Wednesday, February 1, 2017

From stud to dud: DUD! (part 1)

It has been more than a year since we last heard of Rocco. Now, I'm very proud to present the final chapter in Rocco's adventurous journey from stud to dud... It has been a wild ride, and you might want to revisit the previous parts before you read this one. Part 2 is coming on Friday.

Very special thanks to Chadfan! We co-wrote this story and had a great time exchanging emails and tossing ideas back and forth. This story is a bit different from the rest of my work, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Previously on “From stud to dud”:

Title credit: I read the phrase "From stud to dud" first in pooiu's 2010 f/m story Busting League: Day 1. Check out his excellent story blog Busted Spuds.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

“What about your tools?” Chad asked.

It was late in the afternoon, and the sun was burning. Chad wiped the beads of sweat running down his face and scratched his three day stubble. He tugged on his scrubby white tee, trying to cool off, and widened his stance - a casual attempt to un-bunch his sack, which he had stuffed into a tight pair of jeans.

He was standing in the driveway of a big, run-down house, looking at an old ford pick-up. Rocco's driveway. Rocco's house. Rocco's truck.

Rocco needed to sell the truck – he needed the money. Rent was getting more expensive, and this big old building, with the garage, and the apartment he shared with his two housemates. It wasn't getting any cheaper.

And Chad had to admit, it was a pretty sexy truck. He didn't really have the cash to spend on it either, but there was something inherently manly about it. Rugged. Hard.

Chad pulled at his crotch, and tried to rearrange his big sweaty nuts, but his dick was in the way, getting slightly chubbed. Chad laughed a little to himself. At least his dick was big... well, pretty big. Big-ish. Bigger than average.

As he admired the truck, Chad roughly grabbed his cock through his jeans. Chad was a shower, not a grower. His whole package was upfront. On a good day it flopped around, long, thick, with a fat mushroom head - and a big set of hairy nuts swinging underneath. Stud material for sure. He squeezed his dick again. Stud material. Chad new he was a stud... It was just that other people didn't seem to notice. The truck would help with that. He was getting hard just thinking about it.

He looked over at Rocco and repeated himself. “Hey Rocco. I said, ‘What about your tools?’”
Rocco chuckled and elbowed his friend Shawn. “My tools?”

The big hairy idiot was standing in the driveway, between his friends Shawn and Bucky - naked except for a pair of baggy shorts. All three guys were in their early thirties, just like Chad – but at least Chad had a fucking job. These idiots... It was mid-day. Rocco was barely dressed, and Bucky and Shawn were still in their god damn underwear.

“These tools?” Rocco shoved one of his big hands down his waistband. “Doing great, actually.” His shaggy black hair was ruffled, and his short beard was in bad need of a trim. Rocco was a true bear of a man, very big, very hairy, very bulky, and a little slow. He rolled his shoulders into a shrug. “I mean, my dick’s not as big as it used to be...” He cracked a smile and looked to his friend Shawn for support. “But---”

Shawn shook his head and backhanded Rocco’s crotch. “He’s talking about the tool box in the truck, dickhead.”

Rocco pulled his hand out of his shorts, shaking it, and scowled at Shawn. “Well, I thought---“
Shawn made a lazy swipe at Rocco’s crotch again and Rocco took a step back, laughing. Shawn lunged forward and began to chase Rocco around the truck, swiping at the larger man’s crotch. The scrawny redhead’s briefs were bulging obscenely, looking like he had stuffed a short cucumber and a pair of oranges down his underwear. His black tank top was dirty and covered in grey stains. A lot of grey stains.

“Christ,” Chad thought. “Do these guys just jerk off all day, or what?” He turned to Bucky. “Can we pick this up? I’ve got a date tonight.”

Bucky took a long drag, and coughed. “Dudes...” His right hand was holding a half-smoked joint, his left hand was scratching his pubes above the waistband of his saggy long johns. The stoner’s brown hair was messy, with a scruffy neck-beard trailing down to a surprisingly toned, furry chest, hairy abs, and an un-kept bush of pubes. The vacant look in his brown eyes indicated that it wasn’t the first joint of Bucky’s day...

Chad frowned. Somehow Bucky had more people in his bed in one week, than Chad had in a month. Or maybe a year. Chad tugged at his dick again.

Bucky coughed. “Dudes, Chad’s got a date... So let’s, um...” His gaze drifted back to the house. “Did we have breakfast---”

Rocco and Shawn crashed into Bucky and all three tumbled to the ground in a pile.

Chad threw his arms up over his head with an exasperated sigh, and walked around to the back of the truck. These fucking morons. He kicked a tire, and spotted a pair of steel “truck nuts” hung from the tow hitch. He squatted down and gave them a tug, grunting with effort.

Rocco popped his head up from the tangle of sweaty limbs. “Dude, those are welded on.”

Chad stood up, dusting his knees off. “Why?”

Rocco pulled himself from the pile, almost losing his shorts in the process. “Cause dudes are always stealing them.”

Chad stroked his bristly chin. “Are they now?” He reached into the back of Rocco’s trunk, pulling his toolbox closer, and rummaged around.

Rocco leaned forward. “Dude, what’re you---”

Chad stepped back, pulling a large pair of bolt-cutters from Rocco’s toolbox. He gave them a test – squeezing them shut. They looked sharp enough. Chad knelt down, lining up the bolt cutters.


