Friday, February 3, 2017

From stud to dud: DUD! (part 2)

This is it. The end. Part 2 of the final chapter in Rocco's adventurous journey from stud to dud...

Previously on “From stud to dud”:

Very, very, very special thanks to Chadfan! We co-wrote this story - and it was a wonderful, unique experience! I had a great time working on this series of stories with you, and I really hope we'll write together again in the future! Thank you so much! It has been a pleasure!

Title credit: I read the phrase "From stud to dud" first in pooiu's 2010 f/m story Busting League: Day 1. Check out his excellent story blog Busted Spuds.

 Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Rocco slowly swam back into consciousness. He was lying on the floor. Somewhere. His back was hurting. Everything was hurting. From somewhere above him, he heard Bucky.

“Dude, is it busted or not?” Bucky whispered.

Chad grunted. “I can’t tell, he keeps covering it with his hands.”

Rocco heard the sound of cloth ripping.

Bucky whispered again. “Tie his hands behind the toilet.”

Chad sighed. “Okay, whatever. Quit ripping my shit up, Bucky. Go distract the Russian!”

The bathroom door opened and closed.

Rocco felt his hands being raised above his head, and tied with a ripped towel behind the base of the toilet. He opened his eyes and groaned. His nuts felt like they were scrambled.

“Chad?” Rocco mumbled.

Chad looked at Rocco and whispered. “Rocco, shut up!”

“My… my nut… is it…” Rocco’s mouth was dry. His throat was sore. He coughed and looked at Chad.

Chad was naked from the waist down.

“Chad, where are your pants?” Rocco leaned up a bit.

He was naked as well.

“Chad, where are my pants?” Rocco mumbled.

Chad knelt down, his floppy dick and balls dangling over Rocco’s hairy shoulder. “You threw up on yourself...” Chad said. “And then me. Thanks for that.”

Rocco eyed Chad’s swinging dick. “You know, technically you’ve got the biggest dick out of the group now,” he said slowly, his head still spinning. “Well, except for Sergei. But he doesn’t count because he’s not part of the original team.”

Chad smacked Rocco on the head.

“Ow,” Rocco groaned.

“Why did you bring that guy with you?” Chad hissed. “I mean--- God damn it, Rocco, how dumb are you?”

Rocco frowned. “Sergei? He’s my work buddy. He’s teaching me how to exercise my dick to make it longer and---“

Chad covered Rocco’s mouth with his hand. “Never mind. I don’t care.” He got up and locked the bathroom door. “We just have to make sure he doesn’t find out. We gotta pop that nut quickly and get you to the hospital. Brad is waiting for us, and his shift ends soon.”

Rocco nodded. Then his eyes widened. “Wait, it’s still not busted?” He leaned forward to get a better look.

Chad gripped Rocco’s left nut and gave it a squeeze. “Almost there, I think. Fuck, this sucker’s tough!”

Rocco started to struggle. “Chad, wait. If it’s not busted---”

Chad gave Rocco’s left nut another hard squeeze.

Rocco tried to sit up. Why was Chad squeezing his left nut? “Chad. Chad! Wait!”

Chad started to panic. Rocco was getting way too loud. He grabbed a pair of underwear from his hamper, a cheap one with the Nut-Juice logo branded on the front.

Rocco pulled against the toilet. “CHAD! WAIT! THAT’S MY---”

Chad shoved the briefs into Rocco’s mouth.

Rocco fumed and struggled, his mouth filled with Chad’s worn briefs. “Mmmmmffft! Muurffferffffurffer!”

There was a knock on the door.

 “Rocco, everything okay in there?” Sergei asked from the other side of the door.

Chad got up and looked down at the hairy stud tied to the toilet. “We’re good, dude!” he yelled through the closed bathroom door. “We’re just checking on Rocco’s nuts. You know?”

Sergei chuckled. “Oh shit. Are they okay?”

Rocco tried to struggle again, and Chad placed his foot on Rocco’s left nut. “Oh man, Sergei, I… I don’t think so. I think that, er, ninja, busted his right nut pretty bad.”

Sergei laughed again. “No way! Fuck, I mean, Rocco, that’s awful... Can I see?”

Chad leaned forward. “Uh... not right now. Kinda busy.”


Rocco’s nut flattened slightly under Chad’s foot.

Rocco yelled into his gag. “ffffFFFPH! MMUHPHT!!!”

Sergei yelled through the door. “Wow, that sounds pretty painful.”

Chad leaned in harder, and continued to talk with Sergei through the door. “Really fucking painful. I mean, Rocco’s got a hell of a pair...”


Rocco’s left nut flattened even further.

“HUDE! HWAIT!” Rocco snorted through his nose, his eyes wide open.

Chad’s dick was rock hard. “So you know, his nut, it’s like someone hammered a watermelon.” He twisted his foot, leaning down hard on Rocco’s nut.


Rocco’s eyes rolled back into his head. “FFFFFFFFFFFFUHPHT!”

Sergei chuckled. “Oh man, Rocco, just hearing about this – I can feel it in my nuts!”


Rocco’s nut flattened again.

