a split-screen that shows Eegan's bulging package in close-up and a total shot of the action at the same time. The camerawork is excellent, with multiple cameras, and some clips are shot with a super-slow motion camera, giving us a great close-up view of Eegan's precious goods bouncing up and around with each kick. I swear, you have never seen testicles bounce like that...
Split-screen for soon to be split nuts.
One of the best things about the clips is the atmosphere. Eegan and the girls are having a lot of fun (well, I guess the girls are having more fun, but Eegan is a good sport...) and they show it: there's a lot of laughter and playful banter, and Eegan's reaction's are great, ranging from groans and coughs to high-pitched squeals and jokes about the state of his manhood. But make no mistake: The hits are hard, and most of the clips have Eegan moaning in pain and curled up on the floor by the end of them.
Another job well done:
Eegan is on the ground and the girls are happy.
The scenarios range from workout sessions with kicks and bats to stepping exercises, nut-dancing and competitions between the girls to see who is the best ballkicker. The ballbusting gym idea is just a fantastic premise that allows for a lot of original, fun set-ups.
What a nice thing to do: After having his balls kicked in
Eegan thanks his trainer.
There's a great preview video on the start page of Indestructible Nuts, and there are a couple of free vids, too. The member area already has more than 20 clips, and there's more to come (the site went public less than 24 hours ago). At $23.75 for a month of viewing (or $9.95 for 11 days among other options) the price is very reasonable. And if you are not a membership person, there's a clip store where you can purchase individual clips.
Eegan adjusts his junk while Brianna
gets ready to strike a homerun.
This clip store is the perfect place for people who like something fresh and different from the standard masked-guy-and-leather-clad-dominatrix ballbusting stuff that's around. Join Indestructible Nuts now and support Knave and the hard-working girls (and guys) at the IDN gym...

Oh, and in case you are wondering: I'm not in any way profiting from the site's sales. I just want it to be around for a long, long time and produce lots of great clips... :-))


Anonymous said...

You should make a story where you take the models there, like a few choice ones, or even the dads and there sons to train for the games

Alex said...

That's an interesting idea! I'll think about it...