Friday, February 6, 2015

From stud to dud: CLINK!

Very special thanks to Chadfan! We co-wrote this story and had a great time exchanging emails and tossing ideas back and forth. This story is a bit different from the rest of my work, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Previously on “From stud to dud”:

Title credit: I read the phrase "From stud to dud" first in pooiu's 2010 f/m story Busting League: Day 1. Check out his excellent story blog Busted Spuds.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

“You should have seen his dick explode!” Shawn laughed, smacking his hand down onto the bar. “KA-BOOM! There were chunks of his dick splattering all over the place!”

The people surrounding the 31 year old red-head burst out laughing, some of them cringing in sympathy.

It was a quiet night at “Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn”. There were about a dozen people, most of them familiar faces: Richard, the owner, a muscular man in his early forties, who was tending the bar; Al, the big, bald, black bouncer, who was off-duty tonight but had come in for a beer; a couple of hunters that stopping by every night after finishing their hunting trips; a group of buzz-cut recruits from the nearby military base; Fat John, a big, bearded biker wearing a Hell’s Angels jacket.

There were two hipster guys in their late twenties that didn’t seem to be local. Both of them seemed to be more interested in weed than in beer. They were nice and friendly and blended in with the regular crowd. One of them had scruffy brown hair, a beard and tattoos all over his arms and neck. The other one was dark blond and had a couple of earrings and a nosering.

“Chunks of dick, I tell you!” Shawn repeated, laughing. He glanced over to a table at the far end of the bar where two young women were sitting and talking. They ignored him.

Shawn frowned.

He was there with his friends Rocco and Bucky.

Bucky was standing in the middle between the two hipsters. The 30 year old’s brown hair was ruffled and messy, and he looked like he had just gotten out of bed. His eyes were halfway closed, and he had an inebriated grin on his face as he took a hit from his joint and passed it to one of his new friends. Bucky slipped his hand into the back pocket of one of the hipsters’ jeans and looked at Rocco who was sitting on a bar stool right next to Shawn.

Rocco shifted on his seat, a huge grin on his bearded face. A couple of months had passed since the explosion, and it had been a rough time for him. He had avoided leaving his apartment since then. The first couple of weeks he had stayed in bed, his dick wrapped in bandages, images of the explosion flashing before his eyes. After the bandages had come off, he had to use a wheelchair for a couple of days. Then he had started working again. But he hadn’t been out or playing sports or meeting friends. Today was the first time he spent at the bar, and the regular guests had greeted him with delight and curiosity – and he loved it!

“Tell it from the beginning”, Rocco said excitedly, patting Shawn’s back.

Shawn loved telling the story.

And Rocco loved hearing Shawn tell it. He had heard it a thousand times. But he could listen to Shawn tell it again and again. It was a pretty spectacular story after all – too bad he didn’t remember much of it.

“I remember hearing that explosion and thinking ‘What the hello was that?!’”, Fat John said with a grin. “Who would have thought that a dick exploding would sound like that…”

“Yeah, right?” Rocco laughed.

One of the hunters stared at him in disbelief. “Did you really blow up your cock?”

A proud grin spread on Rocco’s face. “I sure did!” he said, making it sound like a huge accomplishment.

“Oh yeah, he sure did!” Shawn laughed. “The firecracker was shoved really deep inside that fat cock of his. And then I lit it up, and BOOM!”

“BOOM!” Rocco yelled. “I just fucking blew it up!”

The guys erupted with laughter.

Shawn glanced at the two ladies at the other end of the bar who were just getting up and heading for the door.

“Hey, ladies”, Shawn shouted. “Why don’t you stay a little longer?”

One of the women smirked at him. “No, thanks. We’re not into men who blow up their stuff.”

Shawn raised his eyebrows. “But I didn’t blow up mine, you know, I---“

“You don’t need to blow up yours”, Bucky said with a dopey grin. “Your dick is too small for a firecracker anyway…”

Everyone except for Shawn erupted with laughter while the two women left the bar.

