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Singing in the pain (Gerard meets Sammy and Logan)

This story immediately follows Sammy the ball doctor: Treating Logan

Special thanks to our reader Gerard for the plot idea! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who thinks nutshots are just hilarious!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan and Sammy (click for pictures)

“It’s a wrap”, I shouted. “Great work, guys!”

Logan looked up at me, grimacing in pain, lying in a puddle of his own creamy jizz. He dipped his finger into the puddle and scooped up some of his spunk, a weak grin on his face. “I better call Ashley. I don't think we'll fuck tonight...”

Sammy and I laughed.

We had just finished filming a cum-filled and very painful episode of our immensely successful series “Sammy the ball doctor”. Logan had played the role of the patient to Sammy’s charming yet ruthless physician.

Sammy was shirtless, wearing white pants and a white doctor’s coat, a stethoscope hanging from his neck. The lanky 18 year old redhead looked like the male equivalent of the stereotypical “sexy nurse”.

Logan was bare naked and groaning in pain. He was 18 years old, an All-American Boy,  handsome and blond, with clear blue eyes and an adventurous attitude.

We were filming on location, in the practice of a doctor friend of mine. He didn’t know what we did exactly, but I was sure he had a pretty good idea.

“Alright”, I said, looking at my assistant Erik. “We better clean up and get out of here.”

Erik let out a groan. Cleaning up jizz was not his favorite pastime but somebody had to do it.

My cameraman Chad was fumbling with the camera.

Suddenly, the door bell rang.

“I’ll get it”, Sammy said cheerfully.

I looked at him. “I don’t think it’s a good idea. It’s probably someone who wants to see the doctor.”

Sammy raised his eyebrows.

“The real doctor”, I said sternly.

But Sammy just shrugged and headed for the door. “What if it’s an emergency?” He left the treatment room and entered the lobby, closing the door behind him.

We heard him open the door and talk to someone with a deep, sonorous voice that seemed to fill the entire lobby.

A moment later, he entered the room again, a mischievous smile on his cute freckled face.

“You’ve sent him away, right?” I said.

“No, I didn’t. He says he needs to see the doctor.” He grinned. “I said I’d be with him in a minute.”

“What?!” I asked.

“Come on, this’ll be fun!” Sammy chuckled.

I pointed at Chad and Erik. “What about them?”

“He said he has no problem being filmed. I told him you were local TV”, Sammy said. His face broke into a huge smile. “In fact, he seemed to be pretty excited about it. Apparently, he’s some kind of celebrity?”

From the lobby, we heard the man start singing an ascending scale. I recognized his deep, rich voice immediately.

“It’s him?!” I whispered.

“You know him?” Sammy raised his eyebrows.

“I’ve heard him sing at the opera house”, I said. “He has a beautiful voice.” I looked in the direction of the music. His voice was one of a kind. A deep, rich basso with a tender, full timbre.

Sammy grinned. “Wanna meet him?”

I thought for a moment. “Okay”, I said finally. “But no shenanigans, alright?”

Sammy rubbed his hands. “Awesome.” He whisked Logan into an adjoining room, slapped his naked ass and closed the door. “Alright, let’s go.”

I stood next to Erik who had done a pretty sloppy job of mopping up Logan’s spilled cum.

Chad continued filming. “You realize we’re working overtime, right?” he grumbled.

Sammy brought in his “patient”.

He was as tall and muscular as I remembered him. His chestnut-colored hair framed his handsome face. At 22 years, he was a budding star of the opera world.

“I’m Gerard”, he introduced himself with a soft, sonorous voice and a slight Russian accent. “I’m here to see the doctor.”

Sammy smiled. “I am the doctor.”

Gerard looked at him. “You’re young”, he said.

Sammy shrugged. “I was trained by Dr. Howser at Eastman Medical Center in Los Angeles.”

Gerard looked at him. “I’m afraid I’m not familiar with that name. I’ve only been here for a couple of months. Is he a good doctor?”

