Monday, January 24, 2022

Snapshot: The Best Hug written by Jimmy


The Best Hug

Written By Jimmy


Breathing hard the boy stumbles into the arms of his opponent. He’s lost and Cameron knows it.

“Good match.”

Cameron looks up then, as boy gives him a quick hug and it’s then that Cameron feels their groins touch. An electric charge flows through him, and he gasps at the same time as his opponent. Cameron is not even sure of his name but he starts to bone up, and unfortunate occurrence that happens way too often when he wrestles.

The boy smells of sweat, a very musk hangs between them and Cameron hugs him back, remembering what to do with his arms.

“You got lucky,” he says and after a moments hesitation whispers “You won’t next time.”

The opponent laughs. “I’ll win that too.” He says cockily, peering down at Cameron. “Plus, I’m bigger where it counts. I’ve got more testosterone then you. More of a man…where it counts.”

Cameron’s eyes narrow, while the opponent…Doug. That was his name, The Midtown Wrestler.

Doug pulls back making sure to wiggle his eyebrows as he stares pointedly at Cameron’s unfortunate growing bonner straining his white Lycra singlet pouch.

“Until next time,” Doug says with a laugh turning back to grin at his teammates, one of whom eyes glow red, but Cameron thinks that must be a flicker of the light. No one’s eyes are red.

Cameron grips Doug’s shoulder with his dominant left hand, spinning the grin wrestler back to him and gets in close to his face again, but with his leg lifted this time. Cameron’s feels a satisfying crunch, as his thigh makes contact with Doug’s groin and he hears the air expunged from Doug’s chest.

“I wouldn’t count on it,” Cameron speaks, his voice low as he grinds his knee deep in Doug’s bulge, the overflowing boyhood squished against Doug’s taint.

Doug groans, and slips down to one knee holding onto his testicles eyes starring wide.

Cameron only smiles as he glares down at Doug, before he turns on his heel still in defeat, but somehow feeling like he just won.



Anonymous said...

damn pic and story are both hot

Anonymous said...

Doug always ends getting wasted 😂

For sure he is a good fighter… but he has a very weak (and hairy) spot. And Chase and now Cameron know it xd.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anonymous,

I super agree this is such a hot picture. It was begging for a story! And thank you for the wonderful feedback!


---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------
Dear Anonymous,

Doug does usually get the shit end of the stick... maybe some day he will get the upper hands, and his hairy nuts will reign supreme! He can dream anyways! All the C characters know Doug's secret, lol.



Anonymous said...

Listen up, freaks! I'm Doug, and whoever wrote these lies about me is gonna pay big time!
I admit, there is one truth here, my huge hairy balls really are way bigger than that loser Cameron's or any of yours for that matter ! Oh and by the way I'm bigger than that dickhead Chase too, or have you idiots forgotten the last time we checked? His cute hairless danglers were utterly defeated by my big manly balls!
Now let me get one more thing big manly nuts are also tough as hell! I probably slipped when that cheat Cameron smashed his knee into my fucking nuts but i swear I was back on my feet in no time and i really made him suffer later in the locker room! So if any of you think I've got weak balls, i dare you to challenge me to a game of Roshambo! I'll take you all on, wimps!
Well? Yeah...that shut you up!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

I want to know who you are?!?

Oh wait,'s Doug!

If you ever want to write a story in which Doug's hairy nuts reign supreme please, let me know!

This was awesome to read!

I'll see what I can do to make Doug finally come out on top at least ONCE in one of my stories.



Anonymous said...

Jimmy, look please keep this between us...truth is Doug forced me to post anonymously! I assure you, with a wrestler's hand around my junk I didn't have much say in the matter.
Just between us girlfriends, i suspect Doug's not very literate so he just dictated while i tapped...and then he suddenly squeezed my nuts.
God it hurt!
In desperation I managed to thrust my hand inside his bulging jockstrap, my fingertips combing through his shockingly bushy pubes until I scooped up his fat sweaty nuts and gripped them tight. Damn! I've never heard such a manly roar from a teenager but considering the weight of his nuts that's hardly surprising!
I can assure you Jimmy, that kid is all man where it matters most!
And as I quickly realised, Doug's solid walnuts are not as easily cracked as my own pistachios.
Sorry for the late reply, dude, i only just regained consciousness.

Unknown said...


Damn Reg, sounds like Doug messed you up good! I'm happy that he picked on you and not me!

Maybe Doug can actually carry that win back to the mat and finally win something. Only time will tell if our hairy, big-nutted wrestler can pull this off!