Monday, March 16, 2009

On the job: Leo, cup tester

Featured in this story: Leo and Vince (click for pictures)

I entered the science laboratory and looked around, searching for Vince.

There were seven people. Two of them were wearing white lab coats and working on something. The rest of the guys were wearing business suits.

The suit-clad guys were engaged in some discussion. They were between 20 and 40 years of age, and their suits looked expensive.

Suddenly, a door opened and Vince entered the room.

He was 20 years old, slightly younger than the other scientists. He was not very tall, with a slim build, brown hair and brown eyes. Wearing his lab coat, he reminded me of that 80s TV series about a kid doctor. Vince was trying desperately to look mature and grown-up, and I guess he thought the little facial hair that was visible on his otherwise baby-smooth face qualified as a goatee and sideburns, but, frankly, they didn’t…

I wondered what the other technicians thought about him. They looked like they were in their late twenties.

One of them had shoulder-length black hair. He was wearing horn-rimmed glasses and boot cut jeans below his lab coat.

The other one was blond, with crew cut hair and steel blue eyes.

We were in the lab of a successful sportswear manufacturer.

The blond scientist did something with what looked like a tennis shoe.

His black haired colleague fumbled with some black fabric.

“Hey”, Vince said, smiling.

“Hi, Vince, how are you?” I smiled back.

Vince shrugged. “Let me introduce you to Leonard and Walter”, he said and led me towards the two scientists.

“Hi”, I said.

The blond one nodded at me.

“That’s Walter”, Vince said.

I smiled.

“And this is Leonard.”

The black haired guy didn’t look up and continued working on the black fabric.

I smiled.

Vince sighed and pulled me to the side. “I think they don’t like me”, he whispered. “They are afraid I’m gonna take their jobs…”

“But you are only here to work on the cup, aren’t you?” I said.

“Sure”, Vince sighed. “But I think they won’t believe it till I’m gone…”

I shrugged. “So, how’s work?”

Vince smiled. “Well, I know a thing or two about testicles. They were pretty impressed.” He pointed at the five guys in suits. “That’s why they wanted a demonstration.”

I grinned. “Where’s Leo?”

“He’s getting dressed”, Vince said. “We can start as soon as he’s here.”

We waited a few moments while I watched Walter and Leonard work. It was fascinating. I had no idea what they were doing.

When I leaned over to ask Vince, the door opened and Leo walked into the room.

He was stark naked, except for a white plastic protective cup that was covering his manhood.

The cup was pretty small, covering just his balls and his cock while his bushy pubic hair was visible.

I smiled at him.

Leo was 19 years old, a tall, skinny skater. Apparently he didn’t feel comfortable without his clothes, so he had decided to keep his baseball cap on his head of curly black hair.

“Ahhhh”, one of the suits said and pointed at Leo.

The other four guys chuckled.

Leo blushed and walked over to us.

“Hi”, I said.

“Hi, Alex”, Leo replied.

“I hope the job pays good”, I grinned.

Leo bit his lower lip and smiled weakly.

“Okay, gentlemen”, Vince said. “Let’s go to the testing facility…”

We followed him through a door that led into a large room.

We passed lots of different apparels that seemed to be designed to test the limits of certain fabrics and products. A mechanical device simulated the motion of walking with a shoe, with a digital display counting the steps; another device pulled the arms of a sports jacket apart at a steady pace; yet another one included a hammer pounding the business end of a baseball bat.

At the end of the room was a metal construction, a vertical bar with footrests and armrests.

Vince smiled at Leo and pointed at the construction.

Leo sighed and climbed on top of the foot rests.

Vince pushed a button on the backside of the vertical bar and a couple of straps fastened Leo’s arms and his legs to the construction. Another push of a button caused Leo’s legs to spread.

Leo looked very uncomfortable as he was standing in an upright position, wearing nothing but the tiny cup, with his legs spread wide apart.

“We have been working on this for a couple of weeks, now”, Vince started, standing next to Leo and talking to the five suits. He pointed at Leo’s crotch and continued, “The working title is ADPC14459 but I’m sure your marketing division will be able to come up with a catchier name…”

The suits chuckled politely.

“Why don’t you have a look at it?” Vince suggested, taking a step to the side.

Leo smiled nervously as the suits walked up to him.

They looked at the whiny white plastic cup.

“May I?” one of the suits said and raised his hand. He was in his late thirties, with short black hair, greying at the temples. The nametag on his suit said “Campbell.”

“Sure”, Vince smiled.

Campbell knocked his knuckles on the plastic.

The rest of the guys looked up at Leo’s face.

Leo blushed and smiled sheepishly.

“Alright”, Campbell said. “Any pain?”

“No, sir”, Leo said quickly.

“Good”, Campbell nodded.

“It’s a bit small, though, isn’t it?” another suit said. He was younger than Campbell, with dark blond hair and rimless glasses. His name, according to the nametag, was Rogers.

“Small?” Vince asked.