Sammy smiled. “Not as good as me.”

That seemed to satisfy Gerard, and he continued. “My musical director told me to see you for my regular checkup.” He looked at his watch. “I’m a bit late I’m afraid.”

“No problem”, Sammy said. “Take off your clothes, please.”

Gerard stripped down to his plain white underwear.

“Those too”, Sammy said casually, pointing at Gerard’s underpants. “This is a full check-up, right?”

Gerard took off his underwear, revealing a long, fat dick and a big pair of balls that seemed to fill his entire sack.

Sammy looked at Gerard’s crotch with an impressed grin.

Gerard was oblivious to Sammy’s reaction. “I’m an opera singer. I trust you are familiar with opera?”

Sammy shrugged. “A bit.” He glanced at me. “Maybe you’d like to sing something? For the film crew?”

Gerard looked at Sammy. “They won’t show my nakedness?”

Sammy grinned. “Of course not.”

Gerard started singing what I immediately recognized as one of my favorite arias: the prologue “Si può?.. Si può?.. Signore! Signori!.. Scusatemi...” from Ruggero Leoncavallo's opera “I Pagliacci”.

Sammy seemed unimpressed by Gerard’s beautiful voice, his eyes fixed on Gerard’s impressive genitals.

“Do you like it?” Gerard asked with a smile.

“It’s alright”, Sammy shrugged. “You have a nice voice.” Suddenly, his face lit up. “I think I know a way to make it even better!”

“You do?” Gerard asked excitedly.

“Maybe it’s a little unorthodox. I think I can prescribe you a special potion that’ll make your voice even more beautiful”, Sammy grinned. “And we can administer it right here…” He raised his voice and yelled. “Logan? Could you please come in?”

“A special potion”, Gerard smiled happily. “I love America.”

“Logan!” Sammy yelled.

The door to the adjoining room opened and Logan peeked in. “Yes?” he mumbled.

“Come in, we need you for a moment”, Sammy grinned.

Logan cleared his throat and reluctantly entered the room, cupping his crotch with his hands.

“Logan, this is Gerard. He’s an opera singer”, Sammy smiled, gently prying Logan’s hands away from his crotch and exposing his spent, limp dick and his bruised balls. “Gerard, this is Logan. He has our special potion.”

Gerard looked Logan up and down. “Where is it?”

“Right in here”, Sammy smiled and grabbed Logan’s balls, squeezing hard.

Logan inhaled sharply, grimacing in pain.

“Ahh! No I get it… Special potion”, Gerard chuckled.  “I love America…”

Sammy smiled and rolled Logan’s balls between his fingers. “I hope there’s enough of it left. I already extracted a big batch today.”

Logan grimaced.

Sammy got down on his knees. His eyes darted to Gerard’s crotch. “Your balls seem pretty full, too. Maybe we’ll have to relieve you, too?”

“No, no”, Gerard said quickly. “I can’t ejaculate before a performance. My voice gets all raspy and croaky, you know.”

Sammy raised his eyebrows. “How long has it been since you shot your load?”

Gerard thought for a moment. “Thirty-four days. No sex. No masturbation.”

Sammy nodded slowly. “Wow.”

“My life is all about art”, Gerard said with a big smile.

Sammy grabbed Gerard’s balls and weighed them in his hand. “They are definitely bigger than yours, Logan. And look at that cock.” He grabbed the shaft of Gerard’s big dick, eliciting a soft moan and immediately causing it to grow hard. “That’s what we call a monster, medically speaking.”

Logan had a mortified expression on his face.

“Right, Logan?” Sammy insisted with a grin. “He’s definitely bigger than you.”

Logan cleared his throat. “Definitely.”

“Way bigger”, Sammy nodded and jerked Gerard’s dick a couple of times.

“Careful, careful, don’t make me ejaculate!” Gerard whispered with a panicked expression on his face. “Careful!”

