Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Indecent proposal

Thanks for bbmal for the idea and a lot of plot details for this 9 part story!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Zach and Alex (click for pictures)

Today was a weird day.

After having taken a day off yesterday to recover from a slightly unpleasant experience the day before, I arrived at the studio to find a manila envelope lying in front of the door. I picked it up. “Alex. Confidential.” No return address.

I walked into the studio and made myself a cup of coffee.

I looked at the envelope again. Confidential.

A mailbox bomb? We had just finished a bitter fight with a rival website, and I knew that they were capable of anything. Carefully, I examined the envelope. It was too slim for a bomb. Well, I hoped it was. I wasn’t an expert on that area, but from what I had seen on TV, this envelope was too slim.

I inhaled deeply and opened it.

Nothing happened. Good.

Inside was a letter, a photo, and a cash cheque.

I read the letter and raised my eyebrows. Then I looked at my watch. Two hours before Chad was going to come in.

I picked up the phone and dialled Zach’s number.

Half an hour later, Zach entered the studio. The 20 year old frat guy was wearing jeans, sneakers and a white t-shirt. He looked slightly hung over. He yawned and stretched his arms.

“Hi”, I said, smiling. The envelope was lying on the couch table.

“What’s up?” Zach asked.

I poured him a cup of coffee and we sat down on the couch.

“There was a letter in the mail today”, I said. “I’m gonna read it to you.”

“Fan mail?” he grinned.

“Sort of”, I smiled. “’Dear Alex, I’m a big fan of your site and the boys. They are so hot. My favourite is Zach. He has the biggest equipment I have ever seen. A great cock and a perfect set of balls. I---‘”

“Thanks”, Zach grinned, adjusting his crotch. “What’s her name?”

I looked at him.

“What’s the name of the sender?” Zach asked, running his hand over the bulge in his jeans.

I shrugged. “I have no idea. Let me finish the letter, okay? ’A great cock and a perfect set of balls. I am watching his videos over and over and I can’t get my eyes off his beautiful equipment. It’s a shame that his balls gets busted so often… I’m wri---‘”

“Amen, sister”, Zach grinned.

I sighed. “’I’m writing you to suggest a deal for Zach. The girl on the picture is a friend of mine---“

“Let me see”, Zach said quickly.

I handed him the photo.

“She’s hot”, he said, adjusting his crotch again.

He was right, the girl was hot. She was maybe twenty years old, with black hair and a beautiful face.

I glanced at Zach’s crotch.

His cock was starting to get hard. It looked like a snake making its way down the leg of his jeans.

I chuckled.

“Do you think that she has written the letter?” Zach asked, his eyes fixed on the picture.

“Well, she writes that the girl on the picture is a friend of hers”, I said, shrugging.

“Maybe she is shy”, Zach said. His cock twitched inside his jeans.

“’The girl on the picture is a friend of mine and I want Zach to make her happy’”, I continued reading. “’She will love his cock and his fantastic body. Her address is on the back of the photo. Please ask Zach to sleep with her and make a video tape. I have included a cheque for his efforts. There’s another cheque with the same amount waiting for Zach after I have the tape. She’ll love it!” I folded the letter and looked at Zach. “The rest is about rules.”

”Rules? It’s a game, right?” Zach raised his eyebrows. “I get paid for fucking her.” He turned to me. “How much?”

I handed him the cheque.

Zach whistled. “250 bucks”, he grinned. “And another 250 afterwards, right?”

I nodded.

“500 bucks for fucking a hot girl”, he chuckled. “Alright, let’s make her happy…”

“She has a boyfriend”, I said.

Zach nodded. “I guess that’s why she is making such a fuss. The guy is probably an asshole.”

I shrugged.

“God, look at the picture”, he grinned, stroking his hard cock through the fabric of his jeans. “I bet she’s the writer of the letter. And she wants me to fuck her.”

I sat down next to him. “Okay, so you want to do it?”

Zach looked at me and chuckled. “Sure. Can’t wait to stick my cock into her pussy.” He licked his lips. “First, I’ll make her give me a blow job. Then I’ll fuck her brains out. And if she asks nicely, I’ll fuck her ass…” Suddenly, he turned serious. “Why are you telling me about this? What’s in it for you?”

I smiled. “There’s a P.S. in the letter. I’m gonna get paid for helping you and lending you the camera.”

Zach nodded. “How much?”

I shrugged. “250.”

Zach nodded again. “Okay.”

“We can’t talk to anybody”, I said. “Alright? Not one word. Not to your friends, not to Chad.”

“Why?” Zach looked at me.

“Well, she says so in the letter. Just you and me. She made it very clear”, I said.

Zach nodded. “Alright.”

I looked at my watch. “Chad is gonna be here in half an hour. I’m gonna give you the camera. You have to leave before he gets here.”

Zach nodded. He looked at the picture. “Fuck, she’s hot.”

