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Auditions – final fight: Ian vs. Logan

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

A long line of people was waiting outside the gym.

“We have to turn people away”, my cameraman Chad said.

I shrugged. “Yeah, I suppose you’re right.”

Chad chuckled. “I can’t believe that so many people want to see the fight…”

“Well, Logan is very well-liked at his high-school”, I said, looking at my watch. I turned to Chad again. “You checked everybody’s driver’s license, right?”

Chad nodded. “No minors anywhere.”

“Good.” I glanced at the guys waiting outside.

Chad looked at me.

I nodded.

“Alright”, Chad raised his voice, walking up to the people that hadn’t gotten a ticket. “I’m very sorry but we are sold out.”

“What?!” I heard someone yell. “But I---“

“I’m really sorry”, Chad interrupted him.

I turned on my heels and walked away. Chad was going to deal with them.

I looked across the gym to the section where our models had gathered.

They were all here, everybody that contributed regularly to our site.

Black swimmer Cal was talking his mate Brandon and a couple of other guys from their swim team.

Danny, the strawberry-blond actor was pretending to ignore his brother David who was making jokes about him in front of some guys I didn’t recognize.

Muscular college jock Kev had brought his dorm buddies Ben and Colin and a group of ten or fifteen guys, probably from the same dorm. Frat guy Zach and a couple of friends had joined them in a cheerful discussion.

Leo, the lanky skater, was standing in a group with his friends Tristan and Sammy.

The twins, Michael and Will, were sitting in the front row next their older brother Jimmy and their gymnast friend Parker.

Geeky Simon whispered something into George’s ear that made him laugh out loud.

British soccer player Phil was giving autographs, smiling brightly as a group of fans gathered around him.

Even Xander, the spoiled rich boy, had arrived, holding hands with his lovers Shorty and Shania.

A couple of days ago, I had learned that Shorty and Shania weren’t siblings as Xander had told us. Shania had been at out studio, convincing me in very clear terms that it wouldn’t be wise for me to question Shorty’s and Shania’s sibling relationship.

For the sake of my testicles, I decided to keep out of their way tonight.

“The door’s are closed. We can start”, Chad said.

I nodded and walked into the locker rooms.

“Guys, we---“ My jaw dropped.

Apparently, Logan and Ian had decided to start the fight back here in the locker rooms.

“Get off me!” Logan yelled. The handsome high school senior was lying on his back, grimacing in pain.

Ian was holding his hands down and powered his knee in between Logan’s thighs.

Logan screamed in pain.

Both of them were fully dressed, wearing sneakers, jeans and t-shirts.

Logan was 18 years old, with blond hair and a handsome face. He was a member of his high school’s wrestling team, but apparently Ian had managed to catch him off-guard.

“Fuck you”, Ian grunted, driving his knee into Logan’s crotch again.

Logan screamed.

“Hey!” I shouted and grabbed Ian’s shirt. “Hey!!” I yanked on his shirt, causing the fabric to tear apart.

Ian turned around and stared at me. He was 24 years old, with curly, sun-bleached hair and a perfect tan from the hours he spent at the beach.

“What do you think you are doing?!” I shouted.

Ian blinked.

Logan took the opportunity to ram his knee up, connecting with the prominent bulge in Ian’s jeans.

Ian coughed and rolled to his side.

Logan groaned and grabbed his groin. “He ambushed me”, Logan said. “I guess he wanted to---“

“Okay”, I interrupted him. “Come on, let’s get out.”

Logan nodded and got up, groaning.

He held out his hand to Ian who shook his head, grimacing in pain.

Logan shrugged and walked to the door.

I shook my head, feeling like a nursery teacher. “Come on”, I said.

Ian stood and limped out the door.

The audience started clapping and cheering as both Ian and Logan entered the gym, cupping their crotches.

Both of them looked hot, their faces wet with sweat, their t-shirts torn apart.

I stood between them and grabbed hold of a microphone.

“Welcome to the final fight”, I shouted. “Apparently, our finalists couldn’t wait for it to start. They had a little brawl in the locker rooms…”

The crowd laughed and cheered.

“Tonight’s winner”, I continued, “will be the new model for our website Make sure to visit our site! And now, put your hands together for Logan and Ian!”

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

The two opponents eyed each other.