Shawn glared at Bucky. “You fucking dickhead, you---“

“Do you remember anything about the explosion?” Fat John asked Rocco.

Rocco grinned. “Just sticking the firecracker in my dick.” He held his hands about two feet apart. “It was this big, probably even bigger!”

“Come on, really?” one of the hunters said with a skeptical expression on his face.

“I swear”, Rocco laughed. “Right, Shawn?”

Shawn grinned. “The biggest one you can imagine. They probably use those in Iraq!”

Bucky chuckled. “Come on, guys, it was a regular firecracker. It did some damage, sure, but it wasn’t that big.”

“Don’t listen to him”, Shawn said, rolling his eyes. “He was stoned out of his mind.”

“I may have been stoned, dude, but I remember everything pretty vividly”, Bucky grinned, taking his hand out of the hipster’s back pocket to take a deep hit from his joint. “His dick swelled up really big, like, you know, a huge, ugly, red dick balloon.”

“Ewwww”, the hunters cringed in sympathy while the army guys laughed out loud.

“The front half of his fucking cock blew clean off”, Shawn chimed in. “You know, he had just gotten this awesome new cock tattoo: ‘LUCKY PIMP – BIG DICK!’ – I had to scrape the ‘LUCKY’ half off the ceiling with a broom!” He burst out laughing, slapping his knees.

Rocco was roaring with laughter. It sounded incredible – too bad he didn’t remember that!

“I guess there’s not much left of it”, Fat John said with a smirk.

“What?!” Rocco stood up from his bar stool. “It’s as good as new.” He paused. “Well, almost as good as new…”

“Wanna show it to us?” Fat John asked.

Rocco grinned. He loved showing off his cock. But he loved it even better when the audience was begging for it. “I dunno”, he said with a huge grin.

“Oh, come on, man”, Shawn laughed.

“I dunno”, Rocco repeated.

“Come on, show us!” one of the hunters yelled.

“Show us your dick!” another one chimed in. “Get your pants down!”

Rocco grinned pretending to have a hard time making a decision.

Soon, the whole bar was chanting, “Pants down! Pants down! Pants down!”

“Oh, alright”, Rocco finally yelled, opening the fly of his jeans and dropping them. “There it is!”

The crowd was silent, staring at Rocco’s huge, limp, meaty dick.

“It doesn’t look too bad”, one of the hunters said, sounding almost disappointed.

“Yeah”, another one chimed in. “I would have thought it’d look worse.”

“Yeah, that’s some prime meat. A little firecracker can’t do it any harm”, Rocco chuckled, before quickly adding, “Even if it’s a big one.”

He looked down at his crotch.

There were scars all over the shaft. The naked head of his cock looked huge. After losing its protective layer of skin, it was shimmering in a rosy pink. The whole thing was a long, floppy tube of flesh, resembling a pink elephant’s trunk.

“Look at the tattoo”, Shawn yelled, roaring with laughter.

Rocco chuckled. The tattoo had suffered a bit during the explosion and the subsequent operation. The L was still there, as were parts of the word PIMP. Between them was a big scar. The following skin was severely scarred, making the word BIG completely indecipherable. The word DICK was relatively unharmed, if slightly skewed and distorted.

As a result, the writing on Rocco’s huge, floppy cock now read “L|IMP | DICK!”.

“Limp dick!” Shawn cried out.

The guys erupted with laughter. The guys were pointing at Rocco’s crotch, slapping their thighs, clapping their hands, and laughing their asses off.

“That’s what it is, right?” Rocco yelled, grabbing his dick by the base and wiggling the floppy piece of meat around.

“It’s even floppier than before”, Shawn laughed. “It’s like his cock has just given up…”

“It’ll never give up! Never!” Rocco laughed. “Come on, man, it survived an explosion! How much worse is it going to get?!” Rocco chuckled and wiggled his long dick around like a helicopter. He was proud of it. Sure, things could be better. For one, his dick was a little uncooperative when it came to his sex drive. It hadn’t gotten hard in quote a while. But it couldn’t be long before things were back to normal. It had survived an explosion, after all! And on the other hand… “It’s even longer than before!” Rocco said with a proud grin.

