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Ten loads (Mitch meets Logan and Ashley)

Special thanks to Mitch for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who doesn't mind girls but prefers to sleep with boys!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality and (a bit of) heterosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

“That’s gonna be a hard one”, Logan mumbled, scratching his head as he stared at the muscular young man at the other end of the parking lot.

“I hope so”, Ashley giggled, winking at her boyfriend.

Logan chuckled. “Yeah, I bet you do…”

It had been a while since the young couple had had a threesome. The two 18 year olds liked to spice their sex lives up now and then. Truth be told, Ashley was the driving force behind the couple’s experiments with sex toys and role play. Logan loved her very much, and he did everything she wanted. And he had enjoyed most of what Ashley had come up with.

A couple of weeks ago, Logan had managed to convince her to invite another girl for a threesome. Ashley hadn’t been too happy about it at first. But Logan had promised her to make it up by recruiting whichever guy Ashley wanted for another threesome.

Today, Ashley had made her choice.

And now Logan had to deliver.

He looked at the young man that Ashley had chosen.

He knew him only by sight.

“What’s his name again?” Logan said.

“Mitch”, Ashley said, her voice dripping with lust.

Logan cleared his throat. “Mitch”, he repeated. He inhaled deeply. “Okay.” He ran his hand through his hair and started walking. “Okay.”

“Good luck, darling”, Ashley giggled.

“Okay”, Logan repeated as he made his way towards Mitch.

Mitch was a great-looking guy. He had a great body, just like Logan, with muscles in all the right places. He was 19 years old, and his hair was dyed purple. His right arm was covered in tattoos.

He was leaning against his car, staring at his phone, and Logan couldn’t help but notice the huge bulge in his jeans.

It looked like the guy was hung like a horse. No wonder Ashley wanted him.

“Hey there”, Logan said with a confident grin. “Mitch, right?”

Mitch looked up, his light blue eyes sizing Logan up. “Right”, he said.

“I’m Logan”, Logan said, putting his hands into his pockets. “How are you?”

Mitch had an amused expression on his face.


At the other end of the parking lot, Ashley was watching her boyfriend hitting on the most coveted man in town.

The size of Mitch’s dick was legendary. It was the talk of the town, and every girl in Ashley’s cheerleading squad wanted to take a ride on that beast – but the only person who had ever managed to saddle up was the towelboy.

Ashley felt a tingling between her thighs as she watched Logan and Mitch talk for what seemed like an eternity.

It was difficult for Ashley to read their body language. One moment she thought Mitch was rejecting Logan, the next moment they were obviously flirting and laughing.

Suddenly, Ashley’s heart jumped a beat.

Mitch got into his car.

Was that it?


He got out of his car again and motioned for Logan to follow him.

Logan looked around, hesitating for a brief moment, before following Mitch into the bushes.

Ashley felt something tighten inside her chest.

She looked at her watch.

A minute later, the two young men came back.

Mitch drove off in his car as Logan walked back to his girlfriend.

Ashley looked at him expectantly. “Well?”

Logan grinned at her. “It wasn’t easy.”

Ashley’s face broke into a wide smile. “Oh, Logan, I love you!”

Logan laughed. “Well, I had to make a bet.”

Ashley raised her eyebrows.

Logan took her hand and brought it to the bulge in his jeans.

Ashley bit her lower lip. “Is that…”

“A chastity device”, Logan nodded. “One week.”

“Oh, Logan”, Ashley gave Logan’s package a sympathetic squeeze.

Logan cleared his throat. “If I can blow ten loads after a week of chastity, Mitch will join in on the fun. If I fail, he gets to, well, empty himself in me.”

Ashley looked at her boyfriend. “And you agreed?”

Logan grinned weakly. “I’d do everything for you, babe.”

“Ten loads”, Ashley said slowly. “That’s a lot.”

Logan grimaced. “You’ll have to keep me horned up, I guess.”