The pair of truck nuts landed on the ground with a thud.

Rocco gulped. His truck. His truck's nuts...

Chad picked up the severed metal ballsack and weighed it in his hand. He looked up at Rocco and grinned. “Thought you might want to keep these as a memento.” He tossed them to Rocco, where they landed heavily on the ground between his legs. “To remember your last day with two nuts.”


The guys crowded through the front door into the living room.

Shawn sat down on the floor, cross-legged, counting out the crumpled bills that Chad had given them for the truck. They got enough to pay for the rent they owed. Maybe they’d even be able to get the water running again. Maybe. Maybe not.

Rocco was holding his neutered truck’s nuts. They looked sad. Real sad.

Bucky grimaced, taking another hit while glancing at the metal nuts. “A truck without nuts is like,” he exhaled slowly, “like, a man without wheels.” He blinked. “Wait, no, dude. Like a wheel without…” His voice trailed off.

Chad patted Rocco on the back. “Rocco man, don’t worry. If this crazy ass plan of Shawn’s actually works, you could even buy your truck back from me. Or a hundred new trucks for that matter.”

Rocco gave a weak smile. Shawn’s plan was good. Shawn’s plans were always good. Except when they weren’t... leading to unpredictable mayhem - dangerous convicts escaping prison, cocks getting swapped, and nuts, usually Rocco's nuts, getting crushed and cracked and---

Shawn looked up, chuckling. “Yeah, but let’s hope they make trucks with just one nut, am I right?” He raised his arm for a high-five with Rocco.

Rocco laughed, nervously, and gave Shawn an awkward high-five. “Yeah.” He cleared his throat. “Yeah, just one nut... Right.”

“God damn,” Chad grunted, tugging at his jeans’ crotch. “It’s fucking hot. Rocco, your nuts must be down to your knees…”

Rocco reached down his shorts and grinned. “Just about.”

Bucky lit another joint. “Rocco, dude, it’s gonna be so weird. I mean, are you going to lean sideways with just one nut?”

Shawn laughed out loud, clapping his hands.

Rocco stretched out his waistband and looked down at his junk, brows furrowed. “Whoa… Can that happen?” He looked up at Bucky, a worried expression on his face.

Shawn let out a barking laugh. “Oh, don’t worry about it, Rocco. We’ll get you a falsie. Mine are great!” He stripped out of his sweaty clothes, revealing his furry body and his washboard abs. His beer-can cock was fully hard, bobbing over a hefty pair of nuts. Shawn pushed his boner aside with one hand and squeezed his nuts with the other. “Once you get one, you may even want to replace the other.”

Rocco’s face broke into a grin. He pointed at his crotch with the metal truck nuts and chuckled. “You’re just jealous…”

Shawn dropped his own junk and feigned offense. “Rocco, I’m just thinking of your reputation!”

Rocco followed Shawn’s eye-line down to his crotch. “My… My what?”

Shawn walked up to Rocco and plucked the truck nuts from Rocco’s hand. “Yeah, dickhead, the guys at the gym are starting to talk.”

Chad nodded. “Yeah, I’ve heard it too.”

“Talk?” Rocco continued to stare down at his crotch. He used to like it when guys talked about his junk. Not anymore. Now he was worried. “Talk about what?”

Shawn swung the truck nuts into Rocco’s crotch. “How those huge nuts of yours make that stubby dick look even shorter.”

Rocco coughed at the impact. He rubbed his nuts and grimaced in pain. “Dude, it’s getting bigger...”

Shawn took a step back. “I know, I know.” He laughed. “You’re at two inches!”

Rocco let out a grunt and crossed his arms. “Well, that's bigger than it was.”

Chad grinned. “You've still got the shortest dick out of anyone here.”

Rocco frowned. “Yeah, but I was born with a freaking huge dick.” He motioned to his crotch, a hint of desperation creeping into his voice. “This, this is just like, a set back. I just gotta work back up to my old size.” He cupped his nuts, and flexed his pecs. “I'm still a fucking stud.”

Shawn shrugged. “I guess you're right. And two inches is at least... something.” He grinned at Rocco. “But what about ‘two acres?’”

Bucky rolled his eyes. He knew where this was going and cupped his own nuts while taking a deep drag from his joint.

Rocco blinked. “Two---”

Shawn smirked and swung his leg up between Rocco’s legs, crunching his fat nuts into his body.

Rocco let out a wheezing groan and doubled over.

Chad grimaced. “Careful Shawn, we need at least one of those for tomorrow.”

Shawn turned to Chad. “You are so right.” He swung his foot back.

Chad let out a surprised yelp as Shawn’s instep smashed his nuts. He doubled over, his hands on his knees. “Fuck, Shawn, I’ve got a date to---”

Shawn jumped on Chad's back. “Nut shot pile!”

“What?!?!” Chad grunted. “Get the fuck off!”

“Nut shot pile!” Bucky yelled, jumping on Chad and Shawn.

Chad spun around wildly for a moment, before crashing into Rocco – and all four tumbled to the floor.

Shawn dropped his elbow right on Bucky’s nuts, knocking the wind out of the handsome stoner’s lungs.

Bucky’s leg shot up, hitting Rocco square in the balls.