“What do you mean?” Fat John asked.

“It has grown”, Rocco grinned. “I measured it.”

“You blow it up and it grows longer?!” Fat John shook his head in disbelief.

“That’s how awesome it is!” Rocco laughed.

Fat John shook his head. “How is that even possible?”

“Well, that fat head is probably dragging it down”, Al suggested with a shrug.

“Whatever, man”, Shawn said, patting Rocco’s back. “The ladies will probably love it when it’s back to normal…”

Rocco laughed.

“You should have seen the doctor when we arrived at the hospital”, Shawn continued, chuckling. “He was like ‘What the hell happened?!’ and I was like, ‘Shut up, dickhead, just do your work…’”

“Yeah!” Rocco laughed. He didn’t remember that part at all.

“You know what they did?” Shawn said, grinning. “They gave him a really close cut.”

“They gave him a really, really tight circumcision,” Bucky explained, taking a deep hit from his joint. “They removed pretty much all of his foreskin. There wasn’t much of it left anyway.” He shrugged. “They probably had no choice.”

Most of the men looked at Rocco’s dick, grimacing in sympathy.

“Damn, I’d hate to lose my foreskin”, Al mumbled.

Rocco shrugged. “Yeah, I kinda miss it.”

“They probably did it on purpose”, Shawn said, taking a big gulp from his beer before letting out a massive belch. “You know, that doctor was really short, probably had a tiny dick, too.” He grinned at Rocco. “I bet he was jealous of you for that monster swinging between your legs. I bet he took your foreskin just out of spite.” He grinned. “Guys with short dicks do all kinds of nasty things.”

Bucky looked at Shawn with an amused expression on his face. “Look who’s talking”, he whispered into the hipster’s ear, making the young man chuckle.

“You should sue the hospital”, Al said firmly. “I mean, they had no right to cut your foreskin! It’s a violation of your rights!”

Rocco had a blank expression on his face. “I could sue them?”

“Sure”, Al said. “Sure you can. Happens all the time.”

Rocco turned to Bucky. “I could sue them?”

Bucky grimaced. “I don’t think so, dude. I mean, you were in a pretty bad shape, right? The doctors probably did what they could.”

Rocco thought for a moment. “You are probably right. But I’ll never go there again. No way.”

Fat John chuckled. “What if you blow up your dick again?”

The guys erupted with laughter.

Rocco shrugged and turned to Bucky. “You’re a doctor, right?”

Bucky lit another joint and took a deep drag. “I’m a vet”, he said while exhaling.

Rocco looked at him. “A vet is a doctor, right?”

Bucky nodded and handed the joint to one of the two scruffy hipsters.

“That’s settled, then”, Rocco smiled at Fat John. “He’s my doctor. He’s just as good as that tiny-dicked hack at the hospital. Maybe he’s even better.” He turned to Bucky. “Have you ever accidentally circumcised anyone?”

Bucky thought for a moment. “Just three or four times”, he said after a while, nodding slowly. “And they were all dogs.”

Rocco raised his eyebrows. “But you’ve never circumcised anyone out of spite, right?”

Bucky thought again. “Once or twice”, he said after a while, nodding slowly. “And they were all---“ He stopped. “Once or twice.” He grinned at Rocco. “But you’re a friend. I’d never do anything bad you.”

“I gotta say I don’t mind being circumcised”, one of the army guys spoke up. “Got it done last year when I joined. It isn’t as bad as you make it sound.” He opened his zipper and pulled out his bald dick, showing it off. “See?”

The guys looked at the army guy’s dick. It did look quite nice.

“It’s kinda small”, one of the army guy’s buddies grinned.

“Yeah, when you compare it to that monster over there”, the army guy laughed, pointing at Rocco’s huge schlong.

