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Balls & feet (Chris meets Will and Kev)

Special thanks to our reader Chris for his ideas! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who can't decide if his ballbusting fetish is bigger than his foot fetish or if it's the other way around!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Kev and the twins (click for pictures)

“Sorry I’m late”, Will said. The handsome 22 year old blond was slightly out of breath. “My car broke down and I had to walk. I’m really sorry...” He ran his hand through his short blond hair and smiled apologetically.

“No problem”, I said with a smile. “We’ve already started without you.” I pointed to the couch.

Kev was sitting with his legs spread wide apart, wearing nothing but a pair of grey sweat pants that was tenting with a big erection. The 20 year old jock had a huge grin on his face. “Take off your clothes and sit down”, he said to Will before closing his eyes and letting out a moan of pleasure.

Will looked confused for a moment. Then he stripped down to his blue boxer briefs, revealing his chiseled, muscular body. When he walked towards Kev he noticed another guy lying on his back on the ground under Kev’s feet.

“That’s Chris”, Kev grinned and nodded at the naked young man who was sucking on the toes of Kev’s right foot. Kev’s left foot was playing with the handsome black-haired guy’s hard dick.

“Hello Chris”, Will grinned.

“Hi there”, Chris replied, his speech almost unintelligible due to the toes that filled his mouth.

“Looks like you’re having fun”, Will chuckled, winking at Kev.

“I am”, Chris replied, noisily sucking on Kev’s big toe and running his tongue around it, coating it in his saliva.

Kev and Will burst out laughing.

“Come on”, Kev said. “Take my position. I bet your feet are aching for a massage and Chris is pretty good at this…” He pulled his toe out of Chris’ mouth and got up, casually stepping on Chris’ balls in the process and making the young man let out a surprised gasp.

“Ouch”, Will grinned.

Chris sat up, smiling at Will as he massaged his big, low-hanging balls. “Nice to meet you”, he said.

“Well, nice to meet YOU”, Will said and sat down with a groan. “I guess you’re just what I need after that long walk.” He glanced at his naked feet and grimaced. “I’m afraid my feet may, well, stink a little. I’ve been wearing my sneakers all day…”

Chris lay down, grabbed Will’s right foot and massaged it with both of his hands. His eyes were fixed on its sweaty sole and he licked his lips. “No problem”, he said hoarsely. “Let me take care of them.”

Will looked up at Kev and chuckled. “Looks like we got ourselves a live one…”

Kev grinned and nodded.

Chris took in the scent of Will’s foot, pressing his nose against the sole and inhaling deeply. His dick twitched with excitement as he ran his tongue over the underside of Will’s foot, tickling Will and making him let out a giggle.

“Wow, your feet are big”, Chris said, pressing his thumbs into the ball of Will’s right foot.

Will’s left leg was stretched out over Chris’ thighs.

Chris glanced at Will’s leg before looking up at him with a big smile on his face. “That looks uncomfortable…” He spread his legs and cocked his hips, causing his dick to slap against his abs. “Why don’t you give them a bit of rest?” He winked at Will.

Will chuckled and placed his foot on Chris’ hard dick, eliciting long, deep moans of pleasure when he started rubbing Chris’ rock-hard boner with his left foot.

Chris started sucking on the toes of Will’s right foot, making sure not to neglect the spot between his toes and sliding his wet tongue in between them.

Will took Chris’ hard dick between the big two and the second toe of his left foot. He leaned forward and let a bit of spit dribble from his mouth to provide some lubrication before starting to expertly jerk off Chris’ foot with his left foot.

Kev watched them for a moment, standing between Chris spread legs. After a while, he cleared his throat. “Guys”, he said, adjusting the big boner that was tenting his sweat pants. “What about me?”

“Why don’t you take care of Chris’ balls?” Will suggested with a grin.

“Sure”, Kev chuckled and brought his leg back.

Chris pulled Will’s big toe out of his mouth, his eyes widened in horror. “Wait! Not my ba---“

Kev’s bare foot connected with the two massive orbs inside Chris’ smooth sack with a sickening thud.

Chris let out an agonized scream that was muffled when Will put his foot on Chris’ mouth, pinning his head to the ground.

Chris writhed and squirmed, letting out muffled groans.

Kev sighed and grabbed Chris’ ankles, pulling them up and spreading them in a wide V. Then he brought his foot down hard on Chris tender nuggets, stomping them into his body.

Chris let out a muffled yell.

Will continued stroking Chris’ dick with his left foot while rubbing his right foot over his face. “Gaspedal him”, he said casually, stuffing his big toe into Chris’ mouth.

“Do you think he’ll enjoy that?” Kev chuckled.