“Nut shot pile!” Rocco croaked, delivering a hard punch to Bucky’s balls.

Amid the grunts and groans and moans of pain, Shawn was laughing his ass off as he punched and kicked and squeezed his buddies’ balls. Nut shot pile was much more fun when your nuts were fake!
Shawn's hand slid up the leg of Rocco's shorts – and grabbed the dumb lunk's nuts. Shawn loved Rocco's nuts, almost as much as he loved his own – but Shawn's nuts were toast now. Gone. Replaced with big silicone falsies. He always figured Rocco's nuts would get trashed first. Rocco was so dumb. And Rocco's nuts were so big. They were too big - Shawn had a hard time keeping both in his grip. The redhead chuckled. “Maybe we'll get rid of both.”

After several minutes of sweaty roughhousing, they were interrupted by a loud voice from the kitchen.

Bucky’s older brother, Brad, poked his head into the living room. “Dudes! Quit whacking off! Breakfast time!”

Bucky sat up, grimacing as he rubbed his aching nuggets. “I knew we hadn’t had breakfast yet.”
Shawn freed himself from the nut shot pile and walked into the kitchen, whistling happily. He looked at his watch. “Six PM. We’re early today,” he said, glancing over Brad’s shoulder.

Brad was older than Bucky by just a year, and the two shared a lot of similarities. They both smoked loads of pot, both had lean bodies with scruffy brown hair - and they both were doctors. Well, Bucky was a vet, and Brad was a surgeon. Somehow Brad was actually an excellent surgeon – even though he spent most of his time stoned and was about as smart as your average beach bum surfer.

Brad scratched his bare ass. He was buck naked, standing in front of the stove, a stumpy joint hanging from the corner of his mouth. He and Bucky, up until recently, shared another thing in common. Although they both had a good set of hefty, hairy nuts, neither men were blessed in the dick department. Brad came out a little ahead - his short cock was at least pretty thick. Beer-can thick.

Rocco entered the room, rubbing his sore nuts, followed by Chad and Bucky. All three of them were limping and groaning in pain.

“Nut shot pile?” Brad asked, cracking an egg on the edge of the frying pan.

Bucky, Chad and Rocco nodded their heads with a collective groan as they took their places at the table.

Shawn cackled. “I gave them a hard time.” He wiggled his hips, bumping his hard beer-can cock against Brad’s hairy ass. “Speaking of hard times – how’s it hanging, doc?”

Brad yelped, his joint falling into the frying pan.

“Hey,” Brad grunted, turning around and rubbing his butt. “Dude, the deal was the front, not the back!” He pointed at his crotch, looking at Shawn reproachfully.

Shawn raised his hands up and chuckled. “You’re right! You’re right. My bad. I guess the little guy is just excited to see ya.” Shawn looked down at Brad’s groin and smirked. “So, you want to hear what your schlong’s been up to today?”

Brad sighed, scratching his jaw. He hadn’t shaved in days. He looked down and tugged on his hairy nuts. Above them, instead of his dick, was a little scar.

Shawn frowned. “Brad, dude, don’t be so bummed out.” Shawn gestured to their crotches. “This is only fair. You fucked your doctor shit up, and lost my dick... So until you find me another...” Shawn turned to Chad. “Doesn’t the bible say ‘A cock for a cock’?”

Chad shrugged. “I failed Sunday school.” He pointed to Rocco. “What about him? Brad fucked up Rocco’s cock too. I mean, have you seen it?”

Shawn laughed, “Not unless I look for it.”

Rocco cleared his throat. “Hey guys... like I said, it's getting bigger.” He looked down at is crotch and hefted it. “I'm doing exercises for it and everything...”

Shawn shook his head. “Well, keep it up, ‘big guy.’” He knelt down and hefted Brad’s nuts, chuckling. “Speaking of bigger... Jeez Brad, it looks like your nuts really need to blow their wad.”

Brad slapped Shawn’s hand away and grinned. “Dude, I’m just saving up for when I get my dick back. I’m gonna blow the biggest wad ever seen.”

Chad looked between the two guys sharing one dick. “Brad, I know you’re a good surgeon and all – but after sticking your dick on another guy, can you really swap it back?”

Brad sniffed and scratched his chest. “Dude, like of course! I’m a fucking master at dick doctoring. But...” Brad fished his joint out of the frying pan, trailing a bit of ash over the eggs. “A dude can't stitch his own dick back on -  so my older bro, Burt, is gonna do me a solid.”

Shawn elbowed Bucky. “How many dick surgeons you got in in your family?”

Bucky snorted. “Dude, like every brother I have has cock on the brain.” The stoner eyed the dick between Shawn's legs. “I think it's because none of us are that big, you know?”

Brad grinned, pointing at Shawn. “And dude, that right there is the fucking biggest dick in the family... so, like, Shawn, dude, please be mad careful with it.”

Shawn gripped “his” dick and examined it. “Well, the cleat marks from that last rugby game are almost gone...”

Brad groaned as he saw the bruises on the meaty shaft. “Dude…”

Bucky lit up another joint. “Dude, I saw it. You practically let Chad stomp on your crotch on the field.”

Chad scratched a bit of dried mustard from his not too clean plate and nodded in agreement. “That’s true. It’s like you want to lose that thing.”

