Friday, July 4, 2014

World Cup Testers: Extra time for Brazil

Special thanks to Fernando, one of our Mexican readers, who came up with the idea for this little story.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.


Júlio César

Givanildo Vieira de Souza looked miserable. The 27 year old stud was one of Brazil’s most famous soccer players. A huge, muscle-bound hunk, Giovanildo went by the nickname “Hulk” due to his extraordinary built physique, and he certainly lived up to that name.

We were at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, filming a couple of short, fun skits for a viral marketing campaign. Last week, we had met Brazil’s star player Neymar and apparently we had left quite an impression.

After Brazil’s match against Chile, we had received a call from him, asking if we’d be interested in doing a little video starring Hulk and Brazil’s goalie Júlio César. The match had been very exciting, ending in a nerve-wrecking penalty shootout. Brazil’s goalkeeper had shown an incredibly strong performance, saving two shots from Chilean players and sending Brazil through to the round of eight in the international tournament.

Hulk, on the other hand, had failed. His shot had been comparatively weak, directed right at the Chilean goalie, and he hadn’t been able to score.

Now, Júlio had an ax to grind with Hulk, and we were very lucky that he had decided to let us witness sturdy Hulk’s humiliation.

My cameraman Chad, young marketing consultant Kieran and I had decided to stay on the sidelines for this. We were just going to let the camera roll and stay out of the picture, allowing Júlio to take the stage and do whatever he wanted with Hulk.

Hulk knew what was in store for him. The muscle-stud was shirtless, wearing nothing but a loose pair of blue soccer shorts. The thin, shiny fabric of his shorts couldn’t conceal that Hulk’s genitalia seemed to match the rest of his body: the bulge in his groin looked huge, as is he was hiding a king size sausage and a pair of big tomatoes inside his underwear.

“Alright”, Júlio said, a fierce smile on his face, “I really could have done without your failure.”

Hulk studied his large, naked feet as if he saw them for the first time. He had to lean forward in order to see his toes because his bulging genitalia obstructed his view.

Júlio cracked his knuckles. “You know how it feels to know you have to do this almost singlehandedly? Penalty shootouts are sheer horror for any goalie – and you missing the mark certainly didn’t help!”

“I’m sorry”, Hulk mumbled.

“What was that?” Júlio asked.

“I’m sorry”, Hulk repeated, a bit louder this time.

“Well, sorry isn’t good enough”, Júlio said, an evil smile on his face. “Today, I’m going to show you how you’re supposed to kick the balls.”

Hulk gulped.

“Strip”, Júlio said, “and put these on.” He pointed at two items that were lying on the ground in front of him. One was a jockstrap, the other one a cup. Both of them had a bright red bull’s eye painted at the front, the fitting yet unimaginative logo for BULL’S EYE protective cups.

Hulk sighed and took off his shorts, revealing a truly gargantuan set of reproductive organs that looked one or two sizes too big even on Hulk’s huge body.

There was a collective gasp from Chad, Kieran and myself as we watched Hulk’s beefy dick sway from side to side along with his low hanging sack that housed what looked like two coconuts.

Even though Júlio had supposedly seen Hulk’s massive equipment time and time again in the showers, I couldn’t help but notice a hint of jealousy in the handsome 34 old goalies eyes.

Kieran turned to me and whispered, “But Júlio asked for a size S cup.”

I chuckled. “Ouch.”

“But that must be a mistake”, Kieran said. “It’ll never fit.”

I looked at him and grinned. “I’m pretty sure he knew that.”

“Oh”, Kieran looked at me. Then his eyes widened. “Ohhhh.” He grimaced. “I see.”

Hulk seemed have arrived at the same conclusion as he held the jockstrap and the cup in his hands and looked at them, a desperate expression on his face. He looked pleadingly at Júlio.

Júlio shrugged. “Put them on”, he said, smiling.

Hulk groaned and muttered something unintelligible before putting on the jockstrap, or rather, trying to. The waistband was cutting into his flesh, but that was not the worst of it.

