Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shakeout: The mole

This is the last part of the Shakeout story. Thanks to everyone who contributed and left their feedback. Very special thanks to JP for the initial idea, a lot of input and all the help with the details...

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Ben, Brandon, CalDannyKev, Parker, the twins, Vince and Zach (click for pictures)

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During the past weeks, our team had been competing against a rival website,, that had challenged us to a series of brutal, relentless tasks. Finally, last week, after nine of those tasks, we had managed to defeat them once and for all.

Warren, the owner of the rival website, had kept word. He was a vicious, mean guy, and I had half-expected him to ambush us and try to force us to give up. But apparently, my cameraman Chad had been very convincing when he had stomped Warren’s nuts into oblivion last week… Anyway, was offline, and I was pretty sure we’d never hear from Warren again.

One matter remained unresolved, though: Warren and his team had stolen some of our ideas that hadn’t been published. Somehow, they had been able to get access to privileged information. There was only one explanation: Someone from our own team had betrayed us. We hadn’t been able to find out who it was since we didn’t have insight into Warren’s documents.

I had all but given up hope that we’d find the traitor until, two weeks ago, Vince had given me new hope.

Vince was the mastermind behind all those nasty contraptions that had been included in the tasks. He was a thorough and devoted scientist, and he had a very, very twisted imagination – a combination that resulted in buckets of cum and quite a lot of bruised and battered balls…

But, at the same time, Vince had a heart of gold. He was friendly and polite, and I really liked him. He was 20 years old, with brown hair and a cute face. He looked younger than 20, and he tried to appear older by growing a goatee and sideburns. But due to a distinct lack of facial hair and beard growth, his attempts at looking more mature made him look even younger…

Two weeks ago, Vince had told me that he had a lead. Today, he was going to reveal the identity of the traitor.

Coincidentally, today was the day we had planned to celebrate our victory against Warren’s team. Everyone who had been involved in the challenge was going to be at our studio.

Since Vince didn’t want to tell me on the phone, and since he was a new member of the team, anyway, I figured it would be nice to have him come over tonight.

I looked at my watch. It was 9 p.m.

All the guys were here: Ben, the 20 year old stud who had faced a vicious machine that, in the end, had penetrated his virgin asshole; Parker, the cheerful 21 year old indie boy with the flaming red hair who had defeated and humiliated muscular Russian hunk Dima; Zach, the extraordinarily endowed 20 year old frat guy whose big balls had withheld the enormous pressure of two glass plates and who, in a nice encore performance, had humiliated Dima again; Michael and Will, the blond 22 year old gymnasts, who had lost due to Michael’s unfortunate lack of calculation skills, resulting in a pair of badly bruised balls for his twin brother Will; Kev, the 20 year old jock who had managed to keep cool under unusual circumstances; and 21 year old actor Danny, 23 year old geek Simon, 21 year old swimmer Brandon, and his best friend and swim team mate, 22 year old Cal, all of whom had donated their sperm for a worthy cause.

Unfortunately, big-balled actor George had left town to pursue an acting career in artsy soft-core pornographic pictures in France. Shooting for “Le raison d´ĂȘtre ou La maison des jeunes salies 7” was due to start tomorrow. He hadn’t been with us for a very long time, but I had been very sorry to see him leave…

My cameraman Chad was standing next to me, holding a bottle of champagne.

“Guys”, I said, “thank you very much! I know that this has been very hard for you. I’m so happy that everyone did everything in their power to help us win this fight against Warren and his team.”

The boys looked at me, smiling.

“It was a pleasure”, Kev grinned, grabbing his crotch. “You know, I really enjoyed seeing that pathetic bastard Scott all tied up and getting his balls smashed… Man, really nice…”

Will grimaced. “Well, not everybody has been as successful as---“

“Will you stop it already?!” his brother Michael interrupted him. “I apologized, okay?!”

Will smiled at him. “It’s okay, Mikey, you did your best…”

Michael pouted. “Don’t call me Mikey”, he muttered.

Will put his arm around Michael’s shoulder. “Don’t feel bad about this.” He grabbed Michael’s hand and placed it on his crotch. “See? Everything is alright again…”

Michael pulled his hand away and shrugged. “Okay…”

”Listen”, I continued. “I’m pretty sure you all remember Vince.”

Some of the guys groaned, others stared at me with a blank expression on his face.

“He’s the one who invented all those contraptions”, I explained. “The guy with the goatee? And the lab coat?”