We had set up a special stage for this fight: One half of the floor was covered in sand to give Ian an advantage. He was a surfer and played beach volleyball, so we figured that he’d feel right at home on the beachy side of the stage. On the other half of the floor, we had placed a couple of wrestling mats. Logan was a successful and admired member of his high school wrestling team, so he’d have the advantage on that side of the ring.

Right now, they both were standing right in the middle of the stage.

Ian was standing on the sand part, Logan on the mat part.

Ian was a bit taller than Logan. He had large hands and very large feet.

Logan was a bit smaller, but he made up for it in the muscle department. He had a trained, tight body with muscles in all the right places.

“Okay”, Ian said, trying to sound casual.

Logan looked at him.

“Let’s start”, Ian mumbled and aimed a kick at Logan’s midsection.

Logan moved out of the way, causing Ian to kick air.

The crowd cheered and Ian blushed.

Logan chuckled. “It’s not that easy, pal…”

Ian shrugged and turned away. Then he kicked his leg back, bringing his heel in between Logan’s legs, crunching his nuts with the full force of his kick. The sole of Ian’s sneaker made perfect contact with the soft bulge in Logan’s jeans, smashing his balls into his pelvis and making the young high school wrestler yelp in pain.

Ian followed up with a hard punch to Logan’s ribs, causing Logan to grunt and cough.

“It’s not that easy?” Ian grinned. “Pal?”

Logan doubled over, moaning in pain.

Ian walked around him and pushed him to the ground, making him land in the sand.

The crowd roared with approval.

The 24 year old surfer grabbed Logan’s ankles and spread his legs apart.

Logan looked up, grimacing in pain.

Ian grinned and lifted his foot. He brought it down hard, crunching Logan’s tender testicles under his foot.

Logan screamed in pain as his testicles were flattened into his body.

Ian tried to get another stomp in, but Logan kicked his legs, making Ian lose his balance and stumble backward.

Logan rolled to the side and stood, doubled over, grimacing in pain.

“I want this to be a fair fight”, Logan growled.

Ian grinned. “And I want to win…”

The surfer grabbed his torn shirt and ripped it off his body, revealing his tanned chest. He was a tall guy, with large feet and large hands. He ran his fingers through his sun-bleached hair, smiling at Logan.

The crowd clapped and cheered at the sight of Ian’s body.

Logan chuckled, massaging the bulge in his jeans.

“You wanna give them a show?” he grinned. “Okay, let’s give them a show…”

Logan straightened and took off his shirt.

The crowd went wild.

Logan had a perfect body, and the audience appreciated it, cheering and clapping.

I noticed that Logan’s “fan club”, a group of friends from his high school, was slightly smaller than I remembered them. Apparently, a couple of them had been denied entrance because they weren’t of legal age. The ones that had made it into the gym were enthusiastic, though. They were waving signs, some of them had written “LOGAN” on their foreheads.

Ian and Logan faced each other.

Ian grinned.

“Careful”, Logan said suddenly.

Ian raised his eyebrows. “What?”

“I’m gonna kick you in the nuts”, Logan said cheerfully and brought his foot crashing into the bulge in Ian’s jeans. The sneaker-clad foot slammed into Ian’s crotch, smashing his balls, knocking the wind out of Ian’s lungs.

Ian wailed in pain as his precious jewels were flattened inside his jeans.

The cute surfer doubled over and grabbed his balls, grimacing in pain, his eyes twitching, his lips trembling, muttering obscenities.

Logan didn’t laugh, he didn’t smile or mock his opponent.

He waited patiently until Ian was able to speak in complete sentences again.

“Fucking bastard”, Ian coughed.

Logan shrugged, cupping his own crotch and fondling his package.

Both boys were on the sandy part of the stage.

Suddenly, Ian jumped at Logan.

He throw his body at Logan and put his arms around Logan’s chest. Both of them fell to the ground, Ian on top of Logan, and started rolling around in the sand, each of them trying to get the upper hand.

Ian grabbed a handful of sand and rubbed it on Logan’s face.

Logan grunted and shook his head violently, trying to avoid getting sand in his eyes.

He reached down between Ian’s legs and, in turn, grabbed a handful of Ian’s genitals, getting a good grip on Ian’s bulge and squeezing with all the force he could muster.

Ian froze and shrieked in pain.

Logan twisted his hand, causing Ian to scream from the top of his lungs.

Panting, Ian grabbed another handful of sand and went for Logan’s eyes again, making Logan shift his attention and loosen his hold on Ian’s balls.

