Monday, February 20, 2017

My life as a nutcracker - part 1: I learn to fight (written by David Walker)

This is the first part of a wonderful, epic story written by our reader David Walker. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Previous parts:

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

It’s not that I like to get beat up.  Some days, though, I feel like that’ll put things to rest for a while.  It’s kind of a redneck pastime, seeing if the fag can take it.  I grew up with just about everybody I went to school with…small town.  Pretty much everybody assumed I was gay, so I got beat up.  I had my books ripped out of my hands, called “faggot,” asked repeatedly why I didn’t just kill myself.  And it’s not like the teachers did anything about it.  Other times, though, it was just fun to try to smash somebody’s lights out.  I can keep up for a couple minutes, and I can dish it out pretty good.  I also make a damned good punching bag.  I don’t like being sore for the next couple days, but there’s a point where I kind of like it.  There’s this musical my brother watches called Carousel.  This girl’s husband, who has a really good voice, punches her when he gets mad.  She says it feels like a kiss.  I don’t know where the writer got that idea, because getting punched does not feel like a kiss.  It feels like getting punched.

I’m queer.  So is Seth, my brother.  Dad is really happy about that.  I mean, one fag son is bad enough, in his way of thinking.  Both sons fags?  He’s sure god played a trick on him.  Maybe.  Dear ol’ dad found out about me first.  Belt, meet skin.  I had those welts for weeks.  Well, fuck him.  He doesn’t think my being able to defend myself is an accomplishment.  He didn’t have every jock in the school picking on him relentlessly like I did.  Let’s just say we don’t talk.

We don’t have a computer…dad doesn’t understand them or what they’re good for.  Seth says he’s saving up to buy a laptop.  My fuck buddy has one, though, and he started to show me videos of guys getting punched in the balls or some guy whackin’ the other with a tennis ball.  So we tried it.  It wasn’t as much fun as fuckin’ and suckin’, but it was fun.  I mean, it hurt like fuck, but there was something cool about it, too.  Then it hit me, kinda like a punch to the nuts.  Maybe I could get even with those fucking jocks by punching them in the stones.  Seth, who made it through school pretty easy, said he’d help me figure out how to do it quick and dirty.

The bullying actually stopped.  And it felt good...both the end of the bullying and landing the nut shot with a good, solid fist.  Some stupid shit started calling me faggot and the taunt turned into a moan, a scream, a sound I instantly liked.  The Chief Bully, Corey, stopped after maybe two or three times.  He always threatened he’d get me, but he never did.  His lieutenants felt they had to defend his stupid honor.  I got each of them at least once.  They were never smart enough to know what was coming.  I did it often enough that I got to like it.  A bonus was that none of them ever told on me.  I mean, how could a real dude report to the principal that the fag beat him up?

Seth is older than me by about a year.  He came out to me first, which I think now was pretty cool…you know, that you trust your little brother with a bombshell like that.  Maybe it’s no big deal to you.  Out here it is.  I remember asking him what he thought about when he jerked off, which was maybe 3 times a day.  He told me he usually thought about fucking some guy in a boy band or sucking off some country singer.  Not girls?  He said he didn’t think of girls that way.  He said his cock was made for guys.  Then he asked me what I thought about when I was jerking off, which was pretty often, too.  Back then, I told him about hate fucking the shit out of the guys who were making fun of me.  That was before I saw those nut shots on YouTube.  He showed me where he kept his porn magazines, really cool hardcore stuff, and told me to look through them.  Let’s just say that became an alternative.

After my success at ball bashing, he decided I ought to learn to fight better, as Seth said, “more legally.”  He liked to watch pro wrestling on TV (nearly naked gods beating up each other, what’s not to like?) (I watched with him sometimes) so we worked on some of their more practical moves.  We both got pretty good at that.  Never got knocked out or kicked in the teeth, and I liked feeling him get hard as we rolled around on the ground. We’d even sneak a couple nut shots…not hard, but it was fun to try to land one on Seth.  One time I was on top, cock on cock, and he felt hard.  I reached down inside his jeans and felt his hard cock.  It felt like mine and it also felt different, bigger.  I started jerking him off.  It didn’t take him long to cum and we both laughed like idiots when I said I didn’t know how to clean off my hand.  He told me it probably wasn’t a good idea to do that again.  I heard two guys in the locker room say that masturbating was like shaking hands compared to fucking.  I told Seth.  We got real good shaking hands.

