Friday, March 27, 2009

Olympic Countdown: Training Parker (2)

Featured in this story: Parker and Vince (click for pictures)

“You know what you’re doing, right?” Parker said slowly, looking down his naked body.

The 21 year old gymnast with the dyed flaming-red hair was standing in the middle of the studio, his legs spread slightly apart. He had a trained, muscular body, with defined pecs, strong arms and legs, and six-pack abs.

Parker had competed quite successfully in last year’s Olympic Games. This year, he wanted to best his score. That’s why he had asked Vince, our young scientist, prop-guy and technician, to be his trainer and toughen his balls.

Right now, Parker didn’t seem to be to happy with Vince’s efforts.

Vince was fumbling with Parker’s testicles, trying to stuff them into a device that looked pretty frightening.

I could understand why Parker was worried.

Vince ignored him and continued closing the device around Parker’s nuts.

A few moments later, he stepped back and watched the results with a satisfied smile on his face.

Vince was one year younger than Parker, but he looked like he was still in high school. He was quite small – especially in comparison with Parker who was more than 6 feet tall – and had a cute face, brown hair and brown eyes. In a rather desperate attempt to look his age, Vince was trying to grow sideburns and a goatee despite his obvious lack of substantial beard growth. The result looked pretty ridiculous and Vince somehow achieved the exact opposite of what he was trying to do.

Parker had a dubious expression on his face as he looked down at his crotch.

His balls were trapped in a mechanical device that dangled from his sac.

Above his testicles, at the neck of his sac, was a thick metal plate. Some sort of hydraulic construction connected the plate to a big, black block made of hard rubber.

Vince reached inside the pocket of his white lab coat and produced a remote control.

He smiled at Parker. “Ready?”

Parker smiled weakly. “Erm, not exactly…”

Vince took that for a yes and punched a button on the control.

Parker’s body tensed.

All of us watched Parker’s crotch.

My cameraman Chad was standing right next to me, an amused expression on his face.

At first, nothing happened, and Parker started to relax.

But suddenly, there was a loud screech and the rubber block jolted upwards, crashing into Parker’s tender testicles and crunching them flat against the plate before jolting back down again. It didn’t take more than a second.

Parker looked like he didn’t know what hit him.

He blinked a couple of times and his eyes watered. His mouth dropped open and a tiny, hoarse whimper escaped his throat.

His fingertips started trembling and he swallowed hard.

“Ouch”, Chad commented, grinning. “That had to hurt.”

I grimaced in sympathy and turned to Vince. “That’s it? It looked like it completely flattened his balls…”

Vince’s eyes were fixed on Parker. “It’s very effective”, he said slowly. “One hard, precise blow to the testicles every fourty-five seconds.“ He looked at his watch. “Aaaaand---“

Again, the rubber block moved abruptly. The mechanical device danced between Parker’s thighs as his nuts were squished flat between the metal plate and the hard rubber block.

Parker’s eyes bulged as a fresh wave of pain washed through his body.

He was paralyzed, his arms sticking out at his sides, his left eye twitching as spit trickled down from his lower lip.

“And this is effective?” I asked, looking at Parker who seemed to search for words that were able to accurately describe the pain he was in.

The red haired gymnast let out a wheezing groan.

“Very”, Vince said. “I invented it myself.”

I nodded absentmindedly, watching Parker blink a couple of times.

The poor gymnast looked miserable.

Vince continued, “It’s based on a---“

His voice was drowned out by the mechanical sound the device made as it compressed Parker’s balls once again.

Parker let out a high-pitched whimper. Slowly, very slowly, his eyes crossed and his lips curled.

“It’s based on a machine that punched holes into concrete”, Vince said.

I shuddered.

“Of course, I made a few changes”, Vince said quickly.

Chad chuckled. “Parker’s nuts won’t be all holey when you’re done…”

“Right”, Vince said, smiling.

“Good”, I said.

Parker made a throaty noise.

His face was pale and his eyes were glassy.

“Fuck”, he whispered, almost inaudibly. “Please…”

Vince looked at his watch and nodded.

The rubber block jumped up again, pressing Parker’s testicles into the metal plate.

This time, Parker’s body convulsed and he let out an ear-piercing scream that made Vince, Chad and me wince.

“Fuck!” Parker screamed. “Get that fucking thing off my junk!”

I looked at Vince.

Vince shrugged and pressed another button.

Parker was wailing in pain, jumping up and down.

Vince walked over to him and knelt down in front of him.

“Okay”, he said slowly. “One second.”

Parker was groaning pain, his body glistening with sweat.

Vince took off the device and examined Parker’s balls.

They were considerably swollen and the skin of his sac was bright red.

Looking up at Parker’s face, Vince gently grabbed Parker’s nuts and squeezed.

Parker let out a high-pitched shriek and grabbed Vince’s hands, prying them away from his aching valuables.

“Fuck”, Parker howled and doubled over, grabbing his crotch and slowly sinking to his knees.

“Okay”, Vince said. “Five minutes. Then we’re gonna start with today’s training…”

Parker’s mouth dropped open. “But---“

Vince smiled. “Five minutes…”


Anonymous said...

seems very hot

Anonymous said...

Very nice !
Has Vince designed his device to accurately simulate a human punch or kick ? I'm sure Vince has done some research and has calculated how many hits Parker needs to take to be champion !

Alex said...

Thank you!

@ anonymous (2):
I'm pretty sure Vince has a very scientific background to his approach, but I don't know whether the little machine is built to imitate a punch or a kick... :-))

Unknown said...
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