Chad’s dick twitched and he cupped his nuts. His big hairy Chad nuts. He gave them a squeeze. “Yeah... I'm definitely feeling it too.”

Rocco thrashed on the floor. “MMMPHT!”


Rocco’s whole body heaved. “HAD! RUNG MUT! RUNG MUT! HAD!”

Chad felt his sack tighten, drawing up close to the root of his cock. His dick was poking straight up, smacking against his abs. His big cock – well, bigger than average. Bigger than Rocco's. Chad pumped his dick.

Even as Rocco struggled, his stumpy, fat dick was rock hard – stretching its full, sad, two little inches – every vein on its thick shaft bulging.

Sergei snickered from behind the door. “One nut down. Man, Rocco, that's harsh. I'd give you one of mine – but dude, how often do you get laid with that dick?”

“MFTS GHTTN BFFGRR!” Rocco arched his back, and looked at his hard, stumpy cock. It was so hard it hurt. The big head was pointed straight at him, accusingly. This was his fault. His---

Chad leaned onto Rocco’s nut, shifting all his weight onto the one foot.


Rocco's eyes bulged. His nut. HIS BIG STUD NU---


Chad’s foot made contact with the floor as Rocco’s left nut splattered inside his sack.

”OH PHUGH! OH PHUGH! PHUUUUUGH!” Rocco bellowed into his gag. His left nut! It... It had just exploded in his sack. It happened so quick – it was almost as if it hadn’t even happened yet.

But it had.

It had actually happened.

In his mind, Rocco saw his nut compress. Compress and kind of unravel, like a ball of spaghetti – but before it had a chance to completely unravel, it flattened, under the painful weight of Chad’s foot. His nut got flatter, and then, well, just kind crunched flat. All the tubes and bits exploding outwards, looking for a place to flee, only to be squashed like a piece of chewed up gum on a sidewalk, turning to mushy paste inside his hairy sack.

At the same time as Rocco’s left nut was irrevocably flattened, Chad came explosively, splashing Rocco’s face and chest with thick, hot jizz.

And for his part, Rocco’s stubby dick shot big, thick ropes of cum up into the air, only to land all over the bound stud’s stomach, face, and bathroom floor. His plumbing had gone into overdrive, struggling to get as much cum out as possible in the wake of his nut’s destruction, prompting the biggest load of Rocco's life.

If it wasn't so painful, Rocco would have been pretty impressed.

Chad stepped off Rocco’s busted left nut, nearly slipping on the jizz covered floor. He banged into the closed door and cursed.

With his surprise having just barely subsided, Rocco was very suddenly assaulted by the pain in his crushed nut. The gagged stud screamed – even as his dick continued to spurt thick, chunky jizz. ”PHUGH! MUH MUT! MUH MUT! MUH MUT! MUH MUT! MUH MUT!”

Chad’s body was shaking as his balls pumped jet after creamy jet of cum all over Rocco’s body, hosing the hairy bear down with a giant load of sticky spunk.

Sergei jiggled the door handle. “You, uh, sure I can’t help in there?”

Chad pawed for a towel, nearly ripping the wrack off the bathroom wall as the last of his orgasm shook his body. “No, nah... Nope. We, uh… Hnngh, uh...” His final load shot out of his cock, and landed with a wet splat in Rocco's eye.

Rocco was still crying into his gag. The big stud’s entire body was heaving on the bathroom floor. It was the worst pain of his life. His nut. His poor, god damn flattened nut. It was ruined! RUINED!

Chad shook his head. “Thanks Sergei, but we got it under control... I uh... I think.”He tried to wipe himself down, but there was cum everywhere.  He knelt down, and hefted Rocco’s sack.

Sergei leaned against the door. “Is there, like, anything left?”

Rocco lifted his head and stared unbelieving as Chad rolled what was left of his once massive nut around in his sack.

Chad tentatively squeezed one of the smaller chunks.


It broke into grainy bits, and a little whimper escaped from Rocco.

Chad talked over his shoulder. “Not really. Just… Just chunks.”

“Hot... I mean, cool. I mean, weird.” Sergei’s voice sounded odd. “So, there’s like, no saving it... at all?”

Chad found the last big piece, still connected to the cord. It was almost the size of a regular nut, just on its own. Might even be able to save it. Chad’s dick was still rock hard. He noticed Rocco’s was, too. Stupid fucking Rocco. A guy that dumb didn't deserve a set of nuts like this. He squeezed.


Rocco’s dick gave out one last burst of chunky cum. A kind of pathetic amount, actually. Rocco groaned into his gag and banged his head against the floor.

“Nope, Rocco’s right nut is toast.” Chad grinned, mushing around the gritty bits that used to be Rocco’s nut.

“Wow... Toast... Fuck...” Sergei leaned away from the door. “Well, Rocco, I think, I gotta... I gotta go back to the van and... And do something. Maybe, uh, like, a couple times.”

Chad grunted, looking for any remaining bits of Rocco’s nut. “Okay, Sergei, you should probably go do that, then.”

Sergei waited another moment, before turning to walk away. “Okay... Uh, hopefully see you at work, Rocco.”