We liked fighting, a mix of wrestling and whatever it takes.  The trouble was that we got so we knew each other’s moves.  That’s not bad, but it takes some of the surprise out of it.  We tried to think of guys we could invite over…you know, get them high or stoned or sort of drunk and then see what happened.  I hadn’t considered that I had a reputation at school.  Guys who might otherwise consider it hesitated.  I promised the bully, Corey, that I wouldn’t kick him in the nuts.  No deal.  None of his disciples wanted anything to do with it, either.  It was a small school and word got around.  Seth told me a couple of guys said they’d fight him but not me.

One Saturday we were smoking, getting high, just generally being jerks, when a pickup came up the lane and stopped.  I didn’t recognize the truck.  Some dude got out of the truck, saw us, played with his cap and his longish hair and walked over.  The beard just long enough, the sorta dirty tank top, the torn jeans and boots…he fit my idea of this young redneck’s wet dream.  Well, one type, anyway.

“Hear you two are looking for somebody to fight.”  I quickly handed him the joint and he took a good, deep draw.  As he exhaled, he said, “I ain’t all that good, but I like to go at it sometimes.”  He took another hit then handed it to Seth.  “Ain’t good at brawlin’.  Throwin’ punches, tradin’ blows, wrasslin’ down to the ground, you know?  I like that.”  He looked at me and grinned.  He kept looking at me.  “I kinda like getting punched in the nuts a couple times, too.”  Christ, who hadn’t heard about that?

I liked him and was curious to know what it was like to fight a stranger.  I knew I was too stoned to be any good now, so I said maybe tonight down by Everett’s Landing.  “Both of you?” he asked.  “You want me to bring somebody along?”  Seth said he didn’t want to fight, just watch.  He nodded and then took another deep suck of weed.  “He likes to watch, too.”  He looked at me.  “Around 8?”  I nodded.  He loped back to his truck.  His ass was mouthwateringly hugged by those jeans.  He waved his hat and took off.  I hadn’t realized until then that I had a raging hard-on.  “You want to take care of that?” Seth asked.  I looked at his jeans.  The answer was pretty obvious.


If hand jobs don’t count, this was the first time my brother and me had sex.  We went up to our bedroom.  Mom had passed out on something and Dad was…who cares?  Seth unbuckled his belt.  His jeans fell as he closed and locked the door.  As he turned, he dropped his boxers.  We sat down on the bed, grabbed some lube and started playing around and stroking.

I don’t know why, I just wanted to know what his cock felt like inside my mouth.

My fuck buddy, Kenny, likes having sex.  Kenny and I do a lot of playing around, trying to do what the studs in my brother’s magazines were doing.  When we’re at Kenny’s house, he’ll go on the internet to some porn sites.  He’d get hard as a rock and I’d be under the desk teasing his balls, suckin’ him off and he’d cum like the Johnstown flood.  Then we’d change places and I’d look at the computer and he took me in his mouth.  Now, I have a pretty nice-sized cock, so does Seth, but Kenny could plunge and practically swallow me.  Deep throatin’, he called it.  Damn, that felt good.  Then he’d suck and lick my balls and run the tender side of my cock over his stubble, which would make me moan in painful delight.  He’d take me in his mouth again and rub his tongue over where he scraped me.  His hand slid down to my nuts.  I never lasted very long, and I could feel my cum explode in waves…shot after shot to the back of his mouth.  Then we’d go to his bedroom and try to fuck or suck each other again.  We were both good for at least a second cumming.

Seth and I had a hand grabbing and stroking each other’s cock.  I always tried to follow Seth, and this time we were doing firm, not really slow strokes, giving a little squeeze.  I couldn’t hold back anymore and I leaned over and put my mouth over Seth’s cock.  He didn’t move his hand right away.  I didn’t know if that was good or bad.  “No, don’t,” he said.  I didn’t feel him lifting my head off his cock, so I was pretty sure he was just saying that.  His hand moved down to his balls and he put his other hand on my head.  I could hear him moan like he was enjoying this.  My lips moved up and down.  He was bigger, rounder, longer than Kenny, more like the porn guys.

