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Video links: One direction (2)

A few weeks ago I shared a couple of my favorite video clips featuring British boy band One Direction hitting each other in the bollocks. What does it tell you that there's enough material out there to fill another post with it?

Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall really, really, really like to bash each others' babymakers, and I gotta say that I love them for it. It even makes their music almost tolerable... Well, maybe not. Okay, let's not get distracted, let's focus on the one thing they are really good at: hitting each other in the cobblers.

In today's first clip Louis hits Liam in the balls with a microphone during a concert. In case you didn't know it, Liam's last name is Payne - and judging from his groan that name perfectly sums up what he's feeling at that moment...

In fact, Louis seems to like seeing Liam in pain (well, who doesn't?). Here's another clip of Louis going for Liam's beanbag.

The next clip is nothing for the faint of heart. I'll tell you right away that you should probably skip it if you are allergic to bad music. There's a very short moment of interest in One Direction's official video clip for "Perfect". While horsing around, Liam throws a ball at Louis' groin. It's memorable primarily for the fact that this is the official video, and they deliberately put this scene in. I would have loved to hear the discussion in the editing room. "We need another shot of the guys being funny and relaxed." - "What about the shot of them drinking tea?" - "Boring! Let's take the nutshot!"

Skip to 2:29 (and turn the sound off)

Oh my god - I just realized that we haven't seen Harry "Balls" Styles get hit in the gonads, yet. No One Direction post would be complete without at least three Harry Styles nutshots! Here's the first one, taken at a concert in Boston. Poor Harry gets attacked by a fan. Let me quote from the video's description: "Harry Styles from One Direction gets hit by a water bottle thrown at him in his nuts. His family jewels his balls lmao!!!" Excellently put.

Skip to 0:47

And here's a friendly tap to Harry's balls courtesy of Niall.

And if Harry is not getting hit in the nuts by one of his friends or by a flying object, you can always count on him to hit himself in the bollocks...

Now, finally, here's a true gem. A wonderful piece of animated art that actually is quite hilarious. "The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction" follows our four singing heroes on a mission to save the world. It runs for about 18 minutes, and it's very entertaining. One of the running gags involves Harry getting hit in the balls (and talking in a funny soprano voice) every time he makes a bad pun - and he makes a lot of them...

Nutshot #1: 2:15
Nutshot #2: 2:40
Nutshot #3: 4:35
Nutshot #4: 5:10
Nutshot #5: 16:00

Reader's picks:

After my last One Direction post, an anonymous reader was kind enough to share the following links.

The first one is actually legendary. Poor Harry's juicy danglers are the target of an attack from one of the girls in the audience who probably didn't realize that this might not be a good idea unless you'd like to see Harry sing soprano in his solos. The clip was all over the media, and it's regularly reposted by fan girls who seem to be very enamoured with Harry's almonds. Enjoy the famous "Harry Styles gets hit with a shoe".

Skip to 0:22

The second one isn't quite as famous but it's just as beautiful. Unfortunately it's a "blink and you'll miss it" moment - but Harry's face is just priceless. The boys are chilling out in a pool and Louis elbow-drops Harry in the goolies.

Skip to 0:09

Did I miss your favorite One Direction nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!

Thank you!

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