Friday, February 20, 2009

On the job: Sammy, librarian

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Sammy (click for pictures)

I entered the public library. Sammy had told me that he worked on the third floor.

It had been ages since I had been in one. Actually, it had been back in Germany when I went to university. I had never been to an American library. It wasn’t that much different. Books, books, books…

The third floor was dedicated to popular fiction and crime novels. I spotted Sammy right away.

The 18 year old skater boy was sitting behind a white counter and waved at me.

“Hi”, I said, smiling, and walked towards him.

“Shh!” an little old lady whispered. She shot me a disapproving look

I blushed. “Sorry”, I whispered back.

The little old lady raised her eyebrow and shook her head, clicking her tongue.

I walked over to Sammy and leaned on the counter.

“Hi, Sammy”, I whispered.

“Hi, Alex. Good to see you.” He motioned for me to come behind the counter and I sat down on a chair next to him.

Usually, he was wearing baggy jeans and wide t-shirts. Today, he was dressed very formally, wearing trousers, a shirt, and a tie. His red hair was neatly parted. Apparently, Sammy led a double life: randy, hot skater boy by night; docile, geeky librarian by day.

“How is it---“

“Shh!” the little old lady glared at us.

I smiled and nodded at her.

We sat side by side for half an hour. At least it seemed like half an hour.

The floor was filled with books. Right in front of us, by the window, were three tables and chairs.

There were maybe ten people in the room, browsing the books.

The little old lady seemed to be fond of serial killer novels. She sat down at a table and started reading. Her book of choice featured a bloody red cover with a severed limb on it.

A handsome young guy with curly brown hair, probably eighteen or nineteen years old, was standing in one of the aisles.

A balding, middle-aged man with grey hair was skipping through the pages of a Stephen King novel.

“It’s a bit boring”, I said in as low a voice as I could possibly manage.

Sammy shrugged.

A minute passed.

“What is it you do here?” I whispered.

“Shh!” the little old lady hissed – in a much louder voice that me, I have to add…

Sammy smiled at me and took a pencil and a peace of paper. He wrote down, “Making sure nobody steals a book.”

I smiled and nodded.

I had my mini camera with me. It was a neat little thing that was attached to my shirt. I don’t know what I had expected when Sammy had asked me to visit him for our “On the job” series.

But this certainly wasn’t it.

I took Sammy’s pencil and wrote down, “This is boring!!!”

Sammy grinned. He looked at his watch. “Wait”, he wrote.

I shrugged. “Five minutes”, I thought. “Five minutes and I’m gone.”

Suddenly, there was a noise from aisle 2. We turned our heads.

“Shh!” the little old lady hissed without looking up.

The handsome young guy with curly brown hair was clutching his crotch, his eyes wide open, gasping in pain. Apparently, he had managed to hit himself in the nuts with a book. His eyes were watering and he let out a miserable groan.

“Shh!” the little old lady repeated.

The handsome guy’s eyes closed and he tried to breathe normally, pretending that nothing had happened. He limped towards a free chair and slowly sat down. Suddenly, he yelped and stood up again.

The little old lady looked up and shot him an angry glance.

“My nuts”, the guy whispered, grimacing.

The little old lady rolled her eyes and returned to her book.

The guy started a second try at sitting down. But, apparently, his balls had other plans. He sat down on them again, letting out a sharp yelp that made the little old lady glare at him.

The handsome guy’s lips were trembling as he straightened as much as he could and made his way to the exit, the book pressed to his groin.

Sammy grinned. He put on a straight face and motioned the guy over to him.

“That way”, he whispered, “if you want to borrow the book.”

The guy blushed. He quickly shook his head.

Sammy held out his hand.

The guy grimaced and handed Sammy the book.

He turned around and limped out of the room, his arms straight down his sides, trying desperately to hide his pain.

Sammy turned to me and grinned.

Half a minute later, two young men entered the room. They were in their early twenties. One of them was blond and muscular, the other one had brown hair and was pretty skinny. Both of them were wearing glasses. They walked past us into one of the aisles.

Sammy nudged me. “Jerry (blond) and Derek”, he wrote on the piece of paper. “Every Saturday…”

I nodded and watched them.

They were dressed casually. Jerry was wearing blue trousers, a light blue shirt and white trainers. His friend, Derek, was wearing brown trousers, a white shirt and brown leather shoes.

Sammy leaned back and grinned.

Each one of them chose a book. They sat down at one of the tables, opposite each other.

The little old lady was sitting right behind Jerry, with her back to him.

I sighed and turned to Sammy. I whispered, “Sammy, I---“

Sammy grinned and pointed at the tables.

I looked at the two guys.

Above the table, nothing extraordinary happened. Both of them were reading their books.

But below the table, there was movement.

Slowly, Derek took off his right shoe. His brown sock had a large hole in it that exposed his big toe. He had pretty large feet for such a skinny guy. Slowly, without looking up, Derek lifted his foot.

Jerry was oblivious to his buddy’s plans. He was sitting comfortably, his legs spread apart. He turned a page in his book and adjusted his glasses.

Derek slowly pulled his leg back. Then he sent it smashing in between Jerry’s thighs, stomping his balls into his pelvis.

Jerry yelped in surprise and pain.

Derek grinned.

The little old lady turned around and opened her mouth.

Derek put on a straight face and looked up. “Shh!” he said, before the little old lady had a chance to say anything. “Sorry”, he mouthed at her before looking at his friend and shaking his head.

Jerry coughed.