Watching Hulk try to squeeze his ridiculously oversized genitalia into the blatantly inadequate pouch of the jockstrap was like watching a juggling act that contained two melons, a cucumber and an egg cup.

There was barely enough room for either one of his nuts or his fat schlong, and Hulk trying to place all of his junk inside was truly a sight to behold.

Finally, he had found a more or less acceptable solution. Of course, the jockstrap didn’t cover his stuff, but at least it held everything in place, as long as he wasn’t moving. His nuts were bulging on either side, more than half of the meaty orbs out in the open. All the rummaging around had had a rather curious side-effect: His monstrous dick was hard as rock and pointing at the ceiling. Of course it didn’t fit into the pouch, but at least it held itself more or less upright and didn’t take up any room.

Holding his breath, Hulk let go of his junk and moved his hands away, carefully watching his crotch. When nothing fell out of his jockstrap, he smiled.

Then he remembered he had to put the cup into the pouch, and his face darkened. With a sigh, he slipped the cup into his jockstrap, his tongue between his lips, concentrating hard. Miraculously, the delicate construction worked.

He grinned proudly.

Júlio chuckled. “Whenever you’re ready.” He was wearing his usual soccer kit, loose fitting grey shorts and a grey jersey with his name and number on the back, grey socks and orange bright soccer cleats.

Hulk cleared his throat. “Well---“

“Alright”, Júlio interrupted him with a cheerful smile and kicked Hulk’s crotch as hard as he could. His foot collided with the hard cup, driving the unrelenting plastic into Hulk’s artfully arranged genitalia. It looked as if a sledgehammer had struck. Hulk’s meaty balls were squashed by the cup, its edges almost splitting them in half, and his thick, hard shaft bent at a rather uncomfortably looking angle.

“Ouch”, Júlio commented with a satisfied grin.

Hulk’s handsome face looked like his sex life was flashing before his eyes. His eyes went glassy and lost focus, and his mouth dropped open.

The sight was spectacular but the sound was what made me cringed in sympathy.

When Júlio’s foot collided with Hulk’s overcrowded cup, there was a loud, sharp crack that sent shivers down my spine.

I was sure I heard the shell of one of Hulk’s poor walnuts breaking.

Hulk let out a deep, guttural groan.

Júlio chuckled and drew his foot back. Once again, he smashed his cleat into Hulk’s crotch, flattening his huge bulge and producing another cracking sound.

I shuddered. That was nut number two, probably shattered into a million pieces.

Hulk’s pupils moved inward, giving the good-looking guy’s face a rather silly expression. Drool was running down his mouth as he let out another throaty groan.

His cock remained hard as a rock, even though it looked like it was going to get cut in the middle of the shaft by the hard edge of the cup. Its head glistened with precum.

The third kick was even harder than the previous two. Júlio kicked Hulk’s already traumatized testicles with the accuracy and energy of a seasoned soccer player. With all the force he could muster, he rammed Hulk’s balls into his pelvis, making them look like doughballs being flattened by the smack of a rolling pin.

Another loud crack echoed through the room. It dawned on me that it wasn’t his nuts that I had heard crack, it was the delusively named protective cup.

Hulk gave a cross-eyed yelp, followed by a wheezing moan. A little drop of precum sputtered out of his rock-hard boner.

Júlio chuckled and reached inside Hulk’s jockstrap, pulling out little pieces of plastic. The cup had shattered into almost a dozen pieces. Undoubtedly, it had broken on the first kick, and the shards had splintered into smaller pieces with the following hits. I cringed when I imagined the sharp pieces of plastic skewering Hulk’s meatballs as they were pummeled by Júlio’s strong kicks.

Hulk’s face was pale and sweaty.

With a cheerful laugh Júlio knelt down in front of him and pulled down the jockstrap, exposing his brutally assaulted balls and his erect cock. There were visible bruises on its shaft, and the tender testicles had swollen inside their sac of skin which had taken on an alarmingly red color.

“Oooh”, Júlio grimaced, looking anything but sorry about what he had done. “Damn, I bet you learned your lesson…”

Hulk let out a pitiful whimper.

