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Pride and pain: Queen for a day

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Balls on parade

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When we arrived at the little stage that we had set up at a street corner, we were greeted by a crowd of young men who cheered and wolf-whistled as Parker led his half-naked companions onto the stage.

Parker grabbed a microphone and yelled at the audience, “Welcome to the Pride And Pain Extravaganza! Are you ready to crush some nuts?!” He tugged on the three leather leashes that led to Logan’s, Ben’s and Zach’s nutsacks, causing them to groan in unison.

The crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

“I can’t hear you!” Parker yelled. “ARE YOU READY TO CRUSH SOME NUTS?!”

The young men in the audience clapped their hands and screamed from the top of their lungs.

“Wow”, Parker grinned, turning to Logan, Ben and Zach. “Your nuts are gonna get CRUSHED today!”

“I guess that means no sex for me tonight”, Logan mused, fondling his bare nuggets with his hand.

“Well, not necessarily”, Parker grinned and smacked Logan’s ass, drawing cheers and laughter from the crowd. He turned to the audience and raised his hand. “Now, we need a volunteer. Who wants to crack a pair of nuts today?”

Parker laughed when he saw almost everybody in the crowd raise their hands and wave at him.

In the back of the crowd, a group of three glamorous drag queens was jumping up and down. They were wearing pointy high heels and tight dresses covered in sequins. Their heavily made-up faces were topped by huge wigs.

“Okay, ladies, it’s your lucky day”, Parker grinned and invited them to come up to the stage.

They made their way through the crowd, drawing wolf-whistles and thunderous applause as they sashayed up the stairs.

“Tell us your names”, Parker smiled.

“Hi, I’m Miss Busty Bombacious”, the first one said with a wide smile. She was a curvy, dark-skinned beauty with a gigantic wig of blond hair and rainbow-colored eyelashes.

Her friends were called Anita Drilling and Lori LaBouche. Anita was wearing a black beehive wig and a skintight blue dress. Lori’s hair was as fiery red as her lips.

“Okay, welcome, girls”, Parker smiled and pointed at the three studs standing behind him. “Choose one of our boys and do whatever you want to him.”

The crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

“Whatever we want, huh?” Busty smiled, running her hand over Zach’s bare chest. She pinched his nipple, making Zach let out a gasp. “You know, we were thinking that we need another girlfriend – so we’ll take one of them and turn them into a girl.”

“Wow”, Parker chuckled. “You really think you can turn one of those studs into a queen?”

Busty shrugged her shoulders. “You have no idea what a nice wig and some make-up can do. We even got a spare bikini with us!” She reached into her handbag, pulled out a skimpy piece of fabric and waved it at the crowd. “Now, let’s see – which one will look best in this?”

Anita lifted Zach’s loincloth, revealing Zach’s oversized schlong.

“Oh my god!” Lori gasped. “Cover that monster up! I’m scared to death!”

Busty leaned forward, taking a closer look at Zach’s cock. “I like ‘em big – but this one”, she said, taking a step back. “Ewww.” With that, she delivered a swift, hard kick to Zach’s nuts. The pointy tip of her high heel connected with Zach’s left nut dead on, eliciting a high-pitched wail as Zach doubled over in pain.

“He’s got the right voice”, Anita said.

“Yeah – but no”, Busty smiled.

As Zach collapsed on the ground, the girls turned to Logan, inspecting his genitals and squeezing his nuts.

“He’s hot”, Lori said, smiling at Logan.

“Thanks”, Logan grinned.

Anita was knelt down in front of Logan, lifted his loincloth and licked the tip of Logan’s dick. “And he tastes great”, she giggled.

Logan’s dick slowly sprung to life as Anita started sucking on it.

Logan bit his lower lip and let out a soft moan.

Lori and Busty looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

“Anita”, Lori said firmly. “Stop it right now. We’re looking for a girlfriend, not a boyfriend.”

Anita gave a muffled response, her mouth filled with Logan’s hard cock.

Busty sighed and slapped Anita’s head hard.

Logan let out a blood-curdling scream as Anita’s teeth dug into the tender flesh of his meaty cock.

Anita let Logan’s dick slip out of her mouth and smiled at Logan apologetically. “You got a great dick”, she smiled.

“Thanks”, Logan groaned, staring at the teeth mark on his cock.

The girls turned to Ben.

“Look at those muscles”, Busty purred, touching Ben’s biceps. “Wow!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. Ben loved bragging about his muscles – but Busty’s words seemed to make him a bit uncomfortable.

He shifted his weight, a mortified expression on his face.

“He’s perfect”, Lori said, running her hand through Ben’s black hair.

“He’ll look awesome”, Busty nodded, inspecting Ben’s genitals. “Look at that dick. Not too big. Perfect.”

Ben cleared his throat. “It’s bigger when it’s hard, actually”, he mumbled. “It’s huge when it’s hard.”

“Then we’ll have to make sure it doesn’t get hard. You don’t want to be a Weiner Queen, do you?” Busty chuckled, pinching Ben’s left nipple.

Ben grimaced. “Well, I---“

He was interrupted by a snap-kick to the gonads, delivered with elegance, grace and panache by Lori.

There was a loud slap when Lori’s high-heeled foot connected with Ben’s nutsack, and it was immediately followed by a miserable groan as Ben doubled over in pain.

The crowd roared with laughter.

After Parker had taken off Ben’s leash, setting his genitals free, the three fabulous drag queens did their magic, doing their very best to transform Ben into a glamorous lady – with very mixed results.

They did a great job with the make up, painting Ben’s lips and his eyelids after applying a very generous amount of concealer, powder and rouge. In combination with the fake eyelashes and the blond pigtail wig, it was very impressive: Ben looked like Sailor Moon on acid.