The little old lady cleared her throat.

“Shh!” Derek grinned.

Jerry looked at Derek, his eyes wide open.

Derek smiled cheerfully as his friend tried to move his chair back. But Derek’s left foot was holding on to the leg of the chair, preventing Jerry from getting out of his position.

At the same time, Derek’s socked left foot was buried in Jerry’s lap, playing with Jerry’s genitals.

Derek’s foot was moving back and forth, caressing Jerry’s cock and balls with his toes and his sole.

Jerry had a bizarre expression on his face, a strange blend of terror, pain and horniness.

By now, Jerry’s cock was creating a impressive tent in his trousers, and Derek took advantage of that. He rubbed his toes up and down Jerry’s shaft, making Jerry let out an involuntary moan.

The little old lady turned around. “Shh!” she hissed, looking seriously annoyed.

Jerry’s facial color turned into a very deep shade of red. It looked like a balloon, with his eyes bulging out of their sockets.

Derek grinned and bit his lower lip. He pulled his leg back and winked at Jerry.

Jerry let out a sigh of relief that was followed instantly by an agonized yelp as Derek stomped his nuts into his crotch, causing Jerry’s chair to slip backwards accompanied by a screeching nose when the legs of the chair creaked on the linoleum floor.

The little old lady turned around, looking furious.

“Sorry”, Derek whispered cheerfully while Jerry was doubling over on his chair, his face a mask of pain.

Derek pulled Jerry’s chair to the table with his foot.

Jerry’s cock was touching the underside of the table, now, and his balls were bulging below, held tightly by the tautening fabric of his trousers.

“Derek”, Jerry groaned.

The little old lady slammed her book shut and waltzed over to us.

“Excuse me, sir”, she whispered sharply.

Sammy smiled at her. “Yes, ma’am.”

She pointed at the table where Derek and Jerry were sitting.

Thank God she was suffering from poor eyesight, or she would have had a front-row seat in witnessing the major foot-job that Derek was giving to his buddy.

“I’ll deal with it, ma’am”, Sammy smiled.

The little old lady nodded and returned to her seat.

Sammy winked at me and walked over to the table.

Derek’s toes were moving frantically up and down Jerry’s cock. Somehow he had managed to open the fly of Jerry’s trousers. The front half of his foot had disappeared into Jerry’s trousers and did their work inside.

Derek was staring at Jerry, a mischievous grin on his face.

Jerry was breathing heavily, trying to remain silent, his lips trembling, his mouth hanging open.

“Hey”, Sammy whispered, grinning. “Could you keep the noise down, please?”

Jerry let out a high-pitched yelp as the heel of Derek’s foot slammed into his meaty balls and drove them into the wooden seat of his chair.

“Is that a yes?” Sammy grinned.

Derek smiled at Sammy, increasing the pace of his foot.

“Sure”, he said.

Jerry held his hand in front of his mouth, biting down on his finger, his eyes open wide.

“Great”, Sammy said. He turned to go. “Oh”, he whispered. “Remember: if you make a mess you’ll have to clean it up yourselves…”

“Sure”, Derek replied, grinning. “Don’t worry.”

Jerry’s eyes closed.

Sammy turned away and walked back to the counter.

He sat down and winked at me.

A split-second later, we heard Jerry let out a deep, throaty moan as his cock exploded with an incredible orgasm. Spurt after spurt of his creamy spunk splattered inside his trousers. It looked as if some kind of animal, a rat or a mouse, maybe, had been trapped inside his underwear, trying desperately to get out.

Jerry’s body convulsed and his eyes twitched as Derek chuckled and kicked his busy balls hard under the table.

Jerry’s mouth opened in a silent scream and he doubled over, slamming his head onto the table.

Derek grinned, withdrew his foot and put his right shoe back. He grimaced as he slipped into the shoe. Apparently, Jerry’s jizz had soaked his sock.

He stood and returned the two books to the shelves.

Jerry was doubled over, his hands tentatively reaching for his crotch. He cupped his balls with both of his hands.

Derek stood next to him and smiled.

Slowly, Jerry got up. He limped through the room, walking past us, trying to cover the sticky stain that had spread on the crotch of his trousers. Drops of sticky cum had run down his thighs.

Derek chuckled.

Sammy winked at him and Derek winked back.

As soon as they had passed the glass door, Derek grabbed Jerry shoulders, turned him towards himself and rammed his knee up into Jerry’s crotch.

Jerry’s scream caught the attention of everybody in the library. His eyes crossed and his knees met. He stumbled forwards, cupping his crotch, before he collapsed on the ground, curling up in the foetal position on the floor.

I heard a few chuckles and couple of laughs from the room as everyone watched Jerry writhe on the ground in pain.

“Not so boring, huh?” Sammy whispered.

I chuckled.

“Wait till the soccer team comes in at noon”, he added, winking at me.

I grinned. “I think I’m gonna stay a bit longer…”


Anonymous said...

i found that pretty hot :) can't wait to see other "Job" stories...

Alex said...

Thank you! I hope I'll have some nice little ideas for the upcoming stories...

Chris said...

It was good! It really was! Not as mean or bully-like as I'd envisioned, but thats to be expected (the e-mails explained, ^^). It was really nice, it was. I like the fact that he had brown socks. I dunno why, but guys with coloured socks always seem hotter: maybe because they pay more attention to their feet? Not sure.

Excellent, as always~ :D

Alex said...

Thanks, Chris, I'm really glad you like the story! And thanks for your emails... :-))