Shawn picked up a large knife from the kitchen counter. “Chad, that’s outrageous!” He let out a short snicker, and pointed to his crotch with the knife. “I love this little guy!” He looked down. “Speaking of which...” Shawn pointed the knife at Brad. “Brad, I’ve been thinking about getting a circumcision. Think you could do that for me?”

Brad scrunched up his face. “Ah dude, don’t make me circumcise my---”

“Our,” Shawn interrupted him. “Our dick.”

“Yeah,” Brad mumbled. “Well, dude---”

Shawn broke down laughing. “Dude... Brad, I’m joking.”

Brad’s face lit up. “Really? Oh man, Shawn, dude, you had me worried...”

Shawn put the knife down, back on the counter. “I’m gonna get one of my biker buddies to do it. He said he always wanted to try.” The redhead gave Brad’s nuts a gentle pat. “Keep saving up, dude.”

Brad let out a miserable sigh.

Chad cleared his throat. “Guys, when are we gonna talk about tomorrow?”

Bucky twisted out his joint on his plate. “Guys, when are we gonna have breakfast?”


Rocco was sitting at the kitchen table, all eyes on him. He raised a fist, and coughed into his hand. The other was shoved down his shorts, cupping his hairy ball-sack.

Shawn drummed his hands on the table. “So?”

Rocco gulped.

“Which nut is it gonna be?” Shawn asked, his hard beer-can cock knocking against the table from below.

Rocco chuckled nervously. “I… uh… I haven’t decided yet... I mean... Guys, I’m not really sure---”

“Rocco,” Shawn interrupted.“We already talked about this. You’re the most important part of the plan. In this state, if a guy loses a nut on the job, it’s worth five million bucks!”

Rocco looked down at his crotch. “Yeah, but, didn’t you just read that on the internet?”

Shawn shook his head. “So? That lawyer Bucky boned last week said it’s true too.”

Bucky nodded, taking another drag off his joint. “Yeah, and he also said he could suck his own dick – and he totally didn’t lie about that, so...”

Shawn nodded again. “So this is one hundred percent for real.”

Rocco closed his eyes and squeezed his nuts inside his shorts. “I don’t know... Can’t one of you guys do this part? I really like my nuts.”

Shawn exchanged a glance with Bucky before turning back to Rocco. “Rocco, look, between me and Bucky - only Bucky actually has nuts left to lose. And since he's self-employed, if Bucky loses a nut on the job, he can only sue himself.”

Rocco looked from Bucky to Shawn. “Yeah... I guess that makes sense.”

Chad cleared his throat. “And I shoot porn. No money there.”

Everyone looked at Brad.

Brad, still naked, covered his crotch with a pot-holder. “Dudes, don’t look at me. I'm down a dick already.”

Shawn sighed, and turned back to Rocco. “Unfortunately we need Brad at the hospital - so he can be your doctor, and confirm you lost a nut on the job.”

Brad nodded. “Yeah. That's a good reason too.”

Shawn patted Rocco's crotch. “Rocco. You’re the guy who has to lose a nut.”

Everybody nodded.

Rocco frowned, and ran his hand through his thick black hair. “Yeah... But, guys, we’re talking about one of my nuts here.”

Shawn rapped his hand on the table. “Rocco, man, don’t be a dick! We’re talking about five million dollars for one of your nuts. All you have to do is get it popped at work. Chad here will get it on tape. Brad will declare it DOA. And Bucky will get that lawyer to sue for us. It’s easy!”

Rocco looked around the table. “Well, that does sound pretty easy.” He squirmed on his seat. “I guess.”

“Yeah,” Bucky raised his joint in the air, nodding slowly, his eyes half-closed. “Rocco, this is the best plan Shawn’s come up with, in like... ever. Busting one nut is fifty percent better than losing both. Dude, maybe even one hundred percent better. So that's, like, a hundred and fifty percent better - at least.”

Shawn nodded excitedly. “Yeah! Imagine, one nut gone and you get FIVE MILLION FUCKING BUCKS!” Shawn leaned back, and gestured to the table. “Split between the five of us, of course.”

Rocco felt his dick getting hard. He absentmindedly tugged at it through his shorts. “Five million... Fuck. That’s an awful lot...” He cracked a small grin and nodded his head.

Shawn reached over and patted Rocco on the back. “And dude, you’ve got ten million dollars swinging between your legs. We just need one nut. Keep the other - I bet you’ll still cum buckets!”

Rocco chuckled. “Well, that’s probably true.”

“Of course it is! You're a god damn stud!” Shawn slapped Rocco on the back, laughing. “Okay, let’s take it to a vote then. Those who think Rocco should lose his right nut, raise your---”

Rocco stood up, his stubby dick creating a small tent in his shorts. “Whoa, whoa... Hold on! My right nut’s my favorite.” He cupped his nuts protectively. “It’s the biggest.”

Shawn grinned and raised his hand. “I’m voting for righty tighty then.”

Chad looked around, and chuckled, raising his fork high above his head. “Sorry Rocco, I’m with Shawn on this one. If it’s bigger, then it’s probably worth more. Maybe 6 million.”

Shawn looked at Bucky.

Bucky shrugged. “Shawn, don’t be a dick.” He raised his hand. “I’m voting for left.”

Rocco looked around in mild panic. Then he raised his own hand. “I vote for left, too!”

