Friday, December 5, 2014

Seven years

To the day seven years ago, on the 5th of December 2007, I published the very first post on this blog. The night before I had a wet dream about a hot guy auditioning for a ballbusting porn studio, believe it or not... Within the next couple of days, in a series of casting sessions, I introduced Danny, Leo, Simon, the twins and Simon. That was the beginning of the Ballbusting Boys.

I can’t believe it’s been seven years! On the one hand it feels like yesterday, on the other hand it feels like these guys have been with me forever…

Seven years of Ballbusting Boys – that’s
  • almost 500 posts (in fact, this is #498)
  • more than 400 stories
  • almost 1.000.000 pageviews
  • more than 1.500 comments (and I’m not counting my own replies…)
  • more than 100 different characters (= more than 200 damaged testicles)
  • a Top 3 rating in the “Erotic stories” category at Best Male Blogs (click here if you haven’t voted yet – it only takes a minute!)
  • more than 100 followers on twitter and on tumblr
  • 2 prolonged phases of hiatus (April 2009 to December 2011 and October 2013 to June 2014) followed by new phases of creativity
  • countless inspiring, motivating, incredibly entertaining email conversations
  • a couple of lasting friendships with fellow authors, with other artists and with readers
So we’re heading into the eighth year - and hopefully it won’t be the last. I have a lot of stories that are waiting to get posted, I am working on a couple of stories right now, and I have a lot of ideas that are waiting to get turned into stories. There’s some pretty exciting stuff waiting for you in the coming weeks and months… :-)
I’ve taken a look at the most popular stories. It’s a bit difficult to determine them because I usually don’t use the “read more” feature so you can just scroll down the pages and you don’t necessarily have to click on a story to read it. That said, these are the seven stories that have been clicked the most times:
  1. Never bet your balls (2012)
  2. Father and son (2012)
  3. Train ‘im good, Coach! (2014)
  4. The Ballbusting Olympics: Nutball (2008)
  5. Ben’s wrestling match (2008)
  6. Special Guest Star: Zac Efron (2008)
  7. The Ball Busting Olympics: Ball Breaker (2008)
As always I’m interested in your opinion and your feedback: Tell me about your personal favorite story and why you like it. Tell me about your favorite character and why he’s special to you. Tell me what this blog means to you, how you discovered it, why you like it - or why you hate it but visit it anyway… Write me an email ( or leave a comment here on the blog. I’d love to hear from you!

Finally, let me thank you.

Now, how do I put this without sounding sentimental? Oh, what the hell, I’ll just say it: You are the wind beneath my wings!

Thank you very much for seven awesome years! Your feedback and your reactions mean a lot to me – without you I wouldn’t have lasted a month… Thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! My best wishes to you!!!

Looking forward the story about Logan, Sammy and me, yours sincerely, Gerard.

Anonymous said...

This is Fer.. Congrats dude, I love your site and your stories, they are always pretty hot..

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

@Gerard: your story is scheduled for Februray. I'm looking forward to writing it! :-))

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You're a star

Carter said...

My favorite is Never Bet Your Balls because I like Logan and his friends a lot, baseball uniforms are hot, Jackson is cool, and so much just clicks for me. I like baseball cleats and the idea of Seth taking Jackson's cleats to hit nuts really turns me on. Plus I imagine Logan was wearing a cup, even if it didn't do him any good in the end.
And I like how it's basically something Logan agreed to but he can't get out of.

bbmal said...

Congratulations and many happy returns, my friend. You've been a great friend and collaborator over the years, and your blog and it's many wonderful stories serve as a pillar of the bb community. Please keep up the excellent work!

Alex said...

Thank you very much! :-)))

Chad Fan said...

Great news and well deserved. Congratulations, and thanks for all the fantastic work!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Chad Fan! :-))