With an agonized moan, Ian rolled to the side, curling up in a ball, sand sticking to his sweaty chest.

Logan rubbed his face, squinting.

Ian moaned in pain.

Logan blinked a couple of times, but he seemed okay. He looked down at his feet. He took a couple of steps back until he was standing on the mats, lifted his right foot and grimaced. Then he started to take off his shoes and socks. Apparently he had gotten sand into his shoes.

Standing barefoot, wearing only his blue jeans, Logan waited again.

The crowd started booing, but Logan just shrugged.

“Finish him!” someone shouted.

Logan shook his head, smiling. To entertain the crowd, he struck a few poses, showing off his biceps and his pecs. And the audience, just as Logan had expected, dug it. They went crazy, cheering and clapping, and Logan grinned, running his hand over his muscular chest.

Suddenly, Ian was behind standing behind him. The blond surfer had snuck up on him and planted a vicious kick between Logan’s legs from behind.

Some guys in the audience winced in sympathy as Logan’s performance was rudely interrupted.

Ian’s sneaker-clad foot slammed into Logan’s bulge, visibly compressing his manhood, lifting Logan off the ground with the force of the blow.

Logan’s eyes widened and he looked like his testicles had made their way up into his throat.

His face turned red and the veins on his temples stood out. He swallowed, his eyes watering, and let out a throaty groan.

Ian grinned and followed up with another kick, slamming Logan’s balls into his pelvis once again.

Logan blinked. He coughed a couple of times. His knees met and his hands reached for his groin before he sank to his knees and doubled over.

“Yay!” Ian shouted, grinning. He grabbed Logan’s arm and pulled him over to the sandy part of the stage.

Logan groaned in pain as his body was draggled into the sand.

Ian grinned and let go.

Logan curled up, moaning.

Ian reached down and grabbed the back of Logan’s jean. He yanked upwards, causing Logan to moan in protest.

Ian laughed and rolled Logan on his back.

“Let’s see”, he said slowly, opening the fly of Logan’s jeans and yanking them down midway to his thighs.

Logan groaned. Apparently, he was in serious pain.

Ian grabbed a handful of sand, pulled on the waistband of Logan’s white boxer briefs and let the sand fall into them. He repeated this a couple of times until Logan’s underwear was filled with sand.

Chuckling, Ian grabbed Logan’s crotch and squeezed, causing the sand to grind into Logan’s tender genitals.

Logan shifted, groaning. He looked at Ian. Suddenly, the expression on his face changed from pain and humiliation to anger and rage.

Logan balled his fist and threw a vicious uppercut at Ian’s face, catching the blond surfer right in the jaw.

Ian yelped and fell backwards, landing on his butt in the sand.

Logan got up, groaning. He glared at Ian and took off his jeans. He looked inside his briefs, and, realizing that he wouldn’t be able to get all the sand out, he slipped down his underwear and kicked them away, revealing his thick bush of pubic hair, his thick, semi-hard cock and his two impressive low-hangers.

The crowd went wild, cheering and clapping.

His ran his hand over his manhood, tugging on his cock and brushing off his balls.

Then he turned to Ian who had gotten up again.

Ian stared at Logan’s crotch.

By now, Logan’s cock was pointing at the ceiling.

The crowd loved Logan, clapping rhythmically and shouting his name.

Ian bit his lower lip.

“Okay”, he said in a low voice. He gulped and took off his shoes, his socks and his jeans. When it came to his boxers, he hesitated for a moment, but then he took them off, too.

His cock was rock-hard, just like Logan’s. He had visible tan-lines that looked slightly ridiculous. His body was tanned all over, but his ass and his crotch were so white that you could make out the shape of his regular swimming trunks.

Logan looked at Ian.

Ian stared back at him.

“Come here”, Logan said.

Ian hesitated.

Logan rolled his eyes. “Come on!” He took a step forward, grabbed Ian’s wrist and pulled him onto the mats.

Moving quickly, Logan threw Ian onto his back, making the young surfer yelp in surprise.

Being a high school wrestling champion, Logan knew his moves and jumped on Ian. Within seconds, Ian’s body was bent, his head on the ground, his ass sticking up, his legs spread wide apart.

Logan had him in a vice-like grip, but somehow, he one of his hands was free. He waved at the audience – who responded with roaring laughter – and smacked Ian’s exposed balls with the palm of his hand.

Ian screamed in pain.