All eyes fell on Brad, who looked from Bucky to Rocco to Chad, and finally to Shawn.

Shawn stroked his chin. “Hey, Brad, you know, if this thing with Rocco's nut doesn’t work out - how much do you think your dick is wor---”

Brad’s eyes widened and he shot his hand up. “Right! Dude, I vote right! Right! Right!!” He looked at Rocco who stared back at him, his eyes filled with horror. “Right!!!”


Later that night, Rocco stepped out of the shower, his hairy, bear-like body dripping wet.

He looked into the mirror. “Yeah,” he smiled at himself, flexing his arms, and rubbed his hairy abs. “Fucking stud!”

He looked down at his big, furry nuts. They were hanging low in his sack, swinging heavily in the steamy air.

“How’s it going down there, big guy?” he mumbled, fondling his sack and wrapping his fingers around the fat right testicle. He squeezed it playfully and chuckled. “Oh, man, you have no idea what’s coming…”

Above his huge ball-sack was a large plastic tube suctioned to his dick. The water inside was cloudy, obscuring its contents.

Rocco grimaced and pulled a spigot, spilling some water and releasing the tube’s suction. He took it off, and looked down at his dick. Rocco sighed. “Damn… This is gonna take a while.”

His dick used to be huge. Now it was--- Well, it looked like someone took a huge dick, chopped off almost all of it, and then stuck the head back on. Which was basically what had happened, thanks to a misunderstanding with Brad at the hospital.

Rocco tugged at his dick. It was wider than it was long for fuck’s sake.

He pulled a little ruler from a glass on the sink.

“Two inches,” Rocco mumbled.

No change.

Rocco inhaled deeply. “Well, at least it’s not getting shorter, right?” He said to his reflection in the mirror. The guy in the mirror looked back at Rocco, unconvinced.

Rocco grunted and tromped to his room, leaving a wet trail of water and lather.

He flopped down on his bed and pulled out his dick exercise manual. The book was in Russian, but a translation was scribbled above the pictures. His work buddy, Sergei, had given him the manual, and done the translation.

Rocco had just gone back to work for the plumbing agency, and forgot that his big swinging dick was a little less, “impressive.” He was standing his usual foot or so away from the urinal to take a piss when Sergei noticed.

It used to be that Rocco wasn't embarrassed when another guy took a peek in the men's room. He used to love showing his junk off. Guys always wanted to see it.

Now though... guys still wanted to see it. In fact, guys wanted to see his dick even more than usual - but not because it was big. They wanted to see it because they were bigger.

“I'm a stud.” Rocco grumbled.

He squinted at the manual, reading to himself. “When you reach your thirties, your penis naturally begins to shrink, losing length...” Rocco tugged on his dick, and sighed.. “Tell me about it.”
Rocco turned the page. “Follow these easy steps to prevent embarrassing shrinkage.”

Below was a diagram of a happy looking guy, with a dick much longer than Rocco’s. Much, much longer. Rocco stared at the grainy picture. Wasn't this manual for guys with short dicks? Was “that” what other guys thought was short? If that was “short,” then what the fuck was Rocco?

Rocco groaned, and gripped his dick, looking at the diagram. “Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Tug. Repeat fifty times twice daily until desired level is achieved.”

Rocco concentrated on his dick.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Tug.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Tug---

“Damn,” Rocco mumbled. This wasn’t easy.

He started again.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Tug.

If he could get a quarter inch in a year…

Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Tug.

…then by the time he was forty…

Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Tug.

…his dick would almost be five inches.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Tug.

Five inches wasn’t bad. Five inches was longer than Brad’s dick. Or was it Shawn’s dick? So confusing…

Squeeze.  Tug. Squeeze---

“Damn,” Rocco grunted. He'd lost his place.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Tug.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Tug.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Tug.

An hour and several blunders later, Rocco was done.


He wiped the sweat off his face and looked down at his stubby cock, smiling proudly.

“See, big guy? We’re going to get you back on track!” Rocco chuckled.

His turtled cock stared back at him. It almost looked mad at being squeezed and tugged for so long. It felt sore from the tip, all the way down to the base. Was he going to do this for a whole year? For years? There had to be a quicker, and less painful way...

Maybe, with the money for his right nut, he could travel and see a doctor. A specialist. A dick doctor. Maybe he could get penis enlargement surgery. Wasn’t there supposed to be more dick shoved up inside him somewhere?

He looked up at his dresser where a bronze life cast of his dick and balls was towering at the top. Shawn had made a few copies as a gag a couple of years ago. His dick and balls - how they used to be. The invincible trio. A huge, fat monster cock, pointing straight up like a rocket, with his phenomenal, big, heavy nuts as a base.

Was it really just a couple of years ago? In that time his nuts had been busted, electrocuted, and nearly hammered to a pulp... and his dick... his big beautiful dick had been chopped down in its prime.

Rocco sighed, looking at the bronze cast. “How’d you go from that...” He peered down at his overworked stub. “…to that?”

That cast was the only proof of how big Rocco’s dick used to be.

Rocco squeezed his right nut. “Five million dollars.”

It was just a nut. He had two. He squeezed harder. “Five million.”

Rocco squeezed even harder. “All I gotta do, is lose a nut.”

