Saturday, March 21, 2009

Logan’s high school diary 3

Previous chapters: Part 1, Part 2

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Today, 18 year old high school senior Logan sent me the third part of his high school diary.

I popped the DVD into the player and watched as screen filled with the picture of a locker room. It looked almost like surveillance camera footage, and I suspected that Logan had hidden the camera on top of one of the lockers.

The room was empty. Jackets and jeans, shoes and bags were lying on the benches and the floor.

Suddenly, the door opened and a group of guys walked in, cheering and laughing. All of them were wearing identical singlets of various colors. It was a motley crew of 18ish boys, all of them lean and muscular. The Josiah E. Bartlet High School Wrestling Team, among them blond wrestling champion Logan.

“Hey, Leroy”, Logan shouted, addressing a young African-American guy with short, curly black hair.

Leroy turned around, grinning, and put his hands on his hips. He was wearing a tight-fitting red singlet with a conspicuous bulge in the crotch area.

Logan grinned. “Nothing, Leroy…”

The black kid chuckled.

“Wait”, Logan grinned, starting to take off his singlet. He had a smooth, muscular chest that was glistening with sweat. “I can’t remember – how often did I kick your ass today?”

The rest of the boys roared with laughter.

Most of them were in the middle of taking off their singlets. Some of them were stark naked, heading for the showers.

Leroy chuckled. “Suck my cock, Logan…” He slipped his singlet down, revealing a long, thick, limp cock and a pair of hefty balls that were hanging low in their hairy sac. Leroy grabbed the base of his cock and wiggled it. “Come on, suck it”, he grinned, drawing cheers and laughter from his team mates.

Logan looked at Leroy’s dick and grinned. “Careful, man, you could hurt someone with that thing…”

Leroy chuckled and turned around, taking off his singlet and heading for the showers.

Logan sat down on the bench, stark-naked, now. His short blond hair was wet with sweat.

Next to him, a cute guy with dark blond hair was searching for his towel. He was standing bent over, his sac dangling between his thighs.

“What’s up, Gary?” Logan asked.

The dark blond boy sighed and straightened. “I guess I forgot my towel.”

Logan shrugged and reached into his bag. “Here, you can have mine.”

Gary looked at it and raised his eyebrows.

Logan grinned and handed it to him.

Tentatively, Gary brought it to his nose. “Ughh”, he grimaced. “Didn’t you wash it since last week?”

Logan shrugged. “Do you need a towel or not?”

“Thanks.” Gary grimaced and walked away.

A young, muscular Asian guy came into the room, his black hair dripping wet, towelling himself off. His limp dick was swinging from side to side between his legs as he walked across the room.

Another guy entered the room, a bulky boy with crew cut black hair.

He grinned and looked at the Asian guy who was busy towelling his head.

The black haired boy winked at Logan and started contorting his towel.

Logan rolled his eyes.

The Asian boy was oblivious to them.

The black haired boy grinned and grabbed both ends of his towel with his hands. Then, with a sickening thud, he smacked the Asian’s nuts with it, catching both of the poor boy’s gonads dead on and sending his dick flying up against his abs.

The Asian boy shrieked in pain and dropped his towel, grabbing his balls and groaning.

“Yay!” the black haired boy laughed. “That was a two pointer.”

Logan sighed.

Some boys walked into the room and saw the Asian boy doubled over, grabbing his balls.

“What happened?” one of them asked, chuckling at the sight.

Logan shrugged. “Dash towelled Kim’s balls.”

Dash grinned proudly. He stood in the middle of the room, water dripping down his naked body, the towel in attack position. “Come on guy, towel war!”

Kim sat down on one of the benches, doubling over moaning in pain, while the rest of the boys started going after each other’s nuts with their towels, slapping each other’s naked asses with them, trying to score a hit at each other’s naked genitals. The room filled with cheering and laughing whenever someone went down, curling up in a ball, cupping his aching nuts.

Logan remained sitting. He was the only one without a towel which didn’t go unnoticed by Dash.

The bulky guy turned to Logan and grinned.

“Seems like your winning streak is over”, he chuckled and twisted his towel.

Logan smiled nervously, standing up, cupping his balls with both of his hands.

Suddenly, before Dash could make a move, Gary kicked his balls from behind.

Gary’s bare instep connected with the two meaty orbs inside Dash’s hairy ballsac, smashing them into his body, making Dash let out a comically high-pitched yelp as his precious nuts were crunched by Gary’s sneaky kick.

The rest of the boys erupted in cheers and applause as Dash crumbled down and curled up in a tight little ball, clutching his nuts and squealing in pain.

Gary grinned at Logan and gave him his towel back. “Thanks”, he grinned.

Logan chuckled. “Well, thank you…”

One by one, the boys dressed and walked out of the room until the only boys left were Logan and Dash.

Dash wasn’t moving, whimpering in pain. Apparently he was better at giving than receiving…

Logan climbed on top of one of the benches and grabbed the camera, switching it off.


Anonymous said...

hottest one yet.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree, that one was best, you should do more like that, but maybe with a bit more people and longer. (Of coarse, i understand your a busy person and can't spend all your time writing long stories.)

firecrotchrox said...

This story was totally the hottest, would be nice to see more stories in the locker room like this

Alex said...


@ anonymous:
I'll try to write longer stories but I'm pretty busy at the moment and I guess short stories are better than nothing... :-))

@ firecrotchrox:
The fourth part will take place in the locker room, too... I hope you'll like it...