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Flirting with Diaster Part 2: Battle of the Bulge written by Reg



Flirting with Disaster

PART 2: Battle of the Bulge


By Reg


Ballbusting Boys: Flirting with Diaster written by Reg

“Wow, you boys certainly pack some muscles!”

The blond girl paced around the three jocks who stood shirtless in the living room of her apartment.

Kev stood on the far left and Ben on the right. Colin had wisely chosen the middle ground to keep some distance between his competitive room-mates. The boys all had athletic bodies and the afternoon sun accentuating the curves of their powerful muscles. Colin was only an ich or two shorter than his hulking roommates but his broad frame was equally imposing.  

The girl’s apartment was in an old town house and the room was brightly lit thanks to a large bay window that overlooked the park.

They had all arrived minutes earlier from the park where the boys had been competing in an open-air arm-wrestling contest. Ben was still beaming with pride after winning the trophy under somewhat dubious circumstances. Kev, the beaten finalist, still looked furious that Ben had got away with booting him in the junk to steal his victory.

Colin, who had also lost to Ben in an earlier match, had a bemused grin and was clearly taking the defeat in his stride.

The busty chick licked her lips as she slowly walked around the three hunks, running her fingers over Ben’s muscular arms, feeling the ridges of Colin’s sculpted abs then cheekily groping the prominent bulge in Kev’s tight shorts. Lisa was a reporter for Kiss FM radio and had been hosting and judging the contest in the park. She clearly had more experience with flirting than with arm-wrestling and had invited the three horny jocks back to her apartment, offering herself as a prize to whoever impressed her most.

“Alright champ, let’s start with you! Come here and show me what you’ve got!” she purred at Ben who stepped confidently forward.

“Well you might as well ditch these losers now!” Ben grinned flexing his muscles “As you already know, I’m the strongest and I’m clearly the hottest…but that’s not all.”

Ben leaned forward and muttered quietly in the girl’s ear.

Ben’s stage whisper was hardly discrete and the words ‘biggest balls’ were clearly overheard by his two friends. Colin nudged Kev and the boys erupted in giggles as they watched their buddy’s clumsy attempt to seduce the girl.

The black haired stud pouted and swung his hips enticingly. He was free-balling under his tight shorts and his meaty cock and pendulous balls bulged and swayed visibly through the thin fabric. With a cocky grin Ben slipped his fingers inside the rim of his shorts and teasingly slipped them down his hips. Ben had clearly prepared himself carefully for the occasion; his pubes were neatly trimmed and a pungent whiff of Old Spice emanated from his groin. With a cocky grin he grabbed his junk and pulled it up over the waistband, letting his big dick and hefty balls tumble into the girl’s view. His flaccid cock drooped thick and long and had already started to throb and swell in anticipation. His big oval balls swayed heavily at the base of his long, silky scrotum and dangled heavily beneath the head of his prized cock.

The horny jock beamed with pride as he watched Lisa’s jaw drop. He scooped up his impressive goodies in one hand and gazed down in adoration before letting his fat plums roll one-by-one off the end of his palm and plummet like pebbles between his thighs. He finally stepped out of his shorts and stood stark naked with his hands on his hips.

“Wow! You’re so big!” the girl raved excitedly “And what a set of danglers! Damn, those might be the …”

“Let me guess!” Ben interrupted with a broad grin “The biggest balls in the room?”

Ben put his hands behind his neck and flexed his biceps as he snaked his hips. Lisa watched on mesmerized as Ben’s hefty tackle swung between his powerful thighs. 

“Ugh…now careful there buddy!” Colin warned with a cheeky smirk.

“What?” Ben turned with a frown towards his roommate who was still grinning mischievously.

“That big mouth might get you in trouble again, Benny” Colin grinned and patted the big bulge in his shorts suggestively.

“Seriously Col? You wanna compare with ME?” Ben scoffed, raising his eyebrows.

“Oh boy, here we go again!”

Colin chuckled as he stepped up next to Ben. With a resigned shrug he slipped out of his shorts revealing a pair of tight white briefs that bulged impressively.