Sammy chuckled. “Alright, get down on your knees, Gerard, we’ll have to administer the potion right from the source.”

Logan shifted uncomfortably. “Do we have to?” he mumbled. “I don’t think there’s anything left in there…”

Sammy grabbed Logan’s nutsack and squeezed his balls hard, making Logan gasp in pain. “I’m sure we can squeeze another load out, right?” He turned to Gerard. “The potion works best when it’s pounded out of him.”

Gerard raised his eyebrows. “Is that so?”

Sammy smiled. “Definitely. Why don’t I hold them while you pound them?”

Gerard nodded excitedly and balled his fist.

“Oh god”, Logan mumbled.

Sammy’s fingers were wrapped around the neck of Logan’s sack, trapping the two tender, swollen orbs at the bottom. “Hit them, Gerard”, he said cheerfully. “Hit them as hard as you can.”

Gerard didn’t have to be told twice. He slammed his fist into Logan’s meaty balls, flattening them and eliciting a cough from Logan. He followed up with another hard punch, then another and another, mercilessly pounding Logan’s fat testicles while he was grunting and groaning and screaming in agony.

His limp dick started rising and was greeted with a greedy look by Gerard who didn’t hesitate to wrap his full lips around the tip.

“That’s it, suck on it”, Sammy grinned. “But don’t stop punching his balls.”

Gerard was slurping and sucking, smacking Logan’s balls rapidly while letting his tongue twirl around the head of Logan’s dick.

“Very good, Gerard”, Sammy chuckled. “Punch them harder.”

Gerard continued sucking Logan’s cock while pounding his bruised and bloated balls with all the force he could muster.

“Oh fuck”, Logan grunted, his face contorted in pain. “Oh fuck!”

Sammy looked up at him and chuckled. “I told you we’d coax another load out of your nuts, Logan. We’ll drain them completely, right, Gerard?”

Gerard’s response was a muffled affirmation while he was noisily sucking Logan’s cock and smashing his nuts at the same time.

“That’s right”, Sammy winked at Logan. “We’ll milk you completely dry.”

Logan’s face was a mask of pain, and he was groaning and moaning in agony.

Finally, his eyes rolled back into his head and his cock let go of a big, creamy load of spunk that Gerard gulped down greedily, making sure to swallow every last drop.

“Ahhhh!” Gerard exhaled, smiling brightly, letting Logan’s dick out of his mouth.

Sammy let go of Logan’s ballsack, allowing him to collapse on the ground, spent and exhausted, cupping his crotch and whimpering in pain.

He looked at Gerard. “How did it taste?”

Gerard wiped his mouth. “Salty. Not too thick, but not too watery, either. Rich and creamy.” He thought for a moment, smacking his lips. “With a slightly buttery note in the finish.” He smiled at Sammy. “Quite excellent, actually.”

“And did it work?” Sammy chuckled.

Gerard stared at him.

“For your voice?” Sammy added.

“Oh!” Gerard straightened and started singing.

“Awesome!” Sammy interrupted him after a couple of notes. “You sound even better!”

Gerard smiled proudly. “Thank you.” He hesitated. “Doctor, you don’t happen to have another batch of this potion?” he asked with a sheepish smile.

Sammy looked at Logan who was groaning in pain, cupping his aching crotch.

“I’m pretty sure he’s done”, he chuckled. “I bet there’s not a single drop of potion left in him…”

Gerard nodded, a slightly disappointed expression on his face.

Logan looked up, grimacing in pain. “You know”, he said hoarsely. “Maybe I know a way to give you another batch.”

Gerard’s face lit up. “You do?”

Sammy’s eyes narrowed. “You do?”

Logan slowly got up. “Yeah, I do”, he said slowly, doubled over, his hands on his knees.

Sammy glanced at Gerard’s crotch and his face broke into a grin. He pointed at Gerard’s big, juicy balls and said, “You mean---“

“No, no, no”, Gerard said quickly. “These are off limits.” He pointed at his big, fat gonads and shook his head emphatically.