“Oh, fuck, that bastard”, Zach grimaced. “Give me five minutes with him and I’ll show him how to crack some nuts…”

“Yeah”, Kev laughed.

“Actually”, I said, “I wanted to tell you that he’s gonna be a member of our team from now on.”

Zach stared at me. “What?!”

I smiled. “He’s a nice guy. He really is.”

“What the fuck, man?! He seriously fucked up my balls”, Zach glared at me. “You can’t be serious…”

I smiled. “He---“

The door opened and everyone turned their heads.

“Here he is”, I said. “Vince, welcome to the team.”

Vince smiled shyly and closed the door behind him. He was wearing black trousers and a white shirt, carrying a big black suit case.

“Welcome to the team”, Chad said.

The reactions from the rest of the guys were mixed: Danny – who had worked with Vince before – walked over to him and hugged him. Zach turned away and snorted. Cal, Parker, Michael and Simon just stared at him. Kev, Ben and Will chuckled.

Vince walked over to me.

“One moment”, I said and turned my back to the boys. “Do you know who it is?” I whispered.

Vince nodded, smiling happily. “I’m pretty sure. I found a note about a job interview. Wait”, he set down his suit case and reached into his pocket. “I have written the name down…” He produced a little white piece of paper. “But before I give you the name, I have a little gift”, Vince said, reaching into his pocket again. This time, he produced a little plastic bag with some white powder in it.

“Cocaine?” I asked, nonplussed. “Do you think that---“

Vince laughed. “It’s not cocaine.”

I stared at him.

“Remember the drug?” Vince smiled.

I raised my eyebrows. “I don’t know what---“

“The drug that Warren used on Brandon”, Vince explained. “The one that caused him to ejaculate uncontrollably.”

I nodded.

Vince grabbed my hand and put the plastic bag in it. “I told you I heard about it, remember? Well, I thought that you might want to give a little surprise to the guy who betrayed you…”

I closed my hand and nodded slowly. “Thanks, Vince”, I said. “Now give me the name.”

Vince nodded and handed me the piece of paper. I unfolded it and read the name. First name and last name. I couldn’t believe it.

I inhaled deeply and turned around. “Open the champagne, Chad”, I said, hoping to manage a decent imitation of a cheerful expression.

Chad grinned and opened the bottle.

The guys clapped and cheered.

Chad filled the glasses and I handed them to the guys. One glass was special. Unbeknownst to everyone except Vince I drop the contents of the plastic bag into it. When I handed it over to the smiling recipient, the cheerful expression on my face was deeply honest.

“To our website!” I shouted. “To our team!”

We emptied our glasses.

I looked at my watch. There was a little time delay before the drug was going to start to work and show its effects. Three or four minutes. I hoped to get the timing right.

“Guys”, I said, placing the glass on the table. “There is something else we need to discuss.”

The boys looked at me expectantly.

“We have a traitor in our team”, I said slowly.

I looked into puzzled faces.

“What do you mean?” Zach asked.

“Well”, I said. “Someone told Warren some vital details about our site. Without those facts, Warren wouldn’t have been able to set up his website so quickly and so efficiently.” I paused. “I don’t know what exactly was leaked to him. I don’t know how it was leaked or when it was leaked. But I’m taking a guess here. I’m pretty sure it was scripts for our skits, email addresses of our members, maybe some marketing analysis.”

The guys were watching me.

“One of you knows what I’m talking about”, I continued. “One of you has betrayed the team. And, if I may remind you: If he hadn’t done it, you all wouldn’t have had to endure all the pain. The whole fight between Warren’s team and us, it wouldn’t have happened.”

“But---“ Zach shook his head. “You mean---“

“I’m pretty sure you are angry at that person”, I said. “And I can understand that. Truth is, you will be able to get your revenge on him tonight.”

“Who is it?” Michael asked, looking seriously angry. “Who the fuck is it?”

“Yeah, tell us”, his brother Will chimed in.

“Tell us his name”, Cal nodded.

“I’m gonna bust his fucking balls”, Zach mumbled.

“How do you know who it is?” Kev asked.

I turned to him and smiled. “What’s that, Kev?”

Kev blushed. “Er, how do you know who it is?”

I sighed. “Vince has given the information. It seems that someone had a job interview with Warren.”

“But that doesn’t mean he leaked the information, right?” Kev smiled weakly.

I shrugged. “Well, then why didn’t he tell us about the interview? Why didn’t he tell us that he knew Warren when he met him? Or, to put it another way: Why did he act as if he didn’t know him? And why did Warren play along with it?”