“OK Colin, so let’s see what you’re packing.”

Lisa grinned with excitement as she knelt down and began peeling off the young stud’s underwear. His crotch was shaved smooth as a baby and the root of his shaft soon appeared in view. She gave a final sharp tug and Colin’s pale cock and bouncy balls popped out of their confinement like a lewd jack-in-the-box.

Colin smiled across at Ben and shrugged nonchalantly. His big juicy cock was pale and smooth with a long, tapering foreskin that dangled well beyond the tip enhancing its apparent length. His big nuts were strung up in a tight sack and bulged outwards like two golf balls.

“Nice try, Colin!” Ben laughed causing his low-hangers to jiggle between his thighs “Come back when your balls have dropped, buddy!”

In the background Kev laughed loudly at Ben’s mean joke. There was indeed a youthful appearance to Colin’s smooth manhood but there was certainly nothing boyish about the size of his wedding tackle.

“I still reckon mine are bigger!” Colin chuckled, giving his man-eggs a cheeky squeeze.

“Come on then, little man!” Ben pointed at his big nuts “You tell him, Lisa!”

Colin shrugged and took two paces forward until his long, pale cock brushed against Ben’s meaty tool. Lisa giggled with excitement as she knelt down to examine the contestants. She touched their big cocks gingerly then raised them up for comparison. The two cocks looked strikingly different. Colin’s was long, smooth and graceful in the way it tapered into his delightful foreskin. Ben’s cock, on the other hand seemed more like an angry beast, crisscrossed with thick veins, bucking powerfully while its mean looking one-eyed head glared ominously across at the impudent challenger.

“That’s a cute little worm, Col!” Ben laughed derisively.

He gazed down and grinned broadly at the sight of his potent tool. It was clearly thicker and more butch looking than his rival’s. Ben was so busy admiring his superior girth that he failed to notice that Colin seemed to match his length.

“Oooh nice!” Lisa chuckled running her fingers over Colin’s delicious member “You must admit, Colin has got a beautiful toy. So silky smooth and suckable!”

“Yeah whatever!” Ben scoffed “But mine’s clearly bigger, right!”

“Yours is so thick” She cooed, squeezing Bens fat, meaty shaft “Damn, that thing must be as wide as my arm!”

“Yeah! Hung like a stallion” Ben bragged as Colin rolled his eyes “with balls like a fucking bull!”.

The girl raised her eyebrows at Ben’s rather far-fetched claim. She reached down to check the contents of his dangling nut-sack. She weighed the big orbs in her hand then rolled them in her palm like stress balls. She bit her lip in excitement as she slid her fingers over the bulbous orbs then gently closed her hand around the long silky sack.

“Oooof my nuts!” Ben gasped as she tightened her grip making his manly organs bulge like balloons below her fist.

“Alright, boys let’s see how you boys stack up!” Lisa chuckled

She gave Colin’s balls a playful squeeze making him cough nervously. Rolling her fingers over his tight gonads she carefully forced them downwards until her fingers closed like a noose above his bulging balls. Colin gasped and grabbed at her wrists in surprise.

She grinned up at Ben as she gave his floppy ball-bag a gentle tug then pressed his hefty gonads firmly up against his rival’s. Colin moaned as his nuts were squashed while Ben just gritted his teeth and tried to take it like a man. Ben’s chunky nuts seemed to have a slight edge in size but the girl seemed in no rush to announce a winner.

“Damn, I love boys with big balls!” she murmured to herself.

Wrapping both hands around the four fat nuts she gave them a sudden hard squeeze before releasing her grip. Both jocks yelped and staggered backwards clutching their aching balls.

“You really think those are big!” Kev laughed shoving his buddies aside “Just wait ‘til you see mine!”

Kev had stripped down to his favorite pair of brightly colored briefs that bulged obscenely to contain his impressive manhood. The waistband was stretched downward by the sheer weight of his fat balls and rapidly hardening dick.

“Don’t bother, dumbass, my balls are bigger!” Ben grimaced as he slowly straightened, still clutching his groin.