“Oh”, Rogers added, raising his eyebrows. “Or is it because of the size of this particular subject’s genitalia?”

Campbell looked up at Leo and grinned. “He’s asking if you have a small dick, young man.”

Leo blushed crimson. He cleared his throat and said, “Well, not exactly, sir, I---“

“There are a lot of protective cups on the market today”, the third suit with the nametag “Peterson”, interrupted him. “We want to create a smaller cup that can be worn in combination with every kind of clothing. You can wear it while playing baseball, basketball, football, soccer etc. etc. And you can wear it at school. It’s the bully antidote. And that is the angle our marketing division will pursue. It’s a completely new market share. We’re talking millions of potential costumers. Nobody will notice that you wear a cup. But when a bully decides to knee your testicles: WHAM. Sore knee.” He looked expectantly at Rogers, Campbell, and the third guy who was called Ward.

The nodded.

Campbell looked at Peterson and grinned, “I guess you were a nerd, eh, John?”

Peterson smiled, “I was a bully. And I believe that we’ll be in the market for ‘cup crackers’, once ADCP14459 is successful…”

The four guys laughed.

“This one”, Peterson continued, “is pretty good. A week ago, I had a look at ADCP14458, which wasn’t very successful, right?” He turned to Vince.

Vince nodded. “ADCP14458 broke very easily. The subject we used last week is still in hospital.”

Leo’s eyes widened.

“But now, I think”, Vince smiled, “we have perfected the cup. See for yourselves.”

Peterson walked up to Leo and grabbed the cup. He lifted it up and looked underneath it.

“It has a flexible suspension”, Vince explained. “It’s attached to the subject’s scrotum, granting support and protection.”

Peterson nodded. He yanked the cup downwards.

Leo grimaced.

With a resounding PLOP, the cup came off his genitals, causing his meaty balls and his limp cock to flop into the open.

Peterson didn’t look at Leo’s manhood and inspected the inside of the cup instead. He nodded approvingly.

“Looks good”, he said and showed the cup to the rest of the suits.

“Amazing”, Campbell chimed in, pointing at Leo’s groin. “All that fits into it?”

Vince nodded. “You just stuff it in.”

The suits nodded.

“Okay”, Peterson said, “let’s run some tests.”

Vince took the cup and applied it to Leo’s crotch.

The suits watched as he inserted Leo’s genitals into the cup, first his left nut, then his right nut, stuffing his limp cock on top. Vince adjusted the cup, looking up at Leo who was grimacing.

Vince winked at him and said, “Okay, ready to go. Let’s start with some baseballs.” He reached into a large blue box and produced a two baseballs. “Who wants to start?”

Ward raised his hand. “I’m a pretty good baseball player.”

“Great”, Vince said and handed him the balls.

Ward took a couple of steps back. He weighed the ball in his hand. Then, with the movements of a seasoned pitcher, he pelted the ball at Leo’s crotch. It collided with the cup with a deafening CLANK, causing Leo to cough.

The suits looked at him.

“Everything’s alright”, Leo whispered. “Just a little dragging pain.”

“Okay”, Ward said. “Let’s see if we can hit a home run…”

He fired the second ball at Leo’s groin while the rest of the suits watched Leo’s face.

There was just a little flickering of Leo’s left eye as the ball hit the cup.

Vince reached into the box and produced a black baseball bat.

Leo looked at it and gulped.

“Gentlemen?” Vince smiled.

Peterson loosened his tie and grabbed the bat. “Alright”, he said, grinning.

“Keep your eyes on the balls”, Campbell mused, causing Rogers and Ward to chuckle.

“Don’t worry”, Peterson grinned, weighing the bat in his hands.

“Excuse me”, Leo said, looking nervous. “What exactly is this test for?”

The suits looked at him.

“There might be foul play”, Vince said casually. “If you are on the field or in the locker room, you’d want the cup to work, right?”

The suits nodded, but Leo didn’t look like he was convinced.

Before he could say another word, though, Peterson swung the bat and rammed it into the cup, hitting it dead on with a sickening CLANK.

Leo’s eyes bulged and he let out a yelp.

Peterson brought the bat back and smashed it into Leo’s cup once again, lifting the cup up a bit and causing the poor skater boy to scream from the top of his lungs.

Peterson raised his eyebrows. “I think we have a malfunction here.”

Leo was whimpering in pain.

Vince walked up to him and bent over to look at Leo’s crotch. “I see”, he said slowly. “One of his testicles slipped out of it.” He bit his lower lip. “That’s not supposed to happen.”

He was right. One of Leo’s nuts was hanging out the cup.

Peterson assumed his batting position again. “But it still works, right?”

“Wait a moment”, Vince said quickly. “We---“

“But if that happens, the cup offers protection for the other nut, right?” Peterson insisted.

Vince shook his head slowly. “I don’t think we should---“

Peterson ignored him and swung the bat at Leo’s crotch with all the force he could muster. The business end of the bat connected with the cup, moving it to the side and directing all the force on the Leo’s naked left testicle.

