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Lucky Charms (Towel Boy II)

I've been a fan of Nicholas's blog Nuts, Bursts and Ballbusting Stories for years. His awesome ballbusting stories (whether they are f/m or m/m) are some of the best you'll find on the internet. In November, he published a wonderful story called Towel Boy. In the past couple of weeks we have worked together on a sequel to that great story. Here it is. 

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality and castration.

Jake lay in the bed and stared up at the ceiling. Boy was the hospital boring. He so wished he could be out with the football team, going to parties, having group sex and generally having fun. He reached under his blanket to fondle his now empty scrotum. It was so weird not having balls anymore. No matter, though. He was to be fitted for Neuticles tomorrow and they’d be inserted by the end of the week. And he’d be going on testosterone meds soon so his libido wouldn’t suffer even in the slightest.

Just then Jake’s younger brother Brett walked in, holding a teddy bear he’d bought for Jake in the hospital gift shop.

“Here ya go,” said Brett. “I thought you might need something to cheer you up.” He plopped down in the chair next the bed.

“Thanks,” said Jake, putting the bear on the table beside him.

“How long until you come home?”asked Brett. “For some reason Rick and Paul really miss you, and mom and dad are still wondering how it all happened.” All any of them knew was that Jake has some kind of sports accident, but the details were hazy.

“HA!” said Jake. “Yeah, I bet they do.” Jake smirked. His two older brothers were the whole reason Jake was so good at male on male sex. He’d had years to learn how to pleasure them so they wouldn’t have to masturbate.

Jake quickly changed the subject, though. “So how’s the soccer team coming along?” he asked his black haired brother. Brett was the odd-ball in the family, having dark hair, green eyes, and was on the tall side. Like Jake, though, he had a smooth, ripped body and the two of them often went to the high school’s gym together, sharing sports drinks and working out.

Brett, the team’s towel boy, sighed. “It’s been a whole year and they still haven’t won a single game. I just think they have really bad luck. And no one comes to the game even. I mean, in the last game of this year? We had two young girls and one old lady with a dog and that’s it. No one even has any idea who they were. I mean even family members won’t come to see us. It’s ├╝ber depressing.”

Jake just smiled and chuckled lightly.

Brett looked at him. “What’s so funny?”

“Because I know how to cure what ails you. I have the solution and they’ve been hanging between your legs since the day you were born.”

“Huh?” said Brett, not following Jake’s train of thought at all.

“I’ll show you something.” Jake pulled back his covers and cupped his empty scrotum so Brett could see it. “What used to be in here is the reason that the Rams have become the best football team in the tri-state area. The two nuts that dangled in this pouch brought all the guys on my team luck so strong that we beat the Pirates effortlessly. That and the fact that I serviced them good and proper and got their mind off of sex. Clear minds and my balls made it happen.” Jake looked very satisfied with himself.

Brett was just stunned. “Oh my god. Are you saying you sacrificed your balls so they could win?”

“Yep. It was %100l worth it. And I’ll bet you that lucky balls runs in the family. If you learned to service a guy and offered up yours, you could make the same thing happen for the Hornets.”

“Wow.” Said Brett. His mind was blown. It had never occurred to him that anything he could do would make his team win. He was just the towel boy, after all. He wasn’t the captain or the coach or even one of the players.

“So,” he said, “You’re saying that if I learn to have sex with guys . . .”

“Yes,” said Jake.

“And that I also let them punt my nuts . . . “

“Yes,” said Jake again.

“That the Hornets will start winning and people will come to watch?”

“I guarantee it.”

Brett was silent for a few moments, deep in thought.

“Look Brett, it’s simple. Do you love your team?” asked Jake.


“And do you love the players on that team?”

“Of course.”

“And would you do anything for them to win?”


“Then it’s a no brainer.”

Brett wrestled with the fundamental urge to protect his balls set against the possibility of making his team win games. And finally a dam broke in him, and he realized that the sacrifice of his manhood would be more than worthwhile. He sighed.

“OK. How do we begin?” he said simply.

Jake gave one of his shit eating grins. “I knew I could convince you. OK. Well, I’m out of the hospital in less than a week, and we can start practicing sex this month, and I’ll teach you to take it in the nuts like a champ. Don’t worry.”

“How am I gonna learn to have sex?” Brett didn’t know where to start. Brett was the shy type and was still a virgin, so he knew nothing of intimacy.