Ashley giggled. “Oh yeah”, she whispered, opening the top button of Logan’s jeans. “We’ll make sure your balls are brimming with spunk.” She slipped her hand down Logan’s jeans and wrapped her fingers around Logan’s nuts, squeezing hard.

Logan coughed. “Great”, he said in a toneless voice. “Awesome.”

“I love you”, Ashley purred, rolling Logan’s balls between her fingers.

“Love you, too”, Logan replied in a strained voice.

They kissed passionately.

They were interrupted by a car horn and looked up just in time to see Mitch stop his car right next to them.

“See you next week!” he smiled.

Ashley giggled, her hand cupping Logan’s balls. “See you next week!”


Over the course of the following days, Ashley did everything in her power to drive up Logan’s sperm production. With his dick firmly locked in Mitch’s chastity device, Logan feared his balls were running out of store room for all the cum that was boiling inside them.

Instead of watching their favorite TV shows, they cuddled up on the sofa every evening and watched porn. After that, Ashley made Logan pleasure her with his tongue before making him watch her bring herself to orgasm with one of her various dildos. She used some of them on Logan’s hole as well, massaging his prostate and causing his balls to swell like balloons.

By the end of the week, Logan was sure that his balls were filled with at least twenty copious loads.


“This is going to be so much fun”, Ashley giggled, looking at her watch.

Mitch was going to be here any minute.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard”, Logan mumbled, fumbling with his locked cock.

He was sitting on Ashley’s bed, bare-naked, next to his girlfriend who was wearing a short black dress and nylon stockings.

“For the double penetration”, Ashley said with a smile. “Which hole do you want?”

Logan thought for a moment. “Why don’t we take turns?”

Ashley giggled and ran her toes over Logan’s locked cock. “Can’t wait…”

Logan moaned. “Me neither…”

The door bell rang and Ashley rushed to the door.

Logan heard Mitch and Ashley talk and laugh as they walked up the stairs.

The door opened and Mitch looked at Logan, a bright smile on his face.

“How are you, buddy?” Mitch grinned.

“Horny”, Logan answered with a weak grin.

“Guess what”, Mitch chuckled, taking off his jeans and his t-shirt. “Me, too.” With that, he pulled down his underwear, revealing a huge pair of low-hanging balls and his big, fat cock that was locked in a device very similar – if a bit bigger – than Logan’s. “I locked myself up as well”, he explained with a grin. “Solidarity and all.”

Ashley stared at Mitch’s crotch. Even in his locked-up state it was obvious that he had a huge cock. There was a tiny, cheeky arrow just above his dick that made Ashley giggle.

Mitch produced two keys. He unlocked himself first, and his massive dick immediately sprung to attention. It was a thing of beauty. Long and thick, fat and throbbing.

Logan cleared his throat.

“Wow”, Ashley whispered in admiration. She had dreamed about Mitch’s cock – but it was even more beautiful than she had imagined.

Mitch enjoyed the attention his dick was getting. He loved the expression on Logan’s face, that familiar mixture of envy, fear and adulation. He didn’t care that much about Ashley’s reaction, but it was always nice to see genuine excitement over the size of his dick.

“Ten loads”, Mitch grinned at Logan. “You think you’re up for it?”

Logan nodded quickly. “Sure”, he said hoarsely. “Bring it on.”

Mitch chuckled, dangling the key in front of Logan’s nose. “You’re excited, huh? Well, nobody blames you. If you manage two shoot ten loads we’ll breed your girlfriend together.” He winked at Ashley who giggled with excitement. “If you don’t”, Mitch continued with a smile. “You’re the one who gets bred.” Mitch’s huge cock twitched.

Logan watched a drop of precum ooze out of the tip of Mitch’s dick and dropping onto the floor.

“Let’s get this over with”, Logan grunted.

Mitch laughed. “Okay, buddy.” He unlocked Logan’s cock.