“Bite me,” he said.  This was new.  “Suck it with your teeth.”  It felt kind of weird, biting my brother’s dick.  “Harder.”  It sounded like it hurt and he liked it.  Then I felt pressure on my head and he forced his cock to the back of my mouth.  I thought of Kenny’s deep throat and opened up and it felt like Seth’s shaft plunged down to my stomach.  I couldn’t help it…it took me by surprise and I bit into the base of his dick.  He gave out an “Ah!” which turned into an “Oh!” and I guessed he was OK.  I wanted to get that thing out of my throat, not out of my mouth.

“Play with my balls.  Squeeze ’em.”  I started sucking again, minus teeth and faster, and squeezed his nuts kinda in the rhythm.  I held onto his cock as I took it out of my mouth and ran my tongue up and down that wonderful, hard rod.  I sort of bit the head and squeezed his balls harder.  He winced but didn’t object.  I did it again and then ran what little stubble I had up and down his tender underside.  He started shaking and moaning.  His nuts started moving.

“I’m gonna cum,” he choked.  “I’m gonna cum!”  My mouth quickly covered his swelling meat.  I started sucking again, faster, and squeezed his balls tighter.  “Oh, shit!  Oh, god!  I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!  Fuck!  Teeth!  Use your fuckin’ teeth! Grab my balls!”  I bit in, squeezed hard, and about two strokes later, he shouted “Oh, fuck!” while his cum blasted the back of my throat.  It was almost like he was taking a piss, he kept bombarding my throat with cum.  He forced my head down over his still spurting dick.  He let go and I lifted my head.  There was still some white stuff in the slit.  I let go his nuts and licked his cock head and a spasm ran through his body.

 “Holy fuck.”  His voice was a tone I hadn’t heard before from him.  He pulled me up so my head rested on his chest.  My cock was pulled between his legs.  “You and Kenny sure must have a lot of fun.”  I rolled off him and popped my nuts pretty fast, thinking about what we’d just done.  He played with my balls.  I came like Old Faithful.


Everett’s Landing was a nice out of the way place.  Guys went to another clearing by the creek to get drunk and fuck their girls, or just get drunk.  We didn’t see the guy’s truck, so we kicked some cans and bottles out of the way.  It was hard dirt with not a lot of stones.  We heard a truck.  Two guys in the cab, the one who wanted to wrestle me was driving.  The other was one of those blond-billies, long blond hair, didn’t wear a shirt, probably so we could see his dirty blond furry chest.  He looked like he just got down off the mountain.  I wondered if he was looking for somebody to take back with him.  Yeah, I was gettin’ horny.  When he saw us, he got this strange grin on his face.  The blond-billy’s body was bronze, so I figured he worked on a farm.  The one who wanted to fight me had a nice, full beard, wore really tight cutoffs instead of jeans and pretty sturdy-looking work boots.  Was he gonna use them to kick my balls?  I heard Seth’s footsteps behind me.

“This here’s CJ,” my opponent said.  “I’m Jackson.”  He stuck out his hand and we shook.

Before Jackson could continue the introductions, CJ shouted, “Hey, Seth!” like he was happy to see my brother.  That surprised me.  I don’t know all of Seth’s friends, but still.

I was even more surprised when Seth said, “Hey, CJ.  How you been?”  Seth sounded happy to see CJ, too.  “How’s that wrist comin’ along?” Seth asked.

“Even better than before you broke it,” CJ laughed.  “Looks like you’re walkin’ pretty good.”

“Yeah.  That was quite a night.”


Jackson had a gorgeous, big smile.  “The fuck?” was about all I could think.  That and that bulge in Jackson’s crotch.  I wasn’t about to ask Seth.  And I really wanted to hit some skin with Jackson.

“Well,” said Jackson, “time to get into training.”  With that, Seth pulled out 4 beers from our ice chest and CJ brandished four joints.  I had the feeling Jackson didn’t want any competition, so he got me stoned and drunk beforehand.

“You want to be the warm-up match?” CJ asked Seth.

“Nah,” Seth replied, not a trace of agitation in his voice.  “I’m just here to see Jackson and the nut cracker,” a name he’d given me back when he heard stories of the results of my anti-bullying campaign.