It was below the neckline where the problems started. The bikini top was very small, and the big fake breasts kept falling off, so the drag queens decided to skip them altogether, turning Ben into a very flat-chested queen. The triangular pieces of fabric only covered his nipples.

But the biggest challenge was the bikini bottom: Despite his obvious discomfort, Ben’s dick was rock hard and resistant to any manipulation.

“Stupid fucking thing”, Busty grunted, squeezing Ben’s nuts with both of her hands. Her long, fake fingernails dug deep into the tender flesh of Ben’s meaty nuggets, making him scream in agony.

“A little bit harder”, Lori said with a confident nod. “A little bit harder and it will go down.”

“Well, it doesn’t”, Busty snapped, squishing Ben’s nuts as hard as she could. Suddenly, one of her fake fingernails broke and she let out an angry scream. “Look what you’ve done!” she shrieked, twisting Ben’s nutsack sharply.

“I’m sorry!” Ben wailed from the top of his lungs as the pain exploded in his brain.

“Trust me, you will be!” Busty exclaimed, punching Ben’s nuts hard.

Ben let out a gurgling groan.

“Step aside”, Anita said. She looked at Ben’s crotch. His nuts were separated by the bikini bottom’s string, with his hard dick pressed against his abs.

Ben’s lusciously painted lips parted to say something but Anita’s knee turned his words into incomprehensible gibberish as his eyes crossed and filled with tears.

His dangling balls, covered in bruises from Busty’s fingernails, were flattened against his pelvis and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

Again and again, Anita’s knee connected with poor Ben’s rapidly swelling testicles, ramming them into his body, squishing them flat, and eliciting increasingly high-pitched grunts, groans, screams and squeals from Ben, his blond pigtails swinging wildly.

The crowd was laughing and cheering as Ben’s nuts were ground to paste.

Finally, Anita took a step back and adjusted her hair, exhaling deeply.

The three drag queens stared at Ben’s crotch.

“Didn’t work”, Tori observed.

“You squished a bit of precum out of his nuts”, Busty said. “But other than that…” She shrugged.

She was right, the bikini bottom was drenched in Ben’s precum. But his rod was still rock-hard and pointing at the ceiling.

Anita nodded slowly. Suddenly her face lit up. “I got an idea, girls!” she said triumphantly. She reached into her handbag and produced pink duct tape. “You never know when you might need it…”

They made Ben turn around and bend over. Pulling the bikini bottom down, Anita grabbed Ben’s hard cock and yanked it back between his thighs so that the tip of his dick was resting between his ass cheeks, touching his hole. Ben’s swollen balls were trapped on either side of the awkwardly bent dick, bulging obscenely.

Ben groaned miserably

With the help of her friends, Anita taped Ben’s cock to his ass and pulled his bikini bottom back up.

“Awesome”, Busty giggled at the sight of Ben’s perfect mangina.

“It looks a bit messy in the back”, Lori observed, pointing at the squished dick and balls below the bulging tape.

“Well, it serves a pupose”, Anita grinned. “Whenever she’s doing something she shouldn’t do, we can kick her ass – and it will be very effective…”

Anita swiftly demonstrated the effect by kicking Ben’s ass, driving the pointy tip of her high heel into Ben’s trapped nuts and making him yodel in agony.

The crowd erupted in laughter and applause, and Anita made a curtsey, batting her long eyelashes.

Ben’s painted face was a mask of pain.

“So what’s her name?” Busty asked.

“Oh right, we gotta name her”, Anita giggled.

“Nuttisha Painsworth”, Lori suggested with a smile before kicking Ben’s ass, catching both of his nuts dead-on.

Ben screamed from the top of his lungs, his voice cracking as his eyes filled with tears.

“I guess that’s a yes”, Busty laughed.

The crowd roared with laughter as the three drag queens paraded Nuttisha around the stage.

She looked positively ridiculous, walking awkwardly on her high heels, bow-legged and grimacing in pain.

“Give it up for Nuttisha!” Parker yelled.

The crowd erupted with cheers and applause.

“I think we’ll take her for a walk”, Busty smiled.

“Nuttisha loves walking around”, Lori laughed. “Right, Nuttisha?” With that, she smacked Nuttisha’s ass with the palm of her hand, squashing her poor nuts flat and making her scream in agony.

“You better get used to getting smacked on your behind”, Anita giggled as the four girls left the stage.

“Bye, Nuttisha!” Parker laughed and smacked Nuttisha’s ass as she walked past him.

Nuttisha let out a very unladylike groan and wobbled off the stage.

“Bye, Nuttisha”, Zach chuckled.

“See you later, Nuttisha”, Logan grinned.

The girls disappeared in the crowd and almost everyone took the chance to slap Nuttisha’s butt and squash her swollen, trapped nuts.

Parker turned to Zach and Logan. “That was fun, wasn’t it?”

Zach and Logan couldn’t help but grin.

Their grins quickly vanished, though, when Parker addressed the crowd. “One pair down, tow pairs to go!” he yelled, drawing cheers and applause from the audience. “Now who’s next? We got two perfect sets of straight genitalia on stage – who wants to have a go at them?”

A group of four sun-tanned young men raised their hands. They looked like they were barely 20 years old.

Parker grinned. “Great, come up here and choose your pair for the day!”

To be continued.


Gayballbustinwolf said...

Love it hope to see more

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Orion! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. There's more to come during the summer.

Jeffry said...

Well, it serves a pupose”, Anita grinned. “Whenever she’s doing something she shouldn’t do, we can kick her ass – and it will be very effective…”. LMAO, love this line, you can just see the bitchy queens face, saying it so matter of factly.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you liked that line! I had a lot of fun writing the dialogue for the drag queens... :-))