Logan let out a sigh of relief and rubbed his dick with both of his hands. It was hard as a rock within seconds.

Mitch chuckled and sat down on the bed, his amazing erection pointing at the ceiling. “Stand in front of me”, he smiled at Logan. He looked around and spotted a empty glass jar sitting on a book shelf.

“Could you hand me that jar, sweetie?” he smiled at Ashley.

He turned to Logan, spat into his palm and started stroking Logan’s cock. “You got a nice dick, buddy”, he grinned before turning his attention to Logan’s swollen nuts. He grabbed them with both of his hands. “I bet these are full to the brim.” He squeezed Logan’s left nut, making Logan moan softly.

“Yeah”, Mitch chuckled, weighing Logan’s plump balls with the palm of his left hand. “Poor guy.” Out of nowhere, he slapped Logan’s nuts hard with his right hand.

Logan let out a yelp.

“Poor guy”, Mitch repeated, chuckling, before smacking Logan’s nuts once more.

Logan groaned in pain.

Another slap found Logan’s fat, cum-filled balls – and it was enough to push him over the edge.

“Whoa!” Mitch laughed as Logan’s cock erupted with a huge spurt of cum that splattered against Mitch’s arm, coating his tattoos with a creamy layer of thick spunk.

He slapped Logan’s busy balls again while pointing Logan’s dick at the jar, making the following jets of jizz splash into against the bottom.

Logan was moaning and panting heavily.

“Needed to get that out of your system, huh?” Mitch grinned when Logan’s orgasm subsided. “Load number one. Not bad. Let’s see if there are nine more loads in those huge balls of yours…”

Ashley watched, grimacing in sympathy, as Mitch coaxed load after load out of her boyfriend's rapidly swelling balls, using increasingly brutal methods. Loads number two and three were squeezed out of Logan's plump nuggets. Load number four was slapped and punched out of them. Load number five was the result of an elaborate kick and yank combination. Load number six and seven were outright kicked out of poor Logan's babymakers.

When it came to load number eight, Mitch was smashing Logan's nuts like a kick boxing champion, jerking his dick now and then while ramming Logan's love spuds into his body with hard, precise kicks.

Logan was screaming from the top of his lungs. His naked body was covered in sweat.

Ashley was biting her lower lip, watching her boyfriend suffer.

Mitch was having the time of his life, crunching poor Logan's nuts with kick after devastating kick.

Finally, Logan shot his eighth load of the day. He was panting and moaning, squirming in pain as his precious cream dripped from his cock.

"Load number eight", Mitch chuckled. "Looks like you're running out of cum..."

He was right.

Logan's nuts were all but milked dry. They were bloated and swollen and covered in bruises.

Mitch turned to Ashley. "Two more loads", he said. "Keep your fingers crossed, sweetie."

Ashley blinked.

"Oh my god", Logan groaned as Mitch lightly slapped his low-hanging nuts.

"Two more loads", Mitch chuckled. "Do you think you have it in you?"

Logan let out a moan.

Mitch grinned and grabbed Logan's nutsack, taking one meaty nut in each of his hands. Then he started twisting and yanking and squeezing Logan's poor babymakers, eliciting howls and squeals and screams of agony from the handsome 18 year old.

Logan's dick was twitching and throbbing, and after what seemed like an eternity, he shot another load.

It was a very meager load, just a dribble of watery cum, but Mitch decided to be generous. "It counts as a full load", he said with a smile. "Even if it is a bit disappointing."

"Thanks", Logan croaked.

"One more load to go", Mitch said cheerfully. ""You know, why don't you stroke that one out yourself?"

Logan groaned.

"It's your victory lap", Mitch grinned. "And after that, we're gonna fuck your girlfriend together." He glanced at Logan's spent cock and chuckled. "I'm sure you're looking forward to it..."

Ashley licked her lips. "Come on, Logan."

Her boyfriend let out a miserable moan and started stroking his dick.