“Nut cracker, huh?” Jackson asked, looking at me with that smile.  “Maybe I better re-think this whole thing.  Why don’t you take a big hit, fella?  I know you can smoke ’em.  Bet you can drink that panther piss, too.”

I laughed, took a hit, chugged some beer, and felt great.  They were all a year or two older than me but I felt like I was with friends.  The evening hadn’t cooled off any from the hot afternoon.  The cold beer tasted good.  The pot was making my head feel about 10 pounds lighter.  Jackson took off his boots.

“You fuckers gonna do this?” CJ shouted.  “Gonna be dark soon and we don’t have any flashlights.”  I noticed there was a beer can and boots where Jackson sat and he held another beer as he walked toward me.  I swear his cutoffs had flashing neon arrows pointing at his stuff.

“Well, nut cracker,” he smiled and stuck out his hand to pull me up.  When I stood up I was pretty woozy.  Jackson unfastened the buckle and his shorts dropped.  Holy shit.  He’d been commando the whole time.  I swore the sonuvabitch did that just to fuck with me.  It worked.   I dropped my shorts and there appeared my boxers.  He didn’t make any comments and walked up.

“Do you want to have an ‘Out’ line?”

“Like where the ropes would be?”

“Yep.  Or do you wanna use all the space?”  I pointed to the tall grass near the creek and said there were a bunch of stones there.  “Fair enough, and we’ll stay away from the trucks.  Slip and bang your head…not a good thing.  And how about we go until one of us calls it quits?  We can get pinned or tap out or even give up a round, but it’s not over until one of us has had enough.”  I nodded agreement.  “Winner takes all,” he said as he looked at my boxers.

I agreed, we shook hands, and by god the thing started.  We circled a little, and then he lunged at me and pulled down my boxers.  “Now we’re even.”

Well, not by a long shot.  His cock was the biggest one I’d ever seen in person.  Bigger than when Seth gets hard and as big as any guy in Seth’s magazines or on the porn sites.  It just bobbed up and down, swung side to side.  I couldn’t help thinking what it would taste like in my mouth.  Then I felt my knees hit the dust and a sting in my balls.

“Concentrate.  You’re not gonna get me by staring at my junk.  Stand up and let’s get started.”  Jackson didn’t sound angry, just like he wanted to get serious about fighting.

He pulled me up pretty hard and we went to it.  It felt like whenever he got me in some hold, he’d pull me really close to his body.  This was not making concentration easy.  He wasn’t a muscle guy, probably worked on a farm like CJ.  And bang in the nuts again.  And down to the ground again.

“Look…kid…you pay attention to what’s happening, not to my body.”

He walked toward me, legs just wide enough apart.  I clenched a fist and drove it into his nut sac.  He grabbed his balls and let out a cross between a cry of pain and a laugh.  “Like that?” I asked.

He cupped his balls; his cock was still flopping around.  I grabbed it, used it as leverage to stand up, gave it a couple of jerks, and with his hands still over his balls, I smacked him again.  It didn’t have any effect, but it felt great.  I wanted to make him cum, and now I wanted him to make me cum.  He straightened up, jabbed an arm under an armpit and the other between my legs.  He scooped me up, squashing my balls, and threw me down to the ground.  Hard.  I landed on my back.  The dirt didn’t give.  Seth could do that to me and it wouldn’t knock the breath out of me.  Jackson did.

“Fuck!” I wheezed.  I don’t know how your back is connected to your nuts, but they started to throb.

Jackson bent down, pulled me up by my hair, and I hit him as hard as I could in his guts.

“You really wanna go there?”  He punched me a good one.  His cock flew up and down as we traded punches.  The last gut punch knocked the air out of me.  He came over, picked me up, and rammed me down on his knee for a ball busting knee drop.  It was like backing into an electric fence.  Pain coursed from my balls to my skull.  I stood up and clutched my boys.  Funny how “Fuck!” can express so much.  He spun me around and picked me up again.  This time I collapsed on his hairy chest.  Again my balls landed on his knees.  He drove his fist into my gut, then tossed me to the ground.

“Anytime you wanna give up, just say so,” he kind of sneered.  I was starting not to like this guy.

We did some more holds and punches, fists flying and connecting, sweat spraying off each of us with each blow.

