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Boys will be boys: Locked and unloaded

Thanks to Alexander for his plot suggestion and a couple of fun emails!

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: ZachLoganCal, Sammy and Brandon (click for pictures)

The house was silent. Sammy, Brandon, Cal, Logan and Zach had gone to bed after a sunny summer day of pranks, dares and all-out fun. The five friends were on holiday, spending a couple of days in Sammy’s uncle’s house.

Brandon looked at his watch. Almost 1 am. The handsome 21 year old Asian-American ran his hand through his short black hair. He was wearing a pair of grey sweat pants, his usual attire for the night. He was sitting on his bed, waiting.

Loud snoring came from the room next to him, where his best friend Cal was sleeping soundly. 22 year old Cal always slept bare naked, lying on his stomach. The hot black swimmer had shoved his blanket away in his sleep, and his muscular, ebony body was illuminated by the moon that was shining through the window.

On the opposite side of the hall were the rooms of Logan and Zach.

18 year old high school wrestler Logan was lying on his back, his head tilted to the side, his lips parted, breathing deeply. Drool was running out the corner of the handsome blond’s mouth as he dreamed of his girlfriend Ashley. And young, hot cheerleader Megan who he had just met. Logan’s dick was hard as rock, pulsing and pointing at the ceiling as a hot, kinky threesome played out in his mind.

Zach’s dreams weren’t quite as satisfying. The 20 year old hunk was restless, rolling from one side to the other every couple of minutes. His muscular body was naked and glistening with sweat. He let out a grunt and ran his hand through his wet blond hair. Half-asleep, he turned over, only to be awakened by a sharp pain in his groin. Zach let out a frustrated sigh. His big, meaty dick was locked in a chastity cage, chubbed up and pressing against the steel bars without any hope of relief. Zach punched his fist into his pillow and clenched his eyes shut, desperately trying to fall asleep.

There was a knock on Brandon’s door.

“Finally”, Brandon mumbled and opened it.

Sammy smiled at him and entered the room. The lanky 18 year old redhead was wearing loose shorts. “Hey”, he whispered.

“What took you so long?” Brandon asked, slowly closing the door, careful not to make any noise.

Sammy made a lewd gesture and grinned. “Rubbed one out”, he said casually.

Brandon chuckled. “I hope it was a good one.”

“Oh yeah”, Sammy grinned.

“You think your batteries will have recharged when the cheerleaders are here tomorrow?” Brandon smiled.

“You bet”, Sammy chuckled and grabbed his crotch. “I’ll be ready for action.”

Brandon nodded. “Good.”

“Now, what are we going to do about Logan and Cal?” Sammy asked. “You said you have a plan?”

Brandon smiled.

The five guys had met a group of hot cheerleaders at the public pool the other day, and Logan had invited them over.

With superstuds Cal and Zach and charming blond hunk Logan in the house, Brandon and Sammy feared that they were going to be left out of the entertainment. Cal and Zach had extraordinarily huge cocks, and Logan’s teenage cock wasn’t far behind, either. That’s why Sammy and Brandon had decided to team up and level the playing field by busting their big-dicked, big-balled buddies’ balls.

“Zach is out”, Brandon grinned.

“Yeah”, Sammy giggled. “Have you seen his face when I locked his dick in the cage?”

“I just hope his balls won’t explode”, Brandon chuckled. “They’re huge already, and without release they’ll swell like balloons!”

The two friends shared a hearty laugh.

“Yeah, Zach is out”, Sammy chuckled.

“Now we’ve got Logan and Cal to deal with”, Brandon said. “Here’s the plan: We sneak into their rooms and milk them dry.”

Sammy looked at him. “That’s the plan?”

“That’s the plan”, Brandon grinned.

“It isn’t very sophisticated, is it?” Sammy said.

Brandon shrugged. “But it’ll work.”

Sammy thought for a moment. “What if they wake up?”

Brandon shrugged. “We’ll have to make sure they don’t.”

Sammy nodded slowly. “Okay. I’ll take Logan, you’ll take Cal, alright?”

Brandon grinned. He knew that Cal was a sound sleeper. This was going to be easy. “Awesome. I’ll milk that fucking monster of his until his juicy plums are dry as prunes…”

A little later, Brandon sneaked into Cal’s room.

