Monday, January 16, 2023

Snapshot: The Key to Being a Great's a Cup written by Jimmy


The Key to Being a Great Superhero…is a cup!

By Jimmy

Warning: I do not own any Batman or Batman related properties, this is an act of fiction. Also, this is not my artist work in the comic. It was sent by a good friend that wants MORE ballbusting and Robin stories. Here you go!

“Wait…what?” Tim Drake, aka Robin asks as he clips on his cape silky black and gold looking over Dick Grayson. “Joker kicked you in the nuts.”

“He… well… wasn’t the only one. I could not for the life of me get a cup to fit in those green pixie shorts. I’ve always been big, and well…my nads were an inviting target.” Dick finishes, looking red in the face as Tim Drake bursts out laughing staring at Dick as he rubs his groin through his black spandex tights.

“Damn… so what’s your excuse now?” Tim asks.

“Now?” Dick asks as he picks up the Nightwing shirt and starts to pull it over his head.

Tim Drake grins and brings back his heel and kicks up as hard as he can, plastering Dick’s nuts, so easily discernable in black lycra tights straight back and behind his buttcheeks.

Dick stops pulling his shirt, head still stuck inside his Nightwing shirt gasping “I should have known that was coming…” Dick drops to his knees, and Robin comes over fully dressed now putting on his green domino mask and smiling down at Dick. He finished pulling down Nightwing’s shirt and asks.

“Yeah…why no cup now?”

“Too big…” Dick groans.

Tim Drake nods, the sidekick to Batman expects the answer but he loves hearing it.

“That’s too bad…for you.”

“Yeah,” Dick agrees grabbing his balls in both hands as Tim Drake heads toward his bright Redbird vehicle.

“When you finally get off the cave from, message me. I want to hear about the other times.”

Dick can only nod as a flashback hits him. Robin is driving away as the past floods his mind and the chase after the crown prince of crime.

Several years ago…when Dick Grayson was sixteen, still teenage sidekick and in Batman’s shadow he races across the rooftops Bruce talking to him in his inner ear headphones. “Be careful Robin, the Joker is not one to underestimate.”

“I almost got him!” says Dick Grayson, streaking across the rooftop his green pixie boots hardly making a sound as his fluttering cape flies behind him.

Joker’s manacle laughter is in his ears as he turns abruptly and takes a wild swing, Dick could not let that one in and blocked the punch easily. Then he sends one of his own hitting Joker right in the nose.

The laughter stops and Dick grins as he moves in to take him down.

Robin hears Jokers foot sailing through the air towards him, and he takes a step back but it was the wrong move. He should have taken the blow to the stomach…instead Joker’s black dress shoe nails him in both balls so hard that his testicles almost pop out of his cloth green speedos.

A dumbfounded look crosses Dick’s face, as his mouth opens wide in shock. Then the pain hits him, and Robin stumbles and falls to the rooftop, dimly aware as Joker runs away. Robin curves his body inward slowly moving to a fetal position as he grabs his balls. Batman landing softly neck to him.

“Still no cup?” Batman asks.

“…nnngggg!” Robin grunts.

“I’ll take that as a ‘No.’ Wait for me in the Batmobile…I will take care of the Joker.”

Batman’s gone, leaving Robin reeling from pain between the legs. He closes his eyes cursing himself.


Dick in the same position like he was all those years ago, grits his teeth. He’s going to have to teach Tim Drake a lesson that he won’t soon forget.




Anonymous said...

These batfamily stories are my favorites on the blog now, excited to see them all on the receiving end sooner or later (Especially Tim, it hasn't been bad enough for him yet)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anonymous,

Happy that you are liking them! I was sent a ton of Batman characters related photos so we will have quite a few stories for a bit! More to come soon!