His dick was rock hard. He started pumping it with his other hand.

“Just one nut.” It was kind of a hot idea. One of his stud nuts – worth five fucking million bucks. eah. That was hot. He squeezed his nut, even harder, and continued to pump his cock. A stud could lose a nut, and still cum buckets. He was a stud... right?

Hadn’t he always thought that losing a nut would be, kinda hot? Hadn't every guy? Wasn’t that what guys were thinking about, somewhere in the back of their heads, every time they jerked off?


The next morning, Rocco was sitting in the driver’s seat of the plumbing van, looking over at the passenger side.

The sun was just rising.

Sergei, his work buddy, was furiously jerking off.

Sergei was 28 years old. The handsome brown-haired plumber had immigrated from Moscow a couple of years ago, and he still had a thick Russian accent. His dark chest hair stuck out in tufts above his grey tank’s neck line, and his baggy, black flight-pants were down to his ankles.

As he jerked his own dick, Rocco couldn’t help but admire Sergei’s huge, hard cock. It was big, long, uncut, and ramrod straight, jutting out above two huge nuts that bounced wildly against the car seat.

Sergei let out a deep throated grunt. “Fuck, yeah!” he laughed.

The Russian liked to laugh, and when he did, he showed his bright white teeth. It made him look a bit wolfish.

A batch of cream splattered against the windshield, creating a new wet patch on top of the dried blotches that made Sergei’s side of the windshield look like frosted glass.

“Rocco, man,” Sergei chuckled, slinging a big wad of his clotty cream in Rocco’s direction, hitting him on the cheek where it stuck to Rocco’s beard. “Hurry up. I’ve cum twice already.” He laughed. “Hurry up, man!”

Rocco let out a grunt, wiping his cheek, inadvertently massaging Sergei’s cum deeper into his beard. “Shut up,” he grumbled, gritting his teeth. “You’re breaking my concentration.”

Sergei looked over at Rocco’s crotch.

Rocco’s big hands looked ridiculous, jerking that short knob. Like an elephant trying to thread a needle.

“Have you been using that exercise book I gave you?” Sergei said, his voice filled with doubt.

Rocco was huffing and puffing. “Yes. Yes. Shut up!”

“Maybe you aren’t doing it right.” Sergei wiped his hands on a rag before throwing the rag into the back of the van. “You know, if you do it wrong, you’ll actually make your dick shorter.”

Rocco stopped jerking and turned to Sergei, agitated and annoyed. “Man, why would you tell me that now?!”

Sergei looked at him. “So you’ll have a Rocco sized case of blue balls,” he dead-panned before bursting out laughing.

Rocco looked down at his crotch. His stubby dick had gone limp. “Fuck.” He scowled, stuffing his junk back into his pants, and peered at Sergei’s crotch. “You sure your dick isn’t shrinking?” Rocco grumbled.

Sergei leaned back and looked at his ample cock. “My---“

Rocco smacked Sergei’s bare balls hard, grunting triumphantly as Sergei doubled over, groaning.


Chad was pacing the room of his condo. The plumbing van was parked in the street. Chad looked at his watch. Why didn’t he come out?

He squinted at the van but the car windows were partly blind and he couldn’t look inside. The van was shaking rhythmically. Chad raised his eyebrows. The shaking stopped.

Then it continued, wilder and harder than before.

Chad looked at his watch again. Shawn’s plan was easy. No big deal.

Chad had hired Rocco for a job, and he was going to film Rocco’s work for insurance reasons. Bucky and Shawn would initiate the freak accident that would destroy Rocco’s right nut. Chad would call the ambulance. Brad would write a report. With the video and the report, the plumbing company’s insurance would have no choice but to pay Rocco five million dollars.

No big deal.

The driver’s door of the van opened.

“Finally,” Chad mumbled. He opened the door and saw Rocco and Sergei walking up the driveway.

Chad was surprised to see another plumber. This wasn’t part of the plan. The two dumb studs seemed a little punch drunk, and they were both holding their crotches. Sergei’s erect cock was tenting his overalls.

Chad cleared his throat. “Hey there. You must be the plumbers.”

Sergei laughed, squeezing his crotch. “Yeah, we’re here to lay pipe.”

Chad scratched his head. “Umm. I didn’t know there would be two of you.” He glared at Rocco.

“Sometimes a pipe needs a bit of double penetration, you know?” Sergei laughed, and high-fived Rocco.

Chad shifted uncomfortably. “Well, right, okay. Never mind. We’ll… We’ll figure it out.” He adjusted his crotch. “So, umm, do you guys mind if I film as you work?” He held up his camera. “For insurance.”

Sergei’s eyes darted back and forth between the camera and the unmistakable boner that was outlined in Chad’s jeans. “Right,” Sergei chuckled, baring his teeth. “For insurance.”

A cough came from behind Chad, and all three guys turned to see Bucky standing inside the condo.

Sergei raised his eyebrows. “Rocco, isn't that one of your roommates?”

Rocco shrugged, dumbly. “I... um... I don't know?”

Chad turned around and stared at Bucky - as the stoner, wearing a black hoodie, black pants and a black woolen cap, crossed Chad's living room, and walked up to the open door.

