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The Sleepwalker written by Jimmy

 Hi everyone,

Sorry about my tardiness, and not posting this one last night. I wrote this one back in 2006, and polished it up. Hope you all enjoy it you ballbusting fiends. I proudly present to all of you:

The Sleep Walker

By Jimmy


            James was buried beneath his blankets early on Sunday afternoon.  During the night James woke up with sweat pouring down his face from a nightmare he could not remember. Now, James stirred groggily from the tangled mess of his sheets and clothes that he had taken off during his latest nightmarish dreams, leaving him naked under his blankets. He yawned loudly and scratched his chest absentmindedly before his body would let him rise. James pushed his bed sheets away from him, and watched as his clothes fell to the floor. He had barely set his feet upon the floor before he became aware that he was not alone in the room.

            Emmett his next store neighbor was asleep on the couch across from him. As Emmett breathed in slowly James noticed that he was in his most raggedy bed clothes with rips and tears all over them. James half wondered what he was doing here as Emmett’s dull snore broke and he too awoke with a start and stared avidly at James naked before him.  James too realized this also, discovering his own nakedness and quickly pulled on his sweatpants from the night before.

            “It happened again,” Emmett said strangely watching James battle with the mess of clothes that had become knotted together during the night. “You need to see someone about these restless nights you keep on having, luckily you always manage to stumble into my room, but you could have gone anywhere in the building.  And since you always see to be naked during these sleep walking extravaganza’s…who knows what could happen to you,” Emmett finished off before he could suppress the smirk traveling across his face.

            “That’s my forth time this month,” James spat giving up on untangling his shirt from his sheets and socks. “Mom’s going to flip when she finds out,” James said shakily folding his arms across his chest before sitting down next to Emmett.

            “She won’t have to find nothing out…really,” Emmett said smiling at him, “but I’m just going to keep it a secret for now. Nothing you can do to change it, is there now?” Emmett asked.

            Curious as to find out what his best friend meant, James lunged towards the floor grasping Emmett’s large left foot and began tickling mercifully.  Before long Emmett was crying with laughter and divulged his cryptic answer.  “My mom…” Emmett laughed harder than ever, “was out with her boyfriend…” Emmett tried to control himself as James had given up on tickling him and just mainly held onto to Emmett’s foot just in case he decided not to divulge the truth. “When you came over around eleven-thirty, James, I was able to get you back in your room before she go home,” Emmett finished trying to pry away his foot from James grasp.

            “I didn’t give you any…trouble did I?” asked James hoping against all hope that he had not hurt his best friend again.  On many of these night traumas James had attacked Emmett and he always hurt him in the same way.  Not that James could remember any of this, but that did not stop Emmett from telling him in vivid detail how he would sneak up on him and attacked his sensitive areas. For some reason or another whenever James slept walked he went for male genitalia.  Sometimes he would merely just stare at a male’s dick, other times he would grab, kick, punch, or stomp on a guy’s testicles. It was hard to predict.

            Emmett swallowed hard and began to tell James what had happened the previous night: “Well…I was having a dream when…

            Emmett’s eyes burst opened realizing that he was tied down to his bed. He was spread across his bed like a giant letter ‘X,’ or for another example, like he was halfway in the doing a cartwheel but got stuck.  Emmet’s hands and feet were secured tightly with the bed sheets that used to be covering him.  Emmet must have known then or maybe before who had ripped them to shreds. Emmet’s mouth was also gagged with strips of torn pieces of bed sheets. But it was not like Emmet really needed to be gagged, he never did try to get away from James. James listened closely as Emmet told him that he had woken up with him perched on top of his stomach watching him as if James was waiting for him to awake.  James tried not to blink or close his eyes, as the images from Emmet’s story showed him sitting on Emmett’s stomach and playing with his balls in-between James own fingers trying to wake him up.

            Emmet always tried to cover up the worst bits of the story; such as his suffering, humiliation, and pain.  Emmet would even laugh and try to make James smile by telling him how he would make silly faces, but James knew better.  James knew that every time he came in for these ‘surprise visits’ that Emmett did not laugh or smile.  Well maybe Emmett did smile a little, because Emmett could find the humor in just about anything, even situations that were not funny at all.

             Emmet continued retelling his story, while making a very conscious decision to leave out a certain part of the tale. James began to catch on, because Emmet blushed as he tried not to tell James certain parts. “We could always watch the tape,” James suggested.

            “No,” Emmet said with finality in his voice.