They heard Sergei’s footsteps recede, and then the front door open and close.

Then silence.

Chad sighed. “Finally.” He pulled the gag from Rocco’s mouth. “So, how’s it feel to be a millionaire?” Chad made a motion to throw the Nut-Juice briefs into the hamper, but then decided to toss them in the trash instead.

Rocco caught his breath for a minute. Then he leaned forward.

“Chad,” Rocco said slowly. “Raise your right hand.”

Chad frowned and raised his right hand while grabbing a fresh towel to mop the cum off Rocco’s hairy chest. “You okay Rocco?”

Rocco gulped and nodded at his sack. “Dude... Your right... is my fucking left.”

Chad looked from his raised hand to Rocco’s sack, then dropped his hand and grabbed his own right nut. “I--- Oh shit. Rocco, I’m---”

Rocco shook his head, and grimaced. “Nah, it’s okay.” He nodded again at his intact right nut. “I wanted to keep this guy anyway.”

There was another knock on the door.

Chad stood up and yanked the door open. “What the fuck? Sergei, I---”

Bucky stood in the doorway, holding a pizza box. Somehow he'd lost his pants, and a used condom was hanging off his flaccid dick.

“Dudes, I’m totally sorry, but I couldn’t find Sergei to distract him...” He looked down at the pizza. “But I did find this pizza...” Bucky blinked and looked down the hall. “And this pizza dude.”

A scruffy pizza guy in his late twenties stepped into view, wearing only his delivery hat. He smiled, dumbly, at the cum covered bathroom. “Holy shit! Who busted a nut in here?”


Rocco was lying in the hospital bed, wearing nothing but a short little hospital gown made out of thin paper. A steady drip of morphine was calming his body. It had taken a lot of morphine to make the pain go away.

He pressed the morphine button again and chuckled sleepily.

Another push of the button.

“This is definitely the best hospital visit I’ve ever had,” he mumbled.

He gave himself another dose of morphine.

Bucky, Brad, and Chad had come and gone. After Rocco's ruined nut was vacuumed out of his sack, they slapped Rocco on the back, and thought up ways to spend their “busted nut money.” Eventually they decided to go celebrate back at the house, and promised to bring Rocco a six pack.

Rocco pressed the morphine button again, and thought about how he'd spend his cash. A new truck? A new nut? A new dick?

Of course, they had to get the money first. But, that was the easy part, right?

Rocco shook his head, slowly, trying to concentrate on the hospital TV.

“Hey, I know that drink,” Rocco exclaimed cheerfully, his words slurred, as a commercial for Nut-Juice appeared on the screen.

A retro looking title card said

The Nut-Juice Experience
presented by The Bush
Today: Delivery Man Down

“Hey, I know that guy,” Rocco chuckled as he spotted a familiar face on the TV screen. “Hey, Quint, what are you up to?”

Quint, a handsome blond stud with a cowboy look, was dressed in a tight delivery uniform covered in Nut-Juice logos. His big, plump testicles were moose-knuckled in the front of his short shorts. He looked into the camera and said, “Have you juiced today?”

Then he turned around and rang a doorbell, smiling dumbly. The door swung open, and a heavy boot swung out, connecting perfectly with Quint’s fat nuts.


Rocco chuckled at the exaggerated sound effect.

In the commercial, Quint let out a deep, guttural groan and doubled over.

A brawny, dark haired and bearded man popped out of the door, a toothy grin on his face. He was around thirty, wearing nothing but a red kilt and a pair of huge, heavy black boots.

“Hey, I know that guy too,” Rocco mumbled, pressing the morphine button quickly a couple of times as he felt the sympathy pain. “Hey, Mr. Bush!”

The Bush laughed into the camera, pointed at Quint and yelled, “You’ve been JUICED!”

The commercial cut to Quint, cupping his crotch, with a can of Nut-Juice in his free hand.

“Nut-Juice!” The Bush yelled. “Suck it!”

Quint took a deep swig. He looked off camera, his face scrunched up. “Shit, this stuff makes my nuts burn…“

The door to Rocco’s hospital room opened. Rocco’s eyes slowly wandered to the door, expecting to see Chad, Brad, Bucky or Shawn.

Instead, Sergei entered the room. He was on the phone and waved at Rocco.

Rocco tried to lift his arm but it felt like it was sleeping. He tried lifting his other arm. Sleeping, too. Instead of waving back at Sergei, he grinned dumbly. “Sergei.”

Sergei pointed to the phone. “Rocco, man, I've got Shawn on the line.”

Rocco could barely move his lips. “Shawn... Awesome...”

Sergei walked up closer to the bed, still listening on the phone.

Rocco smiled weakly and nodded to Sergei’s crotch. “Dude... how’re your... balls... Sergei?”

Sergei grinned and unzipped his fly, revealing his long, uncut dick, and two big hairy low hangers. “Large and in charge.” He swung his hips, making his junk flop at Rocco’s face with a wet splat.

Rocco laughed slowly.