Mitch leaned back and watched Logan jerk off while leisurely stroking his own meaty monster.

"Oh my god", Logan croaked, feverishly jerking his cock. His bruised and swollen balls were bumping against his thighs, causing him to grunt and groan with every stroke.

"Come on, just one more load", Ashley whispered.

Mitch chuckled. His huge cock was dripping with precum.

Finally, Logan's breathing quickened and he reached his tenth orgasm of the day.

"I'm--- I'm gonna cum", Logan whispered, his eyes clenched shut. "I'm gonna cum!"

Ashley let out a yelp of excitement.

Logan's dick twitched violently as his body was rocked by a painful orgasm.

But not a single drop of cum came out of his cock.

Logan stared down at his dick.

"Ooops", Mitch chuckled. "Looks like your nuts are empty."

Ashley had a shocked expression on her face.

"Wait", Logan groaned, shaking his dick in a desperate attempt to coax out another load.

Mitch got up, his fat, thick cock twitching at the prospect of fucking Logan's ass.

"Wait", Logan moaned desperately, grabbing his nuts and squeezing hard, trying to squeeze a drop of cum out of them. His hair was wet with sweat, his handsome face contorted in pain as he squished and squashed his own babymakers.

To no avail.

"Looks like you've come up short", Mitch grinned. "Now it's my turn to cum..."

"Wait", Logan grunted, smacking his nuts with the palm of his hand in a failed attempt at slogging out another load.

Mitch chuckled. "Bend over, buddy."

Logan let out a miserable groan.

Mitch winked at Ashley before reaching into the glass jar that was filled with Logan's cum. He applied some of it to his own dripping dick, lubing it up generously. Then he grabbed Logan's arm and threw him onto the ground. Reaching between his thighs, he grabbed Logan's drained, sore nuts and squeezed hard. He maintained the firm grip of Logan's babymakers as he lined up his huge dick with Logan's tiny ass hole.

Without warning, he shoved it in.

Logan's eyes widened and he let out an ear-piercing scream.

Mitch moaned in pleasure, squeezing Logan's nuts harder as he pressed his dick deep into Logan's hole.

"Fuck, you're tight!" Mitch grunted before he started fucking Logan's ass aggressively.

He shoved his huge, fat cock in and out of Logan's tight hole at a rapid pace, squishing Logan's nuts between his strong fingers and making Logan moan and groan in pain.

Ashley watched the man of her dreams fuck her boyfriend with a wistful expression on her face. It should have been her that Mitch was plowing instead of Logan.

"Fuck yeah", Mitch grunted as he unloaded the contents of his nutsack inside Logan, filling his insides with his cum as he crushed Logan's nuts with his strong hands.

Ashley sighed. It should have been her pussy that was being flooded with Mitch's jizz instead of Logan's hole.

Mitch smacked Logan's nuts with the palm of his hand, making Logan scream in pain. He grabbed Logan's neck and pushed him away before turning him around and shoving his dripping cock into Logan's mouth.

"Clean it up for round two", Mitch chuckled as Logan choked on Mitch's humongous cock.

Mitch's cum was dripping out of Logan's hole as he gagged on Mitch's fat, thick dick.

Ashley let out a deep sigh. It should have been her throat that was widened by Mitch's extraordinary fuck tool instead of her boyfriend's.

Mitch took a step back, withdrawing his rock-hard dick from Logan's mouth and allowing him to catch his breath for a short moment.

With a mean grin, Mitch sent his foot up between Logan's thighs, making the handsome high school wrestler scream from the top of his lungs and double over in pain.

Mitch walked around him and spread his cheeks, inspecting Logan's gaping hole. Cum was running down Logan's thighs. Mitch smacked Logan's twitching hole with the fat head of his cock before pulling Logan back towards him, sinking his fat cock to the hilt.

Logan's eyes bugged and he let out a suprised yelp as Mitch started power-fucking Logan's ravaged ass, holding on to his shoulders and making Logan gasp and groan and scream and shriek.