Glancing up at Hulk’s painfully contorted face, Júlio grinned and grabbed Hulk’s massive gonads, taking one of the huge, swollen orbs in each of his hand. With a mean chuckle, Júlio started squeezing. He dug his thumb deep into the sensitive tissue as if he was trying to reach the core of Hulk’s big, battered balls.

Hulk let out a low moan. The moaning turned louder and louder when Júlio twisted his hands, and it rose in pitch when Júlio yanked down hard. The big, muscular soccer player sounded like a girl who had lost her doll, shrieking from the top of his lungs.

Júlio chuckled when he saw the effect his manhandling had on Hulk’s reaction, and he seemed to enjoy testing his new-found power. He alternately twisted and turned his hands, dug his fingernails into the soft flesh, made the two huge nuts crash into each other and pulled them apart, yanked down on one nut and up on the other, obviously enjoying Hulk’s reaction whose voice rose and fell in volume and pitch with every manipulation of his poor, battered plums.

Unfortunately, Júlio let Hulk’s rock-hard cock out of sight. The fat, meaty schlong twitched and jumped, precum running down its shaft. Suddenly, a huge jet of thick, creamy spunk erupted from its tip, hitting Júlio directling in the face.

The handsome goalkeeper yelped in surprise, only to catch the second spurt of Hulk’s sticky studsauce right in his mouth. His eyes grew wide and he spat in disgust as another load of jizz splattered into his face.

“Fuck!” Júlio screamed, almost drowning out Hulk’s hysterical high-pitched wails of agony.

Load after load of rich, white cream erupted from Hulk’s supersized cock, splattering across Júlio’s face. Within seconds, Júlio’s face looked like he had put on a fancy milky face mask, and his hair was soaked in Hulk’s spunk.

With an angry grunt, Júlio let go of Hulk’s nuts and jumped up. Drops of Hulk’s cum rained down onto the floor.

Hulk was in the midst of a powerful orgasm, screaming like a coloratura soprano in peril as his cock sputtered jet after jet of salty spunk.

Júlio wiped his forehead with his bare arm and let out a roar before throwing a powerful nut-shattering kick into Hulk’s pumping babymakers, ramming his busy balls into his pelvis.

All of a sudden Hulk’s screaming stopped. He looked almost confused for a second. Then his eyebrows rose and his lips started trembling. “Ow”, he whispered hoarsely before cupping his busted gonads and collapsing on the ground. He curled up in a ball, nursing his aching nuts and whimpering in pain.

Júlio watched him, catching his breath. He looked like the shining star of a naughty bukkake video.

A little later, we were in our car, driving to the hotel. Júlio and Hulk had made peace after Hulk had promised never to miss a penalty shot ever again and Júlio in turn had promised never to spill Hulk’s precious load again.

I looked at my watch. “Today’s the quarterfinal”, I said. “Brazil faces off against Columbia.”

Kieran nodded. “Wanna watch it on TV?”

I grinned. “Sure. I want to see if Hulk can hide his limp on the field…”


MxMachoNuts said...

WOW!!! I love the detail in this story, I can just picture the mental images going through my head while reading this story. Thanks man!

Alex said...

You're very welcome! Thanks for your feedback!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy all of,your stories, this one especially. Also if you are stuck for something to do after the World Cup stories I have an idea.
Using the money you get from the videos you created you could hire someone who was an author and was used to create role play situations.
He could also, in later stories, be 'persuaded' to take part in the videos.
I have an idea for a role play he could think of, if you want to do this idea: a video game centred around ballbusting is created, simon and another
nerdy character could make a bet on wood win, the loser getting busted.
Also, you could have some of the hunker members play the characters in the game and go on an all out 1v1 ballbusting spree.

Anyway, it's just an idea. You can ignore it if you want but thanks for taking the time to read this anyway

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment and for your suggestion! It sounds awesome. It's a pretty complex idea though, and I'm not sure if I'm a good enough writer to pull it off... I'll definitely think about it. If you want to discuss it further please send me an e-mail to alexander.nehling (at) :-))

guy787970 said...

Hot! I especially loved the post-cum kick.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like the story!