He looked at Cal and smiled. Cal was lying on his stomach, his legs slightly parted. His limp dick was lying peacefully between his thighs, and his big, juicy balls were draped on top of it, dangling low in his silky black scrotum.

Brandon licked his lips and climbed on top of the bed, kneeling between Cal’s legs. Gingerly, he grabbed Cal’s meaty dick and jerked the floppy tube a couple of times.

Cal let out an involuntary moan.


In the hall, Sammy had assembled a kit. Searching through his uncle’s belongings, he had found everything he needed and put it into a burlap bag.

Sammy chuckled. Who would have thought that his uncle had a kinky side?

The lanky redhead tiptoed into Logan’s room and closed the door. He reached into the bag and produced a couple of leather cuffs. He bit his lower lip. He knew he wasn’t a match for the muscular high school wrestler, and he couldn’t count on Logan sleeping through the procedure. He had to be quick. Once Logan was tied up, everything else would be a piece of cake.

He looked at Logan, sleeping on his back. His big, hard dick was standing straight up like a mighty tower, its head glistening with precum.

Someone was having a wet dream.

Sammy smiled.


Brandon was stroking Cal’s juicy cock.

It was hard as a rock.

Brandon smirked. Of course it was. Cal was a horny bastard. He let go of the hard, hot piece of flesh and smacked it with the palm of his hand.

Cal let out a sigh in his sleep.

Brandon looked down at Cal’s nuts. They looked slightly bigger than usual, probably because of the rough treatment they had been subjected to on their vacation.

Brandon grinned and grabbed Cal’s balls in his hands. His fingers closed around the meaty orbs. They felt warm and vulnerable in his hands. Brandon ran his thumbs in circles over the surface, slowly massaging Cal’s huge nuts.

With a satisfied smile, Brandon noticed a little drop of precum on the tip of Cal’s rock-hard cock.

“Attaboy”, Brandon whispered.


Logan’s dream was hot and steamy. He was lying in the grass under a tree, naked just like the two girls. One girl was straddling his face while the other was riding his hard dick. Strangely, Logan couldn’t tell them apart. They both looked like Ashley and like Megan. Weird. Hot. Awesome!

Logan was in heaven.

Gently, very gently, one of the girls grabbed his arms and held them behind his back. And suddenly, the other girl wasn’t riding his dick anymore. She was behind the tree, tying up his arms.

Then the image faded away as Logan woke up.

“No”, he mumbled. “Lemme stay.” He tried to roll over but he couldn’t. His hands. They were tied. And his legs were tied, too!

He opened his eyes sleepily.

Sammy’s smiling face appeared before him. “Wakey, wakey”, Sammy sing-songed.

Logan’s eyes widened in terror.


Brandon started squeezing Cal’s nuts harder, digging his fingertips into the two meaty orbs and squishing them in a vise-like grip.

A smile spread on Brandon’s face. There was nothing like holding someone’s manhood in his hands. It was the ultimate power rush, the knowledge that you could end a guy’s sex life right here and now.

Brandon’s thumbs dug deeper into the tender flesh of Cal’s gigantic testicles, eliciting a soft, sleepy moan from Cal.

A little more pressure and those big, manly balls would turn into a gooey mess inside Cal’s sac. A little more pressure and Cal’s mammoth cock would never get hard again. A little more pressure and Cal’s manhood would be ruined once and for all.

Brandon chuckled.

Cal’s hard dick was leaking precum like a broken faucet, soaking the mattress with his potent juice.

Brandon twisted Cal’s nuts away from each other, making Cal’s dick twitch violently.


Logan stared at Sammy, his eyes wide open. “What--- What are you--- Sammy, please---“ Logan stammered.

Sammy winked at him and smacked his nuts with the palm of his hand.

Logan’s big, cum-filled balls jiggled wildly as Logan let out an anguished grunt.

Sammy chuckled. “I bet you were looking forward to empty your balls in that hot cheerleaders tomorrow”, he grinned. “What was her name again?”

“Megan”, Logan groaned.

“Right, Megan”, Sammy grinned and slapped Logan’s nuts again.

