Friday, July 29, 2016

Special Guest Star: Justin Bieber - Rage

Thanks to everybody who submitted their suggestions! It seems like most of you really want to see Justin Bieber get broken, so here we go. This story (especially the second part that’s coming soon) is darker and more brutal than most of my stories. You have been warned.

For the record: I respect Mr. Bieber and his work very much, and I’m sure he is nothing like the fictional version of him that you are about to meet in this story...

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

It was like a dream come true. When Gio had applied for the position as Justin Bieber’s personal assistant, he hadn’t thought that there was a real chance for him to get it. After finishing high school, Gio had worked odd jobs at his uncle’s waste management facility and in the kitchen of his father’s restaurant. His family thought of him as a drifter, far from capable of running the family business. It came as a surprise to his parents when Gio announced he’d work for Justin Bieber, the award-winning singer and famously moody celebrity.

Gio’s girlfriend had shared Gio’s excitement, and the handsome young man fondly remembered the celebratory hand job he had received on the night that he got the phone call. They had been dating for more than a year, but their Catholic upbringing prevented them from doing anything other than pleasuring each other with their hands and mouths. There was a fine line separating innocent fun from punishable sin, and the young couple made sure neither to commit the sin of masturbation nor to engage in forbidden pre-marital intercourse. To their knowledge, the bible said nothing about handjobs or blowjobs, though, which was fine by them. Next spring, they were going to marry, and they were both looking forward to their wedding night…

Every morning, the 20 year old hunk woke up with a boner, a giant erection that ached for relieve. But Gio managed not to touch it. Instead, he took a shower, had breakfast with his mother, and headed to work at Justin Bieber’s luxurious mansion.

Unfortunately, the job was far less glamorous than Gio had imagined. The title “personal assistant” was a bit misleading. “Slave” was more accurate. Gio spent his days running errands for the spoiled superstar and enduring his frequent temper tandrums.

Today was a good day.

The singer was in a good mood.

He was lying on the luxurious sofa in one of the supersized living rooms, watching a collection of his own music videos, surrounded by his entourage, a group of boring brown nosers who thought Justin Bieber was the Word Incarnate.

Gio was going through his boss’s fan mail when he heard his boss yell for him.


Gio got up and hurried into the living room.

“Sir?” Gio smiled at his boss.

The singer was shirtless, his muscular upper body covered in tattoos. He was wearing loose sweat pants and a very expensive pair of designer sneakers that Gio had bought for him on a family trip to Milan.

“What took you so long?” Justin said, an annoyed expression on his boyish face.


“I call your name and you come straight away, capisce?” Justin interrupted him, his eyes fixed on the TV screen.

His buddies chuckled.

Gio nodded. “I’m sorry, sir. Won’t happen again.”

Justin nodded absentmindedly.

Gio waited. “Is there anything I can do for you, sir?”

Justin turned his head and stared at Gio. “Go.”

Gio cleared his throat. “Sir?”

“You’re still here”, Justin sighed. “I told you to go and you’re still here.”

Gio nodded and turned to leave.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Justin said sharply, grabbing a glass from the table and throwing it at his assistant.

It missed Gio by a couple of feet and shattered on the ground.

Gio stopped dead in his tracks and turned around again. “You… You told me to go.” He cleared his throat. “Sir.”

“But you didn’t, did you?” Justin said.

“Well, I---“ Gio scratched his head. “No.”

Justin’s buddies chuckled.

“Well, I--- No”, Justin aped Gio’s voice. “Well, I--- No. Well, I--- No. Well, I--- No.” He grinned at Gio. “What is that? Italian?”

His friends burst out laughing.

Gio cleared his throat.

Justin turned his attention to the TV screen again. “Now go.”

Gio rushed out of the room, only to be called back in again a couple of minutes later.


Everybody in the room was looking at him.

“Say”, Justin said, running his hand over his six pack abs. “Which nut is you favorite?”

Gio blinked. “Pardon?”

Justin rolled his eyes. “Which ballini is your favorite?” He turned to his friends. “It’s a simple question, isn’t it?”

Naturally, Justin’s friends agreed with him.

“The left one, I guess”, Gio shifted uncomfortably. He didn’t like the look on his boss’s face.

All the guys in the room erupted in laughter.

“What did I tell you?” Justin yelled triumphantly. “Nobody ever says ‘the right one’! Everybody likes lefty best!”

Gio blushed. “May I go, sir?”

Justin got up and walked towards him, slowly shaking his head.

The rest of the guys were smirking at Gio.

Gio bit his lower lip.

“Take your pants off”, Justin said.

“What?” Gio’s eyes widened.

“You heard me”, Justin grinned.

Gio swallowed hard. “Sir?”

Justin looked at him, a mean grin on his face.

Gio cleared his throat and unbuckled his belt. His pants dropped to the floor, exposing his tighty whities.

The crowd cheered and wolf-whistled.

“Those, too”, Justin said, pointing at Gio’s underwear. “Show us your favorite nut. Let us see what’s so special about it.”

His face turning crimson, Gio pulled down his underwear.

There was a moment of silence.

Then the room erupted in laughter.

“Nice pair of meatballs”, Justin sneered.

Indeed, Gio had a nice, big pair of hefty plums dangling low in his roomy sack. What was even more impressive, though, was his dick, a long, fat monster of a cock with a bulbous head and a thick shaft. When soft, it was big. When hard, it was huge.

Gio looked down and stared at the throbbing head of his raging erection.

“Al dente”, Justin mused, much to the joy of his buddies who burst out laughing.

With a mean grin, Justin reached between Gio’s thighs and grabbed his meaty left nut, squeezing the fat orb flat between his fingers.

Gio let out a miserable groan.