“You’re not serious!” Kev laughed “Dude, you must enjoy being humiliated?”

“Trust me, you’re so going to regret this, Kev!” Ben’s lips curled into a confident grin “Have you forgotten how my balls beat yours last time we compared!”

Ben wore a cocky grin as he fondled his big, juicy plums. His smile broadened at the memory of his sweet victory in the recent dorm contest. Ben’s mighty nuts had totally outclassed every one of his dorm buddies including a gob-smacked Kev. It was a stunning result and Ben’s modest brain had long forgotten the dirty secret he had hidden from the other guys. On that day, Ben’s beloved nuts had been pumped dangerously full of saline, a little gift from Sammy, and self-proclaimed “ball doctor”. This boost to Ben’s credentials had allowed him to really make amends for the humiliation he had endured in his last comparison with Kev.

“Oh shit, Ben! How could I forget?” Kev banged his hand against his forehead in an exaggerated gesture “You’re damn right stud! Nuts like fucking water balloons!”

Kev’s face fell but the corner of his lips were raised in a wry smile that only Colin noticed.

“Yeah I really put you in your place, little man!” Ben laughed with his hands on the hips “No-one can compete with the biggest balls in the room!”

Ben’s cock rose triumphantly giving his rival an unrestricted view of his big, swinging gonads. Kev’s jaw dropped wide open and he took a dramatic step backwards. Colin chuckled as he watched the scene. Kev was a truly terrible actor and only a real idiot like Ben could be fooled by his performance.

“So…you guys really want to compare?” Ben laughed arrogantly “Remember the house rules! Loser gets his puny nuts crushed?”

Ben strutted to the corner and grabbed a baseball bat from a pile of sports gear. He returned with a broad grin, twirling the brutal instrument in his hands and then stopping it with a loud thud against his palm.

“Shit dude, no fucking way!” Colin winced when he saw the bat, and instinctively cupped his vulnerable eggs.

“See, I told you I’m the top dog” Ben winked at Lisa. He tried to look casual as he twirled the bat in his hand paying special attention to flaunt his biceps at the girl “Now pack your bags losers, I’ll see you back in the dorm!”

Kev looked back and frowned as if considering his options.

“He’s got a point, guys!” Lisa chuckled, taking the bat out of Ben’s hands “This thing could do some real damage in the right hands!”

She took the wooden bat from Ben and immediately the heavy club began to fall in her hands. The girl tensed her slim muscles clearly struggling to yield its considerable weight. With a childish giggle she bit her lip as she prepared to take a practice swing.

“Well you’re probably pretty safe with me guys!” she chuckled “I can barely lift this thing”

Ben laughed and walked over magnanimously to help the struggling girl. She was groaning and straining until with a firm tub she managed to lift the bat up behind her. The thick end rose in a wide arc until it came to a sudden halt in the worst possible place. Right between Ben’s naked thighs! The business end of the bat made a sickening splat as it careened into the stud’s dangling jewels, slamming them up into his groin.

Poor Ben stared down in horror at the thick wooden club buried between his legs. His virile naked orbs bulged obscenely on each side, flattened against the powerful muscles of his legs. His jaw dropped open and his right eye twitched as he let out a strangled cry. He stood frozen in place as his hands fell to his groin.

“Ughhhh ! Fuuuuck” The muscle stud groaned pitifully as he slowly doubled over in agony.

Lisa released her grip in horror and the bat tumbled noisily to the floor. Ben’s flattened nuts, rebounded to their normal shape then crashed painfully to the base of his sack.

Kev and Colin burst into laughter as they watched their cocky roommate’s distress. There wasn’t much power in her backswing but then again Ben’s balls weren’t nearly as robust as he claimed. The girl rushed to the ailing stud and grabbed his powerful biceps as she tried to hold him up.

“My balls!” Ben croaked quietly to himself. He coughed deeply as his hands clutched at his aching gonads.

“Are you OK, champ?” Lisa asked dumbly.