“How’s that workin’ for you?” he taunted.  We rammed each other’s nuts.  My body ached, but no way did I want this to be over.  He rammed his fist into my stomach, grabbed me by my throat, stretched me across his knee, which really hurt, pounded me in the gut a couple times, threw a good one into my balls, and tossed me to the ground.  My body never hurt all over like that.  My bullies were amateurs compared to this guy.

Again he grabbed my hair and pulled me roughly to my feet.  “You’re pretty fuckin’ easy prey,” he said.  With that, I felt a fist bash the side of my head.

“You fuckin’ asshole!” I yelled.  I put a hand over my jaw.

“It’s always best to do a matching pair,” he said.  Just that fast I felt a fist slam into the other side of my face.  I think my body went into some sort of shock.  Somehow I was still on my feet, so pushed me, hard, and I landed on my ass.  It was like my brain and body were two separate things.  I knew I was in pain, my body hurt like a sonuvabitch, but I also didn’t know where I hurt more.  And then things changed.

He walked toward me with the most evil smile I’d ever seen.  He rubbed his balls, jerked off a little, then swooped down and grabbed my feet.

“Guess what, nut cracker.  You’re gonna die.”

I didn’t want to think about what was coming next.  I started squirming and kicking…not trying to kick him so much as just trying to get my feet free.  He laughed and he sounded like those fuckers in school.  He yanked my legs far apart.  The pain in my balls made me shriek.  My leg muscles were tight and when spread them apart, it was as if they sent arrows, daggers into my nuts.

Maybe it was the sweat on my legs or on his hands, but I kicked and got a foot free and immediately drove a heel right dead into his fucking balls.  He just stood there, sweat pouring down his chest, still holding one foot, and I did it again.  I hurt, my nuts stung, but I wanted him to hurt more.  I wanted to kick his balls up into his stomach.  He was still standing but wasn’t at all steady.  I stood up.  He looked at me.  He saw my fist coming but couldn’t do anything about it.  I nailed him on his left nip.

It shook him.  “Oh, fuckin’ shit!”  Bam!  I used more knuckle this time.  I had the feeling he liked it, so I drove my knuckles into his other nipple, hard as I could and kinda ground them around.  He clutched his balls with one hand and his tit with the other.  I didn’t like him, but he looked so fucking hot.

I could never do one of those flying kicks, but I figured I was used to falling on the ground, and if a foot hit him anywhere, it would send him pretty helpless to the ground.  Besides, there was nowhere on my body that didn’t ache or sting or throb.  So I got ready.  My nuts were sore as fuck, but I kind of limped/ran up to him and jumped.  And I did it!  Both feet square in his chest and down he went.

“Oh, shit!” he groaned and down he went.

Winner take all, huh?  I wished I could fuck him right there.  Grab those legs, spit on my dick, and drive it up his fuckin’ butch ass like there was no tomorrow.  I realized he was still down.  I walked over to him, tossed his arm away from his balls and the other to his side.  I wanted to do one of those things I saw those naked wrestlers do.  I stood over his chest, this time it was my cock bobbing over him.  I started to jerk off and then fell, hard, on his arms.  I walked my ass up to his upper chest and started hitting him on the face with my cock, which seemed to get harder by the second.  I changed position a little because I wanted to fuck him in his mouth.  I tried to force his mouth open as I lowered my cock into his mouth.

“Fuck you, nut cracker,” and he bit me.  It felt like he bit it in two and he wouldn’t let go.  It was kind of an exciting pain, but it also hurt like fuck.  I reached back, found his nuts, and drove my fist into him as hard as I could.  He didn’t let go.  I hit him harder.  He let go and I rolled off, my hand wrapped my cock.  I checked my hand to see if I was bleeding.  No.

By then he was on his knees.  He threw me back and covered my body with his.  I was tired.  It seemed like the only thing that didn’t hurt was my left earlobe.  I couldn’t do anything.  And did I really want to get away from him?  I felt his sweaty, hairy chest practically gliding around my chest, his hands on my sides, and locked me in a really hot-as-fuck position, if we weren’t fighting.  I felt his legs slip off mine.  And then he was dry fucking my cock and balls.  I knew this couldn’t go on.  I know what I feel like after I cum, and it ain’t aggressive.