Sergei, one hand holding up his pants, and the other holding the phone, nodded toward Rocco’s crotch. “How’s your right nut doing?”

Rocco furrowed his brow. “My… right?” He looked slowly from his crotch to Sergei’s and grinned. “Fucking awesome...”

Sergei frowned. “Really?”

Rocco tried to nod, his head barely moving. “Yeah dude... fucking stud nut... see for yourself.”
Sergei cradled the phone with his shoulder and lifted up Rocco’s hospital gown, revealing Rocco’s hairy sack. His big right nut flopped on the bed between his legs.

Rocco cracked a broader grin. “See... bigger than yours...”

Sergei tugged his dick and grinned back. “Fuck off.” Sergei talked back into the phone. “Yeah, he still has it. Yeah... Chad said it was busted...” Sergei hefted Rocco’s nut and rolled it between his fingers. “Looks fine to me. It’s huge.”

“Fucking right…” Rocco admired his big right nut as Sergei rolled it around. Maybe he actually would walk lopsided from now on – it was pretty fucking huge. Sure, he was down a nut, but that was still a goddamn BIG fucking nut in his sack. Now, all he needed to do was get his dick fixed...

Sergei held the phone out to Rocco. “Hey Rocco, Shawn wants to speak to you.”

Rocco smiled at the phone. “Hey, Shawn.”

Sergei sighed and rested the phone against Rocco’s ear.

“Hey there Rocco!” Shawn chimed. “Something, uh, came up... Well, actually something 'came off,' so I'm... Well, I'm in jail.”

“Dude,” Rocco mumbled. “You should come over here... Brad’s got me morphine... It’s awesome.”

Shawn sounded impatient. “Rocco, listen. I couldn't get ahold of the guys... except for Sergei. So I had to let him in on the plan.”

“The plan?” Rocco squinted.

Shawn huffed. “The plan to make sure your right nut is gonzo.”

Rocco’s gaze drifted from his big right nut to Sergei, who cracked his knuckles.

“My right---” Rocco tried to sit up, but couldn’t.

Shawn continued to chatter. ”Don’t worry dude, it’s just your right nut - you’ve still got your left one – although if you were up for it, we could just get rid of them both right now---”

“Shawn, listen---” Rocco mumbled.

“Oh shit. Sorry, Rocco, I've got to go.” The phone rattled, and Rocco could hear Shawn yelling down a hall. “Holy crap! Is that it, in that baggie? So much for the 'long' arm of the la---” The connection broke up.

Rocco’s eyes, wide open now, darted from Sergei to his big right nut, cupped in Sergei’s palm.
Sergei looked down at Rocco’s nut. “Shit, man, I’ve never held another dude’s nuts, or uh, nut before.” He grinned at Rocco. “It’s probably bigger than both of mine. I guess that’s why it’s worth five million…”  He laughed, and noticed for the first time the empty half of Rocco's sack. Sergei's eyes popped open, and he snorted. “OH SHIT!”

He looked at Rocco's face, and then back at his half full sack. “Rocco, that's hard core. I didn't know you were doing both. Fuck man. I mean, I'd lose a nut for five million... but shit, lose both? Oh man – that's insane. I just saw your left nut this morning – and now, now it's just...” He poked at Rocco's sack. “Wow... it's just gone.”

Rocco tried to move again but none of his limbs cooperated. “Sergei… Buddy…”

Sergei wasn't paying attention. He was rolling Rocco's fat right nut between his fingers. “Jeez Rocco... I've got some big nuts... but if I had nuts like you, like, uh, you did – I tell you the fuck what, I wouldn't fucking let some other dude pop 'em.”

He used both of his hands, and gripped Rocco’s big right nut. “Aren't you gonna miss them?” He grinned at Rocco. “I mean, I'd miss mine. They're like my fucking favorite toys.” He squeezed hard.

Through the cloud of morphine, Rocco felt a dull throb in his right nut. He tried to move again. To no avail. He could only watch, his eyes opened wide. “Not my... favorite…”

Sergei grunted in effort, and Rocco’s right nut deformed slightly. “Yeah, me too. I guess, they're like my second and third favorite.” He shook his hips, and his big dick flopped around. “This guy's definitely number one.” He let out a cheerful laugh as he squished Rocco’s last nut between his strong fingers.


Rocco’s body bucked involuntarily. “DUDE!” He shouted.

“Whoa!” Sergei chuckled. “Sounds like that hurt.” He let go of Rocco’s nut with one hand, and gave Rocco’s hairy chest a pat.

Rocco feebly rolled his head. "Sergei, my nut..."

Sergei nodded. "I know, I know... it’s huge! You’re always talking about your fucking nuts!"

Rocco watched his nut flatten further. His nut! His nut!!!


Rocco groaned. He barely managed to raise an arm, and pawed at Sergei.

Sergei grinned and batted Rocco’s hand away. “Almost there, Rocco.” He noticed Rocco's stubby dick was hard, pointing at the ceiling. “Awesome. Check that out, your little guy’s into this.”

