Monday, April 11, 2016

Jonny Firestorm – Ball Bash Olympics 2

New balls, please!
Jonny and Ty prepare for a painful training session...
Great news for lovers of ballbashing clips: Jonny Firestorm is at it again. His new clip Ball Bash Olympics 2 is exclusively available to members of Club Firestorm for just $30.

There's nothing better than a kick from behind.
You'd think that an expert nutcracker like Jonny Firestorm, the undisputed King of Ball Bash Wrestling, doesn't need to practice crunching nuts and busting balls, right? Well, you'd be wrong. Sure, he has a terrific track record of trashing testicles (Drake Marcos and Ty Alexander can tell you a thing or two about it - probably in a high-pitched voice...) but even a dashing superstud athlete like Jonny Firestorm has to work hard to stay at the top of his game.

Jonny recovered from getting defeated by those bastards from Ballbashistan a while back by going through a vigorous training session with Drake Marcos and subsequently winning the gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

Drake Marcos gets the Jonny treatment in
Ball Bash Olympics 1.
But now, with the Summer Olympics on the horizon, Jonny needs a new training partner. (Apparently Drake is still walking a little funny...) Thank goodness Jonny has found someone who has the balls to climb into the ring and let Jonny work over his love spuds: hot young jobber Ty Alexander.

Ty Alexander is at Jonny's mercy in
Power Ball Bash.
Now, of course we remember Ty. Who could forget his last encounter with Jonny (appropriately titled Power Ball Bash), when his precious nuggets got brutally attacked and he was stripped naked and humiliated. In Ballbusting Olympics 2, he returns and offers up his balls for a proper bashing.

Jonny is hesitant at first. After inspecting Ty's tender testes he thinks they may be a tad bit too small for the purpose, but Ty convinces him that they're just the right size. What follows can only be described as a brutal, fun ballbusting bonanza. This 30 minutes clip has everything: kicks, smacks, slaps, punches, stomps and squeezes. There’s a little nutball training, some awesome ballbashing with a baseball bat and a segment where Jonny props Ty up on the corner post and attemps to use his bare balls as a speedbag – repeating the maneuver on every corner post in the ring until Ty is screaming in pain.

It’s an amazing clip that'll leave you cringing in sympathy as Jonny wreaks havoc on Ty's poor balls.

Baseball bat vs. Ty Alexander's balls -
can you guess the winner?
It is obvious that Jonny has a lot of fun bashing Ty’s balls, and Ty is a truly great sport for taking all that Jonny deals out. Jonny strips Ty naked half-way into the clip, and I can only imagine the kind of conversation Jonny and Ty must have had before shooting the clip:

Jonny: I’ll strip you naked after 15 minutes and then I’ll bash your nuts some more.
Ty: (pauses) My naked nuts?
Jonny: Your naked nuts.
Ty: (meekly) You sure that’s necessary?
Jonny: (nods)
Ty: (sighs) Okay. (pauses) Promise me you won’t go too hard?
Jonny: (shakes his head)
Ty: (sighs) Okay.

Squeeze them hard, Jonny!
The clip is available exclusively to members of Club Firestorm for just $30. Trust me, this fantastic clip is worth every penny!

Nutball, Olympic sport #1.
Just so you know: I have no financial stakes in Club Firestorm or the sales of this clip, I’m just a huge fan of Jonny’s work. I am a paying member of Club Firestorm, and I paid for this clip. The best way to support Jonny and make sure he’ll keep on filming awesome ballbusting clips is to buy them at his website. So head over to now, join Club Firestorm, and get this amazing video!

Good training, Ty!Your balls look like they might need a rest...

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