Logan moaned in pain.

“Too bad”, Sammy sighed before wrapping his fingers around the neck of Logan’s nutsack, forming a ring with his thumb and index finger, and pressing his bulging balls to the bottom of his scrotum.

Logan stared down at his crotch, his eyes filled with terror.

“Too bad”, Sammy repeated before sending the palm of his free hand down onto Logan’s trapped nuts, crushing them flat and making Logan scream in agony.


“Here it comes”, Brandon whispered as watched Cal’s huge dick pulse and throb while he was squishing and squashing his big, fat balls with both of his hands.

Cal groaned in his sleep as his cock started spurting jet after jet of thick, creamy cum onto the mattress.

Brandon chuckled. He dug his thumbs deep into Cal’s meaty balls, squeezing his contracting testicles as they contracted, pumping spurt after spurt of Cal’s salty spunk out into the open where it seeped down into the mattress.

After what seemed like an eternity, Cal’s orgasm subsided.

Brandon watched his handiwork and smiled proudly, wiping his hands on Cal’s muscular butt. He cracked his knuckles and whispered, “I bet your balls aren’t empty yet, huh, big boy?”


Sammy was squeezing and slapping Logan’s nuts like a baker kneading cookie dough.

Logan was grunting and groaning, whimpering and moaning as his nuts were crushed by Sammy’s skinny hands.

His lanky fingers were wrapped around Logan’s nuts, squeezing the tender orbs with all the force he could muster. Occasionally, he let go of them, just to deliver a hard slap or a well-placed smack to Logan’s juicy nuggets.

Logan’s dick was hard as a rock and pointing at the ceiling. The tip of his dick was glistening, and precum was running down the length of his shaft.

Sammy smiled at him. “Let’s heat things up a bit, okay?”


Cal’s balls released their second load surprisingly fast.

Brandon had continued squeezing and squishing his nuts, not allowing Cal’s dick to go soft. And he was rewarded with a big, spunky batch of cream that seemed to be just as big as the first one.

In his sleep, Cal was groaning and moaning as his dick erupted and shot its load onto the mattress that was soaking wet with the potent juice that he had spilled just a few minutes ago.

Brandon grinned. “See?” he whispered to his sleeping friend. “I told you your balls weren’t empty yet. And I bet there’s even more where that came from!”


Logan watched in terror as Sammy pulled a pair of rubber gloves and a big jar of Icy Hot out of his burlap bag.

Winking at Logan, Sammy slipped his hands into the rubber gloves and opened the jar. He dipped his finger into the thick cream.

“Oh, no”, Logan whispered in a toneless voice.

Sammy ignored him and spread the cream on Logan’s ballbag before massaging it in with both of his hands. His gloved hands were smeared with the heat rub, and Sammy decided not to let it go to waste. He wrapped his fingers around Logan’s proud erection and jerked his dick with both of his hands, making sure to cover every inch of the shaft with the heat cream.

“No”, Logan whimpered.

Sammy leaned back and grinned. “Feel anything yet?”


Cal’s third load took a little more work. Brandon squeezed and kneaded Cal’s balls, squishing them between his fingers while Cal was moaning and groaning in his sleep.

His dick had softened a little, and it looked puffy and spongy rather than rigid and steely.

Brandon was biting his lips and gritting his teeth, trying to coax another load out of Cal’s swollen, bloated nuts.

“Come on”, Brandon mumbled. “Come on, I know there’s another one in there…”

Finally, he was rewarded with a watery flood of jizz that sputtered out of Cal’s dick.

The mattress was soaking wet with Cal’s sperm and the room was filled with the stink of sex and cum.

Brandon sighed and relaxed his hands. This was tiresome… He cracked his knuckles and grabbed Cal’s nuts again. “And on we go…”


Logan was screaming from the top of his lungs. His dick and balls felt like they were on fire.

Sammy watched him, an amused expression on his face. “You’re a screamer”, he chuckled. “Who would have guessed?” He looked around and his eyes fell onto the empty burlap bag that was lying on the ground. He picked it up, folded it and stuffed it into Logan’s mouth, muffling his screams. “We don’t want to wake the others, do we?” he winked at him.