Logan chuckled and slapped Ian’s bare balls again and again, causing Ian’s screams to grow louder and louder.

After half a dozen slaps, Logan let Ian get out of his hapless position.

Ian groaned, his eyes filled with hatred. He didn’t look too hurt, but the humiliation was getting to him.

The two naked guys faced each other, both of their cocks pointing straight up, their tender nuggets dangling below.

He let out a roar and ran towards Logan.

Logan braced himself for the impact.

Ian’s shoulder hit him in his chest and they both stumbled a couple of feet until they landed in the sand.

They started struggling and wrestling, sending the sand flying through the air as they rolled around in the sand.

Suddenly, Ian let out a high-pitched wail.

Logan had planted a knee into his crotch, flattening his balls into his body.

They continued fighting until Logan screamed in pain, his balls held in a vice-like grip in Ian’s large hands.

They rolled around some more. All of a sudden, Ian cried out as Logan was pulling on his hair.

A couple of seconds later, Logan yelped in pain when Ian poked one of his fingers against his asshole.

The fighting continued. Sometimes it seemed as if Logan was winning, then Ian got the upper hand.

The audience watched, clapping and cheering, rooting for their favourite.

Most of them seemed to want Logan to win. A couple of guys were shouting his name whenever he landed a blow on Ian’s body.

They fought for more than ten minutes. Sand was sticking to their sweaty bodies. There was sand everywhere, in Ian’s hair, in Logan’s mouth, between their ass cheeks and in their arm pits.

Finally, Ian seemed to get the upper hand.

Logan was exhausted. He was panting heavily, sweat running down his face.

Ian was shoving his right foot into Logan’s face and dug his fingernails into Logan’s calves.

Logan screamed from the top of his lungs.

Ian pulled on one of Logan’s foot and opened his mouth. It looked like he wanted to take a big bite out of Logan’s foot. And, indeed, he closed his mouth around Logan’s toes, sinking his teeth into Logan’s flesh.

Logan let our an ear-piercing wail and slammed his fist into Ian’s crotch, catching both of Ian’s nuts dead-on and ramming them into his pelvis.

Ian opened his mouth in a silent scream, giving Logan the chance to pull his foot away.

With all the force he could muster, Logan threw Ian onto his back and pinned him to the sandy floor.
Ian grimaced in pain.

Logan was panting heavily, sand sticking to his face. He brought his leg back and sent his knee crashing into Ian’s crotch. Logan’s bony knee-cap crunched Ian’s nuts into his body, making him clench his eyes shut and howl in pain.

Ian’s howls were drowned out by the noise that came from the audience. The guys were clapping and cheering, shouting for Logan to finish Ian.

Logan inhaled deeply. He grimaced and brought his knee into Ian’s balls again.

“Fuck!” Ian screamed.

Logan leaned back, grabbed Ian’s ankles and turned him around, making him lie on his front, his hard cock digging into the sand, his balls resting on it.

Logan spread Ian’s legs wide and brought his foot down hard between Ian’s thighs.

Ian screamed, his face pressed into the sand.

Logan continued stomping the life out of Ian’s nuts. He was squishing Ian’s balls under the sole of his bare foot, grinding with the ball of his foot like he was stomping out a cigarette.

“No!” Ian screamed.

Suddenly, Ian’s body bucked and he started wailing in pain. His cock started twitching and the audience roared in approval.

The first spurt of cum shot into the sand.

Quickly, Logan turned Ian’s body around.

Ian’s sand-covered cock was quivering violently as jet after jet of creamy white cum sailed through the air.

Logan was holding on to Ian’s ankles, spreading his legs, while Ian was screaming, arching his back, as a mind-blowing orgasm washed through his body.

Ian’s spunk was flying everywhere, landing on his own sweaty body, on Logan’s hands and his chest, and in the sand.

Ian whimpered in pain as the last drops of jizz oozed out of his cock.

Logan looked down at him and lifted his foot.

“Ian”, he said slowly. “You can give up now or I will stomp another load of cum out of your balls.”

Ian’s eyes widened.

The crowd started chanting, “More! More! More!”

Ian coughed. “I give up”, he whispered.

Logan grinned and let go of Ian’s ankles.

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as Logan lifted his hands and waved, a huge grin on his face.

He looked incredibly sexy, his naked body covered in sweat and Ian’s cum, with sand sticking to his chest and his abs. His cock was pointing up, hard and proud, as Logan took a bow and waved at his school mates who went wild with applause.

