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Video links: Comedy gems (5)

What's funnier than a hit in the nuts? A hit in the nuts that comes with an inspired one-liner, of course! In my opinion, one of the most important things when it comes to ballbusting is the context. There's just nothing better than a funny comment that drives home the humiliation of a well-executed nutshot, or a verbal set-up to a joke that has the poor victim clutching his manhood in pain while everybody else is laughing their asses off.

Here are a couple of my favorite ballbusting scenes from comedy movies and TV shows that include not only a nice, hard nutshot but also some hot verbal action.

First up, we have a clip from TV shows Degrassi. Hot student Eli is on the receiving end of a mean joke by a schoolyard bully. He asks him to apologize for something he bad he has done to Eli, and the bully happily complies. "Sure, no problem. I'm sorry... about your nards." Eli looks confused. "About my...?" before he has a chance to finish, the bully kicks his balls hard, making poor Eli collapse on the ground. "I apologize", the bully says with a shrug before turning away.

Awesome scene.

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The next scene is from US sitcom 2 Broke Girls. Surprised by an intruder in the middle of the night, a blond bimbo wakes up and tells him, "I warn you, I was in the Nutcracker Suite!" (Yes, I know, it's not original and it doesn't even make sense - but it's hilarious!) The intruder asks, "What does that mean?" - "This!" the blonde replies and, well, cracks his nuts with a nice, hard kick.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the "intruder" is the blonde's room mate's "booty call", Sebastian. The room mate, understandably, is pissed. "Nice going! You ruined the best part!"

The blonde apologizes ("Nice to meet you, I'm Caroline, the room mate and ballerina. Sorry about the sugar plums..."), and Sebastian excuses himself and goes to the bathroom ("I need to check on the boys. See if they're girls..."). When he returns, he's in a good mood: "One's okay, and the other one left on crutches."

The whole scene is pretty hilarious, and I love the fact that they used the setup not for just one but for several jokes...

The British sitcom 2 pints of lager brings us to a very controversial issue. Somehow, the guy in the scene wants to convince a girl that nothing hurts like a kick in the balls. "You've never been kicked in the balls! Nothing could be more painful than that! It makes you sick, makes your whole abdomen just g---" That's the point where the girl literally takes matters into her own hands. She grabs the guy's nuggets and squeezes hard. His face scrunches up and he let out a funny little noise. She intensifies the grip. He reaches for the phone and says in a strained voice, grimacing in pain, "Ambulance, please!"

I'm pretty sure that she just proved his point...

The next clip has a hot guy squashing another guy's nuts with a headbutt. As the victim doubles over in pain, the assailant grins at him: "Ballseye!" It's cheesy and mean and totally ridiculous - but I love it!

Since we're talking cheesy and ridiculous: "Hey, Bill, you want some crushed nuts with your sundae?" has to be one of the oldest setup for a sacktap, right? Well, it's still funny...

Finally, a classic. It's another setup for a sacktap, and I'm pretty sure that the first time it has been used was the night Tchaikovsky's classic ballet premiered on stage. I'm sure that the male members of the audience were exchanging friendly sacktaps right after the curtain fell... Here it is, in a scene from That 70's show: "You know what my favorite ballet is? The Nutcracker!"

Reader's pick:

Our reader Wes sent us the following clip, saying "It's really hot to see an interracial ball grab and twist, refreshing really." I agree 100%. It's a wonderful scene with a very hot close-up of the poor guy's crotch and some hilarious acting.

Skip to 1:30

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