The room erupted with laughter.

“Wanna touch it?” Rocco offered with a huge grin. It seemed like the polite thing to do. Obviously, the guy was impressed. And Rocco loved it when people admired his junk.

The army guy shoved his junk back into his jeans and grinned, “Can I?”

“Sure”, Rocco grinned, putting his hands on his hips. “Help yourself.”

A couple of guys snickered.

The army guy grinned and got down on one knee. He tentatively picked up the fat head with his thumb and index finger, lifting Rocco’s droopy cock and revealing his huge testicles that hung low and heavy in their hairy sack.

“Feels funny,” the army guy grinned, wrapping his fingers around Rocco’s meaty shaft. “It’s so fucking soft…” He started squeezing it harder and tugging on it as if he was ringing a bell. “Does that hurt?”

Rocco shook his head, a huge grin on his face. “Not at all.” He loved his dick. It was an amazing thing.

“Let me try”, Fat John said, kneeling down in front of Rocco. He wrapped his thick fingers around Rocco’s dick and yanked it upwards before smacking Rocco’s pendulous balls with his free hand, eliciting a surprised gasp. “Does that hurt?”

The group erupted with laughter.

Fat John smacked Rocco’s balls again, making Rocco grit his teeth and grunt in pain.

“You fucking crazy bastards”, Rocco chuckled. “You got me good!”

One by one, they all had their turn with Rocco’s junk, touching it and feeling it, smacking his balls or throwing a playful punch at his fat, hairy danglers.

Rocco took it like a man, gritting his teeth and letting out the occasional groan. He enjoyed the attention. His dick hadn’t been touched by another person for a long time. He would have preferred it if it was a group of hot girls doing the touching, but, well, there weren’t any girls here right now. If it had been girls, Rocco was sure that he had sprung a boner right away. He kinda missed having a hard-on. But it was probably just a matter of time. After all, his cock had just lived through an explosion… His tool was one of a kind!

After everybody had taken their turn, Rocco’s balls looked slightly swollen, and his cock was red and mildly bruised.

“I gotta go take a piss”, Rocco announced, pulling up his jeans and drawing up the zipper.

A murmur went through the crowd, some of the guys cringed and averted their eyes.

Rocco raised his eyebrows. “What?!”

“You caught your dick in the zipper!” Shawn burst out laughing. “You fucking dickhead!”

Rocco looked down at his crotch. Shawn was right. That huge schlong was so numb that Rocco hadn’t even noticed. “Shit”, Rocco mumbled, fumbling with his dick.

“I bet that isn’t the first time”, Al said, grimacing in sympathy. “With such a big dong it’s bound to happen.”

Rocco nodded slowly, grimacing in pain and rubbing his limp sausage.

“Now that it has grown even longer it’s happening all the time”, Shawn laughed. “I guess that’s one of the disadvantages to being hung like that…”

Rocco was fumbling with his crotch, looking down and concentrating hard to free his dick, his tongue sticking out between his lips.

“Here, let me help you”, the pierced one of the two pothead hipsters said. He took a deep drag from Bucky’s joint before handing it to Bucky and getting down on one knee in front of Rocco.

He yanked the zipper down, causing the crowd to groan and double over in sympathy.

Rocco blinked.

“Here you go”, the pierced guy grinned, painfully stuffing Rocco’s dick into his pants. It took quite a bit of work to get it in there. When the dick was in, one of Rocco’s nuts slipped out. When his nuts were in, his dick slipped out. “I see why you’re having trouble, man”, the guy chuckled. He balled his fist and sent it down hard on Rocco’s junk. It took almost a dozen hard, well-placed punches that had Rocco grunting and moaning and the crowd grimacing in sympathy, but finally, Rocco’s humongous equipment stayed inside his pants. The pierced guy pulled up the zipper and patted Rocco’s big bulge. “There you go. You’re welcome, man.”

Rocco let out a cough. “Thanks”, he croaked.

