Friday, July 25, 2014

Zach’s education - lesson 1: The erection

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“Welcome to the first lesson of our little sex ed program”, Logan said, smiling. He was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt, with well-worn sneakers on his feet.

The blond 18 year old was standing in a class room at Josiah E. Bartlet high schoo. The thirty chairs were occupied by other students, most of them around Logan’s age.

“You know that I have initiated this extracurricular course because the biology teachers at our school refuse to teach sex ed to us.”

The students looked bored, some of them playing games on their mobile phones.

“We’ll meet here every Friday until we know everything we need to know”, Logan continued.

There was a collective groan. Most of the guys had better things to do than spending their free time at the school.

“This”, Logan pointed at the handsome, muscular blond standing next to him, “is Zach. He kindly volunteered to assist us.”

“Hi”, 20 year old Zach said.

“Okay”, Logan said, rubbing his hands. “Let’s start.” He turned to Zach. “Take your clothes off, please.”

Zach blinked. “Umm… Right now? I thought you’d start with some theoretical lessons before we, you know…” His voice trailed off.

Logan turned to Zach and lowered his voice, “They look pretty bored right now. We have to show them something spectacular so they pay attention.”

Zach chuckled. “I see.” He cleared his throat. “Alright guys, watch this”, he said, a self-confident grin on his face.

He took off his shirt, revealing his muscular chest and his perfect six pack abs. Then he slipped out of his shoes and took off his jeans and underwear. Stark naked, he put his hands on his hips and widened his stance, standing with his feet shoulder-width apart.

There was a collective gasp from the assembled students.

Zach chuckled proudly. He loved this reaction. And he experienced it every time he showed off his truly extraordinary equipment. His fat, plump balls were the textbook examples for lowhangers and his thick, meaty dick would make every male porn star proud and every female porn star’s mouth water.

“This is it”, Zach grinned. “Take a good look. This is what a guy’s equipment should look like.”

“Wow”, Leroy, an handsome black guy with short, curly black hair said.

“What a huge fucking dick!” Seth, a bespectacled black haired boy, exclaimed.

“Cock”, Zach corrected him with a gentle smile. “The clinical term is ‘cock’.”

“What a huge fucking cock”, Seth whispered breathlessly.

Gary, a cute young guy with dark blond hair and brown eyes, pointed at Zach’s midsection. “And look at those--- Well, what’s the clinical term for your, you know…”

Zach looked down his naked body, gently pushed his limp monstercock out of the way and grabbed his sac that was bulging with his supersized testicles. “Those?” he said, a contemplative expression on his face. “Well, there are several terms for them. Calling them nuts or balls wouldn’t do them justice, right?”

The thirty boys nodded simultaneously.

“Kiwis”, Zach said, dreamily gazing at his gonads, “that’s more accurate.”

“Or eggs”, Leroy suggested.

“Eggs”, Zach nodded. “Yeah, good.” He wiggled his hand, causing the two gigantic orbs to bounce up and down.

“’Eggs’ seems very appropriate”, Logan weighed in, stepping closer to Zach, “especially when you consider how very fragile those two little organs are.”

Zach was looking at his big balls with an affectionate smile on his lips.

“Let me show you”, Logan said with a naughty grin. He balled his fist and sent it crashing into Zach’s juicy spuds that were held in place by Zach himself.

Zach let out a throaty groan as his two big gonads were flattened between Logan’s fist and Zach’s own hand.

The students cringed in sympathy.

“Oooh, right in the kiwis”, Gary mused, causing the rest of the guys to burst out laughing.

“Naturally”, Logan said, trying to keep a straight face as Zach doubled over in agony, “It takes a lot more force to scramble his eggs. This didn’t even put a crack in their shell. Right, Zach?”

Zach groaned in pain, nursing his balls.

“But let’s set that topic aside for a moment”, Logan said, patting Zach’s back. He turned to his class. “Any questions?”

Seth raised his hand. “Those, um, kiwis are pretty big”, he said, adjusting his glasses. “Are they usually this size?”

“Actually, they come in all shapes and sizes”, Logan said. “Well, maybe not in all shapes. They are usually round… But the size differs. Some guys have tiny marbles, like Dash over there.” He pointed at a bulky guy with black hair in the last row whose face turned the color of a ripe tomato.

The other guys laughed.

“If you haven’t seen Dash’s puny pair make sure you pay attention when you see him in the showers”, Logan said with a gentle smile. “Of course they are no match for those enormous bull balls that Zach has swinging between his legs.”

Zach straightened, grimacing.

Logan smiled at Zach. “Show them to us one more time, please.”

Zach shifted uncomfortably and put his hands behind his back.

“Those nuts”, Logan said and cupped Zach’s big balls from underneath, weighing them in his hand, “are one in a million. These are two very rare examples. They are pretty heavy and very warm, like two little power plants. Do you want to see for yourselves?”

The students jumped up from their seats and crowded in front of Zach.

Zach shot Logan a disgruntled look.

Logan winked at him reassuringly. “Hey, guys”, he shouted, “please be careful not to break anything.” He looked at Zach and nodded at him.

Zach didn’t look pleased.

One by one, the students stood in front of Zach, grabbed his nuts and rolled them between their fingers. Some gave them a little pinch to test their density, other squeezed them with both of their hands.

Zach gritted his teeth and looked straight ahead, occasionally wincing and letting out a yelp.

Finally, after having been gropes by 30 pairs of hands, the students went back to their seats.

