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My life as a nutcracker - part 2: My official introduction to ball busting (written by David Walker)

This is the second part of a wonderful, epic story written by our reader David Walker. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Previous parts:
Part 1: I learn how to fight

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Seth answered the phone.  He laughed and said “Fuck yeah” and then told me Jackson wanted to invite me over.  Jackson actually said I should get my young ass over to his farm like after1 or so.  Like I’d pass that up.

He was smoking a bowl when I pulled up.  We sat on the porch and shared the bowl.  Then he stood up and we walked back to the barn.  He said he had his own room in the back.  Nobody ever came around, probably nobody knew about it.  We walked in.  Big widescreen TV, a DVD player and a control he said was for the satellite, a cooler on the floor packed with beer and some really good cheap wine, a table with his laptop, a bunch of joints in a Mason jar, a couple chairs, and two mattresses on the floor.  And a waste can full of paper towels.  I had thought maybe we’d get together some evening when it wouldn’t be as hot.  It’s the romantic in me.

We both had our shirts off, he was in those tight cut-offs and I was in shorts, too.  “Nice place,” I said.

“Yeah,” he said and gave me a pretty good ball tap.  It surprised me more than hurt.

“The fuck?” I said.  I noticed I hadn’t cupped my balls.  He noticed, too.

“Good,” he smiled.  “The nut cracker can take a quickie.”  He said “nut cracker” like I’d heard teachers call a student “grasshopper,” only Jackson wasn’t being sarcastic.   He gave me another swat, a little harder, but not that much.  I did kind of cringe.  “I asked Seth if he thought you and me could do some ball bashin’ today.  I’m surprised he didn’t come over, too.”  You’d think I’d be smart enough to move away from him after two taps, but no, and he swatted me again.  “He likes watchin’ this shit.  Here.  Smoke this…all for you.  Probably ought to have some beer, too,” and he opened the little fridge.

“See, all three of us think you ought to be in the fight club.  You’ll be old enough soon and you fight good.  You need to get ready for it, though.  Some of the guys work out.  Some of ’em been throwin’ around feedbags and carrying calves since they were six.  You do stand to get beat up, at least the first time or two,” and this time he hit me not-quite-lightly with his fist.  That made me flinch and almost drop my beer.  “You have a reputation and guys’d probably like to give your balls some attention.  Main thing is you gotta learn to deal with pain…on your feet or flat on your back.  Pretty much it’s whatever you can dish out and whatever you can take.”  Whack!  I sat on a chair.

He set up his laptop.  “Couple of things I want you to see.”  Class had begun.  While the computer was setting itself up, he said, “Remember the other night I made you bash my balls harder and harder until I came?”  Like I’d ever forget it.  “I don’t know if you just get to like pain, even get pleasure out of it.  It just can feel really good.”  He rubbed his crotch and was getting hard.  I beat him to it.  “It usually takes me more time to come like that.  You bare-ass naked hitting me as hard as you could…which, by the way, is really hard…I just started thinking about your cock shooting cum in my mouth and…”  He paused.  He was also hard and ready to continue class.

“Wanna show you a couple videos.”  I had no idea what they’d be like; if Jackson showed them, they’d probably be good.  Jackson showed it on the big TV.  The first one was of two really built dudes.  One was on his back, it looked like his arms were tied down.  Probably his legs, too, because they were spread real wide and this other dude was just punching his balls.  He’d stop, massage the tied-down guy’s nuts for a bit or suck his dick, and then he’d go back to punching the guy’s ball sac hard as he could.  The tied down guy started yelling, the other guy kept punching fast and hard and all of a sudden this huge stream of cum sprayed out of the guys cock.  My god, I didn’t know you could carry around that much jizz inside you.  I mean, Kenny usually had enough to just about drown me, but it was nothing like that.  I turned to say something to Jackson.  Instead, I just watched him.  He was naked and kinda casually jerking himself off.