Sergei looked down, and saw that he had popped a boner, too. He let out a laugh. “Mine, too... I don’t know why but there’s something fucking hot about this Rocco.” He shrugged and nudged Rocco. "Probably more for me than for you, though. I mean, I've got two working nuts, and a dick that doesn't look like a doorknob."

Sergei burst out laughing as he squeezed Rocco’s nut with all the force he could muster.

Rocco tried to raise his arm again. He got it a little higher this time. His hand fumbled at Sergei’s thigh.

Sergei shook his head, straining to pop Rocco’s nut. “Dude, quit fucking around. We’re almost there! I think I feel it starting to give!”

Rocco’s eyes had gone saucer wide. His great big bull nut looked impossibly compressed in Sergei’s vice like hands.

His last nut!

His favorite nut!

Sergei applied more pressure. “Jeez, Rocco." He strained even harder. "What is your nut made of---”


Rocco’s dick erupted in a geyser of thick, chunky spunk as his right nut shattered in his sack, and the hairy stud let out a low, guttural moan.

“Holy shit!” Sergei laughed, watching Rocco’s dick spurt thick gobs of lumpy cum. “Rocco, that jizz has gotta be mostly nut!”

Rocco stared at his sputtering cock, a look of utter disbelief on his face. His jizz – maybe his last load of jizz ever, was raining down all over his hairy abs and chest. Sperm and bits of busted nut.

His nut!

His very last nut!

Sergei shook his head as Rocco shot another load from his rapidly softening cock. Then he turned his attention back to what was left of Rocco’s right nut. “Rocco, shit, it’s like a bag of busted... nut.” He found a large chunk, and squished it. “Whoa, gross.”

Rocco’s mouth had gone dry.

It wasn’t possible.

It was impossible.

His nuts couldn’t both be gone.


Sergei felt around Rocco’s sack. “Hey.” He lifted up Rocco’s sack, revealing a large lump. “You still got some nut left!” Sergei chuckled and gave it an experimental squeeze. “A lot of nut left, actually. Ah well, I hope you didn’t want kids.” He gestured at Rocco’s limp, stubby cock, still leaking a steady stream of thick, chunky cum. “Cause that thing is pretty much useless anyhow.”

He picked up a tiny paper pill-cup from Rocco's table-side, and flashed a pearly smile. “If you ever cum again, you're gonna be lucky if you can fill up one of these little guys.” He placed the cup on Rocco's chest, and laughed. “Man... Rocco, you dumb fuck. Remember when your dick was like a freakin’ arm?  I mean, how do you screw up something that awesome.” He gestured to Rocco's cock. “Now, it's so fucking short---”

Rocco’s arm suddenly bolted up. His big, bear-like hand grabbed Sergei’s dick, and yanked sideways!


“OH SHIT!” Sergei took a wide step back, as Rocco released his grip.

Rocco lunged forward in bed, pointing at his dick. “IT’S GETTING BIGGER!”

Sergei fell to the ground. “OH! Oh FUCK!” He looked to his crotch, and his big fat dick was bent in the middle at a ninety degree angle- and rapidly swelling! “Oh SHIT! Rocco! You broke my dick! You broke my fucking dick!”

Rocco blinked through the morphine. “Well, you crossed a fucking line – making fun of my junk.” Rocco swung his legs heavily off the bed and reached for the water pitcher on his night stand. He dumped the water out onto the floor, scooped the puddles of cum off his chest and into the pitcher, then sat the pitcher between his knees.

From the floor, Sergei stared at Rocco. “What, what are you doing?”

Rocco grunted. “Shut up!” His dick was still leaking cum, like a slow faucet. “I gotta save my jizz. What if I want kids?”

Sergei cupped his crotch. “Kids?! What if I wanted kids?! You broke my dick!”

Rocco peeled the little pill-cup from his cummy chest. “Well, if your big dick's ruined...” He flicked the paper cup at Sergei. “...then what do you need those BIG nuts for?”

Sergei gulped.


Rocco lurched out from a hospital service door, completely naked. It was dark out... he shook his head, still dazed. What time was it?

He’d left the pitcher of cum with a confused orderly, and told him to send it to the sperm bank. It was almost half full. One nut down and Rocco was still cumming like a stud.

His nearly devastated right nut ached horribly though, as it bounced around wildly in his half full sack... But that had to be a good thing, right? If he could feel it, then it might be possible to save it, right? And with every painful bounce, his dick squirted out another rope of cum... And that had to be good, too, right?

He limped across the parking lot, wincing as his right nut slapped against his thigh.

He had to find Brad... Brad could save his nut.


An hour later, Rocco tumbled out of the bushes, and limped to his front yard, covered in grime.

There was a large truck parked in front of his house. Movers were walking in and out of the front door, all carrying boxes.

“What the fuck?” Rocco mumbled.

He limped forward, and one of the movers noticed him. He pointed, and another mover popped his head out of the truck.

A mover with a box in his hand stopped in his tracks as Rocco approached the front porch. He was about Rocco’s age, well built, with sandy blond hair and a scruffy jaw.

Rocco was covered in grime, his hair matted, and completely naked.