“Now look at that”, Logan chuckled and pointed at Zach’s crotch where his formerly limp dick had turned into a majestic hardon.

“What a huge fucking cock”, Seth said in a low, reverential voice.

The students craned their necks to get a good view of Zach’s huge boner.

Zach grinned proudly. After endless minutes of getting his nuts groped, this was more to his liking. Obviously, his audience was wowed by his impressive dong, and he decided to give them a little show, tensing his muscles and causing his dick to twitch and dance.

The students went “Ooooh” and “Aaaah” watching Zach’s little performance. It looked as if he was controlling his huge, meaty schlong with invisible strings.

“What’s the clinical term for that?” Leroy asked.

Zach thought for a moment. “That’s a baby batter blaster”, he said. “And there’s an endless supply of baby batter to supply the blaster in those tanks here”, he added, weighing his huge gonads in his hand.

“Okay, who wants to see the blaster splatter the batter?” Logan grinned.

30 hands went up in the air.

Zach blinked.

“We might be jumping a few lessons here but I think that’s alright”, Logan said and stepped behind Zach.

Zach cleared his throat. “Umm, actually, I think that we’d better stick to the---“

Logan interrupted him with a hard, well placed kick to his cum-filled nuts. The tip of his sneaker-cald foot sank deep into the two huge plums, crunching them hard and make Zach let out a hoarse cough.

Zach’s knees met and he doubled over, moaning in agony. He cupped his balls, his erection protruding obscenely between his thumbs.

Logan looked down at him with obvious displeasure. “Okay, I need a couple of volunteers to assist me”, he said, clapping his hands. “Come on, don’t be shy, just hold Zach’s arms and legs and you get a front row seat to watch the action.”

Four guys volunteered and held Zach steady. Zach was grimacing in agony as his arms and legs were spread wide.

“Very good”, Logan said. He took a step back and brought his leg up between Zach’s thighs, flattening his nuts like pancakes and eliciting a wheezing groan from Zach’s mouth.

The students cringed in sympathy.

A third kick found its way into Zach’s manhood, ramming his balls into his body and making Zach let out a high-pitched shriek.

His cock was hard as a rock, twitching violently as drops of precum oozed out of its tip and ran down his pulsing shaft.

“We’re getting close”, Logan announced as he powered another forceful kick into Zach’s groin, hitting both of Zach’s huge balls dead-on.

Zach let out an ear-piercing wail as the pain in his traumatized testicles radiated through his body. His cock was spasming and twitching, and his nuts pulled up to his body.

The students watched in silent appreciation as Logan delivered another final kick to Zach’s contracting nuts.

Zach wailed from the top of his lungs as his cock started spurting. Jet after jet of copious cum shot out of his dick, raining down onto the first row of students who grimaced and covered their hair with books.

The sound of Zach’s cum splattering onto the books, onto the tables and the floor was evocative of a heavy rainstorm, with Zach’s voice providing the noise of thunder as he screamed and moaned in pain.

His muscular body was writhing as his cock danced like a snake spitting out batch after batch of juicy venom.

Finally, his orgasm came to an end. The final spurts were charged with less jizz, and didn’t cover half the distance of their predecessors.

“Thank you”, Logan said directed at the four boys who went back to their seats with huge smiles on their faces.

Zach whimpered and collapsed on the floor, curling up in a little ball.

“And thank you, Zach”, Logan smiled. “I think we’ve learned a valuable lesson today.” He noticed someone in the front row dip his finger into a puddle of Zach’s jizz and bring it up to his nose.

“We’ll look at that stuff in more detail in a couple of weeks”, Logan said and the boy nodded. “But feel free to taste a sample now if you want.”

The boy looked at his gooey finger, shrugged, and brought it to his lips.

The rest of the class watched him, waiting for his reaction.

The boy smacked his lips. “Actually”, he said after gulping audibly. “It’s not bad at all.”

Logan smiled. “Okay, that’s it for today. Class dismissed.”

The students left the room, chattering and laughing as they passed poor Zach who was lying on the ground, whimpering and moaning and nursing his battered balls.

The last one to leave the room was Seth who looked at Logan with a wink, his glasses sprinkled with Zach’s sauce. “Thanks, man.”

Logan chuckled. “My pleasure.”

He waited a couple of minutes until Zach had slightly recovered and put on his clothes.

“Thanks, buddy”, Logan said, heading for the door. “You’re really helping me out, here.”

Zach grimaced in pain, clutching his crotch as he limped behind Logan. “Are you sure those guys need these kinds of lessons?” he asked in a strained voice. “Most of them look like they have a lot of experience…”

Logan shrugged. “We have to bring everyone up to the same level, you know? No child left behind.”

Zach sighed. “Yeah, well, I guess you’re right.”

Logan grinned and playfully slapped his friend’s clothed crotch.

Zach screamed as if he had been hit by a train and collapsed on the floor.

Logan chuckled. “See you next Friday!”

Zach whimpered. “See you next Friday, buddy.”


Carter said...

Great chapter. School is usually boring but that sounded pretty exciting. Wish I had someone like Zach or Logan in my sex ed class.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Yeah, Logon seems to be a gifted teacher. He even makes a dull subject like male genitalia seem exciting... ;-)

JP said...

Nice! Haven't checked your blog in a while but glad I did! Thanks for a great chapter, hope to see more soon!

Alex said...

Thanks, JP! I'm glad you like it! The next chapter will be online tomorrow - and there's more to come in the next few weeks.