“Sure”, Will grinned. “Look at his dick. He’s drenching my foot in precum…”

Kev let out a laugh and pulled Chris’ legs towards him, pushing his heel against Chris’ balls and squashing the two big, juicy orbs under his foot. He twisted his foot, eliciting an ear-piercing scream.

Will jerked Chris’ cock a couple of times before letting go of the hard, slippery shaft and moving his wet foot to Chris mouth.

“Lick it clean”, Will grinned, “lick all your precum from my foot. It’s all sticky and messy…”

Chris gasped for air when Will lifted his right foot and replaced it with his left one.

“Yeah, use your tongue”, Will chuckled. “Lick it all up.”

Kev was gaspedalling Chris like a professional race driver, crunching his nuts hard and squishing them into his body while Will was rubbing both of his feet over Chris’ handsome face.

Chris’ hard dick was twitching and throbbing as he was moaning and groaning in a curious mix of pleasure and pain.

After a while, Kev lifted his foot and looked at his work. He took the neck of Chris’ ballsack between his first and his second toe and clamped them together, moving his foot to wiggle Chris’ big, juicy babymakers around before lowering the ball of his foot and flattening them like pancakes.

Chris let out an agonized wail as Kev shifted his body weight so that it all rested on Chris’ balls.

Chris’ eyes bulged and his mouth opened wide, prompting Will to stuff it with his toes.

Kev looked at Will and chuckled. “This is really fun”, he mused, causing Will to laugh out loud.

“Damn, look at all that precum”, Kev shook his head, chuckling.

“That’s what I told you”, Will grinned. “This boy is leaking like a broken faucet.”

The two guys laughed.

Both of them were rock-hard. Kev’s big boner was tenting his sweat pants, and the tip of Will’s dick was peeking out from his briefs above the waistband.

Chris was moaning and groaning, his hips bucking as his dick was twitching violently.

“Do you think he’s close?” Kev asked with a grin.

“Probably”, Will chuckled. “He gets off on our feet.”

Kev winked at him. “Should we let him cum?”

Will pretended to think about it for a moment, resting his left foot on Chris’ throat and gently pressing down. “Not yet”, he said finally.

Kev nodded and spread Chris legs as wide as he could. Then he let go and dropped down knee-first, landing right on Chris’ big, weak, cum-filled gonads and eliciting an ear-piercing shriek from Chris’ mouth.

“Ouch”, Will grimaced in mock-sympathy.

“Yeah, that was mean”, Kev chuckled. “And this is, too.” He brought his knee back and slammed it in between Chris’ thighs, ramming his nuts into his body and making Chris scream from the top of his lungs.

Will looked down at Chris whose pain contorted face was buried underneath his feet. “Everything alright with you, buddy?”

Chris looked up at him, one eye covered by the ball of Will’s left foot.

He replied with something unintelligible.

“Oh sorry”, Will chuckled before pulling his right foot out of Chris’ mouth. “Could you repeat that?”

“I signed up for the foot massage, not for the ballbusting”, Chris muttered, groaning in pain.

“Well”, Kev replied with a laugh. “The ballbusting is on the house…” He rammed his knee into Chris’ balls once more, causing him to scream from the top of his lungs again.

“You know”, Will said, “why don’t you let me take over.” He got up from the couch and stood on Chris’ stomach, causing his muscles to tense up as he let out a throaty groan.

Kev got up and took a step back. “One more kick?”

Will chuckled and turned around, making sure to move his feet a lot as he trampled on Chris’ body. “You okay with that?”

“What?” Chris said in a strained voice as Will’s body weight rested on his stomach.

Will turned around, stretching out his arms to keep his balance, and grinned at Kev. “He’s okay with it.”

“What?!” Chris gasped out.

Kev looked down on Chris’ hard dick and nodded at Will who understood immediately.

Will stood on one leg for a moment, bringing Chris’ boner back and burying it under his foot so that is was out of the way.

Kev looked at Chris’ big, low-hanging balls that rested between his thighs right under Will’s toes. Then he brought his foot back and threw a devastating kick into Chris’ unprotected gonads, smashing them hard and causing Chris to let out a scream.

His stomach contracted, causing Will to almost lose his balance.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Will said, stretching his arms out. “Easy there…”

Kev kicked Chris’ balls once again, making him scream in agony.

Chris writhed and squirmed, causing Will to jump off of him and allow him to curl up in a ball.

Kev and Will looked at Chris as he curled up in a ball, clutching his balls.

“You know”, Will said after a while. “Maybe it’s time for the fun part now…”

Chris looked up at him with a skeptical expression on his face. “And by fun part you mean…”

“How would you like to fuck my feet?” Will grinned.

Chris eyes lit up. “You mean…”

“Fuck ‘em good and hard”, Will winked at him. “You don’t have to hold back, my feet can take it…”

“If you want I’ll let you suck on my toes while you fuck his feet”, Kev chimed in. “What do you say?”