“You’re already good at crackin’ nuts,” he said, still kind of lazily running his fist up down that gorgeous shaft.  “Now you have to learn to take it and even get to like it.”  He hit a couple of keys and showed a movie of a couple of guys wrestling.  They were naked, built, hard, and pretty good at grab ass fightin’.  Then one guy punched the other in the nuts.  It didn’t have a lot of effect on the wrestler but it sure was exciting to me.  Then instead of your traditional holds, they started going after each other’s cocks and balls.  I had to strip down, too.  One guy wound up in a tree of woe in a corner.  The other guy came over and started using the upside down guy’s balls like a punching bag.  I’d always kinda imagined that, somebody with his knees over the top ropes and getting punched hard on those nads.  The upside down guy, clearly in pain, reached up and grabbed the puncher’s balls, put one hand around them and made them look like a mushroom and nail those nuts a couple times until the guy got away.  The standing dude doubled over, the guy on the turnbuckle raised his legs with a good bit of effort, and his feet landed on the other guy’s back.  He fell to the mat and came like a champ.  The guy who’d been punching him gave the winner a blowjob, and for the life of me I couldn’t imagine how he could cum…either one, really, but the guy on the turnbuckle…Christ, that had to hurt.  Then I realized I was about to cum.

“Save that for later,” Jackson smiled.

I was 100% stoned and courting a nice beer buzz.  I was hard as a rock from the videos.  Jackson grabbed hold of my dick and pulled me out of the chair.  “We’re gonna do some roshambo.”  Really?  Kenny and I watched a lot of the videos on YouTube, even tried it a couple times.  We never bothered with the rock-scissors-paper shit.  That was a waste of time when it was each other’s nuts we wanted to smash.  I was usually the last one standing.

“Stand on the mattress,” Jackson said.  I wanted to suck his cock so bad.  Then I felt a snap on my balls.  Right.  Roshambo.  Jackson thrust his cock and balls toward me, like he did last Saturday night.  “That’s ’cause I really feel it when I stand like this.”  I made a fist and hit him what I thought was a good one.  He barely flinched.  “Good one,” he said.  “Just put a little more muscle behind it next time.”  I stood in front of him and stuck my cock and balls out.  “You sure?”

“We’re doin’ this, I might as well learn to do it right.”  With that I heard flesh hitting flesh and I almost blacked out.  Jesus, there was never a pain like that.  I couldn’t help it.  I let out a scream, cupped my hands around my balls, and just kind of bent at the knee.  But I didn’t fall down.

“Very good,” Jackson said, looking at me approvingly.  Or maybe he just liked to see me in pain.  It took me a little bit to recover.  I walked over to him, put my hands on his shoulders, and drove my knee up there as hard as I could.  Finally, he cringed.  He sort of doubled over and let out a “whoa-ho” kind of gasp.  Good, I thought.  He’s gonna paralyze me with the next one, so at least I landed that one.  He stood.  Not quite as straight as he had been standing, but he had that grin on his face now and I knew it was gonna be a bad day from here on.  I spread my legs, thrust the hips out for all the world to see, and he pounded a shin on my tender boys.  I couldn’t breathe.  I could have sworn a couple of his toes rammed up my ass.  I doubled over and tried to steady myself with one hand…it’s not a fall if you use your hand like that.  He was laughing.  That fucking sonuvabitch was laughing.  Now it wasn’t a game.  I took my time getting up, took a deep breath, walked over to him and concentrated every muscle in my body into my fist and hammered him with the hardest, dirtiest low blow I ever thought possible.  Pro wrestlers would have puked.  MMA guys would have been passed out sprawled all over the ring.

“Now you’re getting it,” he said and whomped me a good one with his fist.  I bent over again.  I wasn’t touching the mattress with my hand, though.  He looked at me like “What’s the little fuck gonna try now?”  I gotta admit that I really did like the sensation of my fist on his nuts.  I could feel those nards try to escape with nowhere to go.  I’d done that twice, though, so time for something else.  I started to stroke my cock.  It hurt.  My balls would not be slapping Kenny’s ass tonight.  I walked up to Jackson, swung back a leg, and drove my shin square in his sac.  He doubled over, arms between his legs.  It looked like maybe…  He sort of stood up.  “You got the right idea,” he said, stroking his cock.  “It helps sometimes.  Like now!”  And with that he lunged forward, spun around and kicked me with his heel.  It was dead on and I felt my legs give out from under me.  Face down on the mattress.  I knew that cupping my hands around my nuts wouldn’t do a fuckin’ thing.  Nevertheless, that’s where they were.  I rolled to my side and curled up.  It felt like he was on the mattress.  He lay down beside me, one arm under my neck, the other arm holding my chest, his hot, wet, matted hairy chest squeezed against my back, his still-hard cock kind of rubbing between my ass cheeks.