Kev was silent.

I looked at my watch. Thirty seconds.

Kev started sweating. “Maybe he was just--- Maybe he didn’t want to--- Maybe it was a mistake and he---“

Twenty seconds.

All the color had left Kev’s face. His forehead was glistening with sweat. He started breathing heavily and his lips started trembling. “Maybe---“ Kev stopped, swallowing hard as his body started shaking. “Maybe---“

Ten seconds.

The rest of the guys had turned towards Kev. The black haired jock boy was moaning softly as his hips started bucking and his cock started to grow hard inside his sweat pants, tenting the fabric until the big, glistening, mushroom head of his cock appeared above the waistline. “Fuck”, Kev moaned, panting heavily, his eyes bulging, his mouth opening slightly.

“Who is it?” Zach asked, looking confused. “Don’t make a fuss. Tell us already.”

I looked at Kev. “Three, two, one.”

Kev looked down at his crotch in horror, just as the first gigantic spurt of cum came flying out of his quivering dick. It landed right in his face, catching him in the left eye, and Kev screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Fuck you!” Michael shouted and lunged at Kev.

The muscular jock groaned, turned around and tried to run away. Jet after jet of jazzy, creamy goo exploded from his cock, flying through the room and splattering onto the ground. Kev screamed and ran for the door while his cock was spurting rope after rope of hot cum.

Michael managed to grab Kev’s sweat pants, causing Kev to stumble and fall to the floor. He landed on his front, his spurting cock wedged between his body and the wooden floor as it continued to unleash an amazing flood of sperm all over the ground.

“Fuck you!” Michael shouted again and rolled Kev on his back.

Kev’s face was contorted in a mask of agony as this massive, involuntary orgasm shook his body.

Michael jumped between Kev’s legs and stomped down on his balls, cracking his nuts just as they were drained by the mysterious, yet very functional drug.

Kev let out a high-pitched scream.

The boys formed a circle around Kev whose dick was busy pumping jet after jet of thick, sticky semen out of his poor, agonized balls.

I stood and watched. Cal and Simon were holding on to Kev’s shoulders. Parker, Danny, Will and Brandon spread Kev’s legs wide apart. Ben and Michael ripped Kev’s clothes off of his body until he was stark naked. Then they took turns stomping, kicking and punching Kev’s aching nuts while his cock was twitching and sending more and more of his hot spunk flying through the air.

Zach was standing at the side. “Who is it?” he asked, scratching his head.

“Kev”, I said, rolling my eyes. “It’s Kev.”

“Fucking bastard”, Zach growled and joined the rest of the boys.

Chad and Vince were standing next to me.

Chad turned to Vince. “You are sure he is it, right?”

Vince nodded. “One hundred percent.”

Kev was screaming in pain, his body rocked by the orgasm, while his friends were wreaking havoc on his poor testicles.

Chad watched Kev and grimaced. “Good.”

“Let me have a go at his nuts!” Zach shouted.

Michael moved out of the way, allowing Zach to kneel down between Kev’s legs. He grabbed Kev’s meaty, pulsating balls with both hands and squeezed hard, digging the tips of his fingers into the soft flesh of Kev’s nuts.

“Fucking bastard!” Zach screamed. “You fucking bastard!”

Kev was ailing in pain.

By now, the spurts of cum had subsided. His cock was twitching heavily, trying to pump some more spunk from his testicles, but apparently they were empty. They were contracting inside Zach’s hands that were squishing and squashing them relentlessly.

Vince smiled and reached inside his suit case, producing a device I instantly recognized.

“Hey, guys”, he said cheerfully. “Wanna have another round?”

Michael turned his head. “What is it?”

Parker grinned. “It’s a milker”, he chuckled. “Oh, yes, let’s put it on his cock.”

Zach grinned. “Yeah!” He stood and grabbed the device from Vince’s hand. He looked at Vince and smiled. “Thanks... You’re the man…”

Within seconds, Kev’s naked, sweaty body was tied to a chair, his legs spread apart, his muscular chest going up and down as he was breathing heavily, his face was white and his eyes were half-closed. His glistening cock was pointing at the ceiling.

“Fuck”, he mumbled. “I didn’t mean to---“

“Shut up, Kev”, Zach mumbled and put the milking device on Kev’s cock. It was a shiny metal tube, the insides covered in black rubber. Usually, it was used on cows, and I was pretty sure that it brought excellent results… Vince had modified it a bit.

Kev stared down at his lap where his big, hard cock was buried inside the milking device.