            “I know that there are certain parts that you’re just not telling me,” James said sitting down next to him and pulling him closer in a half bear hug kind of move with one arm around his neck. “I want to know.”

            “Maybe you shouldn’t.  Sometimes it likes your another person James, and I…don’t want you to get to know him.  He’s just not good for you.” Emmett said cryptically.

            “Let me be the judge of that. Or we will watch the tape, or I could just tickle it out of you,” James said smiling at Emmett. “Now pinky-swear that you will tell me the truth,” James said trying to sound serious, while he reached his hand under Emmett’s shirt and began tickling Emmett in his smooth armpit and the sides of his soft stomach. Emmett cracked smile and laughed again almost uncontrollably before gaining the nerve to fight James back and for awhile they almost forgot about finishing the story.  Emmett had pinned James hands behind James back and reached his between James wide-spread legs grabbing onto his balls and squeezing them rather more roughly than usual, so James tried to play along, like Emmett was trying a fake wrestling move from the WWE or something.  “Oh no…not those!  That’s my balls!” 

            Emmett usual let go of them by now, but he seemed to have other plans with a terrifying evil look in his eyes as he kept on squeezing James balls.  The hard pinching had changed and instead Emmett really compressed his grasp on James rapidly swelling balls, which started to really hurt, real fast.  James moaned under his breath as he tried to pry his pinned arms out to defend himself. Emmett felt the movement James was making and gathered James goods in the palm of his right hand.  “James…you have been sneaky, trying to escape” Emmett spoke slyly and wound up and slammed his fist into James already aching testicles and soft penis.

            James eyes crisscrossed or at least that is how James felt they had done, as he noticed Emmett smiling from the look on contorted pain etched across James face; as Emmett wound up his fist in the air again, and plunged his closed hand deep into James ballsac. “UNGH no!” James hollered, all pretense and fake moaning had ceased as a defense, as Emmett grinded his knuckles into James sac. James was now squealing for real.

            “Please man….I give….oh GOD how I give!”

            Emmett grinned at James again and leaned forward so that his lips almost touched James, “Just one more,” he whispered his mouth a hairs breath away. And with that James felt Emmet’s knuckles leave his balls. James shuddered, getting ready to take yet another hit. James closed his eyes in protest, and prayed to whoever that might have been listening for Emmett’s last hit to be quick.  But nothing happened, no blow came to James agonizing balls.  Bravely James eyes flickered open as he dared to peek out from his lashes to see what was happening.  And then James eyes met his best friend’s, which was what Emmett had apparently been waiting for; to make eye contact. And now that he had James eyes locked in with his, he slammed his fist for a third time into James bulging nuts. James tried to say something to Emmett, but his voice was nowhere to be found.

            The pain both surprised and overwhelmed James as Emmett finally allowed him to pull his hands free.  James could have sworn that his nuts had been bigger the last time he held them, but James guessed that Emmett’s persistent attacks might have damaged his nuts growth, maybe permanently. Or maybe James balls just shrunk from the direct hits from impact of Emmett’s fast fists. “Damn man, that hurt! A lot! ” James spat at him. Emmett for his part did not answer however and was making different choices to by standing up to James statement and instead moved off of James legs allowing James some more freedom.

            This brief moment for James gave him time to regain some composure and the reprieve was needed for his balls to heal was ended by Emmett pulling James back against his chest and wrapping his legs around James stomach and his arms around James chest and neck in a very tight embrace. “I thought we had a truce going on here,” James began to say when he was interrupted by Emmett’s hands climbing beneath his night pants and resting them on top of his crotch threateningly. “What are you…?” James began to say before he was interrupted again.

            “What I could not tell you before was, you did this except you made touched my…well,” and instead of telling James, Emmett decided to show him and he reached his hands downward a bit more and began to rub James penis forwards and backwards, causing his dick to rise quite speedily, which was perfectly normal for that age.  James face reddened and somehow he knew that Emmett may have noticed because he stopped. Emmett instead placed his hands menacingly on top of James nuts, slightly cupping them, ignoring the now raging 4 incher that poked straight out. Words seemed to be forgotten, from what Emmett had shown James and it was not just the fact that Emmett had stroked and fondled his dick, or was now cupping his balls in his fingers and simply amusing himself now by fumbling them around in his palm.  The truth of the matter was Emmett was acting on revenge from James had done to him, which he had every right to do. Usually James could not remember what he had done on sleep walking trips but a single image came so suddenly into focus in his mind. James saw himself perched on top of a body, the body of his friend Emmett. 