Chris was beaming, momentarily forgetting about the pain in his balls.

“He’s speechless”, Will chuckled.

“Oh, I know a way to make him talk”, Kev grinned and stomped down on Chris’ nuts as hard as he could.

Chris let out a blood-curdling scream.

“I guess we’ll take that as a yes”, Will mused.

Kev broke out laughing.

Will sat down on the ground between Chris’ legs, putting the soles of his feet together and wedging Chris’ hard, dripping dick between them.

Kev sat down on the couch, putting his feet on Chris’ face.

“Come on, fuck my feet”, Will chuckled.

Chris started thrusting his dick back and forth between the soles of Will’s feet while Kev let him suck on his toes and lick his feet.

Chris started panting heavily, coming closer and closer to orgasm while noisily running his tongue all over Kev’s feet.

Will and Kev looked at each other and grinned.

Suddenly, Will pulled his feet away, causing Chris to dry-hump the air and let out a frustrated groan.

Quickly, Will wedged Chris’ nutsack between his soles so that his balls were bulging above. He winked at Kev who lifted his foot and sent it down hard onto Chris’ balls, making him yell in pain.

Again and again Kev brought down his foot, crunching Chris’ nuts hard and making him groan and moan and shriek and scream in agony.

After more than a dozen hard hits, Will allowed Chris to fuck his feet again, and Kev rubbed his feet over Chris’ face.

When Chris was close to orgasm once again, Kev and Will repeated their little maneuver once more. Will held Chris’ balls in place with his feet, and Kev smashed them as hard as he could, sinking his heels into the tender flesh of Chris’ testicles and causing him to let out all kinds of funny noises.

This went on for a while, with Chris fucking himself almost to the point of no return, only to be rudely interrupted and get his balls bashed hard by Kev and Will.

Chris was panting heavily, his naked body glistening with sweat.

Finally, Will looked at Kev and grinned. “What do you think – do we let him cum now?”

“I don’t know”, Kev said with a mean smile, leaning forward to look down at Chris whose face was covered by his feet. Kev parted his feet so that he could look Chris in the eyes. “Oh my”, Kev chuckled. “He looks like he really needs to release his load.”

Chris let out a pleading moan.

“Yeah, these balls are boiling”, Will grimaced in mock-sympathy, manipulating Chris’ balls with his toes.

Kev looked at Will and grinned.

Will nodded silently, brought his leg back and rammed his heel into Chris’ nuts, making him scream in agony.

Both Will and Kev burst out laughing.

“That was mean”, Kev laughed.

“Yeah, it was”, Will chimed in.

Chris was moaning and groaning, his face contorted in pain.

“Come on, it’s time for a happy ending”, Kev grinned.

Both guys started rubbing their feet over Chris’ genitals, jerking his cock between their toes, playing with his balls and running their soles over the sensitive head of Chris’ dick.

It didn’t take more than a minute until Chris breathing quickened and his body tensed. Suddenly, his cock erupted like a geyser. A giant spurt of creamy cum shot up into the air before raining down onto his body.

Jet after jet of sticky jizz erupted from his dick and splattered down, covering Chris’ belly and Will’s and Kev’s feet in a thick layer of salty cum.

After what seemed like an eternity, Chris’ orgasm subsided, leaving him panting and moaning.

Will and Kev moved their feet towards Chris face.

“Lick it up”, Kev chuckled.

“You need your protein”, Will added with a laugh.

Chris handsome face was red and agitated and glistening with sweat. He eagerly lapped up his sticky sauce, running his tongue over the guys’ feet and sucking on their toes.

When Kev’s and Will’s feet were clean, Chris’ head sank to the ground and he closed his eyes, a huge smile on his face.

Kev and Will sat down on the couch, stretching their legs and resting their feet on Chris’ body.

Will grinned. “Maybe we should keep him.”

“He’d make a good carpet”, Kev joked.

Will laughed. “Yeah, and he could clean our feet.”

“And give us a foot massage every month”, Kev chimed in.

“Every week!” Will laughed.

Chris looked at the ceiling, a dreamy smile on his face. Despite the fact that his cum hadn’t even dried on his lips, his dick twitched with excitement and started to get hard again.

Chris turned his head and looked at Kev and Will. He licked his lips and winked. “Every day…”


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Hi, it's Chris. That was hot as fuck!! Thank you so much

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Dude, you should totally do a follow up story, this one was awesome

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Thanks for your comments!

I'm really glad you like it! You're very welcome... :-))

I'll think about it...

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More like this please...

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Thanks for your comment! I don't have a new foot-centered story planned at the moment but I'll see what I can do. :-))

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