“I’ll show you how to practice on Rick and Paul. I’ve been servicing them for years, and they love it. I can teach you how to kiss, and how to suck and how to get fucked properly. It feels great and it does wonders with your sex life with girls. Once you know how to suck a dick properly you can teach girls how to do the same to you. I mean what the hell do girls know about sucking dick after all?”

Brett, besides being shy, had never really thought about sex with girls much. He really didn’t know what kind of girls he would like and he spent most of his time hanging out with boys. He felt comfortable and safe with boys. He liked their attitudes, their behaviors and their bodies – girls were a foreign concept to him, and he’d never really given it much thought. Now he was faced with the prospect of giving guys pleasure, and the whole thing felt really scary but thrilling at the same time. But it also felt just . . . right. Somehow the prospect of going down on a guy or getting fucked by one seemed not only good but just plain normal. Like sex with boys was what nature intended for him.

It was a lot for Brett to process in the ten minutes he’d visited with his bed-ridden brother, and Brett made a hasty excuse and left.

Jake just smiled to himself and laid back. The nurse brought in some food for him. ‘Uhg,’ thought Jake, ‘Not only is this place boring as hell, but the food here SUCKS. Oh well, at least they brought me pudding.’

* * *

Over the next three months of summer vacation Jake trained his younger brother in the worlds of both sexuality and ballbusting. It started off with kissing sessions. Jake was a superb kisser, and from the first moment their lips touched, Brett knew he was in good hands. Even though kissing his brother should seem weird, instead it felt quite natural. Brett loved his brothers deeply, so making out with them was really easy. Jake taught him the light nibble, the round the mouth lick, the deep throat stab, and the mouth-to-mouth chew. Naturally kissing on the couch for hours led to some heavy petting, and ultimately fierce hip grinding as both boys became incredibly aroused. There was naked kissing sessions in the shower, in the morning in bed, and in the evening before their parents came home. Finally, after two weeks of heavy petting, Jake felt Brett was ready to be tutored in the joys of the male body. He had Brett strip down and take a shower with him. Jake began the session by giving Brett his first blow job, and as he did something he would explained why he was doing it. Licking the shaft to lube it. Creating a seal with your lips to create suction. Sheathing your teeth to prevent them scraping the shaft. How to use your hand to increase the stimulation of the shaft. Jake gave Brett a long, slow, lovely blow job, and took his little brother’s load when the randy kid shot into his mouth. Jake let Brett recuperate from the heat of passion, and then immediately had Brett go down on him, to see if he remembered all the important points of giving head. Brett did pretty well, all things considered, although he couldn’t quite get down Jakes whole penis on his first try, and he found sucking and sheathing his teeth at the same time a little awkward. But he did a good enough job that Jake was able to cum in his mouth after about 15 minutes of stimulation. It was Brett’s first taste of semen. A rather odd flavor and kind of frothy for what should be a liquid, but not bad over all. He swallowed and savored his brother’s spunk, and the two of them soaped up, rinsed off and then took a naked nap together under warm blankets on Jake’s bed.

And so the summer continued. After a few weeks of trading blowjobs, they moved on to anal sex, both giving and receiving. Jake taught Brett the five things needed to have clean and safe anal sex – an enema, douche, a sani-wipe, lube and if desired . . . a condom. For homework, when Jake was off getting prepped for college, Brett would clean himself out, every day, and Jake would first inspect him when he got home and then ram his dick into Brett’s tight hole to acclimate Brett to real-life sex.

After a month and half, it was time to take the game to the big boys, and Jake introduced Paul and Rick to Brett’s mouth and ass. For years, the whole family had assumed that Jake, Paul and Rick were spending hours out in the potting shed playing games and telling stories, when in fact they were fucking and sucking and swapping spit and semen. Now Brett got to be part of it all, and he was thrilled. Paul turned out to be a romantic kisser, an intense shooter and a tender fucker, while Rick had a hungry mouth, a huge dick and fucked like a jackrabbit. As Brett became more and more proficient at male/male sex he came to like it more and more. It was natural, familiar and very safe feeling. He liked the heady smells, the sensation of smooth flesh on smooth flesh, and the feeling of strong hands making his body do this or that while he got fucked. His discovery of prostate stimulation was a revelation, and he absolutely loved it. He also came to really like sucking and being fucked at the same time, while his brothers came inside him, at both ends simultaneously. The four boys spent many warm evenings that summer sucking, fucking and kissing. It was absolute heaven.