Bucky took a long drag, and looked around at the group. “You know dudes, I’m not sure why I’m here either... Rocco, weren’t we supposed to---”

Chad swung an arm around Bucky’s shoulders. “Boyfriend,” Chad blurted. “He’s my boyfriend.”

Bucky looked up at Chad, his eyes wide. “Oh wow! Chad, that’s totally awesome, dude!” The stoner reached his hand down Chad’s pants, and cupped Chad’s furry nuts.

Chad let out a grunt and pulled Bucky’s hand from his pants. He leaned in close to Bucky. “Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else?”

Bucky blinked slowly. “I don’t know, dude, am I?”

Chad gritted his teeth. “Aren’t you supposed to be SOMEWHERE ELSE?”

Bucky looked around the apartment. “Well, I’m here. What do you want me to do? Go get a pizza?”

Chad grabbed Bucky’s shoulders and stared at him. “Aren’t you supposed to be WITH SOMEONE ELSE?”

Sergei chuckled, an embarrassed expression on his face. “Hey, listen, you dudes want us to come back another time? No problem, you know. Just in case you need to… I dunno… talk?”

Chad opened his mouth to say something but he was distracted by Shawn who clambered hurriedly into the back of the plumbing van, dressed in what looked like black pajamas.

Chad untangled himself from Bucky. “Actually, nope. Nope. We're good.” He nodded at Rocco. “Maybe you should go check the van.”

Rocco blinked.

Sergei looked from Chad to Rocco to Chad again, scratching his head.

Chad leaned forward. “Hey, Mr… Rocco. Why don’t you go and check on the van while I…”
Grinning dumbly, Bucky fondled Chad’s ass.

Chad slapped Bucky’s hands away and rolled his eyes. “…while my boyfriend and I show your partner the problem with the…” He inhaled deeply. “The problem. We’ll show him the problem.”

Sergei and Rocco stared at Chad.

“Check the van?” Rocco said slowly. “Why would I...”

Chad spoke through clenched teeth. “It’s... It's a bad neighborhood, and you wouldn't want to lose something... Something important. Right?” Chad's eyes flicked from Rocco's, and down to Rocco's crotch several times.

“Lose something?” Rocco followed Chad's gaze, down to his crotch. “I – Ooooooooh! Right. Lose something. From the van! Sure.” He turned to Sergei, cracking a fake smile. “I guess I better go and, umm, check on the van.” Rocco turned to Chad and winked.

Chad threw his arms up over his head. “JUST CHECK THE FUCKING VAN!”
Rocco hurried off down the sidewalk, as Sergei watched, scratching his head.

“You know,” Chad said, laughing nervously. “I think I’ll start filming right now. You know, for insurance.”

Sergei blinked. “The neighborhood doesn’t look too bad.”

“You have no idea,” Chad mumbled as he focused the camera on Rocco.

Rocco’s steps slowed as he reached the back of the van. He grabbed the handle of the van’s back door and hesitated. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. He reached into his overall pocket and poked his fingers through a hole. His fingertips touched his warm, hairy nutsack. He hefted his right nut.

“I’m gonna miss you, big guy,” Rocco mumbled. He gave it a good, hard squeeze. It was so big. So dense. So warm. This was crazy. Why would he want to lose a nut?! There had to be another way to make money!

He took his hand out of his pocket and opened the door.  “Hey, Shawn, I think I changed my m---“

“Ninja kick!” Shawn yelled from the top of his lungs, jumping at Rocco from the back of the van and swinging his foot squarely up between Rocco’s legs.


Shawn’s steel-toed boot smashed into Rocco’s nuts, visibly raising him off the street.

Rocco’s vision blurred as his crotch exploded in a burst of white, hot pain. He fell to his knees, his face turning beet red, his body shaking. “F-f-f-f-f---”

Slowly, his hands moved towards his crotch.


In front of the condo, Sergei, Bucky and Chad turned their heads.

“Oh, shit!” Sergei gasped, watching Rocco sink to the ground.

“Oh dear,” Chad said half-heartedly, his camera focused on Rocco.

“Oh Ninja!” Bucky said, looking down at his black hoodie.

Sergei stared, his cock tenting his overalls. “Should we, uh, do something?”

Chad zoomed in with his camera. “Nah. Rocco's got this.”


Rocco fell on his side, inhaling deeply. “FUCK!” he yelled explosively - writhing on the ground, kicking the air helplessly.

Shawn pulled up his mask slightly and whispered to Rocco. “It work? Your nut toast?”

Rocco struggled to un-clench his fingers, and fumbled with his crotch. He found his left nut. Still good. His right? He pawed at his groin. His right nut? Rocco's fingers found a solid mass – painfully throbbing... but intact. He shook his head, making eye contact with Shawn. “No... still good.”

Shawn whispered through his teeth. “Shit, well, move your hands!”

Rocco looked up, incredulous. “What?”

Shawn looked around nervously, and leaned in a bit closer. “Move your fucking hands. We gotta finish the job.”

Rocco shook his head weakly, “Dude, c'mon...” He lifted his hands in a pleading gesture.

Shawn swung his leg back, and landed a second powerful kick.


The kick was hard enough to send Rocco scooting back a bit on his ass. A second wave of intense, blinding pain shot up from his nuts. His right nut had taken the brunt of the kick. Rocco was sure his nut had split it in two. He banged his head against the asphalt. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Shawn leaned in again, shaking his head affirmatively, looking for a high sign from Rocco.