Ben looked up at her blankly. His handsome face was pale and contorted with pain. His cheeks puffed out as he dry retched. He took a few gasping breaths and then gritted his teeth.

“Yeah, balls of steel!” He croaked. His powerful body swayed as he struggled desperately to stay on his feet.

“Damn you’re tough!” The girl grinned squeezing his muscular arm.

She playfully slapped Ben on his bare muscled ass then walked over to the other jocks who were now cackling like hyenas.

“Your poor friend!” She held her hand to her mouth with a concerned expression.

“He’s fine! You heard him…balls of steel!” Colin winked then burst out laughing as, with masterful timing, Ben slumped quietly to the floor in the background and curled into a sorry ball.

Ignoring Ben’s suffering, Kev puffed up his chest “You’re right, girl…you’re clearly not strong enough to hurt us.”

Lisa walked up to the tall jock and ran her hands sensually down his rippling abs. She smiled up at him as she suddenly groped his overstuffed fruit basket.

“Are you sure about that Kev?” She grinned wickedly “Well let’s find out who’s got the balls to win this!”

Moments later the boys were standing in a circle. It taken some persuasion from Kev to convince Ben to stop being a pussy and get back on his feet. Now he stood grimacing and slightly hunched with both hands around his aching nads. Kev was still wearing his brightly colored briefs while Colin nonchalantly displayed his manly assets despite his slender chances of victory.

“Now where were we?” Colin chuckled.

“You were all about to lose to my huge eggs!” Ben growled through his clenched teeth.

“Right!” Kev laughed “But now they’ve been scrambled, I guess it’s between me and Colin.” 

“Nonsense!” Ben gasped as he rubbed his manhood “These big monsters are invincible!”

Ben clenched his jaw and groaned. With considerable effort he managed he raised himself to his full height and put his hands on his hips. His big cock had reared back up into a semi-hard state leaving his hefty danglers in full view. They looked a little off-color but were still fully intact and big enough to make most porn stars cower in shame.

“Check out my bull-balls! What a set of nuts!” Ben swiveled his hips so everyone could get an eyeful of his proudest assets.

Kev peered at his friend’s impressive junk for a while as Ben smirked. For a moment Kev seemed lost for words. Ben scooped up his big low hangers in one hand and held them up for display.

“That’s right, losers!” he gushed “Watch and weep!!!”

 “Mmm, those are quite something!” Lisa gushed “I bet they’re bigger than yours, Kev.”

Kev just raised his eyebrows and shrugged. Slowly he slipped his fingers under the waistband of his briefs. His big shaft seemed to be swelling in his briefs, stretching the bright fabric to breaking point.

“Finally!” Ben grinned excitedly “I’m gonna defeat your little raisins AGAIN!”

Kev teasingly pulled the waistband away from his body and glimpsed down at the bulging manly contents inside. Suddenly there was a loud SNAP followed by a tearing sound as the stitching started to shred at the seams. Lisa gasped as Kev’s massive boner burst out of its confinement swinging upwards like an artillery piece. His ruined briefs were catapulted through the air, spinning wildly until they finally landed with a splat on Ben’s handsome face.

“Fuuuuuucck !” Ben roared in disgust as he began frantically peeling the moist, musky garment away from his eyes. With a look of uncontrolled rage he swung his foot backwards and then smashed it forward right into Kev’s naked meatballs.

Kev howled and doubled over, his arm reaching out for support and wrapping around Colin’s waist as he gasped and groaned in pain.

“Dude, that was mean!” Colin chuckled at Ben “You really don’t like losing, huh?”

Ben clenched his fists and glared at Colin then backhanded him brutally between the legs. Ben’s fist smashed into Colin’s bulging nut-sack and flattened his big round orbs.

Lisa gasped as Colin groaned and folded over leaving Ben standing dominantly over his two stricken rivals. The revenge attack on his buddies had quelled Ben’s rage and he smiled smugly. His cock was still semi-hard and jutted outwards above his big loose balls. The hurting jocks groaned and staggered as they clutched their sore nuggets.

“Pathetic! Those guys are so weak between the legs!” Ben explained to Lisa.