“That’s not what I meant”, Logan said.

It took only a second for Sammy to realize that his balls were in grave danger. But it was too late. Logan had grabbed Sammy’s arms and held him in a bearhug from behind. Even in his exhausted, prostrated state, Logan had no problems overpowering Sammy. The lanky redhead struggled as best as he could but he was no match for muscular high school wrestler Logan.

“Pull his pants down”, Logan grunted, holding Sammy steady.

“No!” Sammy blurted out.

Gerard yanked down his pants, and Sammy’s hard dick snapped up, slapping him in the face.

“Remember”, Logan said with a grin. “The potion works best when it’s pounded out of him.”

Gerard smiled brightly. “Can I kick him, too.”

“Ooooh”, Logan chuckled. “Kicks are perfect.”

Gerard smiled brightly and got up. He brought his leg back and kicked Sammy’s nuts as hard as he could.

Sammy let out an anguished wail.

“Ouch”, Logan chuckled, holding Sammy in place. “Good one.”

Gerard smiled proudly. “I was a professionally trained dancer in Russia, too.” He patted his thighs. “Strong legs.”

“Wow”, Logan feigned being impressed. “A singer and a dancer. They’d love you in Vegas!”

Gerard kicked Sammy’s nuts again, making him scream in agony.

“Kick him harder”, Logan grinned. “You really want to whip his cream.”

Gerard nodded eagerly and landed another hard kick to Sammy’s tender nuggets, ramming them into his body and eliciting a strangled scream.

Again and again, Gerard’s bare foot smashed into Sammy’s balls.

Sammy was groaning and moaning, screaming and crying in pain. Suddenly, his body tensed.

“Here it comes”, Logan grinned. “You better get down on your knees, Gerard. You wouldn’t want to miss a drop, would you?”

Gerard fell to his knees and grabbed Sammy’s twitching dick. He took it in his mouth and wrapped his fingers around Sammy’s balls, squeezing with all the force he could muster.

Sammy was panting heavily, throwing his head back in pain before letting go of a huge load that flooded Gerard’s mouth. Gerard swallowed eagerly, letting Sammy’s cum run down his throat.

“How was that?” Logan grinned. “As good as the first one?”

Gerard had a delirious grin on his face. His lips were smeared with cum. “Even better”, he said with a dreamy smile, getting up and straightening. His dick was rock hard. “So rich and tasty. Like morning dew in the Garden of Eden. The generous bitterness! The growing sweetness! And just a hint of resin.” Gerard sighed. “And the viscidity – perfect!”

Logan glared at him. “Better than mine?”

Gerard shot him a derogatory look. “Far better. Yours was… well… fine. But this…” He pointed at Sammy’s crotch. “It doesn’t get much better than this.”

Logan let go of Sammy who doubled over and clutched his crotch.

“You seem to know pretty well what’s good and what’s not, huh?” Logan said with a cold smile.

Gerard shrugged. “I’ve acquired a taste for the fine things in life”, he explained in the deep, sonorous voice that had made him famous and successful. “I like fine things.”

Logan nodded slowly.

Sammy looked up, grimacing in pain.

“You know, maybe you need a taste of your own medicine”, Logan said slowly.

A look of confusion clouded Gerard’s face. “What do you---“

Logan interrupted him with a hard, precise kick right into Gerard’s big, juicy balls. His fat erection smacked against his muscular abs.

Gerard let out a comically high-pitched squeal. His eyes crossed slowly as he sank to his knees. “My balls”, he shrieked in a perfect soprano voice. “My precious balls.”

Logan let out a laugh and turned to Sammy. “Wanna have a go, too? His big balls seem pretty weak…”

Sammy’s pain-contorted face broke into a weak grin. “Sure.” He brought his leg back and kicked Gerard’s hefty plums with all the force he could muster.

Gerard’s voice rose even higher. “No!” he squealed. “Oh no!” He fell down on the ground, face-down, his erection getting crushed under his own body weight.