The mover looked down at Rocco’s crotch, his eyes falling on Rocco’s thick, stubby cock. He let out a short laugh and tilted the box’s open top toward Rocco. “These must be yours.”

Rocco peered into the box, and saw his penis pump, and dick exercise manual. He looked around, confused. “What… What the hell are you guys doing with my stuff?”

The mover looked embarrassed. “Sorry, but we’ve been sent to repossess everything here.”

Rocco watched as two other movers hefted his work-bench and vice out of the garage. “Reposes?
Wait, are we being evicted?”

The blond mover shifted uncomfortably. “Yeah... I guess you guys don’t read your mail much.” He looked at Rocco, bedraggled and wide eyed... His dick was leaking a small puddle of cum at his feet. “Look, dude, if you promise not to tell, you can have this stuff back.” He nodded at Rocco’s crotch. “That...” He cleared his throat. “That must be pretty embarrassing.”

The mover handed Rocco the box and stepped past him.

Rocco turned, to see the blond mover whisper to another mover, and point at Rocco. They both looked at Rocco’s crotch and winced.

Rocco’s face darkened and he shouted from his porch. “Hey, assholes!” He hefted the box in one hand, and pointed at his crotch with the other. “I'm a god damn stu---”

As he pointed, Rocco's heel slipped in the puddle of cum he dribbled on the porch, and he fell backwards, sending his box flying up into the air.

Rocco landed on his back, and watched the contents of the box slowly spill out. His penis pump, his exercise manual, and the bronze casting of his dick - the big balls – his big balls, looking especially heavy.

His eyes followed the bronze nuts as they fell down, down to the ground, landing between his legs, and right, on his big, busted---



The sun was just beginning to set as Chad pulled up to the camping spot, his truck's wheels crunching noisily over the bumpy gravel road. He'd been driving for hours, and the AC in this shitty old truck had stopped working.

Chad wriggled in his seat, and shoved a hand down his pants – his sack was fucking melting in this heat. With one hand on the wheel, Chad worked to untangle his nuts from his floppy cock, and grumbled. His date the night before was a spectacular failure. Little Chad, as usual, just wasn't feeling frisky.

When Rocco called, inviting Chad out to the camp site, well, it seemed like a good idea. He hadn't seen the guys in months. Maybe some fresh air would clear him out... get Little Chad pumping again.

Rocco's camper was parked near a small pond and patch of trees. It was a nice spot - if you didn't look at the dilapidated camper, or the ratty lawn furniture surrounding it.

Chad shook his head. Rocco never got that nut money. His job said “ninja attacks” didn't count.


Bucky and Brad were sunning themselves on a couple of old pool chairs, joints hanging from their mouths, and half eaten hot-dogs in their hands. Brad in a black speedo, and Bucky in his long-johns.

Shawn, dressed in a stained tank, but otherwise naked, was talking animatedly with Brad, and gesturing to his crotch.

As Chad parked, he noticed Shawn had a large band-aid over his crotch, right where his dick should have been. Or Brad's dick. Whatever. Chad shrugged, and waved to Bucky as he got out of the truck.

Bucky waved back, and offered Chad a beer - pointing at an empty lawn chair.

“Dude,” Bucky mumbled. “We ordered delivery, but it's totally not here yet.” He looked around. “I hope they know where...” He scanned the horizon. “Like, where the woods are.”

Shawn pointed at Bucky. “This is the third time you called today Bucky. I don't think they're coming.”

Bucky coughed out a cloud of smoke, and waived his hot-dog in the air. “Shawn dude, they better, because I'm like mad hungry – and there's no food anywhere!” He noticed the hot-dog in his hand. “Oh, shit.” He held it up and whispered to Chad. “Magic Hot-Dog.”

Chad frowned, and turned to face Brad. “So, Rocco said you guys need a ride into town?”

“Totally.” Brad smiled and adjusted his nuts. “It's dick day bro!”

Shawn chuckled. “It better be – because me and your dick have already said our 'goodbyes.'”

Chad eyed the band-aid over Shawn's crotch. “Wait, so Shawn, you found another dick?”

Shawn thrust his hips forward. “Not exactly.” He winked at Bucky. “We lopped Brad's off this morning, and Bucky patched me up.”

Bucky took another drag. “We split the last of my veterinary vicodin.”

“It's awesome!” Shawn poked at his cheek. “I can't feel my face!”

Chad looked between the three guys. “So... where's Brad's dick now?”

Brad nodded at the camper. “It's totally chill Chad... like, literally.”

Chad stared at the camper. “So... it's in the fridge then?”

“Dude, exactly.” Brad cupped his hand to his mouth, and shouted at the camper. “You got nowhere to run little dick! You're mine now!” Brad snorted, and turned back to Chad. “Dude, when I get my dick back, the first thing I'm gonna do is jerk off - for days. For days, dude. Like, you have no idea how frustrating it is to get all turned on and shit – and then remember you've got no dick. It's like, 'I'm gonna fuckin' go jerk off’ – but then, there's nothing there.” He took another bite from his hot dog. “Fucking ghost-dick bro.”