He casually wrapped his arm around the girl and gently guided her away from his hurting friends. His boner was slowly returning as he sensed victory in his grasp.

“Look honey, let’s just kick them out now.” he whispered in the girl’s ear “You know already I’m more of a man than either of those losers”

He grabbed her hand, guiding her fingers around his tanned, chiseled pecs and down every bump of his six pack abs. The girl grinned as she felt the impressive size of his boner rubbing against her while her hands sought out his big juicy balls.

“Yeah, you like my big man-eggs, huh?” Ben groaned in pleasure as he held the girl’s hand and rolled her fingers around the plump slippery orbs.

“Oh fuck, Ben!” Lisa gulped as she worshipped his danglers “There just so, mmmm.”

“Let me guess” Kev snarled from behind her “Mmmmm….miniscule?”

He placed a hand on the girls shoulder and spun her towards him. Her hand tugged brutally on Ben’s nut-sack making the horny stud yelp in pain. Ben grimaced as he leaned over clutching his tender groin.

Kev now stood stark naked sporting his own towering erection above a set of huge hefty balls. He seemed to have fully recovered from Ben’s assault.

“See, this is what a real man keeps between his legs!” Kev pointed at his junk.

He grinned at Lisa as he weighed his beefy balls in his hands. Then he turned to his roommates with a swaggering grin. Colin stood stark naked next to Ben who still had his head down, far too busy comforting his overstretched nut-chords to notice.

Kev rubbed his hands gleefully as he noticed Lisa gazing at his impressive manhood. His huge boner and bulging plums looked more than a match for his room-mates. Kev thrust his hips forward, making his meaty gonads swing heavily between his legs.

“Wooow, dude!” Colin finally sighed.

“That’s right!” Kev winked back at him “Still jealous of my big plums, huh Col?“

“Big?” Ben scoffed as he turned his head up and slowly straightened “I’ll show you fucking big!”

He grabbed his ball-sack and pointed to his bulging sex organs to prove his point.

“Face facts, Kev!” the big jock gazed down with a cocky grin “These are the biggest balls in the room!”

He beamed with pride as he admired the big virile orbs in his palm before sending a dismissive glance across towards Kev’s wedding tackle. The derisive snort was instinctive as his gaze returned to his favorite body parts. Then he blinked and a confused expression spread across his handsome face. He raised his eyebrows and once more his eyes drifted curiously towards Kev’s dangling, naked manhood.  He blinked several times more and shook his head in disbelief.

“What’s wrong, big guy?” Kev chuckled “Cat caught your tongue?”

Ben gulped loudly and his eyes suddenly darted back to his own prized testicles for reassurance. A small muscle twitched in his cheek and his erection seemed to wilt slightly.

“Mine must be bigger!” Ben’s voice cracked “I beat you!”

“Big?” Kev burst out laughing as he pointed to Ben’s dangling pouch “You call those things big?”

Ben jaw dropped and he looked utterly aghast that anyone would dare mock his manhood. He scowled as he fondled his beautiful orbs in his hands.

“Look at those floppy things!” Kev laughed and gave Lisa a nudge “Reminds me of two marbles in a condom!”

“Bullshit!” Ben protested angrily “I’m know I’m bigger!”

“You really want to get a close-up, buddy?” Kev sniggered.

He strutted up to his dumb-struck rival and held his big nuts out for comparison.

In truth, both jocks were very well endowed but Kev’s meat-balls clearly had a little more stuffing. Kev jiggled his superior nuts in his hand then slapped them against Ben’s baby-makers making his muscular rival whimper in pain.

“OK enough Kev! You win!” Colin scowled, gazing in disappointment at his outclassed man eggs. 

“Hell yeah!” Kev whooped, pumping his fist “So who has the biggest balls in the room, Ben?”

Ben glared back and shook his head defiantly. For once he seemed utterly lost for words. He hung his handsome face and began to blush crimson as he realized he was clearly out-manned. Slowly his erection wilted as if his cock was trying to conceal his disgraced testicles.