“That was fuckin’ incredible,” he whispered.  I felt his beard on my neck.  “You got me so near the edge.”  He laughed.  “You really are some nut cracker.”  I could tell I was still hard.  I knew that anything that even seemed like sex would be really painful, but he felt so good against me like this, him holding me and kinda humping me.  I kind of wiggled my ass so I could feel his cock and, oh fuck, it was still in fuck mode.

“Why don’t you stay here,” he said after a nice bit of cuddle time.  “I’ll get us some beers and we can both have another joint.”  I really didn’t want him to get up.  Then I remembered how good the cold beer can felt against my balls.  And aside from Seth, I can’t think of anybody I’d rather get stoned and drunk with than Jackson.

I tried to sit up.  He handed me a wad of paper towels.  “Wrap some of them around the beer can and your boys won’t get so wet.  Looks like you could use one too…”  He handed me a beer and sank to his knees.  I felt a paper towel with a really nice firmness brush over my slit.  He stroked my shaft and dabbed carefully around my balls.  “Now that’s heavy-duty pre-cum.”  I couldn’t help but laugh.  He smashes your balls and then cleans them off after.

“Can you get over to the chair?” he asked.  “I think you’ll feel better.  You can keep the beer next to your nuts, anyway.”  I crawled to the chair, pulled myself up, and had a seat.  “Here,” he said, handing me some smoking weed.  I was really sore.  I could smoke weed all day.  It wouldn’t help the pain, but I wouldn’t care.

“So that’s what the fight club is like?” I finally asked.

“Oh, fuck no.  It can be a part of it, though, and you don’t want gettin’ kneed in the nuts to get in the way of a good fight.”  I think he could tell I wasn’t convinced.  “It’s really just like regular grab ass ol’ boy wrasslin’, except you got ring ropes instead of wooden fences.  Of course, wooden fences can be kinda fun in their own way.”  He stopped and grinned like he remembered something with nuts and splinters.  “Seth wants to take you soon.  I think you’d like it.  And just watch.  Get an idea what it’s like.”

“Tell me again:  Why is it I’m supposed to be interested in this?” I asked.

“Because in its own special way, it’s fun.  Gettin’ beat up isn’t fun.  Gettin’ even is.  Sometimes it’s even winner-take-all, whoever loses sucks off the winner, even get fucked by the winner, usually in the locker room but sometimes in the ring.  Some guys wear tighty whities and they usually get stripped off, so it’s a good way to see cocks.  Some guys start naked, get hard with the physical contact.  Guys stand around the ring rubbin’ their stiffies.  There’s a lot of stuff going on.  It’s OK to have sex with a guy as long as it has something to do with the match.”

“But they already know I’m gay.”

“They also know you can crack nuts like nobody else.  Crack nuts…kick ass…there’s a certain amount of skill involved with both.”  He handed me another beer.  “How’re you doin’?”

“I’ll live, I guess.  How long am I gonna feel like this?”

“Maybe a day.  Don’t worry about it.  You’ll be fuckin’ Kenny in no time.”  He paused.  “Remember that first video?”  Yeah.  “I was wondering if you could bash my balls a while.  It won’t hurt you, and I wanna cum.”

Today was clearly the first day of school, and what better way to start than by getting the teacher off?  It might not have been the way I’d choose to shoot my load, but it’s what Jackson wanted.  He grabbed my dick and started to pull me out of the chair.  I told him I could get up on my own.