“Spooky.” Bucky yawned and finished his hot-dog, little crumbs of the bun launching from his mouth as he spoke. “Dude, you've been talking about jerking off since... since...” He squinted at his joint and started laughing. “Since like I can't even remember – I'm so fucking high!”

Brad finished his hot-dog and gave Bucky a sloppy high five. “Fucking flying!” He coughed, and hefted his nuts through the black speedo. “Well, we better get truckin'.” He looked around. “Where's Rocco?”

Rocco emerged from the camper, naked except for a ratty towel around his waist. “Sorry guys, I was in the shower.” He undid the towel, and dried his ass.

Chad looked and winced.

Rocco’s dick was shorter than ever. The fact that Rocco was so tall, and so built, only made his little dick look even worse. Having lost more length than girth, the bulbous head swung limply on its meager shaft - boneless as a wilted, old, carrot. It clearly wasn't just "shrinkage." Rocco hadn't been doing laps in a cold pool. No, Rocco had a short dick - and it was getting shorter. Withering away beneath his six-pack to a stubby, floppy nothing under his dark, bushy pubes.
Below Rocco’s rapidly dwindling cock, sagged his still very hairy nut-sack. After years of hefting two outrageously large spuds, the now nearly empty sack flapped between Rocco's legs like an old dish rag. His left nut was completely gone, and after the accident with the movers, what was left of Rocco's right nut was a considerably more modest, low hanging, misshapen lump - as though Rocco had dropped a small, half-chewed meatball into his much too large, furry scroat.

Chad sipped his beer, and tried not to look too hard. “Rocco... wow.”

Rocco looked down and grinned. “C’mon. It’s not that bad.” He grabbed his dick. “I mean, this guy’s doing great---”

Chad cleared his throat.

Rocco looked at his dick and gave it a thumbs up. “He's fucking great.” Still smiling, Rocco lifted a leg onto a tree stump, his uneven sack swinging in plain view. “I’ve just gotta keep up with my dick exercises.”

Chad looked away. “You might be over-working it, just a little…”

Rocco finished toweling off, and rubbed his hairy abs. “Fucking hungry though. We got any food?”

Brad burped. “Sorry bro. Just finished the last of the hot-dogs.”

Rocco furrowed his brow, and looked at the camper. “Aw man... I didn't know we had hot-dogs.”

Brad tucked a loose nut back into his speedo. “Yeah, they were right in the refrigerator. Might be some left.”

Rocco smiled. “Nah, already checked. The fridge is empty.”

There was a brief moment of silence.

No one spoke... Or moved.

Finally, Chad dropped his head, and covered his eyes. “Oh, for fuck's sake.”

Shawn started to giggle.

Brad's stoned smile began to fall... and he looked at his brother. “No...”

Bucky was sitting very still - but his eyes were darting from the camper, to the empty paper plate on his lap. Back, and forth. Back, and forth.

Brad looked to the camper. “Nah... no...”

Shawn started to cackle.

Bucky put out his joint, and ran a hand through his hair. “Brad dude... dude... dude... Brad. Dude. Brad? Brad. Like, how many hot-dogs were-”

“Two dude.” Brad was still staring at the camper. “There were two hot-dogs.”

Bucky was shaking his head. “Brad... Dude this is not good. This is NOT good.”

Brad turned back to his brother. “But Bucky, even if - there's still like a fifty percent chance you didn't---”

Bucky stood up and dropped his long-johns. “NO DUDE! THERE'S LIKE A TWO-HUNDRED PERCENT CHANCE!”

Chad blinked. Above Bucky's handsome, furry nuts, was a little bit of gauze, and a band-aid. He was dickless.

Shawn stifled a laugh, and snorted. “Oh my god.”

Brad couldn't take his eyes off Bucky's crotch, and took a very long drag from his joint, before putting it out. He exhaled. “Dude... what am I seeing dude?”

“I've got no DICK, Brad!” Bucky gestured to his crotch, angrily.

Brad squinted. “But dude... why?”

Bucky pointed at Shawn. “Because SHAWN thought it would be funny if me and you traded dicks!”

Brad looked from his crotch to Bucky's, and chuckled. “Dude, that is kinda fun-”

“NO, it isn't, Brad!” Bucky pulled up his long-johns. “It isn't - because we just ATE! OUR! DICKS!”

Brad nodded. “Oh... right.”

Shawn couldn't contain himself any longer, and fell to the ground, laughing hysterically.

Bucky was pulling at his face. “Oh my god dudes. Oh my god. My dick! Dudes, my dick... My dick is gone!”

Shawn snorted, still on the ground. “Well, technically it's still here.” He rolled back into a sitting position and grinned. “For a couple more hours, at least.”

Brad was staring at his crotch, frowning. “Who do you think ate whose dick?”

Bucky started pacing back and forth. “I can't even think about that right now dude. I can't!”

Brad frowned. “I think my hot-dog was smaller than yours...”

Rocco raised his hand. “Um... are we still going to the hospital?”

Chad stood up, adjusting his crotch. “Well, if we are...” He watched Bucky pace back and forth. “And I'm guessing we are... It's a long ass drive, and I need to take a piss.”