 “Poor Ben! Did your little guys let you down again?” Kev laughed.

Ben gulped, turning to Lisa with a pleading expression.

 “Alright boys, it’s time for my verdict” the girl clenched her hands together “Now close your eyes shut”

Seconds later the three jocks were standing in a wide circle with their eyes closed. Kev was smiling broadly with his arms crossed. His impressive manhood had already out-classed his rivals and he couldn’t wait to hear his buddies’ agonized screams when their inferior testicles were put out of commission. Ben and Colin stood nervously, sweat trickling down their handsome faces as they clenched their fists by their sides and waited for the inevitable.

The girl stood in the middle yielding the heavy bat. Miraculously, she now seemed much more comfortable its weight and was twirling it in her hands like a seasoned pro.

“So boys, first of all I think you’re all very fuckable!” she purred “and it seems a waste to pulverize your precious boy toys”

“Nonsense!” Kev smirked “Their puny balls deserve to be crushed, right Ben?”

Ben just scowled and gritted his teeth.

“So Colin, let’s start with you”

 The girl poked the blond stud’s smooth drooping member with the tip of the baseball bat making the blond stud rise on tiptoe and squirm nervously.

“Did anyone ever mention you’ve got a gorgeous cock!” she purred. Colin managed a nervous grin and he opened his eyes a crack.

 “Seriously? That tiny prawn!” Kev chuckled “Just smash his little marbles and let’s move on!”

“Come on, they’re not THAT small” Lisa laughed, raising the bat between Colin’s legs and carefully patting his tightly packed nuts with the hard wooden end. Colin gasped and grasped his thighs with his hands.

“But Kev has a point!” She shrugged “Sorry, no more kids for you Colin!”

“Please! No!” Colin begged.

There was a swish as she raised the bat back and then swung it forward. A loud thud echoed around the room and Colin screamed in agony and collapsed loudly onto the floor. Ben opened his eyes to see his sorry friend curled up on the ground, clutching his fat balls as he groaned pitifully. He clutched his own balls in empathy and gasped.

“Close your eyes, Ben” Lisa barked out the order.

Colin let out a tragic groan then looked up at the girl and gave her a cheeky wink. Unseen by the other guys he had sneakily caught the bat in his hands and saved his precious nuts from destruction.

“OK who’s next?” Lisa laughed meanly.

“Oh fuck, not the balls!” Ben gasped and tried to shield his precious gonads with his hands.

“Poor Ben!” Kev laughed “Bet you wish you had big nuts like mine, huh buddy?”

“Fuck you, dickhead!” Ben groaned.

Lisa stood in front of the cowering jock and brutally slapped his hands away from his groin. His eyes were still clamped shut and his jaw muscles twitched nervously.

“So Ben, do you still think you can win this?” she grinned and grabbed his loose nuts making the terrified jock gasp in shock.

 “Er, yeah sure, biggest balls in the room!” Ben spluttered trying desperately to convince her.

“Yeah right!” Kev laughed “Just crack his little nuts and get it over with!”

“Shut up!” Ben snapped “My balls are damn big, right Lisa?”

Lisa dropped Ben’s nuts and picked up the bat with a wicked grin.

“Oh yeah, they’re pretty big alright!” she chuckled “and I just LOVE the way they move.”

Ben yelped as she poked his ballbag with the tip of the bat making his plump low-hangers bounce and swing wildly between his strong thighs.

“But face facts, Ben, you’re up against some very STIFF competition!” she laughed glancing at Kev’s raging boner.

“Ooof!” Kev exhaled as the bat bumped into his heavy ball-sack. It was little more than a teasing prod and the tough jock’s grin quickly returned.

“You like that honey? See I’ve got a bigger cock than Ben” Kev bragged “and way bigger balls!”

Suddenly there was a loud swish followed by a sickening THUD that echoes through the room.

Ben shrieked and instinctively grabbed at his groin. His eyes opened wide and he stared down in terror. To his amazement his big low hangers were still nestling happily between his thighs, round, very plump and completely unscathed!

