Saturday, April 15, 2017

Brush up your German! Neues Story-Blog auf deutsch

Monday is an exciting day for me: After more than 9 years of writing and publishing ballbusting stories in English I’ve decided to team up with a friend and start a German story blog.

Jungs mit Eiern (“Boys with balls”) will launch on Monday with the very first story that I wrote in German. Some might say that it’s odd that I have never published a German story before but somehow I felt more comfortable writing in English. And then my friend Dominik came along and sent me an awesome German story that he wrote. We decided that it’s too good to not publish but we agreed that this blog wasn’t the right place to publish it.

That’s how Jungs mit Eiern was born.

It is an experiment. We have no idea if there’s an audience for ballbusting stories in the German language. Maybe the blog will bomb. Maybe we will close it down after a couple of months if nobody cares about our stories. We’ll see.

If you speak German: Head over to “Jungs mit Eiern” on Monday and have a look. There’ll be three stories this week. After that we’ll try and publish at least one new story per week. We’re very curious about your feedback, so make sure to leave a comment or send us an email ( and/or

By the way: My German stories will not be translations from this blog, and I won’t translate them into English. They’ll be original stories written specifically for the new blog.

That said, there’s no doubt that there might be some overlapping themes, and you might recognize some plot ideas. After all, both blogs will be about hot guys cracking each others’ nuts for fun… :-))

As I said: I’m very excited and I sure hope those of you who speak German will enjoy the new blog! – denn NĂ¼sse sind zum Knacken da! ;-)


Lenny Bennu said...

This is great to see Alex! I'm glad you're aiming for something new, and I hope nothing but the best!

Alex said...

Thank you, Lenny! :-))

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately do I not speak german. But I hope it will be a hit

Alex said...

Thanks for you comment, ballbuster XXL! :-))