Once the sex thing was settled to Jake’s satisfaction, the next aspect of Brett’s training began – nut pain. Although Jakes prediction that Brett’s nuts would be a tough as his own was correct, like most males Brett naturally wanted to cover and protect his dangling berries. It took several days of Jake lightly kicking and punching Brett’s balls before Brett could suppress the reflex to protect them. And it was several days after that before Brett was able to absorb stronger kicks and hits. Jake decided that he would have build up the stamina in Brett’s balls, so for several hours a day he tied up Brett’s hands behind him and went from taps to slaps to punches to full-on kicks, making Brett’s oysters tougher and tougher. After two weeks of endurance and reflex training Brett could stand, at attention for an hour straight and take ball swelling kicks and not defend himself once. Jake was enormously pleased and Brett was now excited to offer up his orifices and his nuts to his team mates and MAKE THEM WIN!

* * *

School finally rolled around as summer morphed into fall, and because Brett’s high school started a week before Jake’s college, Jake was able to come to the Hornet’s first practice session of the year. He was there to convince the players that they should use and abuse Brett past the point of no return, and in doing so would win spectacularly. Jake, of course, could sell ice cream to a polar bear and won the whole team over with just a short speech and that shit-eating grin of his. Brett put in his own two words, telling them he wanted the team to win no matter what, and that his nuts were the best way to make it happen. He told them he didn’t care what happened to him, only that the Hornets should get a free ride to victory. To show them how much he cared, Brett stood up, stepped out of his shoes and pants and underwear, and walked around to each of the players and made them fondle his testicles, telling each one that they now belonged to the team and not to him. He also told them that he’d be proud and honored to take their cum into either of his two ends, and that all he really wanted was for the team to be happy and successful. The team unanimously agreed that they should use sex and ball busting to their advantage and much more so than the Rams had been, some of the boys actually seemed exciting about having gay sex. One odd thing though, was that throughout the hour that all the boys were together, the team captain, Adrian, kept looking at Brett with a curious gleam in his eyes, like he wanted to tell Brett something, but in end, he didn’t, so Brett just left it, and went home with Jake.

And so, Jake went off to Perdue to pursue a degree in pre-law and Brett was faced with the daunting task of leading his team to victory, by his balls. The first sex session was a bit awkward. After a practice the next week, Brett stripped and joined them in the shower, and after realized he only had two holes and there were eleven guys, it seemed like it might take forever to satisfy everyone, but surprisingly Jeremy, Ashton and Trent all jumped in to help Brett with the blowjobs and rimjobs and ass fucking. Soon the shower was full of steamy hot guys getting fucked or sucked and there was loud moaning and grunting as teenage sex dreams were fulfilled.

Just as things were at their steamiest, both figuratively and literally, into the shower module walked their coach. Under normal circumstances he’d be called “Coach Green”, but the boys just called him Seth. He was fresh out of college, with red hair, beautiful blue eyes, milky white skin, and a killer physique. Seth was dumfounded. He just stared at the teen orgy with a slack jaw and wide eyes. But Brett saved the day. Glancing over to see the coach, he disengaged from the penis he was sucking, and completely naked walked over to the coach. He took Seth’s hand and pulled him into the circle of sex. Brett unbuttoned the soccer coach’s jeans, slid them down, then tugged down his boxer shorts to reveal a healthy boner, which Brett swallowed without hesitation. Coach Green moaned louder than any of the boys and soon took all the rest of his cloths off so he could join in the group shower. One boy after another nutted, spilling semen into hungry mouths and feeling nut sacks tighten and shrivel as testicles ejected their seed. Soon all twelve boys plus one coach were just sitting or standing in the hot watery mist, replete and relaxed. It was more than Brett could have hoped for.

Ever efficient, Brett quickly handed out towels, and they all dried off, with Brett hand toweling Seth, making sure their coach got first class service. Then, as Jake had, after the boys had dressed, Brett, still naked, encouraged each one of them to punt his cahones as hard as they could. Brett told Adrian, as team captain, he should go first, and again, there was this look in Adrian’s eyes that told Brett Adrian wanted to say something to him. But, again, he didn’t. Adrian took a deep breath and took a running punt to Brett’s nuts. WHAM. Soccer cleats jammed the two lucky charms into Brett’s lower stomach, but amazingly Brett didn’t fall. He just let out an “oof”, convulsed a bit, and then beckoned the next person to kick him between the legs. By the time the last kick was launched Brett had had enough, and while Seth got dressed and the boys were outside playing, Brett explained the whole thing to him. Coach Green was hesitant at first, but when he saw the fervor in Brett’s eyes, his need to make the boys win their games, he relented and gave his blessing to the whole project. And besides, Brett had given him better head than all the college girls he’d ever had combined.