“Fuuuuuuuck!!!!” Kev suddenly roared in pain

Ben looked up to see the business end of the bat buried deep in his rival’s over-stuffed ball sack, crushing both of his fat love spuds. Kev gaped back wide eyed and his hands slowly dropped towards his crotch. He groaned pitifully as his fingers slid around the blunt weapon that jutted from his groin like an enormous phallus.

“My fucking balls!” Kev croaked as he doubled over and coughed deeply.

“Sorry sweety!” Lisa patted Kev on the head “I guess I prefer Ben’s danglers!”

“Fuck yeah!” Ben whooped ecstatically “I knew it…my nuts are bigger!”

“Well I didn’t exactly say…”

Lisa words were drowned out as Ben stormed forward and lifted Kev’s tortured face upwards by the hair.

“Biggest balls in the room, loser!” Ben yelled down triumphantly.

He grabbed his pendulous tackle and pressed his plump gonads right up against Kev’s face. Then grinning like a maniac he swung his ballbag, making his fat nuts collide heavily against Kev’s cheek with a loud splat. Kev could only blink back in astonishment as Ben’s fat nuts slapped him again knocking his face sideways. Ben roared with laughter as he swung his heavy tackle like a demolition ball, knocking Kev’s jaw sideways and sending the hurting jock sprawling to the floor.

Lisa laughed as Ben pumped his fist in triumph and began posing over his fallen rival. He winked at her cheekily as he flexed his sexy biceps before twisting on his heels like a catwalk model. Lisa bit her lip as her gaze fell to his cute tanned ass and she watched dreamily as he clenched his buns like two small cannon-balls.

“Yeah, check out those buns!” Lisa whooped ecstatically.

Ben beamed with pride, spreading his thighs and flexed one buttock then the other, making his butt cheeks dance for the girl. The big mounds of muscle contrasted wildly with his soft dangling nuts that jiggled precariously below his ass crack.

“Those balls are just gorgeous!” Lisa purred “Almost perfect…oh if only…”

“Huh?” Ben turned to her with curiosity.

“If only you your cock was as cute as Colin’s!”

With a vicious swing of the bat she nailed the horny jock right between the legs. Ben squealed as his man eggs were scrambled by the blunt weapon. He stumbled forward his hands dropping to his wounded manhood. Then, suddenly, his powerful legs collapsed beneath him and he fell sprawling on the floor right next to his writhing room-mates.  

“MY BAAAALLLS!!!” Ben wailed in distress. He arched his back and squirmed in agony, his strong hands pawing pathetically at his battered sex organs.

Colin looked up and grinned wickedly as he watched his two macho pals suffering from the agony in their overgrown testicles. Kev was gritting his teeth and rocking in pain while Ben thrashed and gasped like a landed carp.

“Hmm! You boys are kinda weak down there.” Lisa peered down shaking her head in disappointment at the miserable squirming hunks.  Then her eyes scanned around until they locked onto Colin’s.

“Well Colin, your friends look kinda tired. Care to join me for a stroll?”





Anonymous said...

Thanks Jimmy for publishing my little 2 parter and i love the pictures you chose.
In case anyone cares, i wrote this years and years ago, intending to wrote a longer series, then i got tired of it and it sat in a dusty corner of my harddrive.
I have to say i’m very happy to see it published even it’s such a silly tale😜

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Reg,

You brought back some of Alex's best, and most classic characters and gave all the readers a fresh story about something that I could absolutely see Alex writing himself. Not to spoil the ending but that is the character that I envisioned winning. Sometimes is not about size and girth, much to the characters suprise. Sometimes its the pretty package that wins.

This story had some great ups and downs, but my favorite parts are the suprises of who did not win. They were both so suprised lol.

Thank you for letting me post these, Reg! They were both great!


Anonymous said...

Reg, I loved this story bro. Very much in the style of the first stories I ever read on this blog, about Ben’s wrestling match. (Still one of my all time faves.) Love how these guys put themselves in goofy situations and then have to pay for it. And the surprise winner was a nice touch!