Monday, February 20, 2017

My life as a nutcracker: Cast of characters

Today marks the start of a great series of stories written by our reader David Walker. "My life as a nut cracker" is a young man's epic journey into a world of ball busting und sex. It's a wild ride, and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Before I publish the first part in a couple of minutes David and I want to introduce you to the main characters.

Nut Cracker
Nut Cracker (18 years old)
Bullied throughout high school, he discovers a move that stops bullies of all types; a standard Southern young guy who develops physically and emotionally throughout the Story

Seth (20 years old)
NC’s proud brother, also gay, who has always defended his brother; sexy, lithe, and working on his body, as many other people would like to do

Jackson (20 years old)
Self-confident liberal redneck who becomes NC’s very experienced trainer in the art of ballbusting; not old enough to be a bear, he nevertheless exemplifies one with every hair on his Body

Vince (18 years old)
NC’s former classmate, he ultimately becomes NC’s tag team partner at the fight club; his red hair also draws attention to a body being built into fighting/ballbusting condition

Kenny (18 years old)
NC’s best friend since forever and jerk off and then fuck buddy nearly as long; blonde, kind of a twink, thin with a great, non-gym body, and intensely loyal to NC

CJ (20 years old)
Seth’s and Jackson’s friend, a future good ol’ boy who will fuck anything that moves; his longish dirty blonde hair and sexually confident air makes him everybody’s friend…for at least a half hour

Corey (18 years old)
NC’s high school bully who never learned his lesson; he’s a lot less than he thinks he is, and while he’s built, he thinks everyone should bow down to him, for no apparent reason


Scott (18 years old)
Not entirely bright US-style football player in high school who teams up with Corey against NC; he’s maintained his muscular body and uses it to some advantage at the fight Club

Charlie (40+ years old)
Owner and manager of the fight club, a former factory in the rust belt town of Mayberry; something of a good ol’ boy, he’s kept in shape and could easily be a daddy for anyone looking for one


Anonymous said...

Great move to introduce the characters first, since this story will (hopefully) be a long one. Makes it easy to get into the narrative. I for one can't wait to meet Corey! Except I'm probably not alone on that...

David Walker said...

Thanks, Anonymous. The story will go on for a couple of weeks, and that was the idea of writing descriptions first off. We all know Alex's characters because we've been following them and are comfortable with them. I wanted to at least introduce everybody. And Corey, having had his nuts punched in high school, will be back with a vengeance. Thanks again.