He started moaning in my ear.  “Oh, you’re so fuckin’ hot.  I wanna fuck you.  Oh, fuck, I wanna fuck you.”  His mouth near my ear, his beard playing with my jaw, I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d cum.  “Come on,” he whispered.  “Let’s fuck.  Open up that hot young ass.”  I struggled to get out from under.  He had my arms pinned to my side.  He was dry fucking me harder.  Sweat fucking, it felt so moist and good.  “Come on,” he whispered.  “Fuck.  Fuck.  You want to.  Let’s fuck.”

He raised his hips and then banged his cock and balls down on me.  It didn’t hurt much, but I wondered what would happen if I banged into him on his way down.  He raised his hips higher and when it looked like he was going to drive his body onto me, I made my hips fly up to meet him.  He waited a second then did it again.  So did I.  He paused longer and this time I gave it all I had.  He rolled off me and got to his knees.  “I thought you’d like getting fucked,” he said, sounding very tired.

“Not right now,” I said, and I sounded pretty tired, too.

He staggered to his feet again.  His cock hadn’t got any smaller and neither had mine.  I just really wanted to fuck him or suck him off or smash his nuts.  I was on my knees and used his body to stand up.  So, yeah, my face did brush against that incredible cock.  I turned my head and licked it with my tongue as he slowly pulled me up.  I was all the way up and he pushed me back.  I wasn’t firm on my feet and I saw him kind of flick his hand toward me.  He laid a smack on my balls.  Then he thrust his hips out.  I thought I saw him do that before when he thought I’d nail him.

And he was right, I nailed him.  He stayed standing and stroked his cock.  He swatted my balls again.  He threw his hips out again, cock firmly stroked and balls wide open.  He obviously wanted it.  I swung a leg back and kicked his nuts as hard as I could.  I thought I was going to see some giant pine tree fall, but he just backed up, made this satisfied sound, doubled over, took a couple of seconds and walked up to that spot again, jerkin’ off even faster.

I knew we were supposed to be punching and hitting each other, some redneck wrasslin’, but it looked like this was what he wanted to do.  He hit me in the nuts a little harder, but I worked against the pain and stayed up.  My hate disappeared.  He smiled and thrust those thighs forward again, pounding his cock, balls hanging low.  I wanted to feel them again, so I walked up to him, cupped them, then made a fist, and punched him hard.

“You’re fuckin’ good at this,” he said through clenched teeth as he ground his fist into my balls.  I couldn’t help it…I yelped like it was my first time and fell real hard on my knees.

“How about one more and we call it quits.”  I liked the idea of hitting him in the balls, but I knew I’d pass out if he’d do it hard to me again.  “You gonna make me beg?”  I put my hands around his waist.  I wanted that cock on my face again.  He bent down.  “It’s OK.  Just bang my balls a couple more times.”  He stood up, a little wobbly, so he used my head to stand up with.  He started jerking off.  For real.  I mean, serious batin’.  I wondered if that made his balls hurt less.  The way they were flopping around, I kind of doubted it.  And I did want to pound his nuts some more.

He spit in his hand, jerked off some more, and then assumed the position…thighs out, nuts out, fapping away.  I hit him square in the nuts.  I mean, it was like a solid upper cut.

“Good, but harder.”  Happy to oblige, I did.  He held onto my hair.  “Good.  Just like that, only a couple of times and faster.”  Bam…bam…he started moaning…bam…it wasn’t pain…bam…he yelled out…bam… and he came all over my face, my hair, and he just kept cumming.  I couldn’t take any more.  I opened my mouth, shoved his cock down my throat as I gave him one last, really kind of brutal punch.  “Oh, my god,” he screamed as he fell over me.  “Oh, my god, you’re good.”

“You ain’t so bad yourself,” I said and gave him the best vacuum cleaner suck I knew how.

There was a pause in the action.  “You about had it?” I asked.  He grinned.

“I think that’ll do for one night.”  Whoa.  One night?  There might be more?

We helped each other over to the log where I’d been sitting.  He told me Seth did a good job teaching me the basics and that I had a good imagination about how to do some of the moves, including the real ones, not just the ones for show.  He also told me that kicking somebody in the balls is not the only thing to have in my arsenal because some people don’t feel it like other people do.  No shit, Sherlock.

As he told me that, I couldn’t help noticing that we were both cupping our balls and we both still had boners hard and stiff as any prick ever.  He told me to sit tight, that he’d get us some beer and a couple of joints.  I watched him walk.  He looked like how I imagined those Greek wrestlers must have looked like after a grueling fight.