A couple minutes later, after what seemed like an eternity for poor Logan, Mitch flooded Logan's guts with his second load, plowing his hole some more and making his creamy seed run out of Logan's hole.

"Phew", Mitch sighed, wiping his forhead. "Not so tight anymore, but still..." His voice trailed off.

His dick was dripping with cum.

A river of cum was flowing out of Logan's hole.

Ashley bit her lower lip. What a stud.

Logan was groaning and grunting, his face contorted in pain.

Mitch grabbed his feet and turned him onto his back, his ass up in the air, his feet next to his head. Logan stared at his red, swollen nuts and his dick that was pointing straight at his face.

Mitch reached inside the glass jar, bathing his hand in Logan's jizz before fingerfucking Logan's gaping hole.

Mitch's dick was still rock hard. "Ready for round three?" Mitch grinned.

Logan stared at him through his legs. He was twisted like a pretzel.

Mitch winked at him and started piledriving his dick into Logan's hole and punched his bloated balls at the same time.

Logan's mouth opened in a silent scream.

Suddenly, Logan's dick came back to life, growing harder and harder, much to the horror of Logan and the amusement of Mitch.

"Look who's here", Mitch grinned, squeezing Logan's nuts as hard as he could.

Logan gasped, his mouth opening just in time to accommodate his growing cock. "Mgrfhgph!"

"Wow", Mitch chuckled, driving his dick in an out of Logan's hole as he threw a playful punch at Logan's testicles. "Looks like we've arrived at the talent portion of this little beauty contest..."

Logan let out a muffled grunt.

"Pretty impressive", Mitch chuckled as he pounded Logan's hole, causing Logan's dick to slip in and out of Logan's mouth.

Mitch increased the pace, fucking Logan hard and fast, occasionally smacking and slapping Logan's tender, swollen nuggets, as Logan gave himself an expert blowjob.

Suddenly, just as Mitch released his third load of the day deep inside Logan's guts, Logan came inside his own mouth, gurgling and gagging as his salty semen ran down his throat.

"Holy fuck", Mitch laughed, pulling his throbbing cock out of Logan's hole just in time to plaster Logan's left eye shut with a well-placed jet of cream. "Looks like you just shot your tenth load!"

Logan let out a miserable gurgle as he swallowed his salty load.

Mitch turned to Ashley. "Congratulations, sweetie. Looks like you get your wish after all..."

Ashley clapped her hands, jumping up immediately and stripping naked.

"Nice", Mitch chuckled as Logan curled up in a ball on the floor.

Cum was running out of his ass and his mouth, and his naked body was covered in sweat.

He brough his leg back and kicked Logan's sore nuts hard, making him scream in agony.

"Come here, sweetie", Mitch grinned and positioned Ashley on the bed right above Logan's head.

He took turns fucking Ashley's pussy and Logan's mouth before making them both lie on top of each other and pounding their asses, laughing out loud at the curiously similar noises that came from Ashley and Logan.

Finally, after filling Ashley and Logan with another load each, Mitch grabbed the half-filled glass jar and poured Logan's cold cum on their faces, making them both gasp for air as their faces were sugar-glazed in Logan's spunk.

A little later, Ashley and Logan were lying on the bed, exhausted, spent and covered in cum.

"That was awesome", Ashley whispered, kissing Logan's cheek and tasting his salty cum on her tongue.

"I dunno", Logan croaked. Mitch's cum was running out his gaping ass hole. His eyes were burning with his own cum. "Was it?"

"Oh yes, it was", Ashley giggled and grabbed Logan's spent dick and his swollen, bruised balls, squeezing gently.

Logan let out a yelp.

"And now", Ashley whispered into Logan's ear. "I want you to fuck me deep and hard."

Logan groaned. "I don't know if I---"

Ashley squeezed his balls harder.

"Okay, okay!" Logan yelled. "'ll try..."


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