Practice went off without a hitch and the boys did amazing well, their heads clear and their bodies purged of tension. And the game seemed, well, funner. The coach had very few critical comments to make, and they all looked forward to this new regime of sex and nut-busting.

Two months later found the group at their first game. As usual there was the group sex, and everyone loved having right before going out onto the field, and then they pasted Brett’s two hard rocks as they ran up the opening onto the field. And did they win their first game? Yes! Absolutely, with no fouls and only two goals scored by the other team. It was a triumph, and everyone on the team was impressed by the change of circumstances. After the game, they got a telephone call from the principle, telling them “good job” and to keep it up. Seth was inordinately pleased with their progress (and was enjoying the guilt free sex with his boys).

A week after the win, Brett was sitting in the quad under a tree, eating his lunch and reading a biology text book, when someone sat down beside him. Brett looked up. It was Adrian. Brett smiled.

“Hey captain. How goes it?” said Brett

“Fine Brett. I have a paper I have to finish off before fifth period, but I saw you over here and I just wanted to say ‘Hello’”.

“Well, I’m glad. It’s nice to see you outside the showers.”

“Yeah, about that . . . “ Adrian trailed off, and looked around the quad, to see if they were being watched. He turned to Brett. “Look, I just wanted to say that it’s amazing what you’ve done for us. I never thought soccer could be like this. When we play now it’s like we’re supercharged or something, and I didn’t know how to tell you thank you properly.” There was a look in his eyes like a wounded bird. Brett didn’t know what to make of it.

“You OK, Adrian? Don’t worry about thanking me, it’s all good. I . . .” Brett didn’t know what to do because at that moment, Adrian leaned over and kissed Brett on the lips. It was the sweetest, gentlest kiss Brett had ever experienced. And it went on for about six seconds. When Adrian pulled away, he reached up with his right hand to cup Brett’s face.

“Brett,” he said in a husky voice, “I’ve loved you from the moment you joined the team last year, but I just couldn’t out myself like that. I’m the captain after all and I’m supposed to be so macho.” His hand never left Brett’s beautiful face and the two boys gazed into each other’s eyes for what seemed like the longest moment of their young lives. Brett’s left hand moved up and interlaced his fingers with the ones that were touching his face.

“Adrian. I never knew that you felt that way. I like you too. I’m just sorry I didn’t know sooner.”

“Yeah,” said Adrian softly, “I’m sorry but I just couldn’t take the risk that you’d reject me. But now with all this sex and intimacy in the showers. I knew I couldn’t keep my feelings for you bottled up any more. Would you . . . . would you be my boyfriend? Please.”

Brett pulled away Adrian’s hand and laughed. It was a pure hearted laugh, and he stood up. Then he leaned down and kissed Adrian. “Or course I’ll be your boyfriend, sillly. Should we tell the whole school right away or wait a while?”

Adrian chuckled, and pulled his boy down for another kiss, not caring of anyone else saw it or not. “You’re an imp. I think that’s why I like you so much. We can announce our betrothal at the next assembly.” Both boys laughed.

“Look, I gotta go and finish this paper. Here’s my cell number. Call me later, and we can hang out.”
Brett took the piece of paper and sat down again.”OK. Will this change anything with the team. I mean, I don’t want it to get . . . weird.”

Adrian again briefly caressed Brett’s face with his hand and then got up. “No. Don’t worry, the team comes first. See ya later, lover boy.” Adrian hefted his backpack and then left quickly, leaving Brett with that warmth in the pit of his stomach that happens when two people hit it off. Suddenly the world seemed brighter, more beautiful, more benevolent and just an all-round wonderful place. In short, Brett was in love too.