Al looked at Rocco’s crotch with a thoughtful expression on his face. “You know, actually that big, bald head of your dick makes a pretty nice outline in your pants.”

Some of the guys in the crowd nodded.

“Now I really gotta go take a piss” Rocco mumbled, turning around and walking to the restroom.

He entered, stood at the urinal, opened his fly and took out his big, numb cock. He sighed and closed his eyes, emptying his full bladder.

Damn. He was so fucking horny.

In the moment right before the explosion, when he saw the fuse of the firecracker disappear in the foreskin of his cock, a horrible thought had crossed his mind. Maybe this was it. Maybe he could kiss his sex life goodbye forever. But his cock had survived, that wonderful, huge, indestructible thing.

Rocco couldn’t wait to put it to use again. Jerking off, blowing his load all over the garage. He chuckled, looking forward to his first orgasm and imagining the massive load that had to be boiling inside his balls. It was probably going to be an earth-shattering load. A truly spectacular eruption.

Damn. He was so fucking horny.

When Rocco opened his eyes again, he had company: The two hipster guys were standing on either side of him.

“Hey there”, the bearded, tattooed one said with a goofy smile while aiming his stream into the urinal. “We haven’t been introduced yet.” His speech was slurred and he smelled of weed and alcohol. “I’m Mika.”

“And I’m Jared”, the one with the piercings on the other side chimed in. He smelled even worse than Mika.

“I’m Rocco”, Rocco said with a grin.

There was a moment of silence as the three guy pissed in peace.

Rocco’s eyes wandered. He always checked out other guys’ equipments in the bathroom. Seeing smaller dicks made him feel good about himself.

He peeked at Mika’s dick and couldn’t help but chuckle. Apparently, that guy was tattooed all over his body. There wasn’t an ink-free spot on his dick.

Jared had no tattoos. At least none that Rocco could see. But he had piercings on his dick and balls. A lot of them. A huge ring through the tip. Rocco winced at the sight. And a couple of smaller ones on his sack.

“Like what you see?” Jared asked with a drunken grin.

Rocco looked up and shrugged. “Looks painful.”

“Not as painful as the stuff you did to your junk”, Mika said.

“Blowing up your cock”, Jared chuckled. “Wow.”

“Well”, Rocco grinned. “My cock can handle it…”

“What about those big hairy nuts of yours?” Mika asked, glancing down at Rocco’s junk.

Rocco chuckled. “They are tough as hell. If you knew what my nuts have taken…”

“I don’t know”, Jared said with a grin. “A lot of guys talk like that…”

Rocco scoffed. “You don’t believe me?”

Mika shrugged. “I guess there’s no way to prove it.”

“Maybe there is a way”, Jared said, smiling at Rocco.

There was a pause.

Rocco look at Jared, then at Mika, then at Jared again. “What way?”

“You could let us kick them”, Mika suggested.

Rocco looked at him.

“Nah, he won’t do it”, Jared said to Mika. “He’ll chicken out. He’s all talk, I can see it.”

Mika nodded, grinning at Rocco. “Yeah, you’re probably right. Likes to boast about his balls but chickens out when he’s got to prove it.”

Jared started making clucking chicken noises, and Mika joined in.

Rocco felt his head getting hot. How dare they! Nobody called him a chicken! “Shut up”, he grunted. “Alright, one kick each.”

Mika and Jared grinned at each other and stepped away from the urinal.

Their cocks were hanging out their flies, and they were starting to get hard.

Rocco turned around and spread his legs, his nuts dangling out of his fly. “One kick each”, he repeated.

“You go first”, Jared said to his buddy with a wink.

Mika chuckled. “Get that floppy dick out of the way”, he said.

Rocco shrugged and did as he was told.

Then Mika kicked Rocco’s fat, hairy danglers with a resounding SMACK.

Rocco let out a grunt and doubled over, stumbling backwards.

“That all you got?” Rocco managed to croak.

“That was a weak one”, Mika said, sounding almost apologetic.