Writhing in pain and struggling against his restraints, Logan bucked his hips, his face wet with sweat.

The sensitive skin of his nutsack and his rock-hard dick were burning, absorbing the thick layer of Icy Hot that Sammy had spread generously on Logan’s tender organs.

Sammy balled his gloved hands into fists and started punching Logan’s nuts like a prize boxer.

Punch after nutcrunching punch met Logan’s tender nuts as Logan was wailing into his gag.

Logan’s rigid cock was throbbing and pulsing as his body tensed. Finally, it erupted like a geyser, shooting rich, creamy spurts of spunk high up into the air. His salty jizz came raining back down onto Logan’s body, covering his muscular, sweaty body, his face and his hair in gooey splotches of cum.

Sammy leaned back and watched the spectacle, a huge grin on his face.


Brandon’s fingers were growing tired.

Maybe Cal’s nuts were empty at last?

Brandon had been squeezing those huge nuts for what felt like ages, but he hadn’t been able to squeeze out another drop of cum.

Cal was snoring loudly. He had slept through the hole thing, missing three orgasms.

Brandon sighed and wiped his brow that was wet with sweat.

Cal’s dick was almost completely soft now, its head smeared with his drying cum.

“Okay, final try”, Brandon mumbled and grabbed Cal’s nuts, making them lie on his open palm. Cal’s sack felt loose and relaxed even though his nuts were swollen and bigger than usual.

Brandon bit his lower lip and started slapping Cal’s nuts with his free hand at a rapid pace.

“One more load”, Brandon mumbled. “One more load.”


Logan’s orgasm lasted a long, long time.

Apparently, his balls were bottomless.

Sammy watched in awe as spurt after creamy spurt of spunk splattered out of Logan’s dick.

When the spurts seemed to grow less violent, Sammy invigorated Logan’s orgasm by grabbing Logan’s contracting balls and squeezing them as hard as he could.


“There we go!” Brandon cheered as a little stream of jizz came out of Cal’s flaccid dick, creating a new puddle of watery spunk on the stained mattress.

Brandon continued smacking his best friend’s balls, making sure to whip out every last drop of cum.

Finally, it was over.

Brandon grinned. Good work. Those gigantic balls were completely drained. There was no way Cal would be able to get it up tomorrow.

Brandon got up from the bed and sneaked out of the room, leaving Cal on the wet, cum-soaked mattress, snoring as if nothing had happened.


“Wow”, Sammy chuckled, looking at Logan’s cum-covered body.

Logan’s face was contorted in pain and coated in a thick layer of jizz. He was whimpering softly.

Sammy quickly loosened the cuffs that tied Logan’s arms and legs to the bed. He pulled the wet burlap bag out of Logan’s mouth and put the cuffs, the gloves and the jar of Icy Hot back in.

Logan curled up in a ball, whimpering in pain.

“See you tomorrow”, Sammy grinned. “You can go back to your wet dream again.” He chuckled. “Even though it might not be that wet anymore…”


Sammy and Brandon met in the hallway.

“How’d it go?” Sammy asked.

Brandon chuckled and gave a thumbs-up gesture. “You?”

“Perfect”, Sammy grinned. “He screamed and struggled but everything went great - his balls are empty to the last drop...”

Brandon stared at him. “He woke up?”

Sammy grinned. “Of course he did.”

Brandon bit his lower lip. “But-- don't you think he'll be mad as hell tomorrow?”

Sammy shrugged. “Maybe. But what can he do? His balls are empty...” He laughed. “I milked him dry.”

Brandon nodded slowly. “Zach’s locked in chastity, and Cal’s and Logan’s balls are completely drained.”

Sammy grinned. “Guess who’s not having hot cheerleader sex tomorrow?”

They shared a laugh.

“But guess who is gonna have hot cheerleader sex tomorrow!” Sammy grinned.

“Us!” Brandon cheered.

Sammy and Brandon high-fived.

Sammy adjusted the blatant erection that was tenting his boxers. “Fuck yeah!”


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Thanks for your feedback, Orion! :-))

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That was great, I'm kind of hoping for a twist in the last part tho ;)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I have a feeling that your hopes are a little different from what Sammy and Brandon expect - and you might be right... ;-)