“Damn”, he whined.

Zach was holding the remote control in his hand. He looked at the rest of the boys.

They nodded.

Zach punched a button and the milker started dancing in Kev’s lap, sucking at his cock with a mechanical, slurping sound.

Kev’s eyes widened as his dried out cock was subjected to a serious milking by the vicious machine.

“No”, he screamed.

The rest of the boys watched.

Zach rubbed his crotch. Inside his jeans, his oversized member started to grow.

“Let’s show him how to rub one out”, Zach mumbled. “I don’t like jacking off, but this is an exception just for you, Kev…”

“Yeah, let’s cover him in cum”, Ben chimed in.

Brandon gritted his teeth. “Asshole”, he whispered in Kev’s direction as he unbuttoned his jeans.

The rest of the boys followed his example and let their pants and their underwear slide down to their knees.

Kev was panting heavily, coughing and moaning as the milking machine did its work on his cock.

His brown hair was wet with sweat and clinging to his head, his eyes were twitching and his lips were trembling.

The guys formed a circle around Kev, jerking their hard cocks, watching Kev squirm on the chair, the milking machine trying hard to suck another load of cum out of his empty babymakers.

Zach was the first one to shoot. His long, fat cock – easily the biggest of the bunch – erupted with a juicy load of thick, creamy spunk that landed right in Kev’s face. A couple of jets hit his mouth and his nose, and Zach made sure to aim his weapon high, coating Kev’s face with his jizz.

Next were the twins, closely followed by Ben and Cal. Kev’ body was getting hit from all sides. The quartet of big, hard cocks unloaded a seemingly endless stream of hot, white goo all over Kev’s body, leaving him wailing in pain and covered in spunk.

Parker grinned and grabbed Kev’s face. He inserted the tip of his cock into Kev’s open mouth, making Kev look up in terror as Parker moaned in pleasure and sent a healthy load of sperm running down Kev’s throat.

Danny, Simon and Brandon came in rapid succession, adding another layer of semen to Kev’s cum-covered body.

Kev was screaming from the top of his lungs, his eyes glassy and filled with tears, the muscles on his body flexing.

Suddenly, there was a deep slurping sound that came from Kev’s lap.

“Fuck!” Kev screamed as the first jet of cum was sucked from deep within his balls. At lighting speed, it shot out from the metal tube of the milking maching, hitting the ceiling with a resounding splat before it dropped down onto Kev. Another jet, then another and another flew threw the air as Kev’s hips bucked and he whimpered in pain.

“I’m sorry”, he wailed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do any harm. I’m sorry!”

I looked at Zach.

“Turn it off”, I said softly.

Zach looked at the remote control. “Which button?”

I looked at Vince.

“The blue one”, Vince said.

Zach punched the blue button and Kev let out a high-pitched scream.

“Oh, sorry”, Vince said, blushing, and grabbed the control from Zach’s hands. “That one compressed the contents of the tube…”

Kev was wailing and shrieking in pain.

“It’s this one”, Vince said, punching a green button on the control.

The mechanical slurping sound stopped and Kev’s body went limp.

“Fuck”, he whispered. “I’m so sorry…”

I walked over to him. “Why did you do that?”

Kev looked up at me. “I’m sorry. It was a mistake. I---“

Vince grabbed the milking device and pulled if off of Kev’s cock, making Kev scream in pain.

All of us stared at his lap. His cock was beet red and considerably swollen.

“Fuck”, Zach chuckled. “It’s almost as big as mine…”

The rest of the guys laughed.

I grinned and turned to Kev again. “Why?” I repeated.

“I guess I needed the money”, Kev said sheepishly. “Listen, I’m really sorry. Please, forgive me…”

“I’ll think about it”, I said.

Kev nodded. He looked down his cum-covered body. “Erm, and could you untie me, please?”

I raised my eyebrows and shook my head.

“I don’t think so, Kev”, I smiled. “You’ll stay like this while the rest of us are having a party. What do you think, guys?”

The boys clapped and cheered.

I grinned. “And maybe we’ll treat you to another round of milking…”


Anonymous said...

So hott! Congratulations for such a great end to a great series!

Alex said...

Thanks, JP! And thank you, again, for all your help!

guy787970 said...

Nice end :) and I'm glad I was part of it, of coarse, I just had the idea about the rival site, you filled in all the details with you brilliantly twisted mind :)

Anonymous said...

Hot story! Great ending!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you liked the stories!

@ guy787970:
Thanks you for your input! The "rival website" thought was really inspiring...