Seth and CJ were nowhere to be seen.

When Jackson got back, he handed me a beer can and a burning jay.  He told me to hold the beer can on my balls when I wasn’t drinking.  I drank.  Then I used the alcoholic ice pack.  Ahhhh.

“Do you know where Seth and CJ went?” I asked, exhaling some weed and handing that paper of delight to him.  He raised his hand and showed me he had his own.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about them.  They’re big boys.  They can handle themselves just fine,” Jackson reassured me, kind of chuckling.  He sucked on the doobie and made it glow.  I wondered if they were somewhere fucking.  “Wouldn’t surprise me.  CJ’s the horniest fucker I know.  He’ll fuck anything that moves.  Your brother’s hot and he’s got enough meat to keep anybody happy.  Even CJ.”

You’re right about that, I thought.

That magical mixture of beer and pot seemed to make it OK to say anything. “Can I ask you something… you know…personal?” I asked Jackson.

“After what we’ve been through out there tonight, I think you can ask me anything,” he laughed, now a mixture of his real laugh and a fairly stoned, kind of drunk voice.

“Can I suck you off?”  I don’t think it took Jackson by surprise.

“Have you felt your balls lately?” he asked.  “Someday, yes…I really want you to suck me, real nice and slow and relaxed and high.  And maybe you’d let me do the same to you.  Or maybe fuck your gorgeous young ass.  But I don’t think it would feel too good tonight.”

We eased down off the log and sat bare-ass naked on the ground looking at the creek.

“How’d you hear about me wanting to learn to fight?”

“Seth asked CJ if he knew anyone.”


Jackson chuckled.  “We’re about the only guys around here who enjoy the many things a cock can do.  You know yourself there ain’t that many of us around.  So…you find two, three other guys like you, you get to know each other real good.  You know, Seth wants you to be invited to join the fight club.  I wish he’d a stuck around to see you.  Hell, CJ said ‘He’s in’ the second he saw you here.  Seth says you have yourself a good fuck buddy, so maybe we can find you some more.  And I promise you and me’ll have sex sometime soon.  Lots of sex.  All kinds of sex, because I’ll tell you something…I was thinking about the same thing, that I’d really like to have that cock choking me down my throat or maybe have you ride me like the stud you are.  It’ll happen.”  He looked at me and I smiled right back.  “Why don’t we walk down to the creek and wash some of this dirt off.”

When we got there, my nuts made me feel like I had marched about 700 miles.  We both walked into the creek.  Jackson looked at me and started laughing.

“What?”  I didn’t know if he was making fun of me.

“You looked so fuckin’ sexy with that cum on your face and in your hair.”  He paused and grinned again.  “You’re some nut cracker, you know that?”  He splashed some water on his chest.  I waded over and gave him the hardest hug I could manage.

“I started to hate you there for a while,” I confessed.  I really felt like I had to apologize.

“Good,” he said.  He kept me tight against him.  “You have to make a separation if you’re gonna fight someone.  How could you like me and beat me up?  You can’t.  Friends outside the ring?  Absolutely.  But you can’t take that into the ring with you.”  He kissed my neck.

I heard Seth and CJ walk into the area…beer cans snapped open, a lighter clicked.  “We should get up there,” Jackson said.  He put his soft, furry arm around my neck.  He looked at me and gently stroked my cock.  “Don’t worry, dude.  It’ll happen.”  He stopped fondling my dick as we got closer to where Seth and CJ were drinking and smoking.  They were stripped down, too.  I hadn’t noticed how good Seth looked naked and sitting, drinking, and taking a hit beside CJ.  CJ’s dick kind of flopped whenever he laughed. Jackson looked at the two of them and chuckled.  “I promise it’ll happen.”  He wrapped his arm around my neck and thanked me for a really good, dirty fight.


Anonymous said...

Great start and great characters. Can't wait to read more. Great work!

David Walker said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I appreciate the comment. It was fun to write, and I hope it continues to be fun for you to read.

jpoppinga said...

Great story...hope there's more.

David Walker said...

Thank you, jpoppinga. I appreciate your comment. A new chapter is scheduled for every Monday for the next several weeks.