He dropped to his knees, his cock waving wildly, and then he fell back.  He put his hands behind his head and spread his legs.  His balls were kind of pink from the roshambo.  He nodded between his legs, like I was supposed to sit.  When I got down, he told me to put my legs over his, maybe with my knees over his thighs.  “Just start tapping them, easy like.  And then gradually smack those babies harder.  And then hit ‘em with your fist.”  This was still kind of new, a guy actually wanting to get hit repeatedly in the balls.  But I knew that Jackson wanted it, he trusted me to do it, so I put my legs over his, cupped his balls, and started tapping.  It was like he didn’t notice, so I opened my hand and hit him a little harder with my fingers.  “That’s good,” Jackson said, and that’s all he said.  I think he wanted me to figure out what to do.  I turned my hand around and smacked him with the back of my fingers, a little harder and faster.  He started to moan.  I thought I’d be pretty fuckin’ useless by now if he was doing it to me, but he looked calm, like it was just the thing he needed.

I stopped for a second and caressed his balls.  They felt bigger, so I was doing that right.  I started up again with a loose fist.  Oh my god…my bare knucks on his bare balls.  This is the stuff of dreams.  I hit him harder and faster.  He started moaning and I couldn’t tell if he was in pain or just enjoying himself.  Just like the muscle dude in the video, I stopped, cupped Jackson’s balls with one hand and jerked him off with the other.  “Oh, yeah,” he moaned.

I didn’t want him to cum, so I got back to the work at hand.  Now it wasn’t hitting, it was punching.  His “yeah”s turned into shrieks.  He was feeling pain.  Sweet.  I hit him harder at the same speed.  His hands were still behind his head…this guy was a master at this.  My knuckles started to hurt, so I stopped.  I didn’t give a fuck what he wanted.  Somewhere along the line, it was as much pleasuring Jackson as hurting him.  I felt I deserved a reward for that, got up on my knees and down on his cock.  I’ll never forget that gasp of his.  If this was a test, I just scored extra points.  Neither one of us wanted him to cum, so I sat my ass on the mattress, put my legs over his, and punched him hard.  His hands shot down to his ball sac, but he didn’t tell me to stop.  I pried his hands away from what had to be his tender nuts and started in again.  His arms shot out and he grabbed the mattress really hard.

I tasted pre-cum when I sucked his cock, so I knew that as much pain as he was in, he was going to cum.  His cock was rock hard when I sucked it.  Then I remembered the other video, the wrestling video, with the guy upside down against the corner, how he reached up, grabbed the other guy’s balls, squeezed the sac and smashed it as hard as he could.  I’d been punching Jackson’s balls hard, harder than I’d ever wish anybody to feel.  Then really quickly I grabbed the base of his balls and held it real tight.  I squeezed and his big nuts got even bigger, the wrinkled skin got smooth, and he screamed in agony when I hit it with all I had left.  His arms rushed to his nuts, his legs snapped up so fast they threw me backwards, and then I knew what I had to do.  I got on my knees, grabbed his cock, and started sucking.  He came in about 3 seconds.  I gagged.  I think some of his cum came out through my nose.  I sure didn’t care.  He got his wish about nut crackin’ and I got my reward with about two gallons of Jackson’s cum flooding down my throat, cumming with such force I thought it would just power through my body and shoot out my ass.  I finally let him go and looked at him.  Pain.  Ecstasy.  I had to stick that pile driver back into my mouth and suck it dry.  He grabbed my head and lifted it off his meat, which I was tonguing like crazy.  “Enough.”

I couldn’t even imagine how sore his balls must have felt.  I wanted to lay down beside him.  I kind of jerked my way to his side and put my arm behind his neck.  He turned his head and kissed me.  Oh, shit.  “Stay there, OK?  It’s been a while since somebody just laid beside me.”  I raised my head and kissed him.  And I used a little tongue.

“Huh.  I don’t taste too bad, do I?”

“No you don’t, mister.”

“There’s plenty more where that came from.”  My god.  After everything I did to him, he was flirting with me.

“Do you want me to get you a cold one?”