In the weeks that followed the two boys ended up spending more time together than alone, and Brett’s parents were happy that he should become friends with someone as respectable, smart and talented as Adrian. Adrian was not only the team soccer captain he was a straight A student, on the student council, in AP calculus and also played the trombone in the school jazz band.  They had long, amazing conversations about life, the universe and everything, helped each other with their homework and just enjoyed each other’s company. The soccer team was going full steam ahead, and during the sex sessions, as a group with their coach joining in, Brett always serviced Adrian himself, not letting Jeremy, Ashton or Trent get anywhere near his boyfriend. As such, the fact that they had sex in a group, meant that Brett and Adrian didn’t do much that was sexy when they were alone together. Their desires were fulfilled in the locker room instead of in the bedroom, and this made their relationship more soulful and soul-fulfilling. One kind of intimacy they did practice though was ballbusting mixed with kissing. It was Brett who asked Adrian to keep his nuts tough in between play sessions and games, so he invited Adrian to jam his thigh in between his legs and nail his nuts dead on while they kissed or necked. It was sexy, titillating and seemed like some sort of forbidden fruit. Some forbidden, perverted desire, for two boys in love to paste one their testicles as a sign of passion and intimacy. When Brett would get home from an evening with Adrian, he’d go into the bathroom and squeeze his swollen balls out and punch them himself a few times, then often jack off. Like Jake had said, cumming while your nuts ached was amazing. The endorphin release was overwhelming. More and more, Brett was looking forward to his testicles being popped at the last game of the year. Who knows, perhaps all the boys in Brett’s family would have Neuticles!

* * *

One day, after a steamy session of sex and ballbusting in the showers and a subsequent win by the Hornets, Coach Green took Brett and Adrian aside and led them into his office. Brett’s balls were swollen and aching, and cum was running out of his asshole, soaking the cushion of his chair with sticky juices.

“What’s up?” Adrian asked, smiling at his coach while absent-mindedly playing with Brett’s lucky charms and squeezing them in his hand, making his boyfriend squirm on his seat.

Seth sighed. The team had gotten better, he explained. But they still weren’t good enough. Sure, the fucking and sucking and ballbusting had done wonders to their team spirit, but more was needed.

“They simply have to perform better on the field”, Seth said, feeling his own spent dick harden again as he watched Adrian squeeze Brett’s precious gems. “Their feel for the ball, the precision of their kicks, the force of their legs – it’s just not good enough to win the championship.”

Seth sighed again. He was at his wits’ end. The group intimacy was great, but he still had a job to do. He wanted so badly for his boys to win the final game.

“Maybe we need a new kind of training,” offered Adrian, smiling as he squished Brett’s meaty right nut between his fingers and made him moan. “Maybe what we need is something to focus all our training on and develop each facet of our game skills. Like Brett’s balls here.”

“OK,” said Seth after a moment of thought, “We’ll give it a try.”

And so began a new, rigorous training regime that focused entirely on Brett’s big, tough nuts. Seth, Adrian and Brett came up with exciting and fun ways to improve the player’s skills.

For target practice, Brett was suspended between the goal posts, bare naked, his legs spread wide, his vulnerable jewels dangling between his thighs, while the boys kicked soccer balls at them. Brett did his best to encourage them, complimenting the player when he hit his balls dead-on and making fun of them when someone missed them.

To improve the strength of their kicks, the players would kick Brett’s nuts as hard as they could. Adrian and Brett had built a little device to make things even more fun for the team: A wooden plate with a little hole that they called “The Nut Board”. Brett would push his testicles through the hole one after the other, and hold the box as far away from his body as he could, stretching his nut cords to breaking point and presenting his two plump meatballs to the team. That way, every hard kick flattened Brett’s balls between the board and the player’s foot, proving to be an excellent way to practice hard kicks. Sometimes after practice, Brett’s nuts were swollen so big that he had trouble getting them back through the hole, but Adrian usually helped him by stepping on them and stomping them through it.

For their endurance training, the team relied on extensive fucking and sucking sessions. If you manage to fuck an ass for 90 minutes with just a 15 minute break to recharge, a soccer game is not going to get you tired. Brett’s hole was reserved for Adrian, so the rest of the players trained with each other, throwing hard, long fucks and dumping copious loads into their respective partner’s ass one week, and taking his thrusts and his loads the next week. And when a player was sick, Coach Seth stepped in and provided the hole or the dick that was missing.

The weeks went by and the Hornets got better and better. They were the talk of the town: How had the perpetual losers turned into a successful team that had a serious chance at winning the championship?

Ah, the championship.

Brett was so excited! A year ago, the title seemed completely out of reach. But now, thanks to his lucky charms, the Hornets were favored to win!

Right before the final game, everybody was excited and highly motivated. The player’s voices filled the locker room.

Jeremy, Ashton and Trent were fingering their holes to get ready for the most important game, and sex, of their lives.

