Sunday, March 1, 2009

New poll: Ballbusting Olympics 2009

Last week I asked you to tell me your ideas for the Ballbusting Olympics 2009. Now you can vote for your favourites in a new poll.

Most of the sports are self-explanatory with the possible exception of Footy and Tug-of-War, that's why I added a description for those to right below the poll. (I hope I managed to give you a good description, I tend to have problems explaining things in short sentences... If you have alternative descriptions that hit the nail on the head, please let me know and I'll change the wording...).



Anonymous said...

well, I think this video should explain "tug-o-war" if I'm not mistaken.

Anonymous said...

oh, ya, this one too.

Alex said...

Fantastic videos, thanks for the links! That's exactly what I thought it might be... :-)))