Rocco found his right nut. It was still whole. He grimaced, scrunching eyes closed in pain. “Nope.”

Shawn grunted, and kicked Rocco's hands out of the way. It was now or---

“Hey you ninja mother fucker!” Sergei yelled, bringing his foot up between Shawn’s legs.

There was a muffled “thud.”

Shawn smiled under his mask. “I love my life.”

He spun around, and swung his leg up between Sergei’s thighs - his steel-toed boot connecting with the Russian’s hefty tefteli.


Sergei’s mouth opened in a silent scream as he fell to one knee, his hands pressed tight into his groin.

Shawn chuckled, his beer-can cock tenting his ninja pajamas. He turned back to Rocco, who was slowly trying to stand up – his legs wide apart. Shawn could see the bulge of Rocco's two, big, heavy nuts clearly outlined. He swung his leg back.

Rocco looked up, just in time to see Shawn's boot. “Aw f-”


Shawn knew he hit both of Rocco's spuds dead on. He felt them smash against Rocco's hip bone, and flatten – no, not flatten. Crack. Crack like two hard boiled eggs. He was sure of it.

Rocco stumbled backward, reeling from the kick.

“Fuck!” Shawn hissed. “That hurt my fucking foot.”

Rocco wheezed, and shook his head. He felt dizzy. The world was spinning. He put his hands on his knees, trying to steady himself. He was so light-headed, he barely felt that last kick.

Shawn leaned forward, bouncing up and down excitedly. “So?”

Rocco cupped his groin, and looked up at Shawn, cracking a thin, pained smile. “Actually, I think they're o-” Rocco vomited.

“Damn!” Shawn stepped back – avoiding the mess.

Rocco crumpled to the ground. “Oh... OH FUCK!” Rocco shouted, rolling into a ball, cupping his nuts. “My nuts! OH FUCK MY NUTS!”

Shawn grinned. Definitely cracked. Probably both nuts... Well, maybe they'd claim the full ten million after all.

Rocco retched, and looked up at Shawn, his eyes wide. “Oh my, oh, FUCK! My NUTS! They're-” He retched again. “OH! OH MY FUCKING GOD!”

Shawn cackled under his mask. Nutless Rocco. Fucking finally. He'd have to get changed into regular clothes real quick – he wanted to see the mess in person before Rocco got to the hospital.

There was a groan from Sergei. The Russian was rising slowly, on wobbly legs.

Shawn looked around. Time to make an exit. Gotta hide. Gotta ditch the costume. There was a wooded park opposite Chad's condo, surrounded by a tall fence. Perfect. He made a bee-line for that.

Sergei was back on his feet, limping towards Shawn.

“Where’s the fucking entrance?” Shawn mumbled. He grabbed the bars, and looked over his shoulder – Sergei was almost on him. “Fuck it!” Shawn grunted and scaled the fence, swinging one leg over the top.

“Get back here you ninja asshole!” Sergei shouted, as he crashed into the fence.

Shawn lost his grip. “Fucking dickhead!” Shawn fell - disappearing into the bushes on the other side.

Sergei leaned against the fence, and groaned - cupping his nuts. He scanned the park... but the ninja, whoever he was, had disappeared.


Shawn ran through the woods – laughing maniacally. He pulled off his mask, letting the cool air blow against his face.

This was hilarious. Hilarious! He couldn't wait to see Rocco's face. They'd have to take a selfie together. So, so many selfies. And sad, sad pictures of Rocco's hairy, floppy, EMPTY sack.

Millionares. They were fucking mil---

Shawn tripped over something – someone? And toppled headfirst into another person. Together all three rolled out of the woods, and onto the side of a secluded street.

Next to a parked police car.

The person Shawn had landed on was a policeman. Fuck. Shawn picked himself up. “Whoa, sorry, Officer, uh...” He read the badge. “Officer Williams.” Shawn stopped. The policeman looked familiar. Short, black hair. Pale skin. Big arms. Toned. Clean cut. Shawn noticed the officer's pants were down around his ankles, and his hands were covering his...

“Hey,” Shawn chuckled. “What were you guys do---” Shawn took a step back. “Oh... oh shit.”
Williams covered his groin with one hand, and propped himself up with the other. His face was going pale. “My... It's... I think it's...”

“Um... yeah, it definitely is.” Shawn swallowed, looking below William's hand, and down at his big, hairy nuts. Well, his right nut was pretty big, but his left was definitely small. And his dick… Well…

Shawn let out a laugh. What a way to end a blow-job!

“Frank?” Williams looked over at his partner, a panicked expression on his face. “Frank. Do, do you see it?”

Shawn watched Frank clamber to his feet. The younger man, a scruffy blond, looked around the pavement. His eyes wide. “I spit it... I spit it out. But I - I don't know where!”

“JESUS CHRIST! You're a god damn COP!” Williams shouted. “Retrace your steps, Frank, and FIND IT!”

Shawn glanced around. He didn't see any sign of Williams' dick. Shawn couldn't help but chuckle, and cracked a smile at Williams. “Dude, if it's this hard to find, then how small was your---”

Williams pulled out his gun, and aimed it at Shawn. “YOU! Shut the FUCK up! You - YOU are under god damn ARREST!”

to be continued

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