Leo let out a high-pitched scream. His body convulsed and his baseball cap fell off his head.

“Ooooh”, Peterson grimaced in sympathy. “I think we’ll have to work on it some more.”

Vince sighed.

He reached for the cup and pulled if off of Leo’s genitals.

Leo’s junk flopped into the open, causing him to whimper in pain.

Vince looked at the plastic object in his hands. “It’s broken”, he said, sighing. “There’s a crack in the fabric. Yeah, we’ll have to work on it. But since we’re all here, let’s run a few more tests…” He reached inside the pocket of his lab coat and produced another cup that he attached to Leo’s genitals, causing Leo to groan in pain as he stuffed his left testicle into it.

Vince reached into the blue box and produced a pair of kneepads.

“Ahh”, Peterson grinned. “The bully factor.”

Vince nodded. “Who wants to try it? Mr. Rogers?”

Rogers nodded and put one of the kneepads on. He stood in front of Leo and grabbed his shoulders. With a side glance at Vince, he said, “Could you spread his legs a little more?”

“Sure”, Vince said and reached behind Leo.

With a mechanical buzzing sound, the contraption moved, causing Leo’s legs to spread wide apart.

“Thanks”, Rogers said.

Leo clenched his teeth and looked the bespectacled guy who was maybe 15 years his senior in the eyes.

“Be a bully”, Peterson said, prompting Campbell and Ward to chuckle.

Rogers shrugged and powered his knee between Leo’s legs, catching the lower edge of the cup dead on and ramming it up, causing Leo to yodel in pain as the hard rim of the cup slid over his tender testicles, making them drop out of it and dangle freely between his thighs.

Rogers wasn’t aware of that, though, and lifted his knee once again, slamming Leo’s poor balls into the hard plastic surface of the cup and flattening them between like pancakes.

Leo’s eyes widened and he screamed in pain.

If it hadn’t been for the kneepad, Rogers might have noticed that his knee wasn’t connecting with the hard surface of the cup but with the rather tender flesh of Leo’s precious family jewels.

The only thing that the cup was protecting right now was Leo’s cock, as his balls dangled below the cup.

And if it hadn’t been for Rogers’ body that was blocking the view, the rest of the guys might have noticed that Leo’s facial expressions weren’t a result of good acting on the skater’s part, but of severe pain that was exploding from his hurting babymakers.

Leo was screaming and screaming as Rogers powered blow after blow into his hapless balls, squishing them between the knee pad and the not at all protective cup, until Vince shouted, “Stop!”

Rogers smiled sheepishly and stepped away from Leo.

The poor skater boy’s face was a mask of pain, with tears running down his face, as he wailed and groaned. His balls were dangling below the white plastic cup, visibly swollen and unhealthily red.

“Oh”, Rogers said.

Peterson turned to Vince and mumbled, “I guess it isn’t ready just yet, huh?”

Vince nodded, bending over and grabbing Leo’s balls.

Leo whimpered in pain as Vince rolled his testicles in his hand.

Vince grimaced in sympathy and carefully lifted the cup.

Leo had a first-class boner that swung into the open. Apparently, the movements of the cup had stimulated his cock.

“Well, at least it protected his penis”, Vince dead-panned.

The suits chuckled.

Leo whimpered in pain, his cock pointing at the ceiling, his aching, swollen testicles dangling below.

Vince cleared his throat and turned to the suits.

“We’ll work on it”, he said. “Maybe we can arrange for another demonstration a month from now?”


Anonymous said...

i used to dream about finding a job like this... thanks for the trip down my past...

Anonymous said...

"reminded me of that 80s TV series about a kid doctor."
LMAO! XD That wouldnt be Doogie, would it?

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ painintheballs:
Yeah, I know that fantasy, too... :-))

@ Dr.Horrible:
I remember watching the show when I was a kid in Germany. I don't remember anything except for one scene were Doogie gets challenged to a fight. His friend tells him to wear a protective cup, and he does, which proves to be a very good idea...

Anonymous said...

This is a great story. It might be cool to have two guys one without a cup serving as the control for the experiment.

Alex said...

Thank you! I like the idea. Maybe I'll write another story at the cup testing lab... I'll think about it...

Carter said...

Oh I wonder if that's on youtube

Hot story, by the way

Alex said...

Thank you, Carter!

In 2000, I spent hours searching for that clip and I didn't find it. But guess what: After reading your comment I searched again - and I I found it! It's in episode 17 of season 1: "Tough guys don't teach"

Turns out it was very different from what I remembered. Doogie is challenged to a fight. His friend tells him to go for the family jewels. Doogie does - but the bully is wearing a cup.

Hot scene, though.

Here's the link: (Skip to 13 mins, but there probably are other verbal references before and/or after that)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I love this! Makes me wonder what happened with ADCP14458...

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! :-))