Monday, August 3, 2015

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Cross my eyes and hope to die

Let's start today's look at some more of my favorite nutshot commercials with a modern classic: 2007's Rolling Rock's "Foul Ball Commercial" (Thanks to our reader Carter for the tip!). I'm sure most of you have seen it by now because it went viral a couple of years ago - but it's certainly worth another look... Before the clip starts, we are told that "this ad has been deemed inappropriate for TV due to 33 men being struck in the groin by a magic baseball". Oh, shame on you, Rolling Rock! 33 men hurt, 66 nuts crunched, 33 women let down - no doubt, that's highly inappropriate. Now grab a beer and enjoy the clip!

What's the first thing you want to do after you've been hit in the nuts? Smoke a cigar, of course! Well, at least that the idea that the following clip wants to sell us.

Now we've had a beer and enjoyed a cigar - what more can a man want? Power tools! Arrh! Arrh! Arrh! Swedish power company Vattenfall promotes politeness and kindness in this 1996 commercial:

Beer, cigars, power tools - but what does a man do in his spare time? Well, play video games, of course!

Beer, cigars, power tools, video games - is there something else men enjoy? Let me think... Oh, right, sex! In the next clip, a hot young guy flirts with a cashier in a supermarket - but it's highly unlikely he'll get his "happy ending" after getting whacked in the nuts with a stick...

What is your favorite nutshot commercial? Leave a comment or send me an email (!


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