Emmett was pleading with him with his pale gray eyes to stop touching him, as James continued to rub his cock so hard from beneath Emmett’s torn sheets; until Emmett’s apparent enjoyment warmed his grey eyes.  The sensation of Emmett’s balls in James grasp aroused him, while at first he used his fist to crush them in his hard rigid uncaring fist. Emmett writhed and retched in his restraints underneath James, but for the first time James realized that Emmett enjoyed this.  Emmett actually liked what James was doing to him, and this was the first time that James had ever put the puzzle together. Emmett never kept his apartment door locked at night in his apartment or told his parents to keep James from hurting him. Emmett’s door was open for James to come in.

            James turned his head around to face Emmett, his gray eyes warm now, and not unlike James own glimpse of the previous night. James tried to sound understanding but failed quickly and couldn’t keep his voice steady, “You like me visiting you in the middle of the don’t you?” James asked, somewhat fearing the answer to a mystery of his own life that he hardly now knew the answer to.

            “I look forward to it every month,” Emmett blurted out holding James precious nuts in his hands at the base of James thick dick.  “And you always like to come as well.  I wish that you were like that all the time,” Emmett said beaming at the shocked look on James face, with the slight hints of pain still lingering from the previous blows to James manhood.

            No thoughts occurred to James on what to say to Emmett.  Words seemed to be dead to James. Instead James now focused on nothing but Emmett’s thumbs which were dangerously close to digging into his already damaged testicles. Emmett locked his fingers together suddenly as if he wanted to pray, with James balls unfortunately trapped in between.  James balls were between Emmett’s palms with a sudden abrupt new sensation of aching which sprung forth from James by now swollen balls. “I know that you like it when I do this,” Emmett explained to James as Emmett felt James heartbeat race faster from their close embrace, with James body ensnared inside of Emmett’s and vulnerable for more physical attacks.

            James breath became ragged and deep, as James groaned louder than ever as Emmett meanwhile pumped James ballsac like he was trying to crack a walnut. James turned this time to plead with Emmett to stop, but he knew even before he tried what Emmett’s answer would be. “Emmett, please man, oh how it hurts, I already said I give.  Come on. Let go! My balls…” James voice broke and began raising a few octaves far too high for a boy his age.

            “I’ll stop, only if you promise me…”

            “I will promise anything!” James shouted interrupting him.

            “Promise me that this will never end.”

            “It has to end man; I can’t…oh fuck…” Emmett had just chosen that precise moment to tighten his hold on what was left of James shrinking, aching ballsac.

            “No that’s not what I mean! I want this relationship…whatever we have going on to never stop.  I always want to grab onto your balls.  I always want you to sneak into my room a few times a month to assault me. I want you to be my busting buddy from now until forever.”

            James could not think of the consequences of the actions that he was about to take, James only concern was for the incessant never ending throbbing of his nuts being crushed between his  friend’s unyielding vice-like grip. “Fine! Whatever…just let go!” And with a concluding last painful squeeze Emmett released James balls from his grip.  James quickly bent down to cradle his tender raw balls, to finally protect them, but Emmett pulled James's back into their previous embrace.

            “Rest now for a while…because this Sunday is going to be a long painful day,” and at the word painful Emmett dug both of feet that were previously rapped around James's stomach and grinded them into James's manhood with his strong feet and proceeded to pound James balls into putty against James own pubic bone.

            James hollered out loud in defeat. Screaming about “Promises,” before Emmett tossed James to the floor and Emmett stood up faster than James could protect himself and lodged his big foot between his thighs. James thought he knew pain before, but nothing prepared him for that devastating blow. Emmett finally let James curl into himself while he kept his big toe pressing upon James's right nut.

            “Tonight, I don’t care if your sleep walking or not.  Come to my family’s apartment.  I want to give you everything that you gave me last night.  Revenge will be sweet,” Emmett grimaced as he jammed his big toe downward causing James's right nut to be trapped between Emmett’s toe and the floor. Emmett crushed the big inflexible toe into the center of James right nut, before he left the ball alone. Emmett eventually left the other nut alone as well, before he consented to leave James's crotch alone. Emmett walked through James's bedroom door leaving him moaning on the floor staggering between semi-unconsciousness and the dull ache that kept exploding in his ballsac every time James tried to hold his balls.



Mark-Daniel said...

Are Emmett and Christian the same person? I'm confused

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Mark-Daniel,

I am so sorry for my mistakes! I counted five times where that happened. I edited my work, and thought that I caught all of them. Clearly I did not! Sorry if that pulled you out of the story. I updated it.