Inside the cool dark of the camper, Chad leaned against the door, and ripped open his fly.

His dick sprung out at full attention. Chad gave his nuts a squeeze. Maybe he’d yank one out really quick.

With his dick and nuts out, he fumbled around the camper, looking for the bathroom.

Idiots. He tugged on his dick and chuckled. Well, he definitely had the biggest dick now. Brad, Bucky, and Shawn – all dickless. And Rocco... just embarrassing.

Chad’s dick was... well, bigger than average. Bigger than any of those guys. And his balls... They were awesome. He itched his big, hairy nuts. Yeah, he'd pump one out real quick. Maybe he wouldn't even flush the toilet. Leave it at a reminder for these numb-nuts. Tell them who the real stud was.

He spotted the fridge, and stopped.

Still holding his dick, he opened the door with his free hand.


Chad shook his head, and started to close the door - but paused for a moment. Then, he reached up, and opened the freezer.

Inside were two plastic baggies – each containing a frozen dick.

Chad took the baggies out. It was hard to tell whose was whose.

He looked over his shoulder – the guys were still all outside. He glanced around the camper, and then back at the dicks. They barely looked like dicks. More like little wrinkled sausages.

Chad chuckled to himself, and shrugged. “Well, fuck 'em.”

He pulled open the door to the camper’s tiny bathroom, and lifted the toilet seat with his boot.

Unzipping the bags, Chad emptied the contents of one into the bowl.


And then the other.


Chad peered into the bowl, and realized he actually did need to take a piss. Pointing his erection down, Chad let out a long, hot stream, and sighed. He widened his stance, and tugged on his nuts - watching his piss splatter over Brad and Bucky's dicks – making them swirl around the bowl.

As he pissed, Chad tried to imagine a life without a dick. No more morning wood... he'd probably miss that. Looking at himself in bed, his dick sticking straight out of his furry crotch. No more filling out a nice pair of briefs with a big floppy bulge. Or a tented bulge for that matter – 'cause no more hard-ons. No hard-ons! No more jerking off. That'd be tough. Almost harder than no sex. No sex... Chad imagined Brad and Bucky's faces at the strip-club. Miserable. “Bet your nuts get cold...” He mumbled.

Chad shook the last few drops from his hard dick, and lifted his boot, to flush the toilet.

“Sorry, dudes.” He chuckled.

The toilet flushed, sucking its contents down... down... and gone.

Chad let out a whistle, and started to pump his dick. “Time to leave my signature-”

There was a low growl.

“What the---” Chad looked around the bathroom. It was barely big enough to stand in. There was just him, the toilet, and the shower.

Another growl rumbled from behind the shower curtain.

Chad squinted, his hard dick bobbing in the air. “What the---”

A huge, angry rottweiler lunged out from behind the shower curtain, his gaping mouth wide open.

“Oh F---” Chad whispered.

The dog’s jaws clamped down like a vise on Chad’s hard, bigger than average, dick.


Rocco was lying down on a blanket under a starry sky.

They'd spent an hour calling for Captain Crunch – but the dog had run out of the camper, and disappeared into the woods with Chad's dick.

Brad, Bucky, and Shawn finally gave up looking, and drove a protesting Chad to the hospital. Chad had to be restrained – after running off into the woods a few times – trying to find his dick.

Crunch had bitten Chad right down to the root – but luckily didn't get his balls. At least Chad still had those.

“Dickless Chad.” Rocco chuckled. “Well, his dick wasn’t all that big anyhow.” He stared up at the sky and smiled. “I guess I've got the biggest dick... again.”

He sighed and scratched his floppy sack. His right nut, what was left of it, was getting smaller and smaller. And harder. It felt like a crumpled ball of tinfoil.

It was still pretty big though. Bigger than most guys'.

“They must have exercises for nuts?” Rocco mumbled. “Right?” He flipped through his dick exercise manual and held it up with one hand. His other hand reached down and started tugging at his dick.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Tug.

If he could get back to two inches before Christmas, then maybe he’d make three by his birthday next year.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Tug.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Tug. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Tug.

“Yeah,” Rocco growled to himself. “You’re a stud.”


BBcrusher said...

Thank you for up date great series of Stud to Dut:Dut.
I love this series and love Chad, so great to read that chat popped one of Rocco's big testicles, so hot. Finally Chad deserved to pop huge ball, damn such a fucking hot, I also shoot huge load with him ;-)
Still many nice big balls to pop and destroy, and steal some nice cock? PLease keep write this great fun story.

Thanks again your great works,


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, BBCrusher! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! Rocco's journey has finally come to an end, and we don't have any plans to continue this series.

But I'm sure there will be other stories that you'll enjoy. :-))

BBcrusher said...

Thank you Alex,
Yes Damn charming Rocco's journey will end so sad, but I can read again and again your fun stories ;-)
Loves Big Ball Busting wild Adventure!!


Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, BBcrusher! :-))

David Walker said...

Thanks. I always enjoy a surprise, behind-the-shower-curtain climax. Good stuff.

Alex said...

Thank you, David! :-))