And boy, was the sex was incredible! Holes were fucked raw by eager dicks before getting filled to capacity with sticky loads, throats were filled by big, hard cocks, and soon, all the boys’ balls were drained and spent.

Now it was time for Brett’s big moment. Now it was time for Brett to give it all.

Brett thought back to what his brother had taught him. ‘This is what my lucky charms are meant for’, he thought with a smile.

“Line up, boys!” Coach Seth yelled. “Kick his balls like there’s no tomorrow!”

Brett giggled. There literally was no tomorrow for his balls. He was going to lose his manhood today, right now, and he was going to sacrifice them for the team. For the Hornets!

Brett smiled and took his position in the middle of the room and spreading his legs wide. He bent over, exposing his gaping hole. Adrian’s fresh, creamy cum ran down his inner thighs.

One by one, the players kicked Adrian’s nuts as hard as they could, smashing them flat into his body.

Brett encouraged them and egged them on, and the whole team clapped and cheered with every kick.

After everyone had taken their turn, Brett turned around and addressed the team. His bare balls were dangling between his thighs. “Today is a special day. Today I sacrifice my manhood for the good of the team. Today is the day you win.”

Adrian looked at him with a loving smile as Brett gave an inspired speech. His eyes fell on Brett’s bruised, swollen balls. They were jiggling while he was talking.

Adrian chuckled. What an amazing boyfriend he had.

“We’re going to win this!” Brett shouted, causing the team to erupt in cheers and applause. “You have the power, you have the strength, and you have the ability!” Brett paused and winked at his boyfriend. “And to make sure you have the luck”, Brett continued, a huge smile on his young face. “I’m going to give you my lucky charms!”

The team went wild.

“Adrian?” Brett said and smiled at his boyfriend.

Adrian licked his lips. He kissed Brett passionately and the two were locked in an embrace that lasted for several minutes before Adrian kneeled down in front of him.

The rest of the players watched. Even though they had just emptied their balls and shot at least one juicy load each, every single one of them was rock hard again. Their dicks were dripping with precum as they watched Adrian suck both of Brett’s swollen balls into his mouth. Everyone realized that Adrian was going to chew Brett’s berries until they burst, and they were excited as hell to watch it happen.

“Holy fuck!” one of the players gasped.

“Yeah! Squish them!” another one shouted.

Soon, everybody was jerking their cock and encouraging Adrian to smush Brett’s balls with his teeth.

Adrian looked up and locked eyes with his boyfriend while digging his molars into the tender flesh of Brett’s testicles.

Brett’s face twitched and little beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. This was more intense than anything he’d ever experienced. He felt Adrian’s teeth flatten his precious nuts, felt him squash them, grind them. Squish them! Scrunch them!! Crush them!!!

Adrian’s eyes rolled back into his head as his nuts exploded inside his nutsack, turning into chunky pieces before being ground into mush by Adrian’s powerful teeth.

Adrian’s dick erupted with the biggest load of cum he had ever shot, splattering his boyfriend’s thigh with his creamy jizz.

Simultaneously, Brett experienced the most powerful orgasm of his life. His vision blurred and his brain sent millions and millions of signals through his body while he coated his boyfriend’s hair with his cum.

At the same time, the rest of the players shot their loads, showering the young couple with gallons of jizz, covering their naked bodies in a thick layer of creamy spunk.

Despite having just lost both of his balls and being covered in dried cum, Brett watched the game from the bleachers, cheering for his team.

When Adrian scored the winning goal, Brett was delirious with joy. It had all been worth it! He had done everything right!

That night, Adrian made an exception and allowed everyone to fuck Brett’s ass. They deserved it! And he deserved it, too!

* * *

A week later, Brett lay in the hospital bed and watched at the door close. Adrian had just left.

Jake was sitting in the chair, watching his younger brother.

“What did I tell you?” Jake smiled.

Brett chuckled. “And you were right.”

Jake smiled proudly.

Just then their youngest brother Tim walked in, holding a teddy bear he’d bought for Brett in the hospital gift shop.

“Hi there”, Tim said. “I thought you might need something to cheer you up.” He plopped down in the chair next to Jake.

Brett and Jake looked at each other and smiled before turning to Tim and asking simultaneously, “So how’s the baseball team coming along?”


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hot , cool written, please write more, hope the baseball team tricks tim and captain and coach and ccastrates them all 3

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Thanks for your comment, Michael!