“That’s a nice nut”, Justin chuckled, pressing his thumb into the dense flesh of Gio’s precious testicle. “A big nut.” He let out a laugh. “Maybe we should change your nickname from ‘greaseball’ to ‘meatballs’. What do you think, amigo?”

Gio let out a miserable whimper as Justin’s buddies roared with laughter.

“Hey, I asked you something”, Justin barked, squishing Gio’s nut between his fingers.

Gio let out a high-pitched scream.

“Hey, Meatballs, you got a nice voice”, Justin mocked Gio as he squeezed the life out of his poor, rapidly swelling nut. “Ever thought about doing backing vocals?”

Justin twisted Gio’s fat testicle and squeezed hard, causing Gio’s eyes to fill with tears as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

Despite the pain in his favorite nut, Gio’s dick was throbbing and twitching violently.

Justin let go of Gio’s nuts and took a step back before ramming his knee into Gio’s crotch, crushing both of his nuts flat and squashing them against his body.

Gio let out an anguished wail.

Without warning, he shot his load.

A huge, creamy jet of spunk splattered into Justin’s world-famous face, causing the superstar to gasp in horror. Spurt after spurt of Gio’s precious semen sputtered out of his dick, coating his boss’s muscular chest with salty splashes of spunk that dripped down onto Justin’s designer sneakers.

“What the fuck?!” Justin yelled, his cum-covered face contorting into an furious grimace.

“I’m… I’m sorry”, Gio croaked. He was just as shocked as his boss. He hadn’t fooled around with his girlfriend for more than three weeks. Apparently all that pent-up cum needed to get out.

“What the fuck?!” Justin repeated, cum dripping from his chin.

Gio was panting heavily, his body rocked by a painful mixture of mind-numbing agony and orgasmic joy.

His heavy, slightly swollen balls were pulled up in his sack, pumping batch after spunky batch of jizz out into the open.

Justin wiped his face with the back of his hand, tasting his assistant’s salty semen on his tongue.

“You’re gonna pay for that”, Justin growled, bringing his leg back and kicking Gio’s busy balls as hard as he could. His semen-stained sneaker connected with Gio’s tender testicles, making Gio scream in agony as he collapsed on the ground.

Justin nodded at his bodyguards who rushed to help him, holding Gio and spreading his legs apart.

Justin lifted his foot and stomped down on Gio’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Gio’s eyes widened and he let out a gurgling cough.

Again and again, Justin brought his foot down on Gio’s manhood, mercilessly stomping on his spent nuts.

After more than a dozen stomps, Gio’s left nut gave up. There was a certain irony in the fact that his favorite nut went first. And it went quickly. Weakened by countless stomps, disfigured and pounded out of shape like a batch of pizza dough, it just splotched out of existence.

Nobody noticed that it was gone at first, Justin was in a feverish rage, stomping away at Gio’s mushy, spongy manhood. The bodyguards that were holding Gio down were too busy laughing at the funny noises coming out of Gio’s mouth.

And poor Gio had almost passed out by the time that his left nut was turned into meat sauce. He was mewling incoherently, whimpering and moaning as his manhood was destroyed by one of the most famous singers of the world.

Gio’s right nut almost survived. It was far more resilient than its departed brother. No matter how hard it was hit, it bumped back into shape, swelling rapidly but showing an unusual survival instinct.

When Justin stopped the assault of Gio’s manhood, the unconscious young man’s genitals were a mess. His nutsack, with his last testicle swimming in the pureed remains of its deceased companion, was swollen ridiculously, and his beautiful dick was severely bruised and battered.

Justin was panting heavily. He ran his hand through his sweaty hair.

He leaned down and squinted at Gio’s crotch. He grabbed it with his hand and chuckled as Gio’s liquefied left nut sloshed around inside. “Looks like you lost a nut”, he grinned into the unconscious young man’s face. “Well, at least you got one left…”

Justin chuckled and gave Gio’s last nut a hard squeeze.

Unfortunately, that was enough to wipe out Gio’s last chance at producing any offspring.

With a pitiful ‘squick’, Gio’s brave right nut collapsed inside his sack.

“Not”, Justin dead-panned.

The superstar singer wiped his forehead, removing the last remnant of Gio’s virility off his face, a dried drop from his final load of sperm.

Justin and his buddies roared with laughter.


A couple weeks later, Gio was back.

The doctors hadn’t been able to save his nuts. Now he was walking around with an empty bag of skin below his fat, floppy, totally useless cock.

“Meatballs!” Justin greeted Gio, a mean smile on his face.

Gio looked at his feet.

Justin chuckled. “Oh, yeah, right. No meatballs anymore.” He laughed. “No meatballs and a limp macaroni.” He chuckled.

Gio looked Justin in the eyes.

He didn’t say a word.

Justin’s eyes widened when he saw four big, muscular men behind Gio.

He turned to run.

To be continued


Anonymous said...

Ive been waiting for this justin bieber story but i have to say im a little sad i want justin to be busted so bad

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Justin Bieber will get his comeuppance next week. :-))

Anonymous said...

Nice starter! Bieber is going to pay for that !

Anonymous said...

I too have checked in almost daily for this story lol ... I understand why you did the setup separate ... make Justin's punishment really good, mate! good dialogue and descriptions ... we have faith in you! :)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! :-))

Anonymous said...

I liked the setup, but I was still (am still) hoping that some of the ruler cast are involved too.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm afraid the regular cast won't make an appearance in the final part (coming this Friday).

Anonymous said...

yes! please make it twisted and brutal! taunt him with his own destroyed manhood! destroy everything --- not just his nuts, sever his cock too and slap his face with it!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! That's a pretty nasty idea! I'll see if I can work it into the story... :-))