Logan and Sammy grimaced in sympathy.

“That looked painful”, Logan chuckled.

“Funny”, Sammy grinned. “A tall guy like this. All those muscles.” He shrugged. “It doesn’t take more than two kicks to bring him down.”

Logan sighed. “That’s the curse of having weak balls.”

Sammy chuckled. “You’re right.”

Logan looked at Sammy. “You know, I wonder how he’d rate his own potion.”

Sammy let out a laugh. “Well, let’s find out…”

Gerard was whimpering and moaning, his muscles turned to jelly.

Sammy and Logan turned him around propped him up so that his head was on the ground and his legs were up in the air.

Gerard’s huge erection was pointing right at his pain-contorted face.

“What are you doing?” Gerard whimpered.

“What does it look like?” Logan grinned, raising his fist and slamming it down between Gerard’s thighs, smashing his weak, cum-filled balls hard.

Gerard let out a pitiful scream. “Oh no, please no!”

Logan nodded at Sammy who smashed his elbow into Gerard’s juicy plums, flattening them into his body and making him shriek in pain. He sounded less like a basso drammatico and more like a coloratura soprano.

Logan and Sammy took turns pounding Gerard’s balls, hitting them and smacking them, pounding them and slapping them until Gerard was a whimpering mess, begging for mercy.

His dick was leaking precum that dripped onto his quivering lips, coating them in his sticky juice.

“No”, Gerard whimpered. “No, please, no. Don’t make me ejaculate! It’ll ruin my voice!”

Sammy grabbed Gerard’s fat, thick monster of a cock and started jerking it, aiming its tip at Gerard’s open mouth.

Gerard squinted at the head of his dick, his eyes wide open in terror.

Logan balled his fists and sent both of them smashing down between Gerard’s thighs, flattening both of his juicy, cum-filled babymakers like pancakes.

A huge spurt of cum sputtered out of Gerard’s cock, landing right between his lips and making him cough and gag. Jet after jet of thick, sticky juicy found its way into Gerard’s mouth, flooding it. He gulped it down, his face contorted in pain. His orgasm seemed to last forever. Spurt after spurt of protein-laden spunk flooded his mouth, running down his neck and coating his naked, muscular body.

Finally, his orgasm subsided and Logan and Sammy allowed him to curl up in the fetal position.

“Oh no”, Gerard croaked. “My voice!”

Sammy and Logan burst out laughing.

Sammy looked at me and grinned. “That was pretty awesome, right?”

“My voice”, Gerard said hoarsely, his voice cracking. “I can’t sing like this…”

Logan looked at Sammy. Both of them shrugged their shoulders.

“I’m sure there’s an understudy who’ll jump at the chance to replace you for a couple of weeks”, Sammy chuckled.

I knelt down next to Gerard who looked at me, grimacing in pain, cum dribbling from the corners of his mouth. I cleared my throat. “Would you, um, sign an autograph for me?”

Gerard smiled weakly and signed his name on a cum-stained prescription block.

“Thanks”, I said, beaming with joy. “That really means a lot to me! I’m a huge fan.”

“You are?” he croaked throatily.

I nodded.

Gerard started singing. The prologue from “I Pagliacci”. His voice was raspy and off-key. It sounded like the horrible theme tune from a bland musical, performed by a 90 year old smoker who had failed his yodel course.

I shuddered and left him lying in his puddle of jizz.


Anonymous said...

Can I just say how much I love Logan for being so obliging? Just the whole bit where he mumbles yes and walks over despite having just had his date night ruined was priceless to read :') I almost feel bad about my storyline for "Be Our Guest".... almost. - Ibi

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Ibi! I'm glad you like the story - and I hope you'll enjoy the one featuring Logan and you, too... :-))

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait! And, as always, cannot wait to read the stories in between either! - Ibi

Alex said...

Thanks, Ibi! I'm really happy that you enjoy my stories so much!