I fetched the camera. “It’s pretty simple”, I said. “Even I can operate it.”

Zach nodded. “Alright. Thanks.”

Suddenly, the door opened and Chad entered the room.

Zach and I looked at him.

I was having the camera in my hand. The letter was lying on the table.

“Hi, Alex”, Chad said and smiled. “Hi, Zach. What are you doing here?” He looked at the camera in my hands. “Do we have a shooting?”

Zach stared at me.

I put the camera on the table and causally took the letter and the envelope. While walking over to my desk and putting it into a drawer, I said, “Yes, haven’t I told you? We wanted to shoot a couple of photos for Zach’s profile.”

I looked at Zach.

“Um, yes”, Zach said quickly. “New photos.”

Chad chuckled and pointed at the camera. “That’s a video camera.” He shook his head and grinned at me. “You’re a technical wizard, Alex… I’m gonna help you…”

“Thanks”, I said, smiling.

Zach looked at me.

While Chad got the photo camera, I whispered to Zach, “Just go along with it. I’ll give you the camera afterwards…”

Zach nodded.

“Okay”, Chad smiled, the photo camera hanging around his neck. “What’s it gonna be?”

I looked at Zach’s crotch. His long, hard cock was clearly outlined, running down the left leg of his jeans.

“Clothed”, I said. “Some kicks and cum.”

Zach raised his eyebrows.

“Just a few kicks from behind until he cums inside his jeans”, I added, winking at Zach.

“Oh, yeah, our members are gonna love that”, Chad chuckled. “Okay, Zach, spread your legs.”

I walked behind Zach.

Zach blinked. “But---“

“You want to change your shoes?” Chad asked me, pointing at my brown boots.

I shook my head. “They are fine.”

Zach blinked. “But---“

“Smile”, Chad said.

I slammed by foot up between Zach’s legs. My instep collided with both of Zach’s meaty balls, ramming them into his pelvis and making Zach gasp in pain.

Chad shot a series of pictures as the pain set in on Zach’s face.

I followed up with another hard kick, lifting Zach off the ground and making him shriek in pain.

“Don’t touch your balls”, Chad said, shooting some close-ups of Zach’s pain-contorted face.

Zach whimpered.

Chad grinned. “His cock is twitching, Alex. One more kick and he is done.”

I nodded and sent my foot flying into Zach’s crotch, making perfect contact.

Zach gasped for air.

I stepped away to have a look at him.

He blinked a couple of times. His mouth opened and closed, then it opened again.

His lips trembled and his nose twitched, and with a deep, throaty groan, his cock started shooting inside his jeans.

His hips bucked as his cock pumped spurt after spurt of sticky semen into his jeans.

“Great!” Chad shouted, shooting a series of close-ups of Chad’s crotch. “Yeah, like that.”

Zach groaned.

Slowly, the fabric around the tip of his cock darkened as it soaked with Zach’s sperm.

“Fuck”, Zach whispered, panting heavily.

The stain got bigger and bigger until his left thigh was drenched in cum.

“Wow, what a load”, Chad grinned. “I bet he had something better planned for it… Kick him again, Alex.”

Zach was out of it, paralyzed in pain, his eyes flickering, his lips trembling.

I walked behind him, brought my leg back and smashed his aching balls with another well placed kick.

A wet thud echoed through the room and Zach screamed from the top of his lungs.

He grabbed his crotch and collapsed on the ground, clutching his nuts and moaning in pain.

“Great”, Chad grinned. “Our member’s will love it!”

After shooting another series of pictures, Chad put the camera away. “If only all our shooting would be this easy”, he chuckled. “I’m gonna have a cigarette…”

He walked into the kitchen, leaving me and Zach alone in the room.

I knelt down next to Zach.

Zach was whimpering in pain.

“Hey”, I whispered. “Here’s the camera. I think you better go now.”

Zach groaned miserably. “My nuts…”

I nodded. “See you, Zach.”

Zach whimpered and limped out of the room.

I walked into the kitchen.

“Zach’s really a trooper”, Chad grinned, taking a drag from his cigarette. “Coming here at 10 in the morning to get his nuts kicked and shoot his load.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, he’s great…”


Anonymous said...

Awesome job Alex. This is a great start to the series. The part about you busting Zach was a nice touch. I can't wait for the rest!

Alex said...

Thanks, bbmal! I hope I'll be able to post the next part soon... :-))

Anonymous said...

hmmm, interesting, I'm gonna guess this a set-up either having to do with the Mole Vince mentioned, or Warren, but I could be wrong, looking froward to more.

Alex said...

I feel a bit like a porn version of Agatha Christie now... :-))

Red herrings everywhere... :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the site... but if you ever mention Agatha Christie again, I'm through ;)

Alex said...

"And then there were none", to quote a famous crime writer whose name I can't remember... :-P