“You always hold back”, Jared chuckled. “I guess you blew your chance to really make him feel it.” He looked at Rocco with a big grin. “Trust me, I won’t hold back.”

Rocco gulped.

Jared swung his foot back before driving it up and into Rocco’s dangling balls with all the force he could muster.

There was a sickening SPLAT when Jared’s foot connected with Rocco’s balls.

Then the pain set in.

Rocco’s eyes widened and he let out a hoarse, throaty groan. His body twisted and he stumbled through the room, completely disoriented, until his back hit the bathroom door. It felt like his nuts had exploded in his sack. In fact, he was sure they had exploded. The pain radiated through his abdomen, and paralyzed his brain. Images of his nuts breaking into chunks and pulverizing flashed through Rocco’s mind. He had never experienced a kick like that before.

“Fucking awesome!” Mika cheered, high-fiving Jared.

“Yeah, that was a good one!” Jared chuckled. “Do you think I popped them?” He started stroking his fat, hard pierced boner.

“Look into his eyes and you know”, Mika laughed, excitedly jerking his tattooed cock.

Rocco’s eyes had filled with tears and he let out a guttural moan. Had his nuts popped? Just like that? After one kick? After all they had been through? He reached for his balls, feeling them, desperate for the reassurance that they were still whole.

They were. Thank god. They felt sore and swollen. But they were still there, fat and round and in one piece.

Damn, did that hurt! What a fucking kick! Rocco couldn’t help but be impressed. Those guys were really good at this!

He heard Mika say something.

“What?” Rocco whispered hoarsely.

“I asked if you are up for a little adventure”, Mika repeated with a smile.

“You know, we’re adventurers”, Jared grinned.

“We could take you on a little adventure”, Mika added.

“Maybe handcuff you and tie off your balls with rubber bands”, Jared chuckled.

“Or a little radiation play”, Mika suggested.

“Ever put your dick in a microwave?” Jared asked.

“You are into destroying your stuff, right?” Mika said.

“It’s cool, you know”, Jared added. “We’re into that kind of thing, too.”

Rocco looked back and forth between them. “What? Listen guys, I don’t know what you’re into – but I’m not your kind of guy.”

Both Mika and Jared laughed.

“You’re not?” Jared chuckled. “Sounded different when you told your story.”

“Looked different when we kicked your nuts”, Mika added.

“When you thought I popped them”, Jared smiled.

“That was so hot”, Mika grinned. “Fucking hot.”

“You ever heard of body mod?” Jared asked.

“You can do all kinds of hot things to your body”, Mika said.

“We could cut of your dick and balls if you want us to”, Jared suggested with a grin.

“Or smash them to a pulp”, Mika chimed in.

“And then cut them off”, Jared added, causing them both to laugh.

Rocco raised his eyebrows, grimacing in pain. “Listen, I don’t think---“

“It’s okay”, Mika said softly, running his hand over Rocco’s back.

“We won’t tell”, Jared smiled, moving his hand towards Rocco’s dick.

“You got a big, fat cock and you want to lose it”, Mika said, joining Jared in groping Rocco’s dick.

“And a big, fat pair of hairy balls. You want to lose them as well, right?” Jared chimed in.

“Nothing wrong about that”, Mika grinned.

“Nothing wrong about that”, Jared repeated.

“We can do that for you”, Mika said.

“We can take of that big, fat cock and that big, fat sack for you”, Jared offered.

Both of them were jerking their own cocks while squeezing and kneading Rocco’s junk.

“Listen, guys”, Rocco said. “I---“

Each of the two hipsters took one of Rocco’s huge nuts in his hand and squeezed hard, pressing Rocco against the bathroom door.

“You’re so fucking hot”, Jared mumbled, squeezing Rocco’s left nut as hard as he could, making him yelp in pain.

“So fucking hot”, Mika repeated, digging his thumbs into Rocco’s huge right ball.

Rocco let out an anguished grunt, clenching his eyes shut in pain.