For the following twenty minutes, Logan was busy accepting congratulations, receiving appreciative pats on his back and playful slaps to his nuts which he countered with a couple of ball taps himself.

Ian had curled up in the sand, cupping his crotch.

A couple of friends were comforting him, although they didn’t seem to be too depressed.

I overheard one of them saying, “… so hot when he made him cum …”, and another one of Ian’s friend laughed and nodded.

“Sorry, Ian, he was the better man”, he said, grinning.

“And you can be happy that he left you with your manhood intact”, the first one chuckled.

Ian groaned and cupped his balls.

I walked to our models.

All of them seemed to be impressed by Logan’s win.

Logan saw me talking to the twins and came up to us.

“Hi”, he said, grinning.

Michael looked at Logan’s body and smiled. “Hi, I’m Michael”, he said and shook Logan’s hand.

I introduced my boys to Logan.

“Listen”, Will suddenly said. “Why don’t we have a little initiation party?”

Logan grinned.

I looked at him. “Great idea!”

“Next week?” Will suggested.

“Great”, Logan smiled. “I can’t wait.”

“You should have a shower”, Will winked at Logan and playfully slapped Logan’s dangling nuggets.

Logan winced and covered his balls.

The rest of the guys laughed.

“Alright”, Logan said. “Gotta talk to my friends, okay?”

“See you next week”, Will grinned and faked another hit to Logan’s nuts. “Welcome to the team.”

Logan winced and burst out laughing. “You are a dangerous bunch, huh?”

Will chuckled. “You bet…”


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was SO hot.

Anonymous said...

I agree, but if i could just offer some constructive criticism, I really like Logan's character, and I like how he's nice, but you don't have to keep reminding us about it. I'm not asking you to change Logan, not at all, you just don't have to make every other one of his lines about how good and justice-seeking he is. Like I said don't change his personality at all, but lax up a bit when describing it. I do really like Logan though, and seems to really enjoy the fights he's in, which is a plus. Well, I can't wait for the Initiation.
(P.S: wasn't Jimmy in England or something? Why was he at the match?)

Chris said...

Hahahahahaha, he bit his foot! Muha, oh Ian, you cracked me up.

Very nice, I'm glad it was Logan. A nice-guy wrestler is an interesting thing to see, XD. Plus, love the idea you posted a while back about his school. Anything school-y will go down well, methinks, provided everyone involved in anything sexual is at or over the age... But you knew that already, XD.

Also, I may be able to help with the 'why was Jimmy there' thing. Today is a snow day. It's very likely that tomorrow will be a snow day. Maybe he had the foresight to take a trip in his time off? Lol...

Alex said...

Thank you, guys!

@ Dr. Horrible:
I see your point, Doc. I guess I'm not very familiar with Logan myself so I tend to over-characterize him. I'll make sure that I don't do it all the time... Thanks for letting me know!

@ Chris:
Thanks for coming up with an excuse for Jimmy to be at the event... :-))
It's exactly what I wanted to answer... :-) Besides, Jimmy wanted to retire, and I guess he's earned enough money to have a nice vacation in the States... :-)))

Anonymous said...

Just a really hot story. Great job. Im really glad Logan won. :)

Alex said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like the story!

Anonymous said...

lol, I never knew people had to get carded to see a fight XD
and If you do do the high school story, I guess i can understand you wanting to limit the people who get involved in sexual things, but if your just having kids joke around and sack-tap each other, I see no reason why some shouldn't be minors, it wold even make it more realistic.

Alex said...

Well, this fight was a bit different... :-))

I don't think "Logan's high school diary" will include sex, though. I'll try to find other ways to make it interesting... Suggestions are always welcome... :-))

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a great finish to the series :)

Alex said...

Thanks, JP! I'm glad you like it!

Carter said...

Great finish. Glad to see Ian wasn't a pushover. Many of his opponents seem to have gone done fast.
I like on one fights. Hopefully Logan will get into another one soon. Maybe with Jackson. He's been nice in all his fights before, I wonder what he'd be like when fighting someone he hates.
Sorry Logan, but I'm rooting for Jackson.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! There'll be a new Jackson/Logan story on New Year's Eve. I hope you'll like it! :-))

Carter said...

Awesome. I hope Jackson busts Logan real hard.

Alex said...

I have a feeling you'll get your wish... ;-)