Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Video links: Game show ballbusting - Spain

How do you like your eggs?
A couple of months ago I shared with you my favorite game show ballbusting clips from Brazilthe Netherlands, the United States of America and Germany. Let's turn our attention to the wonderful country of Spain for a moment, okay?

Ahh, Spain - the country of passion and heat, where the cojones are big and hanging low (heat!) and the men wear skimpy swimwear and show off their goods (passion!). Spain is the home of Academy Award winning filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, renowned composer Issac Albéniz, groundbreaking surrealist painter Salvador Dalí and Nobel Prize laureate Camilo José Cela. In fact, there may be only one Spanish library where you won't find any of Cela's work - La Biblioteka!

Screened from 2008 to 2010, La Biblioteka was a Spanish version of Silent Libary and Fist of Zen. And, like those shows, La Biblioteka's challenges often challenged the young male contestants' manhoods. (While I'm pretty sure that the US version of Silent Libary supplied their contestants with protective cups, it's quite obvious that Germany's Fist of Zen and La Biblioteka saved those expenses. I love European TV!)

By the way, I shared some of the clips in an ealier post back in 2009 - but a good nutshot is worth repeating, right? And fortunately I stumbled across a couple of clips that I didn't have back then.

So here we go: La Biblioteka!

Meet young Spaniard Paquito whose friends hurl eggs at his groin in a challenge with the wonderful title Huevos Estrellados, the Spanisch name for Eggs sunny side up. I'm not quite sure "sunny" is how Paquito would describe his mood afterwards...

In the next clip, Paquito's underpants get filled with cockroaches. It may not be as painful as getting hit in the nuts with eggs - but judging from the look on Paquito's cute face, those little bugs certainly make his nuts tingle...

Now it's time for David to put his balls on the line. His friends blow up ballons that are stuffed into his underwear until the balloons pop. And probably his balls, too...

Next up is Gero in one of the most ridiculous challenges of the show. He gets whacked in the nuts with an octopus. An octopus!!!

In the next clip, Gero has to straddle a bar that gets lifted up by his friends. And what good friends they are! They shake the bar and yank it up and down to crunch poor Gero's balls. That's what friends are for!

It's no surprise that Adrián didn't chose his male friends for his task. Instead, he asked one of the girls. Bad idea, Adrián, bad idea! The girl smashes a boxing glove into his crotch twice times in a row. That's what I call a low blow...

That was pretty awesome, right? Well, here's cute Paquito facing the boxing glove and getting his balls busted three times!

Okay, but back to boy-on-boy ballbusting. In the the following clip, Jesús gets a headbutt to the gonads from one of his buddies. I noted earlier that the production company apparently didn't have the money to provide the contestants with protective cups. Thank god they weren't too stingy to buy Jesús buddy a helmet - after all, we wouldn't want him to hurt his head when he smashes it into Jesús' testicles!

And finally it's Jesús' turn to get his eggs prepared sunny side up... (At first I thought he cheated by holding the cardboard bullseye too high - then I realized that he is just wearing his belt fashionably low...)

Okay, that's it for today.

I'm starting to run out of material, so I need your help: I'm sure your country's television stations love gameshows as much as those in Brazilthe Netherlands, the United States of AmericaGermany and Spain. And I'm sure they are just as unconcerned about hurting testicles. Send me your links via email ( or leave them in the comments section so we'll get more ballbusting gameshow goodness!

Thank you!


Brady said...

Great compilation! Love it!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the videos! :-))

Anonymous said...

I don't see a more appropriate place to ask an important question, so I will ask it here. Who is the handsome young god in the locker or changing room taking a selfie on news from your German blog? I do not understand German.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! You are refering to this deity, right?
I‘m afraid it‘s an anonymous stud from the internet. I honestly have no idea who he is. But I agree with you: He is HOT! :-))

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is the guy. Thank you for replying. I thought he might have something to do with the story, so I'd give it a try. Oh well, you have excellent taste to post that anyway.

Alex said...

Well, he is the main character of the short story displayed in the caption. My friend Dominik who is my co-author on the German blog has written it. :-))