Mika and Jared were stroking their big, hard, wet dicks, dripping precum all over the restroom floor.

Mika and Jared smiled at each other. Their lips met and they kissed passionately, jerking their hard cocks and squeezing and squashing Rocco’s balls.

“Do you want me to pop your left nut?” Jared whispered into Rocco’s left ear.

“I could do the other one”, Mika whispered into Rocco’s right ear.

“No!” Rocco grunted.

“I’m so fucking hard”, Jared moaned, feverishly beating his meat while squishing Rocco’s left testicle.

“Me too”, Mika groaned. “I’m so close to cumming…”

Jared looked down at Rocco’s junk and raised his eyebrows. “You’re not hard, man”, he observed, staring at Rocco’s big, limp piece of meat. He let go of Rocco’s testicle and took a step back. “You’re not having fun?”

“I’m not gay”, Rocco grunted.

“Neither are we”, Jared chuckled.

“Well, I’m not”, Mika grinned, jerking his hard, dripping dick while kneading both of Rocco’s balls with his free hand. “Jared’s the gay one.”

Jared let out a laugh. “Fuck you”, he chuckled and brought his leg back before sending it smashing into Mika’s tattooed balls from behind. His boot-clad foot connected with Mika’s fat nuts and rammed them into his body.

Mika let out a guttural groan and slammed his forehead against Rocco’s muscular chest. At the same time, his cock exploded with a massive load of cum that splattered against Rocco’s leg, drenching the fabric of his jeans with spurt after spurt of creamy, sticky spunk.

Mika sank down onto the ground, groaning and moaning in pain, clutching his battered balls.

“So fucking hot”, Jared moaned, jerking his dick. He looked at Rocco. “Kick me.”

“What?” Rocco stared at him.

“Kick me in the fucking nuts”, Jared repeated, moaning and frantically jerking his pierced cock. “Come on, hurry up, I’m gonna cum any second!”

Rocco hesitated.

“Come on, kick me!” Jared howled.

Rocco brought his muscular leg back and smashed it into Jared’s groin.


The sound of a bag of coins falling to the ground echoed through the restroom as Rocco’s boot connected with his Jared’s sack, driving all his scrotal piercings into his fat balls and making him let out a deep, anguished howl.

A huge spurt of cum shot out of Jared’s dick, hitting the wall right next to Rocco’s head. Jared was groaning and moaning, slowly sinking to his knees as his balls pumped load after load of jizz out into the open and sending it splashing all over the floor.

“Fucking awesome!” Mika groaned in a slurred voice.

“Fuck yeah!” Jared moaned, clutching his nuts as his dick continued shooting.

Rocco quickly stuffed his junk into his jeans and yanked up the zipper, letting out a surprised, pained yelp when he caught his dick between the teeth. Gritting his teeth, he freed his dick and exited the bathroom as fast as he could, leaving the two hipsters behind.

“We should do this again some time!” he heard Jared yell before the door closed.

Holy fuck. Rocco shook his head, heading into the bar again. The stuff people got off on. Unbelievable.

He spotted Bucky talking to Al and headed towards him.

“…and I’d do it for free”, Bucky said with a grin before dragging on his joint. “You know”, he said in a strained voice, exhaling slowly. “Your cock would probably look bigger if you had it cut.”

“I don’t know”, Al mumbled. “Let me think about---“

“Rocco”, Bucky grinned and put his hand around his buddy and offering him his joint.

Rocco shook his head.

“Listen, dude, have you seen my new buddies?” Bucky said with a dopey smile. “They said they needed a place to stay and I thought, you know, they could stay at my place.” He adjusted his crotch and grinned.

“Have a look in the bathroom”, Rocco mumbled. “You’re probably going to have a lot of fun with them…”


Toothpick said...

Those two guys in the bathroom kind of freaked me out.
I really like Rocco, hope he gets to stick around.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Toothpick! Yeah, Mika and Jared are pretty freaky. I hope you enjoyed the story anyway... :-))