“Nah.  Just stay beside me.  Fuck, you’re good.  And you suck a mean cock, too.”  My fingers wandered through that forest of hair on his chest.  “You knew what I wanted and you pounded away like a pro.  I thought you brought in a mule to kick my balls.  Christ.  And that was you first time?”

“Kenny doesn’t like it.  He likes to cum in any hole in my body, but he doesn’t like hitting or stuff.  He got pushed around and bullied about as much as me.  Some roshambo sometimes, but that’s about it.”

“Understood.  Well, I’ll have to see what I can do, then.”  He paused and chuckled.  “Maybe that beer can would feel pretty good now.”

I kissed him and got up.  I was surprised my nuts didn’t hurt as much as I thought they would.  “You want some towels?” I asked.

“No.  Can you help me up?”  I got down on all fours so he could put whatever he wanted on my back and I’d lift him.  I grabbed an arm and put it on my shoulder.  He was about 98% dead weight.  I tried to put him into the chair as gingerly as I could.  He still yelped a bit.  I wrapped a couple of towels around the beer can and handed it to him.  He knew what he needed to nurse those babies.  I wasn’t about to touch them again.  I’d done enough of that for one day.  I opened the Mason jar and lit two joints.

“Fuck.  This has been a great Saturday.”  The afternoon had really heated up and there wasn’t any air moving in the barn.  We stared at each other, getting drunker and higher, enjoying the view.  He knew what he meant by “great”; mine was great, too, but maybe for some different reasons.  And for some of the same, too.

“Why don’t you come over here and fuck me in the face?”  He’d noticed my erection returned.  “I did all the cummin’ today.  You got a load to shoot, might as well be in me.”

Oh, Jesus.  I was all dazed anyway and now confused.  Fuck yeah, I wanted to cum inside him, but it wasn’t his mouth I had in mind.  That beard might feel good on my balls, but they were still tender as fuck.

“Thanks.  I think I’ll just sit here and jack off looking at you.”  He really was porn material.

“Compromise,” he said.  “You jack off, but you cum on my chest.”

Why can’t the fucking government come up with compromises like that?  I started stroking my cock.  I sat there, legs spread apart, staring at Jackson, and just dreaming about him.  I had to hold my balls a little, but it felt good, jerking off in front of this hot country boy.  I got up and, still stroking, walked over to his chair.  I knew I couldn’t last long.  I stood with my legs outside his, practically on his lap, because I wanted to see my cum on that fur.

“God, you’re so hot.  You’re just fuckin’ sexy.  I wanna fuck you so bad.” It started feeling really good.  I jerked faster.  “You’re gonna make me cum.  You’re so fuckin’ hot.  Jesus god, I’m gonna cum.  Oh, fuck.”
And just then I felt his hands on my ass and his mouth around my cock.  The change in sensation made me crazy.  I fucked his mouth.  I wanted to cum on that hairy mass of chest, but this was even better.  Christ.  He was suckin’ me off while I was fuckin’ his face.  We both knew I was ready to explode.

“I’m gonna cum, man.  I gonna cum!”  He slammed my body against his face.  Oh god…that beard.  Those teeth.  That tongue.  “Oh, fuuuuuuck” I screamed and drained my balls in his throat.  “Oh my god, Jackson.  I can’t believe we did that.  Sweet Jesus, that was awesome.”   I stood in front of him and I swear I could cum again.  He was just so fuckin’ sexy.

“You taste pretty good, too,” Jackson said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.  “Shit…you could bottle that jizz and sell it.”  I had to laugh.  He reached his hands forward and pulled me close to him and he kissed me…with a little tongue.

“How about tomorrow?” he asked.  “We could go to the Landing.”  That sounded like fun, although I was a little concerned about him getting around.  I know I hit him pretty hard.  I still felt it in my knuckles.  “The water’ll be warm and it’ll do me good.”  I was about to agree when he said, “Hey.  How ’bout now?”

“You sure?”

“Yeah.  Pull the truck around.  I’ll grab some weed and beer.  We could stop at McDonald’s on the way back.”

“You sure?” I repeated.

“Just go get the fucking truck.”

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